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Dangers of second-hand knitting in prisons underestimated leaks source. 0
S J Roe 2 days

A guard with over 25 years experience within the prison service has spoken about what he perceives to be the dangers of second-hand knitting within jails. "At first, we found it calmed the prisoners...

Pensioner attempts to 'back up his brain' onto the internet. 2
Crayon 2 days

An elderly man who seems to consider himself a contributor to an online community of amateur satirists has been dumping every passing thought he has onto the topical comedy writers' forum, despite...

ISIS demands small stretch of beach in Bognor Regis 0
kga6 3 days

A travelling entourage of ISIS members has arrived on the south coast of Britain expressing demands that a small section of beach in Bognor Regis be cordoned off for their use only during their visit...

Quaility Of Legal Highs To Be Monitored By Ofhead 3
Titus 3 days
Amount of good telly "constant and unchanging", say experts 0
YaBasta 3 days

Experts from the Institute for Figuring Stuff Out today announced the results of a decades-long study into the quality of television programmes. Their conclusions, which will surprise many, point to...

Labour in a stew as 140,000 vegetables join ahead of leadership vote 0
tamoshanter 3 days
Blatter and Putin ' The Dream Team'- Russia to have 3 goalkeepers on pitch 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
North Korean 'Atlas Shrugged' Translation Unmasks True Spirit of Comrade Galt 0
Wallace Runnymede 3 days
Tour de France outrage after Lidl Chardonnay thrown in French rider's face. 2
Crayon 3 days
Nasa believe newly discovered planet is the one Trump lives on 0
apepper 3 days

More to follow...

Migrants complain Eurostar delays 'unacceptable' 0
throngsman 3 days

"I've been queuing for hours," said Abdul from the tarpaulin he is hiding under. "Every time it looks like we will get closer, bloody British holidaymakers returning from an early break in Europe...

Bercow - Pedometer was best investment I ever made. 0
Ref Minor 3 days
Bercow claimed every time he spent a penny. Commons janitor blows the whistle. 0
Kevin the Swan 3 days

not taking the piss...

Banned football fans thinking of getting into cycling 0
acidcirus 4 days

Football fans who have been banned from attending matches are considering supporting professional cycling. “I remember the days when the stands were tight to the pitch, this provided a better...

Tunisia introduces death penalty for suicide bombers 0
throngsman 4 days
IS Treated To Some Turksh Delight 0
Titus 4 days

And apologies in advance to the anonymous One-Star-Wuss for overloading him with work...

Scammers Offer Timeshare Holiday Homes On Planet Kepler-452b 3
Titus 4 days
Lost: Political Party, Last Seen Wandering Aimlessly With Its Head Up Its Arse 4
Titus 4 days
English Holidaymaker In Guernsey Claims Asylum & Demands His Human Rights 0
Titus 4 days
Jeremy Corbyn Predicted To Become Leader Of The Continuity Labour Party 0
Titus 4 days
Technical Fault Causes New Horizon Probe To Post Nothing But Selfies 0
Titus 4 days
NRA: ‘Guns don’t kill people, movies do’ 3
Wrenfoe 4 days

Although many in the state of Louisiana are struggling to come to terms with another cinema massacre, scientists for the National Rifle Association have at last discovered a clear correlation between...

John Bercow - a driven man? 2
throngsman 4 days
Confronted by teen’s rant, parents shocked to find they don’t give a fuck 13
bergerjacques 4 days

CYNTHIANA, Ky – Faced with his son’s bitter disappointment at having to wait one more day to get the latest Samsung at the T-Mobile shop, Dan Miller, 45, expected to feel a sense of impotence and...

Piss stained jersey replaces inferior yellow jersey in Tour de France 0
Dick Everyman 4 days
London declares war on Yorkshire 3
YaBasta 4 days

In a stunning new development in the war on terror, London has declared war on Yorkshire. Citing the 7/7 bombings as justification, Prime Minister David Cameron said: "Yes, the bombers were all...

Its not mandatory to be a rapist to be a taxi driver says Job Centre 1
Dun Dunkin 4 days
Archaeologists discover 'middle-ages' satire 2
throngsman 4 days

Archaeologists have been called to a construction site in London to examine discarded earthenware drinking vessels discovered by workmen. "The vessels are remarkably uniform in appearance and...

WWE hide folding chairs before telling Hulk Hogan his contract's cancelled. 0
MADJEZ 4 days

Archaeologists discover Parliament is built on ancient inquiries burial site. 0
Crayon 4 days