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Government To Scrap Doctors - Encourages Public To Google Their Illness Instead 3 deceangli 1 month
David Cameron to Send Letters to ‘pretty much everyone who pisses him off.’ 1 cyanidebaby 2 months
Chancellor George Osborne "is posh" 1 Johnny Expat 4 months
Under Cameron's anti-EU immigrant worker plans... 1 ionb 4 months
Conservatives to announce 50 feet Northerner exclusion zone around PM 1 johnnydobbo 5 months
Cameron says UK economy not doing so well now 1 ionb 5 months
David Cameron Authorises the Bombing of UKIP 1 Laird Argos 6 months
No more dark winter nights for UK if Scotland leaves 13 Squudge 7 months
3 London Millionaires... 2 AReader 7 months
UK Sanctions Against Russia To Include 'Downton Abbey' Rationing 1 SimonJJames 8 months
Cameron acts swiftly to deal with controversial 'anti-homeless spikes' 2 Sinnick 10 months
Britain to leave the EU says Cameron 1 ionb 10 months
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the polling booth 22 Squudge 10 months
David Cameron blames his deputy, Nick Clegg, for absence of water in Sheffield! 1 2escapees 1 year
Referendum: Cameron declares that the name “Scotland” will not be Available 1 robertsonal 1 year
David Cameron expresses concern about Scottish Independence Vote 3 Ironduke 1 year
Cameron compares Scotland to Ukraine and threatens to "do a Putin" 3 Titus 1 year
Cameron uses Merkel photo op to win bet with Johnson 2 Squudge 1 year
Government 'gone' 8 Al OPecia 1 year
Cameron shows solidarity with flooded householders 2 custard cream 1 year
Farage in shock "no idea what I stand for" revelation 4 Titus 1 year
Coalition sweeps awards at the Golden Globes 11 needabettergig 1 year
Government to begin Conscription to Territorial Army 2 Squudge 1 year
Opportunities for All Promises PM - Simply speak to your Eton House Master 1 Flugelbinder 1 year
Miliband vows to cut Miliband at Next Election 3 Robopop 1 year
Big country indicative of small penis says David Cameron 16 Ian Collier 1 year
‘Lame Duck’ Cameron considers Rio Paralympics 1 cinnahmon 1 year
Three wise men came, bearing gifts for a new-born Prince. 1 forviemedia 1 year
Mugabe invited to Number 10 1 ActionMan 1 year
‘Buckaroo, Twister and Guitar Hero’ found on leaked G8 Summit agenda 3 NorthernGravy 1 year