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Virulent outbreak of Sycophantois has nation's broadcasters in its grip

It is being reported that A&E Departments across the country have been overrun this morning as thousands of national and local broadcast journalists have been stricken with the terrifying...

Chipchase 19.05.18 9:24am
SKY TV manage to track down Actual 'Street Party' 0
ron cawleyoni 19.05.18 7:35am
ron cawleyoni
70% DE DESCUENTO camisetas de futbol baratas 2014

1 selección taylor hall de oilers Además de anotar el primer gol de los Canadiens a las 15:17 del segundo período, el rápido alero derecho sacó dos penaltis, pero los Canadiens no pudieron...

xunsiyue 19.05.18 7:26am
Mick Turate
Grenfell Tower to be reclad with whitewash. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 19.05.18 7:20am
Everything you need to know about the Royal Wedding

Square root of f**k all...

Mick Turate 19.05.18 7:15am
Mick Turate
College shooter requests bail so as not to miss lessons. 0
Opinion Poll 19.05.18 1:17am
Opinion Poll
Meghan Markle set to take part in Game of Thrones 2
throngsman 19.05.18 12:31am
ron cawleyoni
Guide to avoiding the Royal Wedding (co-op Left Alert)

Be homeless, Play centre-forward for Chelsea, Drive recklessly in Paris, Be Meghan’s dad, Avoid newspapers, Be Chelsy Davy, Walk near a wall in Gaza, Choose heroin, Be deported by Theresa...

Wrenfoe 19.05.18 12:28am
Skripal arrested for burglary entering his house by window 0
sydalg 19.05.18 12:19am
Dyslexic Frenchman discovers his car is a lemon. More soon.

There's a joke in there if you look hard enough...

dominic_mcg 18.05.18 11:59pm
ron cawleyoni
Prince Philip to walk José Mourinho on to pitch 0
sydalg 18.05.18 10:46pm
Man enters third week on clickbait site

A 38 year-old from Stevenage, Dan Hepburn, has completed a second week at his computer after being enticed to click on a link found underneath a Mail Online article earlier this month. The...

Adrian Bamforth 18.05.18 10:23pm
John McDonnell offers to pay for Royal Honeymoon in Hawaii. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.05.18 6:45pm
ron cawleyoni
Novichoksberg...Probably the most poisonous Lager in the world. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.05.18 6:34pm
ron cawleyoni
Sergei Skripal to finish his pint... 0
ron cawleyoni 18.05.18 6:30pm
ron cawleyoni
Putin offers to sort out differences with Sergei Skripal over a cup of tea 0
Adrian Bamforth 18.05.18 5:18pm
Adrian Bamforth
Most asthma sufferers "just showing off", says lung specialist. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.05.18 5:05pm
Sergei Skripal steps in to walk Meghan down aisle 1
Bravenewmalden 18.05.18 5:02pm
Recycling old shoes can be soul destroying. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.05.18 4:47pm
Hogwarts students found using spellchecker in tests 2
DavidH 18.05.18 4:33pm
Theresa May to fill the House of Lords with Eric Pickles. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.05.18 4:32pm
Jools Holland loses OBE after complaining about noise from wedding. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.05.18 4:27pm
Morrissey announces Smiths to reform for Harry’s evening do

Reports have emerged that Prince Harry personally asked the members of The Smiths if they would consider reforming for a one-off gig at his wedding reception. Guitarist Jonny Marr, bassist Andy...

DavidH 18.05.18 3:18pm
Man spends hours saying that he has no interest in Royal wedding

Bolton resident, Trevor Shinker, has spent all day explaining to everyone he met that he has no interest whatsoever in the forthcoming Royal wedding. He followed that by spending hours composing a...

apepper 18.05.18 2:34pm
French driverless cars revolt: "Aux armes, Citroëns!" 0
sydalg 18.05.18 12:42pm
Daily Mail supports Labour in "Why oh Weimar" article 0
sydalg 18.05.18 12:38pm
Charles to take Meghan up the aisle 0
Sinnick 18.05.18 12:12pm
Bercow defends himself saying "I didn't call the silly cow a stupid woman" 0
Mark66 18.05.18 11:23am
I suppose aisle have to do it, says Prince Charles. 0
Macattack1964 18.05.18 10:04am
England Announce Strong Squad of Hooligans for Russia 2018

The national selectors have named an impressively appalling squad of fat, beer-guzzling, xenophobic and homicidally violent morons to head to Russia next month to take on the world. It’s a good mix...

daneade 18.05.18 8:32am