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Cameron tells Tories it is their patriotic duty to remove GB stickers from their cars...

Duncan Biscuit 28.02.10 10:54am
Huge earthquake in Chile >> not nearly as many dead as in Haiti 0
Hunter F. Thompson 28.02.10 9:40am
Hunter F. Thompson
Tories deny "Vote for change" slogan based on beggar's shout "spare change, guv& 0
brownpaperreporter 28.02.10 9:36am
Flood alert

Hollywood on flood alert after late Oscar nominations for Winslet and Paltrow...

Duncan Biscuit 28.02.10 9:10am
Duncan Biscuit
Reader's Digest

Buyer interested in Reader’s Digest promised a valuable free prize even if he ultimately says ‘No’...

Duncan Biscuit 28.02.10 9:07am
Duncan Biscuit
Top scientist discovers that Government lied about Hadron Collider Involvement

A top scientist has found that the purported €400m investment in the particle accelerator was actually a lie. The Government contributed nothing to the any stage of the development. His source is...

brownpaperreporter 28.02.10 9:04am
John Terry urges Chelsea FC to rename Stamford Bridge

Club hopes not to shake hands on a deal soon...

Duncan Biscuit 28.02.10 8:44am
Duncan Biscuit
Bankers' veracity called into question.

The etymological derivation of the word, 'Banker' has recently been brought into question. Thought to have originated from the Italian word meaning, 'table', recent research has shown that this may,...

mac2474 28.02.10 5:41am
Newsbiscuit upgrade 'A complete success' says Lord Mandelson 2
interloper 27.02.10 11:46pm
Cameron may get standing ovation at Brighton conference 1
roybland 27.02.10 10:17pm
pork pie eating contest won by pig 0
PluckyMunky 27.02.10 9:21pm
Inflatable woman claims ‘I romped with Chelsea players’

In a statement released by her PR agent Max Clifford, an inflatable woman called Suzie (not her real name) claims to have ‘romped’ with the entire Chelsea squad. Suzie, also known as Bendy Wendy,...

Catch25 27.02.10 9:10pm
Lavinia Humphries - an Obituary

Lavinia Humphries – 12th May 1963 – 21st February 2010 Lavinia Humphries was very much of the old school. A smoker, drinker, intravenous drug user, advocate of promiscuity, brown showers and...

Mrblacker 27.02.10 8:17pm
Traffickers behind sardine deaths

Marine traffickers are thought to be responsible for the deaths of twelve sardines recovered from a supermarket shelf in Reigate, Surrey on Wednesday afternoon., The family of fish, thought to have...

edward hack 27.02.10 8:05pm
The All New Jeni B
Beggars loosely welcome Tories 'vote for change' slogan 0
roybland 27.02.10 6:28pm
Bridge declines Terry handshake in favour of 'na na na na na' gesture. 0
euankitson 27.02.10 5:02pm
Police hunt Boots Card rage assailant

Police throughout the UK are hunting a man who went berserk in a Dorchester branch of Boots in the latest case of Boots Card rage. 'The suspect was apparently queuing to purchase a toothbrush and a...

roybland 27.02.10 4:04pm
Tilikum to do re-enactment and hopes everyone is watching carefully this time. 0
Ostsee 27.02.10 3:50pm
US Government to finance Pacific Plate fold-over

WASHINGTON, Saturday. A White House spokesperson announced today that the catastrophic Andean geological turmoil was now "under control", thanks in large part to the US-led bail-out of bankrupt...

Hunter F. Thompson 27.02.10 3:44pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Novelist made up own words claim

Literary critics have revealed that novelist Will Self invented his own words to hoodwink readers into thinking they were reading something profound. 'Readers of Mr Self's books had such frequent...

roybland 27.02.10 3:34pm
edward hack
40 finches simultaneously decapitated as E-string snaps 0
malgor 27.02.10 2:52pm
Haitians slam Chile quake as 'cheap imitation'

Haiti's government angrily condemned Chile for launching an earthquake which 'infringed Haiti's intellectual property'. The President called the quake as 'a shameless attempt to cash in on Haiti's...

ED209 27.02.10 1:36pm
Worries over Chelsea’s new sponsor as Terry and Bridge meet on the pitch.

The tongue in cheek HADYOURBIRD.COM campaign asks the public if they have had a healthy portion of poultry this week. Their logo will be displayed prominently on John Terrys shirt this afternoon. One...

MADJEZ 27.02.10 1:20pm
Goldman Sachs replaces managers with Haringay Council's world leading service

Global investment banking giant Goldman Stanley is to outsource its entire entire management to Haringay Council after reading about its impressive record on the local authority's web site. After...

ronseal 27.02.10 1:17pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Top urologist surprise winner of music prize

Dr Benjamin "Urethra" Franklin said he was surprised yet flattered to win a lifetime achievement award from the US music industry. "Clearly all those hours practising guitar in the sluice room did...

MrChigleysAunt 27.02.10 1:07pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Local Diverted Traffic routes to be integrated into national network

Following successful trials of Diverted Traffic routes at a local level, the Department for Transport has given the go-ahead to expand the system into a fully-integrated national network. ‘The...

malgor 27.02.10 12:43pm
Falklands row, Britiain allows Argentinian ship to visit islands.

Battleship General Belgrano welcome anytime says Ambassador...

MADJEZ 27.02.10 11:39am
Bootleg cameraman tipped for Oscar success

Unemployed John Prestwick of Barnet was said to be in complete shock last night after bookies made him favourite to take the cinematography Oscar at this years awards ceremony. John was nominated for...

Rizzo 27.02.10 10:37am
Merkins tweet in DMZ

US troops are to be allowed to use social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook following a review of internet use and security., In the first 24 hours of Tweeting the most common...

virtuallywill 27.02.10 10:27am
Israel boycotts Mullah Rice

middle east is a dessert desert...

virtuallywill 27.02.10 10:07am