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'Racist' Redefined To Mean Someone Who Does Not Believe In Astrolgy 3
Titus 4 days

TrueBiscuit: Surely due to defect to the Monster Raving party?...

Astrologer Derided For Claiming That MPs Can Guide Our Destiny 0
Titus 4 days
Call To Ban MPs From Holding Second Jobs As Astrologers 0
Titus 4 days
Green Party To Employ The Three Little Pigs To Solve Nation's Housing Crisis 0
Titus 4 days
Anything without Mohammed's picture is ISIS propaganda, say police. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 4 days
Ms Bennett, It is a truth unversally acknowledged, 0
Titus 4 days

that a young party, in possession of the good fortune to enjoy growing support, must be in want of some coherent policies. Get well soon...

Schwarzenegger accused of historic pecs offences. 0
cinquecento 4 days

.. sorry, but I had to get that off my chest. dedicated to Beau Jolly and his cheap German wine collection ;)...

Nick Clegg refuses to give up second job at Wimpy 0
Dracula 4 days

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has resisted calls to give up his second job at burger joint Wimpy. MPs have been under pressure to quit any job outside parliament but Mr Clegg says the experience...

FIFA Strips Qatar of World Cup – Awards to Islamic State 1
daneade 4 days

FIFA has finally conceded that hosting the World Cup in scorching desert backwater Qatar was a bloody stupid idea and are instead hoping for a fantastic celebration of football in the fast-growing...

New Jihadi dating site offers 0
4 days

"More bang for your buck"...

Jack Straw admits *error of judgement" " I shouldn't have listened to Malcolm" 0
4 days
Public astounded MP's do anything at all 0
4 days
Jihadi John returns to London after gap year 0
Bobsgoodeye 4 days
Owner of Midlothian Trampoline park promises it will bounce back ... 2
Kramaring 4 days
Eclipse 'certain to cause cancer', claims Daily Express 0
WatcherMark 4 days
MPs to have barcodes tattooed on buttocks 0
sydalg 4 days
Have you had a nuisance call? Press '0' to talk to a claim agent 1
throngsman 4 days
Goblin King Jareth questioned over alleged 'Labyrinth' grooming incident 0
Iroquois Pliskin 4 days

The Goblin King was facing serious allegations yesterday over an historical grooming incident, alleged to have occurred in a magical realm in the 1980s. Detectives spent several hours confused and...

FIFA to pay compensation 'out of bribes' 0
throngsman 4 days
Warren G finally charged years after confessing to sheriff’s murder 0
Spartacus 4 days

Police are finally set to charge Warren G with the murder of Sheriff John Randall, over 15 years after the singer first confessed to the shooting in a hit song. Randall’s family are hoping that a...

"Winter World Cup better for England", says Rooney 1
Andy Gilder 4 days

In an interview for NewsBiscuit, England football captain Wayne Rooney has expressed his support for the decision to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the winter. "Obviously, playing in the summer...

Friends angered by boy’s decision to move Subbuteo World Cup to winter 5
harrypalmer 4 days

Friends of 9-year old Toby Brown have reacted angrily to the news that the Subbuteo World Cup they had planned for this summer has been put back to December. The tournament, which is being held at...

Natalie Bennett masters Jedi Mind Blank 0
Wrenfoe 4 days

On LBC Talk Radio, the Green Party’s leader unveiled the full spectrum of her Force Powers that she will be using during the election campaign. Waving her hand in front of interviewer Nick Ferrari,...

Ferrari and old banger involved in car crash 0
beckfordburger 4 days
Prescott: "I'll sort out the two Eds" 3
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 4 days

John Prescott is to return to front-line politics as an unpaid adviser to Labour leader Ed Miliband. "Following my great achievings during the Blair/Brown cumfrontages of before", said Prescott, "I...

Teachers call for review of policy to allow wider use of Tasers on children 0
Thundi 4 days
Lucas To Stick To Star Wars Realities, Not Green Party Fantasy Policies 0
Titus 4 days
ICO expect thousands of men to report mother in laws for making nuisance calls 0
Thundi 4 days
Study confirms NHS elderly care in crisis due to delayed “Shipman effect” 0
bumtrinket 4 days

The incarceration of controversial serial euthanasia practitioner and genial family doctor Dr Harold Shipman, in January 2000 and the termination of his impressive spree has now been pinpointed to be...

Keep Ringing Your MP & Demand An End To Nuisance Phone Calls 1
Titus 4 days