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Disappointment in Wales as Newport lagoon to be built on other side of sea wall 0
Bogbrush 12.01.17 4:21pm
Frantic hunt in Sun office for turnip graphic. 0
MADJEZ 12.01.17 4:12pm
Obama to lay out grassy knoll for Trump's inauguration 3
sydalg 12.01.17 3:41pm
A. L. Shaw
Trump says Russia dossier fake: "I couldn't even organise a piss up in brewery" 0
docmartin 12.01.17 2:22pm
Organs alive!!!

A part of the digestive system has been reclassified as an organ, following research at the University of Limerick…. There were 78 organs in a missionary,, Until the discovery of the 'Mesentery',...

Bagger 12.01.17 2:14pm
Do I not like that 0
Major Tom 12.01.17 1:57pm
Major Tom
Furious foreigner-hating UK cheese fanatics call for ‘Briexit’ 1
farmer giles 12.01.17 1:42pm
Midfield Diamond
Celebrity death latest: Graham Taylor “doesn’t count” – FA. More soon 0
A. L. Shaw 12.01.17 1:27pm
A. L. Shaw
Russia ‘has black male sex tapes’ 0
farmer giles 12.01.17 1:17pm
farmer giles
Hangings at Tyburn return ‘on a trial basis’

Following the successful reintroduction of paupers’ funerals, in which local authorities arrange the details and recover any costs they can from the dead person’s estate, the next phase of the...

Oxbridge 12.01.17 12:27pm
Why We Chose The Person We Love

Most do not know the difference between happiness and joy in their relationships. [url=]Aquarius Man Secret[/url] s In their struggle to...

jenifer29 12.01.17 8:48am
"I'm a germophobe" says man who puts his hands up womens' skirts

..nothing nasty up there...

Bogbrush 12.01.17 8:17am
RMT merges with ASLEF to become AOS (Always On Strike)

Stranded commuters left pining for the days of the NUR (No Use Rushing)...

farmer giles 12.01.17 8:01am
farmer giles
US forecast: Pee-showers followed by shit-storm over Russia 0
Bogbrush 12.01.17 8:00am
FIFA gives up manipulating World Cup rules to help Scotland

The Fédération Internationale de Football Associations today announced a moratorium on its efforts to help Scotland qualify for the World Cup finals. "We really thought this latest tweak might do...

YaBasta 12.01.17 7:53am
Midfield Diamond
Fraud probe at Dignitas focuses on money spent on "Customer Complaints Dept" 0
sydalg 12.01.17 3:58am
Victor Lownes' body to be stuffed into a hedge 0
cinquecento 12.01.17 12:48am
Trump agrees to keep family small-talk to 'just international secrets '

As part of his 'due diligence' President Elect Donald Trump has agreed to vest his business interests into a blind, independent trust comprised of both of his sons. 'They're kids, I'm lucky if they...

throngsman 11.01.17 10:00pm
Tired of 'sick and phoney' news sites? Write for Newsbiscuit instead. 0
chrisf 11.01.17 9:52pm
Met Office weather warnings upgraded to "It's Winter. What did you expect?" 0
dominic_mcg 11.01.17 9:25pm
Trump brands compromising material story a fake. Or does he? More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.01.17 9:15pm
Meryl Streep apologises - admits it was 'just locker room banter' 0
Smart Alex 11.01.17 8:14pm
Smart Alex
La.La Land to get bye into expanded FIFA World Cup

More soon....

Not Amused 11.01.17 7:46pm
Trump 'really pissed off' at latest allegations

Donald Trump and his supporters have expressed their outrage at allegations that the president-elect used to pay prostitutes to urinate on him in a hotel suite in Moscow where the Obamas hade stayed...

Oxbridge 11.01.17 6:28pm
Latest Trump product - wipe-clean bedsheets for the hotel trade 0
YaBasta 11.01.17 6:08pm
Anti-woman Rosen tweet storm

Michael Rosen latest satire revealed to be recycled Nazi propaganda. More soon...

Amasulem 11.01.17 4:46pm
Identical twin socks to be reunited on Long Lost Family tearjerker.

Identical twin socks to be reunited on Long Lost Family tearjerker...

Barry Van Hire 11.01.17 2:40pm
Barry Van Hire
Moscow Ritz-Carlton video shows textbook hotel evacuation procedure 0
chrisf 11.01.17 2:09pm
Gardening News: Golden Showers, climbing rose, Flowers very freely, fragrant…

Almost thornless!...

Loundshay 11.01.17 12:23pm
RAC advise drivers to 'avoid having accidents' in bad weather

With the country braced for several millimetres of snow spread across swathes of land the RAC has issued critical advice for drivers. 'Makeup sure it's your car you are driving,' said Tom Bestow, RAC...

throngsman 11.01.17 12:05pm