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BNP Candidates Getting Too Racially Tolerant as they Age 4 Wallace Runnymede 10 months
Fears grow for Stephen Fry after BNP fundraiser no-show 1 LD 1 year
Monster Raving Loony Party loses Nick Griffin as leader 1 Schoolboy 1 year
Multiple small right-wing parties ‘could split fruitcake vote’ 7 Wrenfoe 2 years
Nick Griffin converts to liberalism after fact-finding mission to Damascus 3 Arthur 2 years
Family Tree Shock For Nick Griffin In ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ 7 UnoEye 4 years
Griffen admits BNP "divided over Rihanna." 6 SingingHinny 4 years
BNP fury as 1 in 7 rioters from abroad - "We should only use British rioters" 2 Qoxiivi 4 years
Riot footage causes Nick Griffin's micropenis to become erect 1 Christopher Frost 4 years
Nick Griffin re-elected as BNP leader by ‘crushing’ nine-vote margin 1 Christopher Frost 4 years
Israeli orchestra’s Wagner concert starts tit-for-tat reconciliation war 1 Qoxiivi 4 years
Nelson Mandela to attend BNP Disco 1 the everlasting first 5 years
Nick Griffin in albino immigrant recruitment drive. 1 Bury Bob 5 years
BNP to open a chain of Hatemongers 3 ronseal 6 years
Tory outrage at BNP threat to single young mums. 1 TerribleTim 6 years
Far right parties to cease Tennis sponsorship 1 virtuallywill 6 years
UKIP to rebrand as BNP Lite. 1 Stan 6 years