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McGuinness autopsy reveals cause of death......'deep Sinn Fein thrombosis' 1
ron cawleyoni 22.03.17 7:44am
Walter Eagle
Nerds applaud Chinese scheme to ration loo paper

Computer experts are hailing with admiration a creative scheme hatched by their Chinese ilk to prevent theft of loo paper in public toilets in Beijing by adapting facial recognition software As...

Renrag 21.03.17 8:43pm
'Brexit means Brexit' leads to vastly simpler new edition of Oxford Dictionary 2
cinquecento 21.03.17 8:14pm
Sir Lupus
Castle owner disappointed by 'beastly' Airbnb reviews

A wealthy, misunderstood castle owner was left facing an uncertain future today after being delisted from AirBandB, following a series of poor guest reviews over the last 2 centuries. Beast,...

chrisf 21.03.17 7:23pm
90-year old rock legend changes name to Chuck Bury 3
granger 21.03.17 6:33pm
World learns of death of Martin McGuinness following anonymous phone call to BBC 3
harrypalmer 21.03.17 6:04pm
Not Amused
. 0
Adrian Bamforth 21.03.17 5:53pm
Adrian Bamforth
Waitrose coffee drinkers forced to buy 5p bag to carry it to table 0
antharrison 21.03.17 4:48pm
May decides to delay article 50 for 3 days. 3
beau-jolly 21.03.17 4:30pm
Fossilised Morph dated to Early Plasticine

.., more cutting edge contemporary satire soon...

cinquecento 21.03.17 4:28pm
Walter Eagle
"What's £350m minus £50bn?" asks Brexiter 2
Iroquois Pliskin 21.03.17 4:28pm
Laptops no longer permitted on magic carpets 1
cinquecento 21.03.17 4:07pm
North Korean TV air Wicker Man claiming 'End of Trump'. More soon 0
DavidH 21.03.17 3:48pm
No more Endeavour 0
chrisf 21.03.17 3:44pm
Satan: "Hell now full"

no more please...

Hindari Banga 21.03.17 2:46pm
McGuiness blames failed negotiation with Saint Peter on heavenly 'intransigence'

Pearly Gates, Heaven, March 21, 2017: Talks between Saint Martin of McGuiness and the so-called Kingdom of Heaven have been described by Sinn Fein as ' WILL GET BACK TO THIS LATER., ANY SUGGESTIONS...

ronseal 21.03.17 1:45pm
ron cawleyoni
Wife who handed military command to husband ‘has left him a list’ 0
Midfield Diamond 21.03.17 1:33pm
Midfield Diamond
Osborne admits he doesn't get enough opportunity to wear Hi-Viz these days 1
throngsman 21.03.17 12:26pm
Walter Eagle
1988-1994 part of Martin McGuiness eulogy to be spoken by actor 2
chrisf 21.03.17 12:17pm
silly billy scotland
Paleontolist names new dinosaur T. rump — similar to T. rex with thicker scull 13
Renrag 21.03.17 11:00am
Tony Blair to step down as PM

After 20 years of running the UK, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is finally considering relaxing his sphincter and relinquishing control of the UK’s Parliament. While a series of ‘fake PMs’ have...

Wrenfoe 21.03.17 10:54am
Satirical Fake News Website To Publish Pictures Of Fluffy Kittens Falling Over

A previously highly-regarded satirical news website has fallen into disrepute recently, owing to some of its contributors submitting 'controversial' posts. 'Some writers here do not seem to...

Titus 21.03.17 10:15am
Walter Eagle
BBC's economic coverage is fair balance, says BBC's Despite Brexit correspondent 0
ronseal 21.03.17 9:55am
May triggers Article 51 by accident

With a trigger finger as itchy as Lee Harvey Oswald covered in ants, Theresa May has inadvertently signed the wrong sub-clause of the EU convention. Article 51, as complicated as it is obscure,...

Wrenfoe 21.03.17 9:42am
Martin McGuinness's Condition Described As 'Satisfactory'

[An ancient joke resurrected as a respectful monument to a historic figure ...

Titus 21.03.17 8:58am
Martin McGuinness's grave to be fitted with a dancefloor. 0
MADJEZ 21.03.17 8:53am
Sacha Baron Cohen 'never expected Jeremy Corbyn character to run so long' 2
Ironduke 21.03.17 8:14am
Osbourne looking for a bike.....spells bad news for job seekers. 0
ron cawleyoni 21.03.17 8:10am
ron cawleyoni
Brexit Timetable – your handy guide to the negotiations

March 2017 – Article 50 triggered, indicating the UK’s intention to leave the EU, and giving the necessary two year notice. A bit of a surprise, those threats to leave unless a pay rise is...

Midfield Diamond 21.03.17 7:59am
May informs EU that she has informed UK that she intends to inform EU on 29 Mar

For goodness sake press the button already...

Gary Baldy 21.03.17 12:19am
Gary Baldy