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Satirist so outraged by 'rise of fascism' that he starts using Big Lie Tactics 0
ronseal 15.01.17 5:00pm
Air ambulance pilot says no to new contract

Reacting to the proposed new 12 hrs, 7 days a week on-call contract, Bill Windsar said "they can shove it where the sun don't shine". I would rather be a full time house husband while the missus goes...

freeryda 15.01.17 4:40pm
No shit Sherlock, says Trump after news of latest Russian leak 0
chrisf 15.01.17 3:48pm
Ladybird claim Charles only did limited colouring in for Climate Change Book 0
Underconstruction 15.01.17 3:25pm
Trump obituary "overwhelming favourite" to win Booker prize

More to follow...

apepper 15.01.17 11:16am
Obama leaves White House unflushed

It what is seen as a final act of revenge against Donald Trump's disrespectful water-sports, the outgoing President has spent his remaining weeks keeping his family on a high fibre diet. The White...

Wrenfoe 15.01.17 10:13am
Body of missing 'Dry January' man found in tank of malting barley

The dead body of a smug man, who was notorious for bragging about ‘Dry January’, has been discovered in a large industrial tank of malting barley. Adam Stone, 31, had been missing for 48 hours,...

jonessgl 15.01.17 10:09am
Baby thief: "I gave her back when I found she was old enough to vote for Trump" 0
sydalg 15.01.17 7:48am
Trump sends CIA to grab spies pussy to see if it can talk 0
marlon bando 15.01.17 12:25am
marlon bando
Axe the Minster.

Government to introduce a 'carpet' ban in all households to reduce 'Asthmatic Attacks' and introduce immediately a new compulsory law for the laying of 'laminate flooring' as a healthier replacement...

ron cawleyoni 14.01.17 11:32pm
ron cawleyoni
Lineker jibs out of Match of the Day after Graham Taylor's death

..might have been obliged to say something nice about him...

Bogbrush 14.01.17 11:01pm
Low-value piece exchange banned in chess in "revenge pawn" ruling 0
Gary Baldy 14.01.17 9:52pm
Gary Baldy
Donald Trump announces plans to change the name of Camp David to 'Macho David' 1
ItsMeJack 14.01.17 8:58pm
Trump "willing to work with China" starts with Armitage Shanks

"I'm not ruling out working with china" said President elect Trump as aids moved swiftly to direct him towards the toilets having noticed him casually pointing his penis at the fresh linen., The man...

beau-jolly 14.01.17 8:19pm
Vatican demands all artificial intelligence to be programmed as Catholic

Vatican officials have demanded that all ‘intelligent’ machines should be practising Catholics in full communion with the Holy See of Rome. Pope Francis is shortly expected to reveal significant...

jonessgl 14.01.17 7:16pm
M606 motorists confused by appearance of 12 ft. white line

West Yorkshire Police said it was investigating the incident and believe it was caused by a paint lorry shedding its load. Highways England are at the scene feverishly trying to scrape it into a...

beau-jolly 14.01.17 6:04pm
Study finds blueberries help you lose weight by making your wallet lighter 0
Dumbnews 14.01.17 4:06pm
Baby stolen 18 years ago no longer a baby, say police. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 14.01.17 1:57pm
Resting actor's ham bap for Table 4 could be his most important role yet

A casting agent has just ordered a bacon bap and a cup of tea in Soho's Cafe Slumming It. It's the place to see and be seen it, for entertainment industry. For Dave Booth, an actor who is appearing...

ronseal 14.01.17 1:47pm
ron cawleyoni
That was a turnip for the books!

I still think he'll turnip again soon . . ...

Jixit 14.01.17 1:26pm
Prime Mover
Local people thought man was called "I'm No Racist Bert.."

A man who started every sentence the same way has become locally known as "I'm no racist Bert", a title which has been collacquialised into Norab. The man, real name unknown, became identifiable for...

ronseal 14.01.17 1:24pm
Lost and exhausted house-husband washed up on kitchen island 1
Dick Everyman 14.01.17 1:24pm
Russian hooker denies allegations - 'I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire' 7
Smart Alex 14.01.17 12:29pm
V&A Museum To Open New Historic Section In 2018: 'The Labour Party' 1
Titus 14.01.17 12:02pm
P.M May in Breakfast killing spree shock

It has been revealed by sources close to No. 10 that P.M, Theresa May nutted a waiter on a recent exploratory trip to, her Northern Territories. At breakfast after an overnight stay at, White...

virtuallywill 14.01.17 11:58am
Custodial sentence for man who forgets to set out-of-office reply

An office worker has been sentenced to 5 years in prison after failing to set his out-of-office response. Judge Phillip Jackson told former business analyst Simon Abbot, 34, that despite mitigating...

jonessgl 14.01.17 10:17am
Tristram Hunt "stoked" about new post at V&A 0
freeryda 14.01.17 9:30am
Coastal Households Spared As Brexit Fails To Cause Massive Tidal Wave & Floods 0
Titus 14.01.17 9:05am
Labour To Solve All Britain's Financial Problems By Magically 'Ending Austerity'

Theresa May says 'Why didn't [i]we[/i] think of that?' ...

Titus 14.01.17 9:01am
Corbyn Will Ask Last Labour MP To Switch The Lights Off In The Whips' Office 0
Titus 14.01.17 8:55am