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Film industry "dangerously short of perverts"

The film and TV industry is heading for collapse unless more sexual predators and perverts can be found to fill senior positions. A spokesman for the Directors Guild of America explained. "Senior...

apepper 18.10.17 3:53pm
Having a Harvey to replace having a J Arthur. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.10.17 3:22pm
ron cawleyoni
Baltimore revealed as US city with most Indian restaurants 5
farmer giles 18.10.17 3:17pm
Adrian Bamforth
After failed breeding programme bird sanctuary says it has no egrets. More soon. 5
dominic_mcg 18.10.17 3:13pm
Midfield Diamond
Was Jimmy Savile Britain's Harvey Weinstein

Jimmy Savile's despicable crimes can now be put into context, as there's finally an American against whom he can be benchmarked, according to a new report from cultural analyst Zeitgeist Culture. ...

ronseal 18.10.17 2:03pm
Sir Lupus
Calls To Protest About Rip-off Telephone Costs To Be Charged At £25 Per Minute 0
Titus 18.10.17 12:59pm
Storm Brian on its way...he's not The Hurricane..he's a very naughty storm. 3
ron cawleyoni 18.10.17 11:26am
ron cawleyoni
Widespread Agreement That Trump IS 'Smarter Than The Average Bear' - Just 0
Titus 18.10.17 11:17am
Remoaners Look Forward To As Much Success As 'Anti-Trump's-Election' Protesters 2
Titus 18.10.17 11:15am
Oral sex "leaves even worse taste than Domino's pizza" for Scarborough woman 0
sydalg 18.10.17 11:03am
Sources report May 'windy' despite Tories being downgraded from vile to nasty 1
Chipchase 18.10.17 10:24am
Weinstein's gone: so whose casting couch will be the next career launch pad?

Hollywood gropers and shakers are furiously jockeying for position to be the Go-To Guy to exchange sexual favours for movie parts. For years Harvey Weinstein ran the Parts Exchange - which dealt in...

ronseal 18.10.17 10:21am
Tories dismiss accusations of insensitivity as 'water off a duck's back' 0
Benvoleo 18.10.17 10:19am
Viral joke develops into full-blown jest infection 1
DavidH 18.10.17 10:18am
Pizza Shop Customers Now Complain Of Lack Of Entertainment While Waiting

Or: express pizza delivery slogan - 'Your Pizza Will Come Before You Do' ...

Titus 18.10.17 10:17am
Samaritans in urgent appeal for less gritty psychological dramas

In an unprecedented move The Samaritans has made an urgent plea to television drama producers, begging them to stop commissioning and screening dark, gritty psychological dramas such as Dr Foster,...

Chipchase 18.10.17 10:05am
Weinstein's weenie shrinks faster than Trump's trumping grows

Didn't think that could happen, did ya?...

Renrag 18.10.17 5:21am
Going down under for kinky sex

Them Aussies!...

Renrag 18.10.17 5:07am
Customer-centric company communicates via friendly address 0
Dumbnews 18.10.17 12:20am
X Factor launches 'best tonsil and wisdom teeth display' category 0
Dick Everyman 17.10.17 9:47pm
Dick Everyman
'Life' Peers To Be Culled After 15 Years 0
Titus 17.10.17 9:29pm
Leicester sack Shakespeare. ‘We have seen better days." say fans. More soon. 4
dominic_mcg 17.10.17 8:36pm
Shakespeare play is history

. <I’m sure someone who’s more familiar with Waggledagger’s work than I (which is pretty much everyone) could link in something about King Power as that is the name of Leicester’s...

Midfield Diamond 17.10.17 8:24pm
the peoples poet
Phil E Buster banned from parliament for refusing to let other members speak 12
the peoples poet 17.10.17 8:19pm
the peoples poet
French poultry farmers protest: "Hen œuf is hen œuf!" 2
sydalg 17.10.17 8:18pm
the peoples poet
Buddhist criminal "still upbeat" after receiving 9 consecutive life sentences 1
sydalg 17.10.17 7:02pm
Judge tells pizza shop sex couple they were lucky not to go down. More soon. 3
dominic_mcg 17.10.17 6:50pm
Ophelia tempest with Albion too much ado for Shakespeare. 0
ron cawleyoni 17.10.17 6:40pm
ron cawleyoni
Car parks being dug up in mad panic in Leicester.

Hat tip to Dom...

ron cawleyoni 17.10.17 6:15pm
ron cawleyoni
Tories propose Watford North to include rest of England and Scotland 2
DavidH 17.10.17 5:50pm