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Jeremy Corbyn's younger brother Ed "still waiting for the call" 0
The Paper Ostrich 3 days

Ed Corbyn, younger brother of new Labour leader Jeremy, has told reporters he is 'sitting by the phone' in case anything untoward befalls his elder sibling. 'I know things have all pretty much...

Labour leadership not covered by 30-day refund 0
Wrenfoe 3 days

Despite the right to a refund becoming law, many Corbyn supporters have been disheartened to discover that they will have to stick with their original purchase; at least until the next General...

Plastic bag charge: shopper smuggery levels set to treble, warn experts. 0
S J Roe 3 days

Experts have warned that the smuggery level amongst shoppers of high-end supermarkets is set to treble with the introduction of the new charge for plastic carrier bags. The smuggery level has...

Ticker Lines to cost 5p each from Monday 0
maxey 3 days
Redcar steel plant to be gentrified into nail bar boutique 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Dog kennel in London for rent. No DHSS 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Labour To Keep Jobs Making Nukes But Not To Use, Only For Sale To N Korea 0
Titus 3 days

More No-Nukes News soon ...

Split in Banana Party delivers just desserts 1
farmer giles 3 days
Police To Make Children Get Out And Walk If Car Driver Seen To Be Smoking 1
Titus 3 days
Russia tries to pull sword from stone after Western failure 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
BT pays £750 million for exclusive PMQs coverage 0
farmer giles 3 days
Visit the Pennines - They're electrifying! 0
Crayon 3 days
Labour MPs concerned that Jeremy Corbyn may be fitted with a 'defeat device'. 0
deskpilot3 3 days
VW admits that Golf GTI is 'not as good as it used to be'. 0
deskpilot3 3 days
Jeremy Corbyn makes a donation to charity and nominates Angela Merkel. 0
TomMouse 3 days
Elton John ACCEPTS Putin's "Let's get naked and wrestle!" Invitation. 0
TomMouse 3 days
Obama declines Putin's "let's get naked and wrestle!" Invitation. 0
TomMouse 3 days
Corbyn will 'engage enemy in interpretive dance' if PM 4
throngsman 3 days

Jeremy Corbyn has stated his defence policy, in the event that he is Prime Minister at the outbreak of a World War, will be to engage the enemy in interpretive dance. "We have a strong history of...

Cameron To Demand Reparations From Italy For Roman Occupation 3
Titus 3 days
Those who did not sing Red Flag at Labour Conference put on list 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Russia and USA have bombing contest. 0
Dun Dunkin 3 days
Terminally ill dolphin in desperate bid to swim with humans 5
irreverendJ 3 days

Fund raisers and charity chuggers in the coastal resort of Palm Springs, Florida combined forces yesterday in a final attempt to raise the remaining $200,000 needed to allow 'Flipper' the terminally...

Matt grey fish goes swimming with dull fins 3
Smart Alex 3 days
Council sparks outrage with fortnightly rubbish 'deliveries' 4
Bravenewmalden 3 days

A council in the north of England came under fire yesterday after announcing plans to introduce a new household rubbish delivery service. Doncaster Council said the new fortnightly service was a...

Bill Gates admits he asks teenager next door to explain Windows 10 0
Renrag 3 days

'I used to be up on all that stuff, but I'm getting middle-aged now . . .'...

Satellite Company Apologises For Poor Transmission 10
Titus 3 days

'We are anxious to apologise to all our customers over nearly half the Earth who suffered a brief interruption in our normal service on Sunday night' said a spokesman for the company. 'Technical...

Too many specialists in bicycle industry claims spokesman 6
Smart Alex 4 days

Hat tip to Farmer Giles...

Man gives up October for October. 9
Boutros 4 days

A 24-year old Swansea man has vowed to give up the month of October "because it's a load of shite". Ivan Ratcliffe plans to wipe out the month entirely, by embarking on a bed and booze binge which he...

Breakfast cereal characters show united front in wake of café attack 5
Adrian Bamforth 4 days Cartoon characters representing some of the nation’s best loved cereals put on a show of unity today in the...

Corbyn defends anti-nuclear stance; "My words are backed with atomic weapons!" 0
Gary Baldy 4 days

More boom I mean soon...