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Tiger Woods to play left handed at Masters.

Tiger Woods has agreed to play the first and last hole of each round at this year’s Masters left handed., “I hope this gesture will once and for all bring to an end the unnecessary and...

no really its true 05.04.10 12:29am
no really its true
S African leader praised for 'convincing' denouncement of Terreblanche killing 2
rickwestwell 04.04.10 11:56pm
Archbishop of Canterbury apologises for telling the truth. 0
Stan 04.04.10 10:38pm
Tony Blair abandons Easter egg hunt following arrival of Hans Blix 4
Ludicity 04.04.10 10:31pm
Bob the Builder sacked as middleclass parents demand aspirational kids' TV stars

Bob the Builder was the highest profile casualty as children’s TV channel Cbeebies responded to the demands of its aggressively guilt-ridden parent viewers to ditch the glamorisation of working- to...

nealdoran 04.04.10 10:07pm
The All New Jeni B
Diary belonging to George Mallory is found confirming he did make it up Everest

A diary belonging to the late Mountaineer George Mallory chronicling his attempt at climbing Mount Everest in 1924 has been found near his body on the side of the Mountain which prooves that he did...

Basil_B 04.04.10 9:19pm
Terreblanche delighted to have his opinion of blacks confirmed. 2
the coarse whisperer 04.04.10 8:56pm
The All New Jeni B
Big Issue to save on distribution costs by going online 0
Oxbridge 04.04.10 8:43pm
National Rail Strike Collapses Due To Wrong Type Of Pickets

The First National Rail strike for 15 years was in disarray last night after what were described as the "wrong type of pickets" lead to the delays and cancellations of planned protests across the...

RichT 04.04.10 6:53pm
Assistants' strike grounds Tardis again. 0
the coarse whisperer 04.04.10 6:27pm
the coarse whisperer
Tardis grounded after stationery mistake

The time-travelling do-gooder known as the Doctor has revealed a simple mistake in his regular stationery order has led to him being temporarily grounded. His machine, The Tardis, cannot move from...

Mrblacker 04.04.10 5:54pm
Leeds and Galatasaray fans unite behind Ken Bates death campaign 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.10 4:35pm
Duncan Biscuit
Parking row finally convinces Alex Reid his front and rear sensors need testing 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.10 4:34pm
Duncan Biscuit
Ofsted investigates claim Manchester kids get extra couple of minutes for tests 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.10 4:33pm
Duncan Biscuit
Isle of Wight residents say 500 homes without power is not news 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.10 4:31pm
Duncan Biscuit
BNP infiltration suspected as charity warns of threat to native UK mammals 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.10 4:31pm
Duncan Biscuit
B & B accused of bigotry after turning away a man with a sheep.

The furore over the rights of b&bs to turn away people they feel shouldn't be allowed to stay in their homes shows no sign of abating.One Thursday it was revealed that a Welsh man turned up to...

twookey 04.04.10 3:51pm
Piers Morgan reveals the lighter side of Osama Bin Laden

“He’s a really nice guy, has a pet rabbit called Dubya and his favourite explosive is semtex” is how Piers Morgan describes terrorist leader Osama Bin laden in advance of next Saturday’s...

antharrison 04.04.10 2:19pm
Government denies being out of touch over drugs after ban on hashtags 1
exigo 04.04.10 2:18pm
Next UK Nuclear plant to be built "far away from where decision is made"

Go West later...

virtuallywill 04.04.10 12:17pm
Legal high to be banned

virtuallywill 04.04.10 12:16pm
Gay row Tory claims "right to bar gays" was a spoonerism 1
MrChigleysAunt 04.04.10 11:08am
Schumacher to resign from F1 after clocking 31 in a 30 zone.

Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher has announced his decision to step down from the sport after what he describes as a clear breach of the [i]Strassenverkehrsordnung[/i]. Schumi, had been...

Gary Stanton 04.04.10 10:51am
Gary Stanton
Buggered choirboys "worse than Hitler" new claim from Pope's preacher 0
rickwestwell 04.04.10 9:58am
'Gene Hunt' now official rhyming slang for David Cameron 1
Ludicity 04.04.10 9:43am
Tory couple turned away from B&B 0
Ludicity 04.04.10 9:41am
Austrian alpinists adopt 'terreblanche' as a neat new portmanteau word

It will be handy in winter to express a terrible avalanche, a white-out...

MrChigleysAunt 04.04.10 8:18am
Nick Griffin gives his cleaner massive pay rise 0
Ludicity 04.04.10 8:09am
Humpty Dumpty Attacked by Gangs Of Kids On Easter Morning

All the King's horses and all the King's men tried to put Humpty Dumpty together again but there was all this cool chocolate stuff that came out of him lying all around...

04.04.10 7:21am
Americans Should Check Out THIS Guy's Birth Certificate!

There is a man whose birth certificate should be given a lot of scrutiny. No, he is not Obama. This guy is whiter than Wonder Bread. He has done more to influence American policy in the last 10 years...

04.04.10 7:00am