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Cheryl Cole to keep out of media spotlight by walking through airport

dressed as Inpector Clouseau...

virtuallywill 26.02.10 11:13am
Opera maverick Miller sets West Side Story in Renaissance Italy

Famed for daring opera productions that relocate historical action to other periods for dramatic effect, Dr. Jonathan Miller has wowed audiences and critics by setting his new production of Leonard...

Des Custard 26.02.10 10:37am
Microsoft and Intel launch a machine that never crashes

IT Support teams worldwide refuse to install it...

brownpaperreporter 26.02.10 10:33am
Man living in Cloud Cuckoo Land declares 'holy war' on Cuckoo Clock Land 1
Ludicity 26.02.10 10:09am
John Square
Wayne Bridge makes himself available for selection by Cheryl Cole 1
Ludicity 26.02.10 10:06am
Pompeii football club - fans left fuming

A cloud hangs over Pompeii today as the club face administration and a 9 point deduction. Avram Grant is said to be incandescent at the news and many of the players are despondent as they wait for...

Pharcite 26.02.10 9:49am
Terry Pratchett books advance tickets to SeaWorld 0
Ludicity 26.02.10 9:45am
GB’s 2014 Winter Olympics campaign to be “Better than Vancouver's crap results"

After Britain’s poor showing at the Winter Olympics a new sporting body has been set up and is calling for a radical and modernising change to the Winter sports schedule The new British Winter...

brownpaperreporter 26.02.10 9:44am
Many Hans made light work

The Expenses Scandal just won't go away. David Willett, the Shadow 'Skills' Secretary is facing further criticism today after further details of his claim for changing light bulbs were made public.,...

MrChigleysAunt 26.02.10 9:05am
Gaddafi bans Emmenthal in first salvo of Swiss holey war 0
Duncan Biscuit 26.02.10 9:01am
Duncan Biscuit
Lloyds Bank named as new sponsor of Portsmouth FC 0
Duncan Biscuit 26.02.10 8:59am
Duncan Biscuit
NATS ‘Very Pleased’ with Windows 7 Upgrade

Britain’s National Air Traffic Control System was said to be ‘running very smoothly’ last night following its upgrade to Windows 7. The Application which is used to monitor Britain’s entire...

RichT 26.02.10 8:09am
RBS blame new owners for heavy losses

The head of RBS Stephen Hester has issued a scathing attack on the banks current owners, blaming them for recent heavy losses., Hester told reporters the £3.6bn losses were largely down to bad...

edward hack 26.02.10 8:04am
edward hack
French renew territorial claims over Isle of Wight 7
Scroat 26.02.10 1:31am
Colin Firth receives acclaim for collecting BAFTA in character

There was much admiration for Colin Firth at Sunday's BAFTAs who (presumably to prove his ability) collected his 'Best Actor' award in the character for which he'd won the aforementioned prize....

euankitson 26.02.10 12:18am
Homeless reject Travelodge accommodation over lack of facilities. more soon 0
Mrblacker 25.02.10 10:10pm
Ant & Dec 'very happy' as millions across the country pledge to press the button 0
exigo 25.02.10 7:32pm
ITV defends decision to show a pair of tits before watershed.

They say they have contractual obligations to Ant and Dec...

Ian Searle 25.02.10 6:57pm
Ian Searle
'Pay up Pompey... Pompey pay up !'

More dubious potential owners soon...

MADJEZ 25.02.10 6:37pm
RBS, mostly owned by taxpayers, 4 bn in debt, sensibly pay 1bn to employers

Most people accept and understand this wise move...

PluckyMunky 25.02.10 6:37pm
Killer whale claims, "It was assisted suicide". More soon.

Killer whale claims, "It was assisted suicide". More soon...

Ian Searle 25.02.10 5:31pm
Ian Searle
Burning tenners now officially cheaper than using British Gas 1
exigo 25.02.10 5:30pm
Ian Searle
Tories to "be clear" on just how screwed you are

Shadow chancellor George Osborne has said a Conservative government will always be "brutally honest" about cuts in public spending. In a speech to bankers and economists, Mr Osborne said "Many...

John Square 25.02.10 5:18pm
John Square
Catholic Church launches new chatroom to aid sex education

FaithBook had been seen as the way forward in sex education. But it soon ran into problems, a spokesman said today. "Everybody theemed to think it wath a huge joke," Sister Cecily Samson said. "I...

Scroat 25.02.10 4:54pm
edward hack
Magrahi fully recovered thanks to health care under UK socialised medicine. 0
Ostsee 25.02.10 4:50pm
Brown Aide Death ‘Assisted Suicide’ Rules Court

A Junior Administrative aide to Gordon Brown who was found dead in a pool of blood with electric shock burns to his genitals was merely a case of Assisted Suicide under the Governments new definition...

RichT2 25.02.10 4:49pm
Law clarified on assisted suicide - Madelson tells Brown to call election.

After British Courts clarify the law on assisted professional suicide - Madelson agrees to help Brown call an election. More Soon...

Ian Searle 25.02.10 3:51pm
Ian Searle
Curling Re-Defined As A Class-C Sport After GB Failure

More Brushing Soon...

Lt Frank Slade 25.02.10 3:45pm
Lt Frank Slade
Gary Glitter to solve England's Left Back Dilemma

Former Pop Star and convicted paedophile Gary Glitter has agreed to solve Fabio Capello's left back conundrum and play for England during the world cup. Glitter, who recently returned to England...

RichT2 25.02.10 2:21pm
TV's Davis slammed for 'blatant disregard' of reality norms

TV presenter and economist Evan Davis has been criticised by viewers and participants after his show 'The Day the Immigrants Left', in which unemployed British workers were given the chance to do...

Des Custard 25.02.10 1:23pm
Des Custard