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David Cameron to Send Letters to ‘pretty much everyone who pisses him off.’ 1 cyanidebaby 4 days
Chancellor George Osborne "is posh" 1 Johnny Expat 1 month
Under Cameron's anti-EU immigrant worker plans... 1 ionb 1 month
Conservatives to announce 50 feet Northerner exclusion zone around PM 1 johnnydobbo 2 months
Cameron says UK economy not doing so well now 1 ionb 3 months
David Cameron Authorises the Bombing of UKIP 1 Laird Argos 3 months
No more dark winter nights for UK if Scotland leaves 13 Squudge 4 months
3 London Millionaires... 2 AReader 4 months
UK Sanctions Against Russia To Include 'Downton Abbey' Rationing 1 SimonJJames 6 months
Cameron acts swiftly to deal with controversial 'anti-homeless spikes' 2 Sinnick 7 months
Britain to leave the EU says Cameron 1 ionb 7 months
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the polling booth 22 Squudge 8 months
David Cameron blames his deputy, Nick Clegg, for absence of water in Sheffield! 1 2escapees 9 months
Referendum: Cameron declares that the name “Scotland” will not be Available 1 robertsonal 10 months
David Cameron expresses concern about Scottish Independence Vote 3 Ironduke 10 months
Cameron compares Scotland to Ukraine and threatens to "do a Putin" 3 Titus 10 months
Cameron uses Merkel photo op to win bet with Johnson 2 Squudge 10 months
Government 'gone' 8 Al OPecia 11 months
Cameron shows solidarity with flooded householders 2 custard cream 11 months
Farage in shock "no idea what I stand for" revelation 4 Titus 1 year
Coalition sweeps awards at the Golden Globes 11 needabettergig 1 year
Government to begin Conscription to Territorial Army 2 Squudge 1 year
Opportunities for All Promises PM - Simply speak to your Eton House Master 1 Flugelbinder 1 year
Miliband vows to cut Miliband at Next Election 3 Robopop 1 year
Big country indicative of small penis says David Cameron 16 Ian Collier 1 year
‘Lame Duck’ Cameron considers Rio Paralympics 1 cinnahmon 1 year
Three wise men came, bearing gifts for a new-born Prince. 1 forviemedia 1 year
Mugabe invited to Number 10 1 ActionMan 1 year
‘Buckaroo, Twister and Guitar Hero’ found on leaked G8 Summit agenda 3 NorthernGravy 1 year
PM: £73 to initiate age of aquarius 4 monkeyrepublic 1 year