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Alistair Darling cancels Bank Holiday for bank workers. 1
Stan 24.03.10 9:20am
'Man flu is no myth' say scientists unable to come in today 0
Ludicity 24.03.10 9:02am
Staffordshire Hoard to remain in the Midlands after save the day

Campaigners are celebrating today after it was announced that the Staffordshire Hoard is to remain in the West Midlands. The target of £3.3m was reached after an eagle-eyed campaigner spotted a TV...

Mr Glover Lover 24.03.10 8:54am
Mr Glover Lover
Kim Jong Seriously Il 0
Ludicity 24.03.10 8:51am
Expelled Mossad agent asked to visit Stephen Byers before leaving 0
Ludicity 24.03.10 8:43am
Darling performs budget speech in Somali pirate voice to make it more realistic 0
Stan 24.03.10 8:08am
BBC revives "A round with Alliss" format

With "A line with Winehouse"...

antharrison 23.03.10 11:18pm
80s revival leaves 38-year old man depressed, single and still spotty. 7
nealdoran 23.03.10 10:53pm
BA strike brings travel chaos…. some wealthy foreigners and business class travellers from FTSE100 companies. With blanket press coverage bordering on hysteria it has emerged that no British holiday makers have been affected...

MADJEZ 23.03.10 9:56pm
pagan witch
National Dyslexia Association claims copyright on DNA 5
curry muncher 23.03.10 9:44pm
The All New Jeni B
Ambulance called as wood cutters cut "more wood" than expected at Dogging site 0
thackaray 23.03.10 9:15pm
Toothpaste spillage on Sunset Strip removes Hollywood stars' plaques 0
thackaray 23.03.10 9:02pm
Google lifts restrictions in China: AsianBabes gets 650million hits on day one. 0
VictorMeldrew 23.03.10 8:34pm
Liverpool street trader killed after release of new t-shirt design

brownpaperreporter 23.03.10 8:15pm
Government outraged: Isle of Wight policeman forged British ration coupons 0
antharrison 23.03.10 7:28pm
Gay scandal as Red Arrows Collide During Greek Training . 1
MADJEZ 23.03.10 7:18pm
edward hack
Premiership accused of favouritism as all Wolves' games deemed "six pointers". 1
dominic_mcg 23.03.10 7:16pm
edward hack
No release for Yorkshire Kipper

In an unprecedented attempt to be granted early release from prison following 20 life sentences for the murder of 13 women, Peter Sutcliffe AKA 'The Yorkshire Kipper' is believed to have applied for...

edward hack 23.03.10 7:00pm
edward hack
James Last's last supper - album out now 0
PluckyMunky 23.03.10 6:50pm
'Jamie's Last Suppers' part of new Channel 4 schedule 0
chrissles65 23.03.10 6:43pm
UN to ban Japan and Norway from whaling with dogs. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 23.03.10 6:17pm
Des Custard
Opera houses close after inherent crapness of opera strikes home

The English National Opera and its counterparts in great cities across the world will all shut their doors for the last time over the course of the next six months. According to industry insiders,...

Oxbridge 23.03.10 6:13pm
Disability Rights bill forces Little Chef to launch Paralympic Breakfast 1
Mr Glover Lover 23.03.10 5:16pm
Fury At Treasury Plans For Windfall Tax On Déjà Vu

Consumer groups have reacted furiously to a leaked Treasury email confirming that a windfall tax on déjà vu will be announced in this week’s budget. The move would allow Alistair Darling to cream...

K D Adamson 23.03.10 5:16pm
Darwin claims Mephedrone deaths proof of natural selection. 0
MADJEZ 23.03.10 4:54pm
Ban on mephadrone will affect next year's cannabis harvest, say experts. 0
dominic_mcg 23.03.10 4:48pm
Substitution provokes existential crisis for footballer

“I question the very foundations of my life: whether it has any meaning, purpose or value”...

curry muncher 23.03.10 4:21pm
curry muncher
As health campaigners spray dog faeces pink, sales of Angel Delight plummet. 1
dominic_mcg 23.03.10 4:19pm
Alistair Darling to target new parents in budget just to annoy David Cameron. 0
dominic_mcg 23.03.10 4:09pm
Expelled Israeli diplomat allowed to stay in UK after producing her UK passport. 0
dominic_mcg 23.03.10 4:06pm