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‘No white supremacists at the White House’

US President Donald Trump today appeared in front of the world’s media and declared that, as far as he knows, there are no white supremacists in his administration. “I can’t truthfully say...

farmer giles 15.08.17 5:40pm
farmer giles
Public health at risk as BT slash 'phonebox' urinals 0
DavidH 15.08.17 4:44pm
Man Offended on Twitter

A State of Emergency has been declared after a man was offended by something someone tweeted, and he subsequently went on to express his offence in an angry tweet to his 94 followers. Officials...

daneade 15.08.17 4:22pm
Heavy drinkers urge crackdown on RyanAir

Heavy drinkers call for crackdown on RyanAir People who drink heavily before boarding their flight have called for tougher restrictions on the unspeakable greedy shysters who run RyanAir. Outraged...

Matt Ward 15.08.17 4:17pm
Matt Ward
How drink has given me a new lease of life, says ex 10 mile a day jogger

Micky Cohen has written a moving account in The Guardian of how he finally quit his 10 mile a day jogging habit and found salvation in strong drink. "I had no idea how much of an impact my jogging...

ronseal 15.08.17 3:04pm
Scottish ‘baby in a box’ scheme to be served with ‘chippie sauce’

Scotland is set to serve ‘baby in a basket’ across a range of establishments, complete with a bed of chips, coleslaw and a touch of 70’s nostalgia. Baby boxes with be delivered to new mothers...

Wrenfoe 15.08.17 2:59pm
Brexit negotiations stalled due to wank-proof table

More glass tabletops in Brussels soon...

Landfill 15.08.17 1:04pm
Jeremy Hunt officially unveils 'The Anonymous Billionaire Bathroom' 0
DavidH 15.08.17 10:45am
Post-Brexit UK passport to be a damp traffic cone in a Laura Ashley photo frame 0
DavidH 15.08.17 10:40am
BBC shelve stock news reports on 'hosepipe bans' and 'Indian summers' 0
DavidH 15.08.17 10:35am
Study finds white supremacists still can't pronounce Primark. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 15.08.17 9:38am
World In Shock As It Wakes To No Stupid Statement From Trump 1
Titus 15.08.17 9:37am
Archaeologists discover ancient Roman Empire fall scandal: BarbariansAtThe Gate 0
ronseal 15.08.17 9:35am
Rail Commuters Describe Latest Fare Increases As 'Fair, Reasonable & Necessary'

More fantasies later ...

Titus 15.08.17 9:11am
Straw Man
Fake news website celebrates 100th birthday. 2
Maverick 15.08.17 8:54am
Hell's Angels now ISO 9001 compliant 0
DavidH 15.08.17 8:34am
Mo Farah just grateful to see the back of Quorn

Although finishing his competitive career with a disappointing Silver, in the 5,000m, Mo Farah expressed his relief that he no longer needed to maintain the charade of liking meat-substitute fungus. ...

Wrenfoe 15.08.17 8:01am
David Dukes of Hazard. 0
ron cawleyoni 15.08.17 7:25am
ron cawleyoni
EU Denies Plans For Punishment Beatings For Britain 0
Titus 15.08.17 6:37am
New Korean recipe - Guam on toast. 0
Maverick 15.08.17 6:26am
Mo Farah and Usain Bolt to be humanely put down says IAAF

The International Association of Athletics Federations has announced, that following their below expectations showing at this year's World Athletics Championships, track legends, Mo Farah and Usain...

Jonny Shlep 15.08.17 4:25am
Jonny Shlep
Thousands line up to grope Taylor Swift's bum for $1 0
Gents' Urinal 15.08.17 1:29am
Gents' Urinal
Camerons considering opening rival surf shack in Cornwall...Fat Dave's. 0
ron cawleyoni 15.08.17 12:41am
ron cawleyoni
Draught plans are drawn up to close next years transfer window earlier. 0
ron cawleyoni 15.08.17 12:30am
ron cawleyoni
Westminster chimes to be replaced by digital alarm.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep ...

Timex 15.08.17 12:01am
Sparks flying at White House down to Trumps KKK speech through clenched teeth.

more dental capping soon...

ron cawleyoni 14.08.17 11:47pm
ron cawleyoni
Ryan Air to introduce flights direct to 'The Priory' ..."some nice green tea"

more turbulence soon...

ron cawleyoni 14.08.17 11:36pm
ron cawleyoni
"BREXIT" flat pack comes with no instructions, missing parts, and loose screws. 5
Al OPecia 14.08.17 11:12pm
Ruth Loose
25% of Primark customers saying it wrong. The other 75% can't read. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 14.08.17 9:59pm
Whitesupremists called hypocites for using the dark web to arrange protest 0
Scronnyglonkle 14.08.17 8:45pm