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Tories plan to privatise Democracy

A leaked memo today revealed that leading Tories have been in secret talks with British and Overseas profit makers to scrap the present parliamentary system and hand it over to the private sector....

tonymc81 21.02.18 9:38pm
Standards Officer
Met admits planning KFC shortage in attempt to tackle knife-crime at source 0
beckfordburger 21.02.18 9:21pm
As KFC runs out of chicken, the Queen proclaims: "Let them eat cack." 0
silly billy scotland 21.02.18 8:40pm
silly billy scotland
Taylor Swift tries to copyright Olympic anthem, Skaters Gonna Skate. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 21.02.18 8:39pm
Brexit plan involves knocking on EU doors and running away, says May. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 21.02.18 8:20pm
John Prescott accused of being Czech pie master

More to follow...

apepper 21.02.18 7:32pm
UN calls on Gallagher brothers to set example to Syria 0
DavidH 21.02.18 7:24pm
Large Hadron Collider discovers building-blocks of UKIP 0
DavidH 21.02.18 7:23pm
Government Concern Over Young British Men Travelling Abroad To Join OXFAM 5
Titus 21.02.18 7:18pm
silly billy scotland
DIY tool gets five-star review

A double-pinion hand drill was given a glowing five-star review on Amazon today. Tessa Boulton, 16, of West Bromwich proudly spent £9.99 from her first pay packet on a drill for her dad, who was...

Arthur 21.02.18 6:38pm
Billy Graham to take on the Rev Ian Paisley in afterlife philosophical debate

Reports from the 'other side', being channelled through psychics and mediums, say that billboards have already been going up all over Heaven following the death of American evangelist Billy Graham...

Chipchase 21.02.18 6:32pm
Scottish hairdresser wins curling championship 0
The NB Sports Desk 21.02.18 6:01pm
The NB Sports Desk
Corbyn….Jeremy Corbyn, denies being Spy

Jeremy Corbyn today angrily denied ever being a spy, before taking out his ballpoint pen and shooting the journalist who asked the question. Cornered in a swanky London bar, Corbyn…Jeremy Corbyn,...

daneade 21.02.18 4:42pm
MPs to stop funding abuse - unless it's their own

The Government is to take a strong line in withdrawing funding from any institution harbouring sexual predators, unless of course its a Premiership football team, a Weinstein production or the...

Wrenfoe 21.02.18 3:43pm
1950s Savings Club membership leads to more espionage allegations for Corbyn

Hot on the heels of recent Czech spying allegations, further claims have surfaced that Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was once a contributing member to a Shropshire savings club that was run by a...

Chipchase 21.02.18 3:19pm
Naked fries 'essentially chips' admits cafe owner

The naked fries listed on the food board at £7.25 for a small container are, when it boils down to it, effectively chips, the manager at a hipster food outlet begrudgingly admitted today. The news...

chrisf 21.02.18 1:00pm
Rootin Tootin
Back up Your brain but not now! - 23678

Scientists who are intellectually challenged, announced an important step forward today, this being that in 2 decades from now, when the vast majority of us, will be in wooden overcoats, we will be...

Kazytc 21.02.18 12:40pm
Aldi latest: Kevin the Carrot admitted to rehab clinic 0
Teffort 21.02.18 12:28pm
Dislexic Poof Reader Finds Himself Under The Gays Of The PC Lobby 0
Titus 21.02.18 10:50am
Decent painting discovered under a Picasso. More soon. 7
dominic_mcg 21.02.18 10:29am
Mad Max assures desert dwellers distopian future will not turn out like Brexit 1
Adrian Bamforth 21.02.18 10:11am
‘Paper cups and plastic floor coverings’ - Chequers prepares for Brexit Awayday

‘It could be spilt wine, it could be spilt blood, it could be much worse,’ explains Patricia Smythe who runs household affairs at Chequers, the PM’s official residence in the country. ...

nickb 21.02.18 10:04am
Winter Olympics: Hairdressers Disappointed with Big Air Snowboarding Competition 0
Paul L 21.02.18 9:48am
Paul L
Landmark ruling finally permits beggars the right to choose.

The European Court of Human Rights has today overturned a centuries old law banning beggars the choice. The ancient law was slated by campaigners as cruel and outdated for disallowing vagabonds,...

AmoebaReeba 21.02.18 9:42am
Staff cuts at sperm bank see donations dry up 0
cinquecento 21.02.18 9:03am
Charities warn hundreds of jobs at risk as donations fall 0
Bigglesworth 21.02.18 8:32am
'They locked me up in a cage and called me b*tch' says RSPCA abuse survivor 0
Bigglesworth 21.02.18 8:30am
Britain Gets Gold In The Individual Falling-Over 0
Titus 21.02.18 8:23am
Kentucky Fried. 1
ron cawleyoni 21.02.18 8:20am
Trumps ban on modified guns to face backlash from 'Johnny Seven' owners. 0
ron cawleyoni 21.02.18 8:20am
ron cawleyoni