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DVLA Thanks Drivers Who Tested Driving Without A Tax Disc For Many Years. 2
IABP 2 2 days

The DVLA has voiced their appreciation for the thousands and thousands of drivers who tested driving without a tax disc over many years. Statistics show that virtually all of them found the free...

Shaun Wright wins Titanic award for 'clinging to the wreckage' 2
deceangli 2 days
Shaun Wright becomes new poster boy for The Police Federation 0
ronseal 2 days
Artist spices up Folkestone beach gold dig with buried landmines 0
harrypalmer 2 days

German artist Michael Sailstorfer has revealed that his art installation on Folkestone beach now includes hidden land mines as well as bars of gold. ‘It is a participatory artwork’ said...

Breaking News Shock: Shaun Wright Still In Post 1
Titus 3 days
John McCain celebrates birthday Aug 29 0
Jim Garner 3 days

Congratulates American public...

Bullets & Burgers launch 'shoot one instructor get another free' offer. 0
Crayon 3 days
Conservative MP defects because the Conservative Party is too conservative. 0
Crayon 3 days
Barnardo's charitably breaks its silence on widespread child abuse. 0
Crayon 3 days
Gold-plated Papal bog found impressive 0
Jim Garner 3 days

Tourist on Vatican tour comments "Holy shit!"...

Every American child's dream present list... 1
Underconstruction 3 days

Dear Santa, Can you take a hint? On the twelfth day of Christmas,, My parents gave to me, Twelve, oozis oozing, Eleven Magnums firing,, Ten Ak's spitting,, Nine glocks a glocking,, Eight...

10 O'clock News to be renamed 'Muslims Behaving Badly' 0
pere floza 3 days
England fans shocked as millionaire England players back Cook as captain 4
AReader 3 days

England fans were shocked and bewildered as Alastair Cook's captaincy was backed to the hilt by members of the England team, all of whom depended on Cook's sayso to retain million pound a year...

Bake Off Extra-Fruit Cake to stand For Election [says Cameron] 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
ISIS Bucket Challenge Raises Thousands of Groats to fund Medieval Homeland 0
ronseal 3 days

Celebrity fundamentalists are getting frenzied over the latest craze sweeping the middle east - The ISIS Bucket Challenge. It involves a massive container of stones which is tipped on a willing...

Joan Rivers finally raises a laugh. 1
Mandy Lifeboat 3 days
NASA decode space message - FFS, what do you think I meant by "Gordon's alive"? 0
throngsman 3 days
Another hilarious 'Ice bucket' video uploaded to YouTube 0
antharrison 3 days
1400 Rotherham girls to be stoned to death for having under-age sex 10
beckfordburger 3 days
Cliff Richard requests police interviews to be held in Rotherham 0
deceangli 3 days
Uk Police Officially Graded 'Banana Republic" 1
Dun Dunkin 3 days

"'Do nothing when presented with evidence , don't resign, sell information for money' ticks the boxes"...

Muslim Mafia: "No Payments Were Made To Rotheram Officials" 0
tamoshanter 3 days

except on Tuesdays...

1400 Rotherham victims censored for attempted sedition. 0
Crayon 3 days
7 year old Rotherham girl bemoans her lost youth 0
Underconstruction 3 days
Rotherham overtakes Hillsborough to become Britains favourite cover-up 0
Underconstruction 3 days
Bake Off contestant cries foul after cake left out in the rain 5
harrypalmer 3 days

Great British Bake Off contestant Ian Watters has been thrown off the show after he claimed that a fellow contestant deliberately sabotaged a Baked Alaska he had prepared for the showstopper...

South Yorkshire Police Commissioner beheaded for multicultural intolerance. 0
Crayon 3 days
1400 Rotherham girls deported to Pakistan for promoting non-British values. 0
Crayon 3 days
Putin denies Sun Rises in the East 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days

"Its fabricated evidence i'm telling you its doesn't and i have tanks to prove it"...

Rotherham sex-ring found guilty of mis-selling PPI to victims 0
Underconstruction 3 days