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Japanese fisherman having a whale of a time. 1
dominic_mcg 03.03.10 12:51pm
Siamese twins joined at the eyelash are successfully separated. 0
dominic_mcg 03.03.10 12:46pm
Burglar fools police by not leaving nose prints at scene of crime. 0
dominic_mcg 03.03.10 12:40pm
Reforming Social Care the Conservative way

Lord Tebbit to launch the Tory Social Care policy with a ceremonial public twatting of a small mentally disabled child. More soon...

simonjmr 03.03.10 12:29pm
"A Breathable gusset" is the no 1 must have for male sutors in old folks home 0
simonjmr 03.03.10 12:26pm
Islam and Judaism sue Vatican over breach of religious patents 0
simonjmr 03.03.10 12:21pm
Smug bastard from Credit Expert ads has his house repossessed. 0
MADJEZ 03.03.10 10:56am
'Jordan to operate Swingometer on election night' says BBC 0
Ostsee 03.03.10 9:44am
BBC interviewers 'orgasmic' at grilling their bosses

BBC presenters were today reported to be in a 'sexual frenzy' at the chance to repeatedly interrogate their bosses. The closure of two radio stations listened to by absolutely no-one would otherwise...

ED209 03.03.10 9:41am
Peter Sutcliffe vows to cut BBC employees in half if released

More Soon....

Rizzo 03.03.10 9:41am
Campaign launched to save BBC Home Service 1
Ludicity 03.03.10 9:36am
Lady Gaga launches safe sex campaign.

Says [quote]Dress like me and you can guarantee no-one will want to have sex with you[/quote]....

MADJEZ 03.03.10 8:59am
BBC announces swingeing cuts to Moyles’ canteen allowance.

The BBC announced yesterday that they will make huge savings by slashing the number of buns that DJ, Chris Moyles, is allowed to push inside his face. The corpulent radio announcer turned TV...

Gary Stanton 03.03.10 8:58am
Gary Stanton
Jacob Zuma looks forward to meeting new wife 0
Ludicity 03.03.10 8:52am
Britain evolving to point where PM is below the age of criminal responsibility

As Prime Ministers get younger, Britain could soon enjoy the beneifts of having a leader below the age of criminal responsibilty, according to the electoral commission. "Next time we get into an...

ronseal 03.03.10 8:31am
Paisley to resign as MP, convert to Catholicism

Following in the footsteps of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Ian Paisley, former First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly and current MP, is expected to announce that, having decided to...

Leclair 03.03.10 4:59am
Freak weather here to stay!

Following a Winter of snow and ice, the freak weather is set to continue this Spring, with milder and sunnier conditions forecast for March...

AdrianJ 03.03.10 1:04am
The Falklands are an integral part of England.

Just like Gibraltar, the Channel Islands, Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. (In that order.) Please excuse our bitter old dyke Secretary of State for sucking up to the Argentino-wogs for some reason...

rikkor 03.03.10 12:32am
Lord Ashcroft to appear on The Secret Millionaire

In the show, the millionaire benefactor visits an ailing political party and restores its fortunes by pumping in millions of pounds. "He was amazing" said Dave, a community worker, "he turned up,...

Ludicity 02.03.10 9:51pm
GM potato recalled 0
Duncan Biscuit 02.03.10 8:59pm
Duncan Biscuit
Paisley says decision to stand down is a case of now or never, never, never 0
Duncan Biscuit 02.03.10 8:58pm
Duncan Biscuit
Paisley ‘unlikely to go quietly’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 02.03.10 8:57pm
Duncan Biscuit
Five to show debate between leaders’ wives after agreement on mud and bikinis 0
Duncan Biscuit 02.03.10 8:57pm
Duncan Biscuit
Channel Dave to show debate between Thatcher, Ashdown and Kinnock

more soon again and again and again...

Duncan Biscuit 02.03.10 8:55pm
Duncan Biscuit
Embarrassed weathermen admit projections based on church fundraising thermometer

Shame-faced Met Office officials have today admitted that their global warming predictions are in tatters due to their reliance on data gathered from a fund-raising ‘thermometer’ outside a church...

ianslat 02.03.10 8:53pm
Cameron, Brown & Clegg invited to mass debate live on TV 1
malgor 02.03.10 8:04pm
Man eats entire naan bread in Indian restaurant 0
jp1885 02.03.10 7:39pm
UK Party leaders agree terms for new daytime TV "property renovation" show 0
thackaray 02.03.10 7:37pm
"It's better than being a Femi-dom" Lord Ashcroft maintains 0
Scroat 02.03.10 6:08pm
Shock as web agency guru's speech on Engaging Content turns out not to be

'So boring I wanted to pull out my own teeth', 'zombie-fying' and 'worse than waterboarding' were just some of the comments used to describe a presentation by Dave Springer, creative guru of Digital...

ronseal 02.03.10 5:58pm