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Filetting assets from BHS a British 'success story'

It shows the UK still has managers with high street talent adding value to their tax haven wallets without anyone noticing and all quite legal. Greed is good...

Dun Dunkin 26.04.16 7:18am
Dun Dunkin
Our Superyachts are not the biggest we could have got say BHS shareholders 0
Dun Dunkin 26.04.16 6:55am
Dun Dunkin
Gary Lineker wins Nobel Prize for divorce algorithm

Crisp salesman Gary Lineker has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics for his divorce equation. “The key variables are how long you’ve been married, how many fit birds you meet per week...

deceangli 26.04.16 6:52am
Farmers use web cams and dogging couples to diversify into pornography

Live streamed porn has replaced agriculture as the most lucrative industry in rural areas of Britain., The salacious statistics are revealed in a new government survey of income receipts at farm...

Wrexfan 26.04.16 6:52am
Trashing high street shops 'not rocket science' say enriched Directors

Remember its market forces...

Dun Dunkin 26.04.16 6:50am
Dun Dunkin
Tim Peake first person to find The DaVinci Code 'unputdownable' 0
Smart Alex 26.04.16 6:47am
Smart Alex
President Obama Roofied by Queen, Corgis Detained

The row over President Obama’s trip to Europe last week has contributed to US embarrassment, damaged the historical US-UK special relationship, and has become part of what White House officials are...

Gabby 26.04.16 6:42am
Vegetarian mathematician good at lentil arithmetic 1
Smart Alex 26.04.16 6:03am
KFC confirms discharge of staff respsonsible. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 25.04.16 5:38pm
KFC staff only fulfilling customers' ordures. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 25.04.16 5:37pm
KFC staff used Bargain Buckets as bidets 0
Wrexfan 25.04.16 5:18pm
BHS goes into administration, Jeremy Hunt says, "Dammit! One letter out!" 1
Ian Searle 25.04.16 3:36pm
British follow Obama into restaurant, say "You should definitely have the fish"

More honest trans-atlantic advice between friends soon...

YaBasta 25.04.16 3:28pm
People not like me getting all the work, complains unemployed actor

Unemployed actor Dave Dibley today waded into the diversity debate gripping the entertainment industry, complaining that all the actors getting work were completely unlike him. "It's just so...

YaBasta 25.04.16 3:25pm
KFC: "Well, at least 10 of our 11 secret herbs & spices are still secret" 0
bonjonelson 25.04.16 2:03pm
BHS avoids more tax 0
Dun Dunkin 25.04.16 1:40pm
Dun Dunkin
Free Sodastreams, Denim Jackets and VCRs for all as BHS goes under 1
Iroquois Pliskin 25.04.16 1:38pm
BHS jumps the gun on Brexit 1
Ian Searle 25.04.16 1:22pm
'Bank Holiday Jason' chosen for name of next week's inevitable shower of shite

Meteorologists have settled on the name 'Bank Holiday Jason' for the piss-stained excuse-for-a-day scheduled to make landfall on May 1st, the Met Office has confirmed. Disappointment of over 5 'FFS'...

thatwasbeast 25.04.16 12:02pm
Call for ministers to offer 24/7 dumb-fuckery

While legitimate concerns have been raised about NHS weekend provision, many are now demanding that the Cabinet spreads its incompetence more evenly over the week. Data suggests a sharp decline in...

Wrenfoe 25.04.16 11:51am
Tim Peake continues to 'piss about' in space

British astronaut Tim Peake has completed the latest in a series of pointless space endeavours, as he ran a marathon yesterday for reasons yet to be explained. The former Air Corps officer has been...

SamSmith 25.04.16 11:44am
Poets working around clock to find rhyme for "Shakespeare"

More to follow...

apepper 25.04.16 11:43am
Met Police says it takes soundbites "very seriously" 1
ronseal 25.04.16 11:42am
Pistol and Boo to play Heard and Depp in Australian apology video sequel

Following the roaring success of the original Australian hostage / apology comedy film starring Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Warner Brothers have announced that a sequel is already planned....

SimonJJames 25.04.16 9:56am
US trade deal with EU 'not colonialism' 0
Dun Dunkin 25.04.16 8:50am
Dun Dunkin
Brexit Camaigners 'Racist' For Preferring To Trade With World, Not Just White EU

Or maybe "Brexit Campaigners Called 'Racist' For Preferring World Trade To White European Trade'...

Titus 25.04.16 6:55am
Cancer eradication breakthrough forecasts to improve 'within five years'

The Government has set new targets for improving the forecasts for eradicating cancer. "Since the 1970s every new discovery has promised to eradicate cancer within five years before attracting shed...

throngsman 25.04.16 6:50am
Shoppers Disappointed To Find Stores 'Bankrupt, Hopeless & Shut'

Hat tip to parcel delivery service nicknamed 'Dropped, Hidden or Lost' ...

Titus 25.04.16 6:43am
Which one is better sherwani or kurta pajama?

I was thinking to gift my husband a [url=]sherwani[/url] which he don't have, but kurta pajama can be a good gift don't you think so?...

25.04.16 5:21am
Eagle Ethnic
Prince tributes still pouring in

“The way he kept repeating the phrase ‘purple rain’ over and over again in one of his tunes was just phenomenal” said Diana Dross. "It means a lot to me, a moustachioued mexican-looking twat...

farmer giles 25.04.16 3:46am