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Ant & Dec 'very happy' as millions across the country pledge to press the button 0
exigo 25.02.10 7:32pm
ITV defends decision to show a pair of tits before watershed.

They say they have contractual obligations to Ant and Dec...

Ian Searle 25.02.10 6:57pm
Ian Searle
'Pay up Pompey... Pompey pay up !'

More dubious potential owners soon...

MADJEZ 25.02.10 6:37pm
RBS, mostly owned by taxpayers, 4 bn in debt, sensibly pay 1bn to employers

Most people accept and understand this wise move...

PluckyMunky 25.02.10 6:37pm
Killer whale claims, "It was assisted suicide". More soon.

Killer whale claims, "It was assisted suicide". More soon...

Ian Searle 25.02.10 5:31pm
Ian Searle
Burning tenners now officially cheaper than using British Gas 1
exigo 25.02.10 5:30pm
Ian Searle
Tories to "be clear" on just how screwed you are

Shadow chancellor George Osborne has said a Conservative government will always be "brutally honest" about cuts in public spending. In a speech to bankers and economists, Mr Osborne said "Many...

John Square 25.02.10 5:18pm
John Square
Catholic Church launches new chatroom to aid sex education

FaithBook had been seen as the way forward in sex education. But it soon ran into problems, a spokesman said today. "Everybody theemed to think it wath a huge joke," Sister Cecily Samson said. "I...

Scroat 25.02.10 4:54pm
edward hack
Magrahi fully recovered thanks to health care under UK socialised medicine. 0
Ostsee 25.02.10 4:50pm
Brown Aide Death ‘Assisted Suicide’ Rules Court

A Junior Administrative aide to Gordon Brown who was found dead in a pool of blood with electric shock burns to his genitals was merely a case of Assisted Suicide under the Governments new definition...

RichT2 25.02.10 4:49pm
Law clarified on assisted suicide - Madelson tells Brown to call election.

After British Courts clarify the law on assisted professional suicide - Madelson agrees to help Brown call an election. More Soon...

Ian Searle 25.02.10 3:51pm
Ian Searle
Curling Re-Defined As A Class-C Sport After GB Failure

More Brushing Soon...

Lt Frank Slade 25.02.10 3:45pm
Lt Frank Slade
Gary Glitter to solve England's Left Back Dilemma

Former Pop Star and convicted paedophile Gary Glitter has agreed to solve Fabio Capello's left back conundrum and play for England during the world cup. Glitter, who recently returned to England...

RichT2 25.02.10 2:21pm
TV's Davis slammed for 'blatant disregard' of reality norms

TV presenter and economist Evan Davis has been criticised by viewers and participants after his show 'The Day the Immigrants Left', in which unemployed British workers were given the chance to do...

Des Custard 25.02.10 1:23pm
Des Custard
Denmark increase pressure on Britain over Shetlands row

Denmark has today announced that it is limiting the export of Bacon to Britain, amid continuing tension over it's historic claim over the Shetland Islands. The Danish base their claim over the...

IamWibble 25.02.10 11:56am
DPP issues guidance on assisted suicide: use a pillow and keep quiet about it 0
qualia 25.02.10 10:08am
"Forces of Hell" say shortage of night vision goggles is undermining mission 0
qualia 25.02.10 10:06am
Bullying Helpline suspended - from a coat hook, by it's pants. 0
qualia 25.02.10 10:03am
Suicide guidelines permit feeding Bruce Forsyth to lions

The Director of Public Prosecutions has confirmed that new suicide guidelines will be based on how annoying the deceased is, and how inventive the method of killing. Examples used to develop the...

ED209 25.02.10 9:14am
Olympics latest: Britain's curlers forced out

T34 25.02.10 9:08am
Wales trainer unavailable for next Six Nations match 0
brownpaperreporter 25.02.10 8:57am
Angel Delight to be changed to a class A Dessert..

If taken straight from packet...

virtuallywill 25.02.10 8:42am
Guidance on assisted death by killer whale likely...

Death by James Whale later...

virtuallywill 25.02.10 8:38am
BBC cost-cutting leads to 80's news repeats on Falklands

The BBC was today accused of excessive cutbacks, as news on the Falklands War and the Ethiopian famine was repeated nearly 30 years after it was first broadcast. The director-general claimed that...

ED209 25.02.10 8:09am
Darling counters Brown's "forces of hell" with the forces of Hull: John Prescott 0
the coarse whisperer 25.02.10 1:21am
the coarse whisperer
White chavs 'must do more to integrate into British society' say immigrants

Immigrants from around the UK have held a press conference to call on White chavs to make more effort to integrate into British society. "Quite frankly, we think it's time they started mixing...

ED209 24.02.10 11:51pm
Plug pulled on lunchtime City analyst for not wearing red braces

The BBC confirmed tonight that its interview with an analyst reporting from The City lunchtime Tuesday was cut short due ‘technical problems with the presentation.’ ‘If they come on here for...

malgor 24.02.10 11:34pm
Turkey officers in coup charges

Chicken officers in coop charges...

MrChigleysAunt 24.02.10 9:55pm
Man with moobs refused breast screening - takes case to High Court

Trevor Fudge, 43, weighs in at 17 stone 12. He puts his right hand under his left moob and gives it a playful jiggle for the camera. Trevor packs a rather magnificent 36A moob and he explains why he...

brownpaperreporter 24.02.10 9:20pm

Choose a hobby. Choose an anorak. Choose a fucking camera. Choose some mates. Choose a country. Choose fucking India. Choose a hotel. Choose to photograph some fucking planes. Choose rotting away in...

roybland 24.02.10 9:07pm