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Update - Poggles Wood under threat from proposed plans for new Chigley By-Pass

Planners at Trumpton Town Hall have stood by the plan, although it is one of several controversial decisions they have made recently. The first was the closure of Trumpton Fire Station and the...

Ian Searle 09.03.10 6:49am
edward hack
Brown silences Tories with his "2nd most popular PM of the century" claim. 5
dominic_mcg 08.03.10 11:15pm
British version of "The Hurt Locker" loses out at The Oscars

virtuallywill 08.03.10 9:41pm
lord ashcroft keen to join labour party 0
PluckyMunky 08.03.10 9:15pm
Gordon Brown writes commendation to Olympic Gold winner Andy Williams

The Prime Minister today wrote a letter of commendation to The Olympic Gold medallist and, to her partner Bob Skelton., His letter praised their commitment to excellence and held the performance of...

virtuallywill 08.03.10 9:14pm
19 yr old serving with forces in Helmand expresses sympathy with politician

tears later...

virtuallywill 08.03.10 8:51pm
Doctor Who goes on tour of the UK The new Doctor Who will be introduced to fans across the UK later this month as a...

virtuallywill 08.03.10 8:50pm
Glasgow Herald: Police appeal for witnesses as Alzheimers Bungee Jump fund raise

Glasgow Herald: Police appeal for witnesses as Alzheimers Bungee Jump fund raisers goes tragically wrong, Daily Mail: Outrage as assylum seekers get apartment on 15th floor, Daily Express: Outrage...

edward hack 08.03.10 8:40pm
CERN faces closure after Higgs Boson trapped in jam jar by child aged six

Henry Brown, a six year old primary school pupil from Devon is the toast of his school after trapping an elusive Higgs Boson in a jam jar during morning playtime today; a feat which also led to him...

antharrison 08.03.10 8:31pm
Twitter issues service outage message via Facebook. 0
antharrison 08.03.10 7:06pm
Productivity rockets as civil service strike takes effect. 0
antharrison 08.03.10 7:05pm
'Napoleon was gay' claim after lock of hair found in Sidney 0
antharrison 08.03.10 7:02pm
Man admits rice in pudding plot 0
Grunties 08.03.10 6:25pm
Foot goes to sleep

more later...

virtuallywill 08.03.10 6:16pm
Stirling Moss asks, 'Can I give anyone a lift?'

Another lovely sunny day today. Our local weather girl is expecting clear blue skies tonight. I don't know what she's on...

ramblesid 08.03.10 5:35pm
edward hack
Details of post deal delivered by private contractor. More soon 0
Mrblacker 08.03.10 5:33pm
Sterling Moss going for gold in lift shaft speed plunge event

Technique needs some work before 2012....

malgor 08.03.10 5:18pm
Al Qaeda tourists operating at a camp site near you.

Hitler had his spyclists and now it seems that Osama bin Laden has been training Al Qaeda operatives to take caravanning holidays in the UK in readiness for invasion. So claims the former head of MI5...

dominic_mcg 08.03.10 5:00pm
Sterling Moss falls down lift shaft with 0-60 mph in 1.5 secs 1
thackaray 08.03.10 4:57pm
Mossad deny Venables identity theft 0
roybland 08.03.10 2:02pm
UK "not worth apocalypse" claim Four Horsemen

The long anticipated apocalypse has been deferred according to a new report issued by The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their key assessment was concluded on the basis of a comprehensive...

Alex London 08.03.10 1:19pm
Voters unsure which bunch of crooks less morally bankrupt

Research published today outlined a major issue facing all political parties in the UK- voters seem unclear as to which party is the least crooked and duplicitous. Fresh from the row over expenses...

John Square 08.03.10 12:58pm
edward hack
GB Olympic commuting team running to timetable for London 2012 gold.

It is 7.25am on a bleak pre spring morning. A man wearing the unlikely combination of jogging gear and a bowler hat, breathlessly crosses the invisible line that marks the boundary between London...

Stan 08.03.10 12:37pm
The Prisoner

We want infomation.infomationinfomation, Who are you?, The new number 3,and Ive done a number 2., Who is number 1?, I dont no,but you are number 6,and I need bog paper urgently., I AM NOT A...

mr buttocks 08.03.10 11:44am
mr buttocks
Snatch: 'The clue's in the name' says Land Rover spokesman

Now owned by Indian corporate Twata...

Scroat 08.03.10 11:28am
England’s Ashes hopes dashed by MCC sex scandal (NEAT O)

One down in the series, England needed to win the final test match at Lords to retain the Ashes. But now a sex scandal has hit the otherwise straight-laced world of test cricket, and the match has...

Scroat 08.03.10 11:18am
Flytipper leaves policy at Tory HQ

David Cameron was 'reeling in shock' at the discovery of a policy dumped at Tory HQ overnight. The health reform proposal was left at Conservative central office, and CCTV shows a man in a dirty...

ED209 08.03.10 10:58am
Rumble in the Jungle - Nigeria latest

'Too close to call' said God from his heavenly ringside seat 'the Christians had the edge in Round One with around 300 dead but the Muslims have hit back strongly with 500 this month, mainly women...

edward hack 08.03.10 10:54am
Labour Election plans "hit by theft"

Staff arriving at the Labour main offices this morning were shocked to find a door forced and computer equipment stolen. Senior Labour election planners have described the theft of a laptop...

John Square 08.03.10 10:47am
John Square
Sting remains 'defiant' at trial

The ex-Police frontman maintained that his music was 'holy and inspiring“ as he began his defence at the Hague yesterday., Sting, who has inflicted a variety of crappy albums on the public...

tommyenglander 08.03.10 10:35am