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Snout discovers crack hidden in gusset (NeatO)

Undercover police officers who carried out dawn raids across the north west of England earlier this week have arrested several airport employees believed to be part of a global pornography ring...

edward hack 04.03.10 4:35pm
edward hack
Blair memoir expected to be launched in 4 to 5 months 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.03.10 4:23pm
Duncan Biscuit
Brown tells Zuma he's talking out of his arse about Britains colonic past.

When asked by Gordon Brown did he mean Britains Colonial past, Zuma retorted ' I say colonic past because in my opinion Britain shit all over Africa in the nineteenth century'...

Basil_B 04.03.10 4:07pm
True Isle of white story Apologies if someone has already posted...

ermintrude 04.03.10 3:40pm
German towels at red alert to bag Greek Islands 0
simonjmr 04.03.10 3:25pm
BBC boss Mark Thompson announces axe of hidden camera sex show.

The shows creator Benjamin Wilkins was unavoidably detained...

MADJEZ 04.03.10 3:24pm
'Fake Prime Minister' arrested in Downing Street

A Scottish man without a valid publically elected mandate was arrested at Downing Street as he was about to instigate full scale publice policies, police say. The 56-year-old man said he had held...

simonjmr 04.03.10 3:21pm
Lion nibbled to death by herd of antelope. 1
Stan 04.03.10 2:45pm
Poundland win lucrative MOD Defence Contract

[center]Some content.[/center]...

AdrianJ 04.03.10 1:56pm
Man celebrates World Book Day by reading atlas 1
Ludicity 04.03.10 1:17pm
Mutya applies for real name

[center]Former Sugababes singer Mutya Buena has applied for ownership of a real name, her legal firm says. The National name Centre has suggested three:, Mylene Klass II, Anastasia McClumphie,...

virtuallywill 04.03.10 12:56pm
RSPCA in Knacker Confrontation over Ashcroft

The RSPCA have accused the media of cruelty to a horse, because of the way they have been flogging the Ashcroft story. “The merciless beating inflicted cannot be excused by the death of the...

Alex London 04.03.10 12:27pm
Alex London
Customs chief reassures public that pickled cabbage find was Wurst Case Scenario

Customs chief John Cox has urged the public to stay calm, after fears that Britain could suffer from further outbreaks of pickled cabbage smuggling. Reports that preserved versions of the leafy...

ronseal 04.03.10 12:21pm
Israeli's and Palestinian's to have indirect talks

as awarded by referee Graham Poll. Israel set up defensive wall but despute the ten yard rule...

Basil_B 04.03.10 12:18pm
Dalai Lama 'furious' after Panchen Lama hacks into his Twitter account 0
Ludicity 04.03.10 9:45am
160 species of bacteria living in the human gut to be rebranded 'yoghurt' 0
Ludicity 04.03.10 9:31am
Jacob Zuma tells Queen: "You're my wife now" 0
Ludicity 04.03.10 9:22am
Bulger killer to sue Government for bad upbringing

That's it, I've nothing to put in this box that's relevant. It's a chill but sunny morning here in Manchester, I hope it's pleasant where you are...

ramblesid 04.03.10 9:03am
John Terry's joy disappears as he realises today is World Book Day, not Bonk Day 0
brownpaperreporter 04.03.10 8:32am
Woman offered counselling after Gok Wan fails to make her look good naked.

A 42 year old woman was left ‘distraught’ after Gok Wan failed to live up to the promise of his Channel 4 programme ‘How to Look Good Naked.’ Five foot tall Julie Minns, who admits to being...

Stan 04.03.10 8:16am
Foot's death shows how far Labour have come in 30 years.

The nation today looked back to the days when Labour was in a mess, with weak leadership, division in the pary and about to be trounced by the Conservatives at a General Election. How different...

MADJEZ 03.03.10 10:56pm
Michael Foot's death dumbfounds Coroner - "not a stranglewank, so I'm confused" 0
thackaray 03.03.10 10:39pm
Jeremy Kyle to host election debate

Between "Runs the country" Wants to run the country" and "Doesn't stand a chance of running the country"...

Ian Searle 03.03.10 10:32pm
Ian Searle
Sword mightier than the pen (this is a re-post, but somehow feels appropriate)

Tragedy struck today when Julian Evans, renowned author and wit, finally disproved the popularly held belief that the pen is mightier than the sword., Mr Evans had made a number of slights to...

fernandomando 03.03.10 10:28pm
Election leadership debates to follow rules of Just a Minute

'Each candidate will attempt to speak for sixty seconds without repetition, hesitation or deviation,' said debate moderator Nicholas Parsons, 'points will be awarded to any contestant who manages to...

Ludicity 03.03.10 9:53pm
it's official! world war two is over! 1
PluckyMunky 03.03.10 9:35pm
Winter Olympics Gold medal winner’s home city tour cut short by gritting lorry 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.03.10 9:33pm
Duncan Biscuit
BBC Trust keen to hear views on its digital plans but says reception is poor 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.03.10 9:29pm
Duncan Biscuit
ITV profit to disappear after Simon Cowell’s dentist submits late bill 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.03.10 9:28pm
Duncan Biscuit
Scottish police to charge Scottish football for wasting everybody’s time 0
Duncan Biscuit 03.03.10 9:27pm
Duncan Biscuit