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Man U fans find Anderlecht game shocking. Literally. 0
Maverick 21.04.17 10:22pm
Students Union demands Jihadis provide trigger warnings. Literally. 0
Maverick 21.04.17 10:17pm
Low Union Election Turnout Due To Voters' Strike

More bigoted union-bashing soon ...

Titus 21.04.17 9:25pm
'Redwood Cars'......Ullo John got a new motor?....British Leyland......WHAT!!!! 0
ron cawleyoni 21.04.17 8:14pm
ron cawleyoni
'Redwood Motors'.....coming to a time machine near you.... (more) soon ... 0
ron cawleyoni 21.04.17 8:05pm
ron cawleyoni
Cycling to work halves cancer risk, doubles risk of being run over. More soon. 6
Al OPecia 21.04.17 6:57pm
Jeff Sessions reminded that Hawaiians are not just pizza toppings

[quote]I really am amazed that a judge sitting eating a ham and pineapple pizza can issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and...

Gary Baldy 21.04.17 6:27pm
Gary Baldy
French language text books to include chapter about 'lone wolf terrorist'

Education authorities look set to move with the times, after announcing that all french language text-books used in UK secondary schools, will include a chapter about a radicalised North-African who...

Underconstruction 21.04.17 6:13pm
May pledges no reduction in Aid following Election she pledged not to hold. 0
Al OPecia 21.04.17 4:56pm
Al OPecia
First post-Brexit cargo of straight bananas seized by Somali pirates. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 21.04.17 4:10pm
Dortmund attack leads to increased immigration control of capitalist bastards

A ban on migrants from capitalist countries has followed revelations that the attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus was linked to fundamentalist market trading. Prosecutors say that the...

Midfield Diamond 21.04.17 4:01pm
Sir Lupus
Buy registered EU driver's license passports and ID cards Whatsapp+43 6602452936

Buy registered EU driver's license passports and ID cards Whatsapp+43 6602452936 email We offer registered EU driver's license passports and ID cards Whatsapp+43 660 2452936, I...

chainsmokers 21.04.17 3:56pm
Starving ISIS Fighters Attack French Fries and Belgian Waffles

"English Breakfast" to be renamed "Tea with Virgins, Allah Willing! (*unintelligible*)"...

Jeff Glovsky 21.04.17 3:18pm
Jeff Glovsky
Londoners Spend 3 Weeks Longer A Year At Work Mostly Complaining About The Tube

Survey reveals that Londoners work an average of three weeks a year more than the rest of the UK with the extra time spent feeling smug and complaining about the Tube. ‘Sometimes I’ll be at the...

S-Bahn 21.04.17 3:16pm
Jamie Oliver disbands army of chimney sweeps as Britain has first coal-free day 0
DavidH 21.04.17 3:03pm
No link between Jehovah's Witness ban and May's door-knocking, declares Putin 1
maxine jones 21.04.17 2:36pm
Paul Nuttall "Sat up and having a cuppa" after emerging safely from cryo-sleep 1
DavidH 21.04.17 1:55pm
ron cawleyoni
UK's biggest trade union secures day off for the Queen

Unite pulled off a PR coup to mark their leadership election when they negotiated a day's paid leave for the Queen on her birthday...

maxine jones 21.04.17 1:28pm
Health scare on Death Row as prisoners given out-of-date injections 2
sydalg 21.04.17 1:22pm
Rich old lady survives another year. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 21.04.17 1:16pm
Poison 'best before date' not much of a warning

Arkansas shoppers are being advised to check the expiration date on any lethal injection they might be planning to administer to loved ones or fellow cult members. Other such perishables such as...

Wrenfoe 21.04.17 1:04pm
Hunger Games to replace TV debates, Downing St reveals

[i]Theresa May confirms that while she will not debate with Jeremy Corbyn, she is willing to deliver actual blows to her opponents in a number of physical challenges[/i] A spokesperson for the Prime...

AnnaComedy 21.04.17 12:57pm
Nuclear holocaust ending football season 'would be Spursiest thing ever'

Fans of Tottenham Hotspur have expressed mixed feelings over the weekend, despite their team closing the gap on Premiership leaders Chelsea with a scintillating 4-0 win over Bournemouth. This,...

Oxbridge 21.04.17 12:07pm
IS: St George was one of our fighters, Dragon was an infidel statement claims.

More soon. Apologies as surely someone has done this before...

MADJEZ 21.04.17 12:07pm
Farage: "I've always believed in the European Parliament"

more irony soon...

Sir Lupus 21.04.17 12:02pm
Sir Lupus
Sturgeon denies wanting to get into bed with Corbyn

First Minister of Scotland and the leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, today strenuously denied reports that she is keen to enter into a coalition with Jeremy Corbyn, the leader...

farmer giles 21.04.17 11:23am
farmer giles
IS reaffirms responsibility for Borussia Dortmund options trading strategy 1
cinquecento 21.04.17 11:13am
Sir Lupus
Poundland caught in price-fixing scandal

Poundland are in the midst of legal action undertaken by one unhappy customer. After complaining at the checkout that a plate on offer was slightly damaged and that no alternatives were available,...

Feldman 21.04.17 10:03am
Barclays bid to hire Dortmund bus bomber

more radical financialisation soon...

Sir Lupus 21.04.17 9:54am
Sir Lupus
Gutted voters denied chance to tell Farage to f**k off for the 8th time

The news that Nigel Farage will not be standing in the general election has been greeted with dismay by voters who were looking forward to the opportunity to tell him to ‘do one’ yet again....

harrypalmer 21.04.17 9:43am