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Doctor advises women to rehydrate every 10 minutes 4 FlashArry 5 years
Rogue Essex Girl Sparks Terror Among Locals In Kenya 15 Martin Shuttlecock 5 years
Medieval Torture To Be Introduced In UK Schools 3 Jonny Shlep 5 years
S**t a Brick 8 cinquecento 5 years
Sports news: British Olympic Carpet-Hurlers banned... 19 spoole2112 6 years
Finger Leaking Good 8 riesler 6 years
AOL struggling to oust ex-employees 15 Screenie 6 years
PM to demonstrate consistent foreign policy by invading every country on earth 5 Curbie Firetank 6 years
Wolverhampton's best loved Street Performer turns out to be " a Statue". 4 be reasonable 6 years
TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE 8 John Wiltshire 6 years
Dail "Mail" 29/11/11: Princess Kate In Black Baby Shocker. 5 rikkor 6 years
Death penalty re-introduced for people who say “simples”... 9 ronseal 6 years
New Welsh laws: "Llaws". 2 6 years
Product placement marks the end of the road for the Acme Corporation... 8 Doylem 6 years
Doctors discover vacinne for Bieber Fever 8 Milo Shame 6 years
Newsbiscuit confessional, part II. 13 OldThingy 6 years
Teenager Drowns in Wet Dream 4 OldThingy 6 years
Man appalled to find "assisted conception" involves other men sleeping with wife 6 Milo Shame 6 years
Natalie Portman claimed as property of the Queen after portrayal as swan 10 wulfin8 6 years
Reasoned and sensible protest by British Rational Party angers religious groups. 4 Qoxiivi 6 years
Queen to tour Irish Republic - John Deacon spotted buying Euros. 3 rikkor 6 years
Sean Connery to teach special lectures at Tokyo University to pronounce 3 7 years