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Norwegian committee announce new award - Nobel Prize for Corruption 1
Max Stars 4 days

S. Blatter is the sole nominee...

Talking fish asks "Am I my brother's kipper?" 2
sydalg 4 days
Cameron proud the UK spent 13 times more to bomb Libya than to rebuild it. 5
Dun Dunkin 4 days

In Syria he wants to do more 'good'...

Putin suggests Blatter for Nobel Prize. Satan puts forward Sauron for accolade. 0
GagReflex 4 days
Mirren “bored” by “fascination” with looks. British public fascinated by board. 0
GagReflex 4 days
Cosby plea to judge: “Can’t we mull this case over a drink?” 0
GagReflex 4 days
Sewel responds to Sun allegations with contemptuous snort 3
sydalg 4 days
Dyslexic meteorologists hoping for a better spell of wevver 0
Smart Alex 4 days
Sewel stars with Bowie/Caitlyn in Vogue "gender agenda" cover story 0
Wrexfan 4 days
Turkish buffer to be replaced by turkey buffet 2
Wrenfoe 4 days

Having been criticised with their indiscriminate bombing of Kurdish forces, the Turkish military is to redirect their efforts against IS with a 'devastatingly unpleasant' all-you-can-eat offer....

Lords to be downsized. About 34B. 0
beckfordburger 4 days
Druglord reveals prison escape was because he 'was missing wheatgrass smoothies' 1
Alexispn 4 days

In a surprise statement, Mexican druglord Joaquín Guzman today revealed that his recent escape from Altiplano prison was primarily motivated by the the maximum security institution's failure to...

Playdough clean-up enters third week 4
jp1885 4 days

A team of experts and volunteers at 79 Chillworth Road, Tavistock, are still struggling to cope with a major environmental clean-up, three weeks after a group of children were allowed to play...

Blatter: I'd feel safer if Putin was in charge of NATO 0
tomholder 4 days
Lord Sewel deeply embarrassed about mismatched bra and pants. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 4 days
Cameron Castigates Pervy Peer 1
The Saint 4 days

"Cheap, tawdry and quite frankly a disgrace.", That was the how David Cameron described the revelation that Lord John Buttifant Sewel had been caught in ladies underwear snorting cocaine from the...

Undercover Policing report to be delivered in plain brown envelope. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 4 days
Lord Sewel affair: Welcome return of wholesome establishment scandal says public 11
S J Roe 4 days

The scandal surrounding Lord Sewel is, according to the British public, a heartwarming return to the traditional values of scandals that rocked the establishment in the past., Lord Sewel, who has...

Sewel's life was dual till Sun knew all and he blew all 0
maxey 4 days
Funeral Directors' scoops list of Top 5 places you must go before you're buried 0
ronseal 4 days
Nostalgia miners open a new seam of Hancock, despite protests 0
ronseal 4 days
Lord Sewell appointed Chair of Misconduct Committee. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 4 days
Dolphin Square- the gift that just keeps giving 0
Dun Dunkin 4 days
Seagull unhappy with ‘substandard french fries’ 0
farmer giles 5 days

“Ok, I will waive the bill” said restaurant owner Mr Pelican...

Fake labour voters two and a half months too late 0
Basil_B 5 days
Lord Sewel appointed new Mayor of Toronto, Detroit & Vancouver 0
farmer giles 5 days
Sun journalists accuse Lord Sewel of behaving like Sun journalists 0
Idiot 5 days
Sex and drugs peer slammed for omitting rock ‘n roll 1
CulchaVulcha 5 days

Lord Sewell has been accused of bringing the House of Lords into disrepute for not combining rock n roll with his sex and drugs combo in the traditional way. ‘Screaming’ Lord Smythe said it...

Prostitute admits snorting cocaine from the end of the peer. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 5 days
Hulk Hogan to fight Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed 0
Makkers1 5 days

It's just for charity. Honest...