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Brits Beheading Yanks In Middle East 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days

"If all the Brits went home we would have peace" said one local...

Ladies shoes accidentally delivered to Iraqi militants after drone mix-up 0
Underconstruction 2 days
Greggs marketing plan accidentally put onto logo 0
Underconstruction 2 days

Crisps and a drink to follow...

Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee to pursue 'solo careers' 2
Wrenfoe 2 days

In news that will devastate investment bankers and teenage girls in equal measure, the MPC have announced they plan to split over interest rate rises and to take time out to pursue 'personal...

Cliff abuse claims a 'Surprise Surprise' to Cilla 0
cinnahmon 2 days

Scouse songstress Cilla Black calmed the fears of legions of Cliff Richard fans today when she reported that she was 'absolutely positive' that the claims against her good friend were 'without...

Government announces family friendly massive train fare increases. 3
Tammy Flugh 2 days

In a statement from wherever he is on holiday this week, Cameron said that his family liked them. "We never travel by train", he added...

Power companies reduces global warming by shutting down all power generation 1
NewBiscuit 2 days

EDF has announced that the temporary closure of power stations in the UK has been made permanent, in order to contribute towards energy-saving goals., Latest research by the IPCC has identified a...

Come Dine With Me voiceover to 'I Have a Dream' speech 'may have been a mistake' 0
Oxbridge 2 days

US Civil Rights leaders have admitted that, in retrospect, they should probably not have invited comedy actor Dave Lamb to supply a camp and sarcastic commentary during Dr Martin Luther King's 1963...

Israel sends 'peacekeepers' to Ferguson, Missouri 0
Wrenfoe 2 days

After decades of military support from the US, the Israeli Government has said it is now their turn to reciprocate; by bringing 'peace, prosperity and a lot of rocket fire' to the residents of...

Vulgaria shocked at Child Catcher abuse allegations 3
Adrian Bamforth 2 days

Since the sudden death last week of Vulgaria's The Child Catcher (real name Charles Catcher OVE), national mourning has turned to disbelief as newspapers have been inundated with revelations of...

Dating Website Has Good Offer 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days

"If the wife escapes within 2 months we have to find a new one" [true story]...

Mr. Bean visits China 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days

"This is a nice place with a good system of government"...

"Slappin Yo Bitch About" to become "Crime" 1
Dun Dunkin 2 days

"Outrage innit"...

Cow fed on ecstasy produces delicious e-bone steaks 0
sydalg 2 days
First Minister of Scotland pens new National Anthem: ‘Salmond-chanted evening’ 2
beckfordburger 3 days
Ed Miliband still trying to work out if he can safely oppose rises in rail fares 0
deskpilot3 3 days

More eventually...

Everyone Hates You, says new survey by The Office Gossip 3
ronseal 3 days

A new survey by The Office Gossip, in conjunction with the Sidekick and verified by The Enabler, has found strong evidence that everyone hates you. The survey findings will make sobering reading for...

IPCC admit energy saving devices 'responsible for global warming' 0
throngsman 3 days

The president of the IPCC, the organisation responsible for sticking the blame on people for causing global warming, has admitted that scientists reviewing energy trend data have surmised that the...

Hamas tender for HS2 Tunnelling Contract 0
MrPhill 3 days
Lisping KFC worker quits with a thigh of resignation 0
sydalg 3 days
Prison Radio quality significantly improved over last year announce MoJ 0
Ref Minor 3 days
All UK military intervention abroad to be subject to 'Friends and Family' test 5
RobArmstrong 3 days

The MOD announced today that all overseas operations would in future be subject to a retrospective 'Friends and Family' test for those involved to allow for 'proper future planning of military...

British soldiers put on trial for not killing enough Iraqi militants 0
Bigglesworth 3 days
156 people inhumanly crushed into metal container. 0
irreverendJ 3 days

the 7.30am Crewe to Manchester express departs from platform 3...

Tony Blair books executive suite at Ecuadorean Embassy 0
sydalg 3 days
Friends Describe Woman's Tarty Dress As 'Whoresome'. 0
Titus 3 days

More puns expected...

Waiters' wages reach tipping point. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 3 days
Assange's stunt turns out to be a type after all 0
irreverendJ 3 days
UK Red Tape Challenge result:- repeal the Laws of physics 0
rogerg 3 days

The aim of the challenge was to find stupid and unnecessary rules and regulations limiting the growth of the UK economy, such as allowing vehicle engines to work at 110% just like their drivers. In...

UKIP propose residency test questions to be taken from University Challenge 3
harrypalmer 3 days

UKIP have unveiled a manifesto pledge to make the UK residency test more stringent for those looking to gain British citizenship. Under the UKIP proposal questions for the test will be lifted...