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Pop-up Acne Clinic to offer "on the spot" advice. More soon. 3
Al OPecia 1 day
Pigs seen flying over West Bromwich as Fellaini scores 0
beckfordburger 1 day
Pistorius to serve prison sentence in instalments; legs go first 0
apepper 1 day

More to follow...

Ebola declared free of Nigeria. 1
acilianus 1 day

More soon....

Kim Jong-un unable to join facebook, photo too large 1
Dumbnews 1 day
Furious Johannes Vermeer vandalises 'new' Banksy claiming copyright infringement 0
Thundi 1 day
Mr C Banned from Billingsgate Fish Market 8
Old Hatter 1 day

Mr C, enigmatic Front-man of early 90s rave outfit The Shaman, has been handed a lifetime ban from Billingsgate Fish Market, lawyers representing the vendors’ association said today. The...

Phantom of the Opera ejected from Paris theatre for wearing face covering 0
beckfordburger 1 day
Newsbiscuit Poster With Dodgy Ticker Gets Bypass From NB Readers 2
Titus 1 day

[Hat tip to Iroquois Pliskin]...

Never Mind TrueBiscuit - IncredibleBiscuit: 'Sex Was Invented In Scotland'. 5
Titus 2 days

(Or is this 'IncrediBiscuit'?)

Report says Jobless Dolphins not helped by calls recorded for training porpoises 2
ronseal 2 days
Newsworthy vampire disappointed never to have appeared in The Mirror 0
Smart Alex 2 days
Frankie Goes To Hollywood refuse to play Mike Read's Ukip calypso 1
harrypalmer 2 days
Public demand return of Michael Fish after latest Hurricane Scare. 0
vulture1 2 days

"We dug a storm cellar just like they recommended on the BBC but we've been down here three days now and all that's happened is we've been burgled twice." complained Morris and Hilary of Pratt's...

Graffitti found on Old Baily wall 'almost certainly not a Banksy' say police 0
throngsman 2 days
Mansion tax will unduly affect those with mansions say critics. 0
Crayon 2 days
Anxious Turkish cheese maker puts curds back in the whey. 0
Crayon 2 days
Scottish Widows to follow Scottish Power's lead and refuse insurance claims 2
blacklesbian 2 days

Following the success of Scottish Power’s ingenious plan to ‘refuse to pay’ monies owed to customers who had exactly followed the terms and conditions of their policies, sister company Scottish...

Kelly B. hits out over naked pics: "F'ing disgrace, I've not been paid for them" 0
medici2471 2 days
Music lovers praise Cameron as he tells EU Commision Status Quo unacceptable 8
Scronnyglonkle 2 days
OXO tribute ad: Remove from oven and Rest In Peace for 10 minutes 0
beckfordburger 2 days
Mike Read Odds-On Favourite for MOBO Award 0
MrPhill 2 days

..more soon....

Prison Full of Internet Trolls So No Room Left For Pedos 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days
Dislexic offenders to be given shorter sentences.. 3
MikeF 2 days
M. Lewinsky now "just wants to help others with self aggrandisement syndrome". 0
Maverick 2 days
Cameron says they had 'bungle' before UKIP 0
throngsman 2 days
Trolls to escape jail if they target ISIS 0
farmer giles 2 days

As it dawned on UK Justice Secretary Chris Grayling that at least the entire 1 Direction fanbase (consisting of at least 150 million teenage girls around the World) could be jailed under his...

Police well within their rights to call Brian Harvey a pleb. 0
MADJEZ 2 days
shock Muslim convert Nicky Clarke blamed for lunatic Islamic fringe activity 0
Thundi 2 days
Fired Apprentice contestants offered new McDonald's franchises in Kobane. 0
Crayon 2 days

More appetizing cannon fodder soon...