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Football manager accuses black players of only giving 100% 2
Underconstruction 2 days
Bankrupt adhesive manufacturer ends up singing the glues 2
sydalg 2 days
Scots shocked as English people launch "Better off without you" campaign 0
AReader 2 days
Police arrest immigrants found on backs of lorries in Notting Hill. More soon 0
dominic_mcg 2 days
Drug Testing for Foreign Office Staff after White House Burning Gaff 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days

Another foreign office disaster...

Sensitive librarian gets all Dewey eyed 2
cinquecento 2 days
Call to Presume London Mayors 'Stupid' 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days
Ebola patient held in The Royal Free 0
Robert Koch 2 days

how come then i can't go anywhere says victim...

London Mayor - high taxes are driving our homegrown extremists overseas 0
Bigglesworth 2 days
Rhotacistic surgeon who left serrated blade inside patient is ‘vewy vewy sawwy’ 0
beckfordburger 2 days
Ebola goes viral 1
cinquecento 2 days
Ark goes digital as Noah nominates elephant as onboard memory 1
sydalg 2 days
Porn addict who's seen it all before has constant sense of déjà vulva 0
sydalg 2 days
Study shows African healthcare the cause of death for most Ebola patients 0
Bigglesworth 2 days
ALS Self Immolation Challenge craze sweeps Asia 1
cinquecento 2 days
Highly Infectious Disease With No Known Cure Brought into Central London 4
Dun Dunkin 2 days

Terrorists say even they are not that bonkers. The Government claim responsibility but have not issued demands...

US Ebola missionary saved by "advanced experimental prayer" 7
bonjonelson 2 days

US missionary Dr Kent Bradley was said today to be recovering at home after being given the all-clear after beating a nasty case of Ebola he picked up while working as a missionary in Liberia....

Jihaded John was never the same after Julie ran off with Gordon 0
ronseal 2 days

Julie, the ex girlfriend of the embittered misanthrope known as Jihaded John, has opened her heart to Newsbiscuit about the on-off romance that turned a failure into a fundamentalist. Serialised...

Ebola Brit changes name to William Poorley 0
custard cream 2 days
One in five families too poor to endure misery of bank holiday daytrip 0
harrypalmer 2 days

A report commissioned by Barnardo’s has revealed that the undiluted torment of a bank holiday daytrip is now out of the reach of many UK families. ‘A family of four taking a trip from London to...

Cameron praises new import deal with Sierra Leone 1
RobArmstrong 2 days
David Attenborough pays tribute: ‘He wasn’t heavy’ 0
beckfordburger 2 days
Attenborough had been a bit Dickie for a while. 0
MADJEZ 2 days
The rest of the world needs to stop depressing us, complains UK‏ 0
Wrenfoe 3 days

Just as the Summer Hols passes its zenith, many British holidaymakers have been left frustrated by the international community's failure to 'chill out' and 'enjoy the start of the Premiership season'...

Bruce Lee alive and well and working at Lidl in Chatham 1
Robopop 3 days

Martial arts fans the world over were punching the air with delight today following news that Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee is alive and still very much kicking and working at a branch of the cut price...

Researchers link Ice Bucket Challenge to ALS!! 0
hardev 3 days

Researchers at Oxford have found a shocking link between people who have carried out the Ice Bucket Challenge and the increased chance of developing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) later on in...

Operation Yewtree unearths historic abuse of a beloved 'immaculate' celebrity. 10
Crayon 3 days

Operation Yewtree has opened an investigation into remarkable claims that an underage Nazareth girl was the victim of historic child abuse. According to some highly questionable accounts written by...

British Ebola patient still waiting to be admitted to NHS hospital 2
Mandy Lifeboat 3 days
EU rules that using a strimmer at 7am on a Sunday does not constitute gardening. 2
Crayon 3 days
BBC News reporter refers to UK as "The Republic" 0
vulture1 3 days

Ooops, not quite yet love...