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Jeremy Kyle fails to sort out Henry VIII’s love life 3
Oxbridge 2 days

TV host Jeremy Kyle has admitted defeat in his bold attempt to distract Tudor monarch Henry VIII from his bid to divorce his middle-aged wife and overthrow the authority of the Papacy. The episode,...

EU sends boat migrants to try bailing out sunken Greek economy. 0
Crayon 2 days
Copyright lawyer claims new Tango ad is ‘intellectualised Kanye West material’ 0
beckfordburger 2 days
Chris Evans announced as new co-host of Top Gear 3
StanleyMizaru 2 days

The BBC has named Chris Evans as the new co-host of Top Gear when it returns with new host Chris Evans. The announcement was made on the BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning. Chris...

Product without Minion branding discovered in Arbroath 0
apepper 2 days

Advertising executives are at a loss to explain the discovery of a box of fire-lighters in a Arbroathian corner shop that has no mention of Minions. "I suppose the fact it was manufactured in 1952...

Lord Janner to be tried using Mediterranean Migrant boats 2
Mandy Lifeboat 2 days

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) today unveiled fresh plans to try Lord Janner in connection with alleged historical child abuse. Previously, Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, had...

Greville Janner postpones miraculous recovery from dementia 0
beckfordburger 2 days
Andy Burnham admits wearing a cat on his head 0
Wrexfan 2 days

Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham has admitted he wears a black cat on his head., But the MP strongly denies the pussy pate is a sign of vanity designed to hide his increasingly greying...

Migrant boats and Greece team up to ask EU "What is your problem with bailouts?" 0
StanleyMizaru 3 days
Jean Claude Juncker to Alexis Tsipras: "I am your father." 0
Albert Moon 3 days
Greek PM seeks bail out to pay for bail out referendum 0
Max Stars 3 days
Gays outraged at exclusion from 'BLT' named Pret A Manger sandwich 8
Vespus 3 days
Thefts of Biros from Greek banks hit all-time low… 0
Nomad 3 days
Dalai Lama explains Glastonbury trip: 'Well, you only live once'. 5
Adrian Bamforth 3 days
80% of Pride March 'just trying to get to Stockwell' 1
Adrian Bamforth 3 days
Belgium reminds Germany that it is nowhere near Greece 0
Albert Moon 3 days

Increasingly nervous Belgian officials took to the airwaves last night to point out that their country lies on the opposite side of Germany than Greece. "Departing from Germany, it is neither...

American Divorce lawyers celebrate new stream of income 0
wwwiz 3 days

Uptick in divorce filings expected within 12 months...

Gospel Singer Seeks Agent For New Career When He Leaves The White House 0
Titus 3 days
Wikileaks exposes the reason for Belgium. Greece still a complete mystery 1
Griffin 3 days
SpaceX explosion blamed on diesel put in instead of petrol 0
Basil_B 3 days

We've all been there...

Lacklustre Druid watched longest day on catch-up after sleeping in 0
Underconstruction 3 days
Dalai Lama "just wanted to see Kanye" 1
andyiong 3 days
Mud to reform for next Glastonbury, in case it doesn’t rain 0
farmer giles 3 days

Liam Howlett will ‘Prodigy-ise’ number one smash hit Tiger Feet as part of build up. “Tiger Feet has always been a personal favourite of mine and paved the way for electro-Punks like...

Man jumped on woman who has a face like the back of a bus 0
Underconstruction 3 days

A 37 year old man from East Croydon has been cleared of assaulting a woman who has a face like the back of a bus. Daniel Hughes, a call centre operative was running late for work, when morbidly obese...

Greek dancers to be careful with plates following new austerity measure 0
Underconstruction 3 days

The latest in a series of austerity measures passed by the Greek Parliament, has seen the introduction of laws which forbid dancers from breaking plates during traditional performances., Prime...

BBC Online denies giving up on news to just promote BBC shows 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Kanye West to play summer season in Bridlington 4
Wrexfan 3 days

Following the success of his performance at Glastonbury, Kanye West has agreed to play summer season in Bridlington., The audacious booking was secured by showbiz entrepreneur and holiday camp owner...

Vladimir Putin NOW dons gorilla suit to get Japanese women onside 0
S J Roe 4 days

Russian president Vladimir Putin has now taken to wearing a gorilla suit and has broken into a Japanese zoo in order to win over the hearts of Japanese females. Not content with Russian women coo-ing...

'Facebook set to replace faces and books' warns illiterate sociopath. 0
Crayon 4 days
Tunisian hoteliers upset at 'harsh' TripAdvisor reviews 0
throngsman 4 days