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Stallone arrested for leaking ‘Expendables 3’ to cinemas before the DVD release 0
Iroquois Pliskin 2 days
2escapees 2 days

Yes fans angry at the departure of Alex Ferguson from MUFC have taken to the streets in protest. Press reports suggest that fans in the US have resorted to burning cars and looting in protest. Local...

Phil Rudd asked 'do you play guitar?' by elderly groupies outside NZ court 0
Iroquois Pliskin 2 days
'Kitten threat alert goes from moderate to severe' warns Thames Valley Police 1
Gerontius 2 days

Thames Valley Police raided a property in Staines overnight following reports a kitten had been threatened with cruelty by two men using social media., Teams from Slough Borough Council, the RSPCA...

Lib Dems demand more Care in the Community places 1
vulture1 2 days

Until recently ex-LibDem MPs were put into a special House where they were cared for with tax-free expenses and given special robes to wear so ordinary members of the public knew not to talk to them....

Osborne To Tax Rogue Apostrophes 2
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 2 days

New levy will raise billion's...

Conservatives Anticipate May Election - At Some Future Date 0
Titus 2 days
UK Coalition survival rates 'below third world' 0
throngsman 2 days
Angelina Jolie - forget the Mansion Tax, Ed Miliband puts me off buying in UK 0
throngsman 2 days
It looks like you're plotting an atrocity says new SocMed Crookie ad software 0
ronseal 2 days

Bookface has defended itself from allegations of helping terrorists and hindering security services. The social media behemoth admits its new activity tracking Crookie software is only concerned with...

Australian washer woman surprise pick for Olympic diving team. 0
Maverick 2 days
BT adverts show crazed hallucinations of drug addled student 0
acidcirus 2 days

It has been revealed that the latest BT broadband adverts are taking place in the drug ravaged mind of the main character, Simon. After his sexual advances towards Anna were rejected and he started...

City News: RBS To Merge With FIFA 2
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 2 days
Social media could prevent terror attacks. #noshitsherlock say experts 0
throngsman 2 days
Private Schools set to welcome Labour initiative 0
Jan Nermart 2 days

In a surprise move today the right of centre 'think-tank' for Private Schools, Teacher's of Forward Focus (T.OF.F), heralded Tristram Hunt's proposal if Labour came to power as 'most welcome'., Hunt...

London Cab driver apologises for ranting at politician 0
throngsman 2 days

"Where to, gov?" asked Tom as his fare stepped inside the cab. "Do you know the little Italian around the corner from London Bridge?" asked the fare. Tom put his indicator out and pulled into the...

Government launch new poster campaign: ‘Panic and fear everything’ 1
Adrian Bamforth 2 days
Girl Called Jack turns out to be Vindictive Troll Called Melanie 3
ronseal 2 days
Mellor to Join Top Gear 1
Dun Dunkin 2 days
ITV apologizes after football match interrupts betting adverts. 0
godly1966 2 days
UK Hosted Extremists and Terrorists Say Social Media and must 'Do More' 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days
Ransom demand for Lib Dem ministers to be ignored 1
Wrenfoe 2 days

Amid strident measures to tackle home grown terrorists, the Home Secretary has declared that insurance companies may not pay for hostages such as Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and 'the Ginger One no one...

Time travellers plan to kill Hitler for being a bad artist 9
Wrenfoe 3 days

As Hitler’s ‘Altes Rathaus’ is sold for $161,000 at a Nuremberg auction, many amateur scientists have promised to invent time travel for the sole purpose of murdering the Führer before he can...

Ferguson rioters agree to stop after hearing shooting victim "had it coming" 0
sydalg 3 days
DUPs Arlene Foster hospitalised by equality. 0
No Beard 3 days
Cosby endorsement contracts cancelled by everyone except Rohypnol 0
sydalg 3 days
'Time is far right' for new terror laws, says May 2
throngsman 3 days
Liam Gallagher’s ego in critical condition following loud bang in Manchester 1
Iroquois Pliskin 3 days
Hearing-impaired breast-fixated man goes shopping for mammary mattress 1
sydalg 3 days
EU "somewhat elderly and haggard" says "somewhat elderly and haggard" man 0
Not Amused 3 days

more soon .. obvious I know ....