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England To Hire Donald Trump As A Potentially 'More Diplomatic' Team Manager 2
Titus 27.09.16 10:01pm
Allardyce lined up for FIFA role 2
Midfield Diamond 27.09.16 9:50pm
The Daily Telegraph accused of Northernism 0
marlon bando 27.09.16 9:36pm
marlon bando
Porn Companies Disappointed By Video Of 3-Parent Baby Conception 0
Titus 27.09.16 9:19pm
Operator Of 'Smiler' Ride Sued By Crash Victims Under Trades Description Act 0
Titus 27.09.16 9:16pm
Labour to choose shadow cabinet via new fundraising reality TV show. 1
deskpilot3 27.09.16 9:05pm
Corbyn quietly articulates his anti-strident position 1
silly billy scotland 27.09.16 7:43pm
Sam Allardyce cancels Telegraph subscription 0
Major Tom 27.09.16 7:43pm
Major Tom
Allardyce pays penalty for own goal. 1
silly billy scotland 27.09.16 7:42pm
'Three-person-baby' hailed as new Messiah 1
silly billy scotland 27.09.16 7:41pm
Alton Towers defend naming of new Slicer ride. 0
Ref Minor 27.09.16 7:32pm
Ref Minor
Top attraction at Alton Towers is the Air Ambulane ride 1
silly billy scotland 27.09.16 7:21pm
Alladyce claims mandate to appoint shadow FA Council after split. 0
Ref Minor 27.09.16 7:16pm
Ref Minor
Fat Sam in Greedy Shock. 0
Ref Minor 27.09.16 7:06pm
Ref Minor
Mincing homosexual Amos Tramel challenges Tyson Fury for World Heavyweight Title

Mincing homosexual Amos Tramel showed no mercy today to Boxing Champion Homophobe Tyson Fury when he ‘called him out’ for a no holds barred bout for the WBC World Heavyweight Title. Fury had...

baron la croix 27.09.16 7:01pm
baron la croix
Sam Allardyce is up Quit Creek without a paddle 0
chrisf 27.09.16 6:27pm
Donald Trump denies using the term "wig-ly". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.09.16 6:12pm
Many dogs still running on Windows Vista

More than 4,700 stray dogs failed to be reunited with their owners due to outdated microchips or using outmoded operating systems. Around 3,463 stray dogs were destroyed for not being able to tell...

Wrenfoe 27.09.16 6:12pm
baron la croix
Team GB Wins Silver in the International Arms Trading Championship

Great Britain has finished second in the medal table at the 2016 Arms Trading Championship – well above the military superpowers of Russia, China, and France. Effectively obliterating their...

Jodster 27.09.16 5:22pm
Brobdingnag to get brobdband

Brobdingnag Telecom has promised to roll out high speed brobdband to all Brobdingnagians by the end of 2019, three years later than planned. ‘There has been a massive delay in this important...

nickb 27.09.16 2:32pm
Big Sam advocates 'Route 1' approach to bypass transfer rules 0
chrisf 27.09.16 1:59pm
Geri Halliwell may have murdered up to six other songs claim detectives.

More soon. Maybe a little too obscure ! [url=]Halliwell linked to 6 other murders.[/url]...

MADJEZ 27.09.16 11:57am
Turner Prize exhibition makes an even bigger arse of itself than usual. 2
silly billy scotland 27.09.16 11:31am
Midfield Diamond
Former stopper centre-half denies bung 0
Midfield Diamond 27.09.16 11:25am
Midfield Diamond
Revealed: Sam Allardyce sold the England team to China. 0
Tammy Flugh 27.09.16 11:00am
Tammy Flugh
Sir Bradley Wig ‘used wiggins’ says report

A report by sports anti-doing agency DON’T has accused cyclist Sir Bradley Wig of using wiggins during races. While wiggins are perfectly legal if used under proper medical supervision, some say...

nickb 27.09.16 10:52am
Is Monarch Airlines going bust?

Speculation grows as Duke & Duchess of Cambridge tour Canada on Skateboard One...

silly billy scotland 27.09.16 10:21am
New 'sexy' Bake Off to be titled Bake Well Tarts 0
Adrian Bamforth 27.09.16 8:03am
Adrian Bamforth
US Worries As Trump Fails To Look Like A Loony Loser 0
Titus 27.09.16 7:45am
Kanye West hails musical genius of DJ 'BBC Subtitling Machine'

Days after his polarising performance as headline act of music festival Glastonbury, Megastar rapper Kanye West has spoken about the deep admiration he has for the BBC Subtitling machine that...

S J Roe 26.09.16 10:31pm