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Dignitas Xmas ad shows little girl sending grandad box of barbiturates 1
Sir Lupus 3 days
Cinemas ban all ads because they 'insult their customers’ intelligence'... 0
Nomad 3 days
Archbishop 'doubted God' during brief moment of sobriety 5
apepper 3 days

The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Justin Welby, has told Songs of Praise that he had a terrifying 20 minutes of being sober when he doubted the existence of God. "I was staggering home...

Global Jihad due to CO2 says Prince 1
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Odeon to "Slaughter Lamb" before screenings to attract Christian movie goers 0
moanygit 3 days

The CEO of Odeon Cinemas plc. has announced that an ritual offering of a young lamb will occur before all screenings in a latest attempt to improve customer numbers. In a statement released, an...

Increase in madness of monarchy due to climate change says report 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Attack DAESH before they change their name again, urges Cameron 0
throngsman 3 days
Cameron: Only thirty-two bombing days 'till Christmas 0
throngsman 3 days
World struggles not to tell Charlie Sheen ‘I told you so’‏ 0
Wrenfoe 3 days

The sad news of that star of ‘Anger Management’ was diagnosed with HIV four years ago, has naturally been greeted by an outpouring of empathy and a subliminal sense of ‘we did warn you’. ...

Hesitation About Launching Air Strikes 'Will All Be Over By Christmas' 0
Titus 3 days
Cameron's Rapid Reaction forces to be called 'the Expendables' and 'Kneejerk 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Man, aged 24, imprisoned for failing to provide an Amazon review 2
throngsman 3 days

"We must have sent him four emails asking for a review, but he just ignored them," said an Amazon spokesman today. "He hadn't marked the product as a gift, so there was no reason to not provide a...

Archbishop Welby uses beheading video to scare cinemas into showing ad 0
sydalg 3 days
Prelate regrets Lords Prayer ads, will silence 'offensive' church bells Sundays 0
Renrag 3 days
Murray to join UK drones after Davis Cup Final 0
Hindari Banga 3 days
UK Storm naming to be upgraded after public ignore Abigail, Barney 7
SimonJJames 3 days

Desmond, Tegan and Wendy are among the future storm names affecting the UK and Ireland chosen by members of the public to be replaced as Abigail and Barney were largely ignored. "We are concerned...

Daesh To Be Re-Named 'Bunch Of Terrorists BBC Insist On Calling Islamic State' 1
Titus 3 days

More soon from the organisation known as the so-called British Broadcasting Corporation ...

Churches refuse to screen new Star Wars film in the week before Christmas. 0
Tammy Flugh 3 days

More tit for tat later...

ISIS "has little grey cells" in Belgium 1
sydalg 3 days
Satanist religious ad "must cut the swivelling head part" to be shown in cinemas 0
sydalg 3 days
Belgium shut due to terror threat, nobody noticed 1
throngsman 3 days
We will block vote with Turkey in Eurovision says latest terror video from ISIS 0
ronseal 4 days
David Cameron lashes out at Food banks. 0
tonymc81 4 days

The PM today lashed out at Food Banks as undermining traditional British values,"let nature take its course" said the PM...

Cinema bans Christian ad as "inappropriate for an adult audience" 0
tamoshanter 4 days
Prescriptive sex opinion two bees disco tiny nude on anal nipple products 0
Not Funny 4 days

Oops! Bloody iPad predictive text. Monsoon!...

Film to be screened after Christianity ad banned due to offence to non-Jedis 0
Adrian Bamforth 4 days
Scientists find remedy for coleslaw 4
CulchaVulcha 4 days

‘The trouble is, you can be hit by this at any time,’ explains Microbiologist Jenny Smythe. ‘Obviously when you’re under the weather, a coleslaw just adds to the suffering.’ Professor...

'Return of the Blair' to be released at cinemas next week 0
Dun Dunkin 4 days

After 12 years since the first box office blockbuster 'Blair Wars' where an evil sith lord twists truth to wage war on Saddmistas Camerona productions will release 'Return of the Blair' where a small...

Suicide bomber’s mum ‘loved him to bits’ 3
farmer giles 4 days
Islamic State surrender, can't take being referred to as 'so called' any longer. 0
MADJEZ 4 days

More heavy tactics soon...