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The Strip...two ex 'Full Monty' actors drive around different cafes in Sheffield 0
ron cawleyoni 22.04.17 7:38pm
ron cawleyoni
Electric blue classified as a neutral colour 0
throngsman 22.04.17 6:21pm
Gallery curator undergoes Ingres management counselling 0
tamoshanter 22.04.17 6:14pm
| ann | | widdi | | combe |....sectioned........or should be. 1
ron cawleyoni 22.04.17 6:13pm
School kids tell Corbyn that story about him becoming PM is too far-fetched

There was an awkward moment on the campaign trail today when children at a primary school in Bristol told Jeremy Corbyn that they believed the story he read to them about a talking mouse but that the...

harrypalmer 22.04.17 6:02pm
US Airlines declare 'total war' on passengers

US Airlines CEO Bashar al Munoz has vowed to rid the skies of 'evil passengers' after the latest incident in which a member of his beloved staff was obstructed when taking a pram from a single mother...

blacklesbianandproudofit 22.04.17 11:56am
Serena Williams and her foetus hot favourites to win Wimbledon doubles 0
cinquecento 22.04.17 11:33am
Job losses feared at House of Commons canteen as Eric Pickles stands down as MP 0
harrypalmer 22.04.17 10:43am
‘Who was that bigoted Bristol woman’ asks PM

Theresa May has been caught on microphone describing Bristol pensioner Brenda as just another fat, old, bigoted woman., The PM was still wearing a broadcast microphone when she was heard telling...

Gerontius 22.04.17 10:42am
Mel B ‘had sex with her husband’ 0
farmer giles 22.04.17 10:19am
farmer giles
RoSPA concedes Stop, Drop and Roll not the safest way to cross the road. 0
dominic_mcg 22.04.17 9:39am
The Secret Of Staying Awake During Long Tedious Adverts Which ... They ... Dzzzz

[Hat-tip to Maverick] More later when I eventually wake up. If you're unlucky ...

Titus 22.04.17 8:00am
French First Round Purely To Choose Who Will Best Oppose Marine Le Pen 0
Titus 22.04.17 7:51am
Daventry man making £1,445 a day despite inexplicably still living in Daventry

A Daventry-based multi-millionaire says he has no intention of leaving his hometown in spite of his prodigious income from doing chuff-all. Clive Findlay (57) is earning an average of £1,445 a day...

Skylarking 22.04.17 7:15am
'VOTE FOR US - WE'LL PUT UP TAXES' Badges Now Being Made In All Party Colours

You read it here first ...

Titus 22.04.17 7:12am
May pledges no reduction in Aid following Election she pledged not to hold. 2
Al OPecia 22.04.17 6:27am
Man U fans find Anderlecht game shocking. Literally. 0
Maverick 21.04.17 10:22pm
Students Union demands Jihadis provide trigger warnings. Literally. 0
Maverick 21.04.17 10:17pm
Low Union Election Turnout Due To Voters' Strike

More bigoted union-bashing soon ...

Titus 21.04.17 9:25pm
'Redwood Cars'......Ullo John got a new motor?....British Leyland......WHAT!!!! 0
ron cawleyoni 21.04.17 8:14pm
ron cawleyoni
'Redwood Motors'.....coming to a time machine near you.... (more) soon ... 0
ron cawleyoni 21.04.17 8:05pm
ron cawleyoni
Cycling to work halves cancer risk, doubles risk of being run over. More soon. 6
Al OPecia 21.04.17 6:57pm
Jeff Sessions reminded that Hawaiians are not just pizza toppings

[quote]I really am amazed that a judge sitting eating a ham and pineapple pizza can issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and...

Gary Baldy 21.04.17 6:27pm
Gary Baldy
French language text books to include chapter about 'lone wolf terrorist'

Education authorities look set to move with the times, after announcing that all french language text-books used in UK secondary schools, will include a chapter about a radicalised North-African who...

Underconstruction 21.04.17 6:13pm
May pledges no reduction in Aid following Election she pledged not to hold. 0
Al OPecia 21.04.17 4:56pm
Al OPecia
First post-Brexit cargo of straight bananas seized by Somali pirates. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 21.04.17 4:10pm
Dortmund attack leads to increased immigration control of capitalist bastards

A ban on migrants from capitalist countries has followed revelations that the attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus was linked to fundamentalist market trading. Prosecutors say that the...

Midfield Diamond 21.04.17 4:01pm
Sir Lupus
Buy registered EU driver's license passports and ID cards Whatsapp+43 6602452936

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chainsmokers 21.04.17 3:56pm
Starving ISIS Fighters Attack French Fries and Belgian Waffles

"English Breakfast" to be renamed "Tea with Virgins, Allah Willing! (*unintelligible*)"...

Jeff Glovsky 21.04.17 3:18pm
Jeff Glovsky
Londoners Spend 3 Weeks Longer A Year At Work Mostly Complaining About The Tube

Survey reveals that Londoners work an average of three weeks a year more than the rest of the UK with the extra time spent feeling smug and complaining about the Tube. ‘Sometimes I’ll be at the...

S-Bahn 21.04.17 3:16pm