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Guiness book records fastest ever Win 10 bootup at 48 minutes. 1
Maverick 19.02.17 9:59pm
Massive Euro Prank: only Britain's copy of the Treaty contains an Article 50. 0
deskpilot3 19.02.17 9:54pm
Trump's Swedish terror attack blamed on so-called IKEA 3
Oxbridge 19.02.17 9:43pm
Hitler phone buyer must pay outstanding Stalingrad roaming charges 1
sydalg 19.02.17 9:07pm
Arctic Star
White House to change its name to......La La Land. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 8:48pm
ron cawleyoni
Kraft Heinz cite 57 reasons for Unilever merger collapse..none of them cheesey. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 8:40pm
ron cawleyoni
"Annoying Wagner ringtone" putting off buyers of Hitler phone 0
sydalg 19.02.17 7:34pm
Lord Kerr concedes Liz Truss 'probably understands treaty I wrote better than me

In a frank interview today Lord Kerr, one of the architects of the Lisbon Treaty and the individual responsible for writing Article 50, admitted that Liz Truss 'probably understands the article...

throngsman 19.02.17 7:25pm
Tamla for Donald.

Is Donald Trump a ex 'suedehead/smoothie' from the early 70s who just can't let go, Crombie coat, wide satin tie its all there..mind you..can't see Marvin singing, .."Has any body seen my old...

ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 5:25pm
ron cawleyoni
Hitler's phone withdrawn after it's discovered to only have one bell

More to follow...

apepper 19.02.17 5:21pm
Return of the....'fake handsheikh'... 0
ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 4:51pm
ron cawleyoni
Mike Pence lays a wreath after last night's terror attack in Dachau. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 19.02.17 2:03pm
Scientists link dementia to continued face palming at news from Trump's America 0
Plot126 19.02.17 1:07pm
Trump apologises for error, I meant tomorrow's attack in Sweden. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 19.02.17 10:46am
Hitlers phone up for auction...mystery bidder keeps asking"is dial not too big"? 0
ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 9:52am
ron cawleyoni
Excitement at Met Office as Beiruit and Bahgdad due to have 'crap UK weather' 0
throngsman 19.02.17 7:56am
Paul Nuttall denies being Paul Nuttall 0
Landfill 19.02.17 6:10am
Tony Blair says Britons deserve second chance at 2010 General Election result.

But tells Gordon that he can handle it - no need to get out of bed...

deskpilot3 18.02.17 11:51pm
Its all in the name...Nigel 'Far-age'.....politics from a...different era. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.02.17 11:28pm
ron cawleyoni
Donald shifty shapes

those facial muscles distortions as he speaks,lips out of sync with speech,thinly veiled, lizzard like features under his skin just sayin like or is it my 'talk talk' tv connection, ..yeah yeah...

ron cawleyoni 18.02.17 11:17pm
ron cawleyoni
Tom Jones to re-release old 70s hit as...'Young Mexican...Trumpeteer'.....True. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.02.17 11:07pm
ron cawleyoni
one small step to truth.

potusa to declare 'Neil Armstrong moon landings' as..'Genuine?' finally we are all, outof our misery and now know it..WAS..definitely Fake!!"and take two..Action cut cut, Neil Neil darling I...

ron cawleyoni 18.02.17 10:47pm
ron cawleyoni
Arsene'l Wenger to record old Clash hit..."Should I Stay or Should I Go". 0
ron cawleyoni 18.02.17 10:12pm
ron cawleyoni
1,000s of Chicks Escape Battery Farm...Spring Easter Rising Run in Peterborough. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.02.17 10:08pm
ron cawleyoni
Cuneiform expert arrested for indecency

Wyatt E. Muggs, police chief of the small Mississippi town of Muggsville, confirmed today that Oral Snottball, professor of ancient languages at Mississippi Cultural University, has been arrested for...

Renrag 18.02.17 7:38pm
Mark Clattenburg to be replaced by actual duck's arse

Premiership referee Mark Clattenburg, who recently announced he is moving to China, is to be replaced in his former job by the rear end of a duck. As well as resembling Clattenburg, the duck's arse...

YaBasta 18.02.17 6:47pm
Mammoth clone team fall about laughing at idea of reviving Labour 1
sydalg 18.02.17 6:38pm
All Satire is Lefty/ Identity /Underdog/ Luvvie / Snowflake Codswallop

All satire is now fail safe sure fire right-on , inane cheap shots such as asserting that Hitler, Genghis Khan and Stalin were nasty, and closely resemble whatever this week's demon of choice happens...

interdog 18.02.17 4:12pm
Al OPecia
Met Office apologise after warning of yellow snow

.. they meant yellow warning of snow...

Bogbrush 18.02.17 4:10pm
Al OPecia
Tony - the weapons - Blair re-emerges as crap di tutti crapi of the Poser Nostra

Reports have emerged that notorious warlord Tony - weapons of mass destruction - Blair is to come out of hiding in a bid to ruin more lives. Blair, head of one of the five big families in the Poser...

ronseal 18.02.17 3:08pm