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Wayne Rooney Sentenced to 100 Hours of Playing for Everton

In a harsh sentence handed down today for drink-driving, Wayne Rooney was ordered to help those less fortunate in society and received 100 hours of community service to be served playing up front for...

daneade 19.09.17 7:06am
Crack Squadron of Newsbiscuiteers preparing to bomb the shit out of Newsjack....

I counted all 'subs' out and I counted all 'auto-replies' back...

ron cawleyoni 18.09.17 8:10pm
ron cawleyoni
Positive thinking should improve our Outlook, says Microsoft boss. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.09.17 7:09pm
May to keep Boris in the tent pissing in instead of outside the tent pissing in. 0
Mick Turate 18.09.17 5:45pm
Mick Turate
London Demonstrators Protest Against Democracy ...

Titus 18.09.17 4:17pm
Indians "really want the British Empire back", claims filmmaker

Following a number of recent films that danced around the idea without ever quite saying it, a British filmmaker has finally made a film openly claiming Indians are desperate to be ruled by the...

YaBasta 18.09.17 4:13pm
Lorry driver ostracised after doing a double light flash to a regular car

A Sheffield lorry driver is facing years in the wilderness, after having all forms of camaraderie removed by the HGV community. The extreme punishment was served after Michael McGuire, an Asda truck...

chrisf 18.09.17 4:13pm
'Leave well for less' programme fails to deliver savings

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin have been left scratching their heads today, after their much anticipated new Autumn programme failed to deliver expected savings to participants. Episode 1 of 'Leave...

chrisf 18.09.17 2:50pm
Unhappy fostered refugees told 'bad review on TripAdvisor will suffice' 2
cinquecento 18.09.17 12:25pm
Boris Johnson’s figures ‘don’t add up’ claims Diane Abbott 1
farmer giles 18.09.17 12:24pm
Theresa May offers EU £350 million a week ‘divorce payment’ 0
farmer giles 18.09.17 11:08am
farmer giles
'There Are Lies, Damned Lies, And Boris Johnson'

[i]That's[/i] how to do it, Scoat:

Titus 18.09.17 9:35am
Fast-drivin', ski-lovin' Cable barnstorms electorate as supremely 'plausible' PM 0
DavidH 18.09.17 9:30am
Daesh still holding on to coat tails of dysfunctional losers. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.09.17 9:19am
ron cawleyoni
May Divides Britain

Theresa May has decided that because she can't please the electorate with either a soft, hard, red, white and blue or to be black and white about it, a fascist Brexit then the only way of making...

Wards 18.09.17 8:49am
All flights to Qatar cancelled due to congestion.

Has this been done beforeif so apologies...

ron cawleyoni 18.09.17 8:48am
Boris Johnson Criticised For Gross Figure 0
Titus 18.09.17 8:20am
Donald Trump's hair declared first mobile World Heritage Site

Donald Trump"s signature hairdo has been designated the first mobile World Heritage Site today and it now ranks alongside other such iconic structures as The Pyramids and Taj Mahal. Speaking to...

Chipchase 18.09.17 7:13am
Boris Johnson resurrects disgraced EU referendum claim

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has repeated the much-derided claim that joining the Leave side of the EU referendum was good for his leadership hopes. “I may not have written it on the side of a...

StanleyMizaru 18.09.17 6:50am
Lib Dems Held Back By Vince Cable's Lack Of Silly Haircut 0
Titus 18.09.17 6:16am
COBRA levies 5p charge on buckets 0
Theresa May 18.09.17 6:16am
Theresa May
Statistics Authority Disagrees 94.3% With Boris Johnson

8% more soon ...

Titus 18.09.17 6:05am
Counter-terrorism police hopeful of finding KFC secret spice mix 0
Colonel Sanders 18.09.17 4:40am
Colonel Sanders
How to Get Cheaper NBA Live 18 Coins on Mmocs

[url=]nba live coins[/url] 2. Borderlands 2: This sequel has been somewhat of a surprise success outpacing its predecessor so far (although the original sold...

mmocs 18.09.17 3:13am
Man undiagnosed with depression really fed up. 0
ron cawleyoni 17.09.17 10:44pm
ron cawleyoni
. 0
ron cawleyoni 17.09.17 9:55pm
ron cawleyoni
Descendants of Hartlepool monkey just relieved it was'nt the ducking stool.

thank f**k for that...

ron cawleyoni 17.09.17 9:50pm
ron cawleyoni
Shamed banker issues guilt-edged securities 0
cinquecento 17.09.17 9:35pm
Leafy Surrey residents seek enquiry as to how Lidl achieved planning permission. 0
ron cawleyoni 17.09.17 9:20pm
ron cawleyoni
Parson Green attack exposes inadequate toilet facilities on district line. 0
ron cawleyoni 17.09.17 9:01pm
ron cawleyoni