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It Won't Be A Real Referendum Till Ballot Boxes Are Stolen, Poll Stations Burnt 1
Titus 2 days
No longer prime minister because of some cunning Scots? 0
DorsetBoy 2 days

Write for Newsbiscuit instead...

Campaign For Scottish Irrelevance Launched 0
Titus 2 days
Disappointed your nude selfies weren't published on the Internet ? 0
DorsetBoy 2 days

Expose yourself on Newsbiscuit instead...

As siblings go to fight in Syria, Apple deny involvement with iSis 0
richard_n413 3 days

More two-week old news stories soon...

Food Standards Agency says Yes vote will trigger immediate ban on haggis. 0
deskpilot3 3 days
David Cameron regrets going on about "broken Britain" 2
deskpilot3 3 days

As it looks like it's all going to be his fault when Scots vote Yes...

Conservatives appeal to those living on bread line goes stale 0
irreverendJ 3 days
Government threaten to send Seventies celebrities to Scotland 0
throngsman 3 days

Following the own goal scored by the Coalition and Opposition leaders by travelling to Scotland to persuade the Scottish nation that what it really needs is leadership, Eton millionaire style, they...

Scottish Referendum voter eligibility expanded into key new demographics 3
SimonJJames 3 days

With the Scottish Referendum vote almost upon us, the UK Government has expanded the rules of eligibility for those wishing to vote. With immediate effect the follow demographics are now allowed to...

Palin to narrate new BBC Clangers series. Alaska says ‘Thank fuck. Keep her’ 0
beckfordburger 3 days
Government bans Jockhadists of IS (Independent Scotland) from entering England. 0
MADJEZ 3 days

Hat tip to Zen. More soon...

Scotland Yard would become England Yard if Yes vote 2
apepper 3 days

More to follow...

'I just need a bit of space' says wife who signed up for one way trip to Mars 2
RobArmstrong 3 days
Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband head down the pub for bitter together 0
Smart Alex 3 days
Aberdeen joke factory could move to Surbiton, create bad jokes about England 0
Jim Garner 3 days
Sangatte empty as illegal migrants flock to independent Scottish paradise 0
pere floza 3 days
Salmond joins " No" campaign as concessions outweigh his proposals 5
maxey 3 days
Jockhadists threaten to behead Union. 1
Zen 3 days
UN deploys peacekeepers to halt bird killing in Tesco's at Yarmouth 0
Jim Garner 3 days
Loch Ness would move to England if Yes vote 6
apepper 3 days

More to follow...

Quiet, inoffensive clerk accused of beheading Roses 0
Jim Garner 3 days

Richard Bucket, an obscure finance clerk with his local council, has been accused of beheading members of the Rose family in a family feud that goes back several generations. ‘The man Bucket is...

Embarrassing Bodies fails to cure man with pixelated face 0
Robopop 3 days

The doctors on the hit Channel 4 show, Embarrassing Bodies, were left red-faced yesterday after failing to offer a proper diagnosis or even any meaningful advice to a poor chap with a pixelated face....

If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer II - Available September 12th 0
IABP 2 3 days
Under Occupancy Tax 2
crissake 3 days

Under Occupancy Tax to be extended to Motor Vehicles., In an effort to reduce road congestion and increase the tax burden on the motorist the Government is being encouraged by a motoring think tank,...

Neanderthals accuse ITV of ‘copyright infringement’ 3
Gerontius 3 days

A spokesman for the Neanderthal community has accused Group M Entertainment of blatant copyright infringement amid claims the format for ITV’s ‘Celebrity Squares’ is based on one of their...

Scottish vote could go to penalties 1
Boutros 3 days
Apple Releases Same Stupid Crap That Doesn't Work 3
Dumbnews 3 days
U2 fans clamour for refund after hearing new album 0
Skylarking 3 days
Salmond says Plan B currency will be 'Scottish Poon' 4
pinxit 3 days

In what is seen as a killer blow for the Independence referendum 'No' campaign, First Minister Alex Salmond announced that an independent Scotland would launch its own form of currency. The move...