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Guest gatecrashing alternate wedding denies wrongdoing 0
DavidH 19.11.17 11:26am
Newly-Redundant Mugabe To Become Leader Of Sinn Féin

Hat-tip to cinquecento. Sinn Féin scheduled to win next election by 100,000,000,000 votes ...

Titus 19.11.17 11:25am
Manflu vaccine trialling in medium-priced wine and craft ale 0
DavidH 19.11.17 11:22am
Well 3 days past no sign of sausage roll rising,oh that's the easter it? 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 10:43am
ron cawleyoni
Man from the Future.."don't get your hopes up...lifes still shit" 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 10:29am
ron cawleyoni
Mugabe on the exit diet. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 10:18am
ron cawleyoni
Driverless Cars To Be Given Green Light, But Greatest Concern Is Red Lights

Meanwhile, NewsBiscuit continues experimenting with starless - and readerless - posts ...

Titus 19.11.17 9:08am
Research shows people with dogs live longer, unlike their neighbours' children. 4
dominic_mcg 19.11.17 8:45am
Mugabe May Be Offered The 'Ceaușescu' Option

With or without a blindfold. More later ...

Titus 19.11.17 8:11am
Lidl unveil new 100% British Range.

Having seen a Lidl customer whisked off on an all expenses paid trip to the Scottish Fisheries after tweeting that Lidl Mussels are farmed in ditches,Valerie Perkins decided to join in the fun and...

tonymc81 19.11.17 6:40am
RAF pilots tell US navy, 'Our dicks are bigger than yours' 0
Renrag 19.11.17 1:41am
AC/Deceased 4
chrisf 18.11.17 11:12pm
Arrival of Who Wants to be a Millionaire arouses little enthusiasm in Zimbabwe 2
sydalg 18.11.17 11:02pm
Arsene denies Zimbabwe national side rumours. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.11.17 10:25pm
ron cawleyoni
Universal Credit anomaly 'allows nation to live a Dickensian Christmas' Gauke

Anger is mounting as the DWP has defended reports, that some families claiming Universal Credit may possibly receive none over the Christmas period, by suggesting it is more of a seasonal 'mood...

Chipchase 18.11.17 10:07pm
ron cawleyoni
Adams and Mugabe “Ebony and Ivory” cover tipped for Xmas Number 1 0
cinquecento 18.11.17 9:34pm
Five Fridays in the month? Call Wonga on 0207 138 8330. 0
Department for Work and Pensions 18.11.17 8:21pm
Department for Work and Pensions
Elon Musk shows off his electric semi. 0
Maverick 18.11.17 7:41pm
Take-away tax threat inspires prototype kebabboard box 0
DavidH 18.11.17 6:20pm
Greggs poem is food for thoughts. And prayers

Away from pret a manger, No crisps and no bread, The jumbo pork Jesus is deep fried instead, The starchy bright pink meat's not in your '5 a day', But a pastry lord Jesus helps you work, rest and...

Newscat 18.11.17 5:34pm
Noel Edmonds makes advances to sue Lloyd’s arse. Sue Lloyd seeks injuction 3
DavidH 18.11.17 5:33pm
UKIP To Launch Brexit Advent Calendar

Enjoy the thrill and delight of opening a little window each day of the transitional period! I'm almost wetting myself with excitement. Mind, that doesn't take much at my age. But: what should be...

Titus 18.11.17 4:09pm
Landlords to collect rent daily

Following complaints that Universal Credit is forcing many low-income earners into debt, the National Landlords' Association has recommended that tenancy agreements stipulate settlement daily instead...

Economist 18.11.17 4:09pm
Boris Johnson "aware of the fuzzy wuzzy situation in Rhodesia". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.11.17 2:02pm
Cosmetic surgeons in meltdown at thought of ‘plastic tax’ 0
ron cawleyoni 18.11.17 1:18pm
ron cawleyoni
Grinch praises Universal Credit. 0
Sir Lupus 18.11.17 1:11pm
Sir Lupus
Admin Error Causes Benefits Shortfall Every Week Containing A Friday

More (or rather, even less) later ...

Titus 18.11.17 12:10pm
Old Trafford's 'Son of God' conference aborted by Red Devils.

No sausage rolls were available for comment...

ron cawleyoni 18.11.17 12:01pm
ron cawleyoni
'Boris and Gove'...found hiding in North Koreans defectors stomach. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.11.17 11:49am
ron cawleyoni
Mugabe hands out degrees instead of third degree burns 0
Adrian Bamforth 18.11.17 11:43am
Adrian Bamforth