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Nicola Sturgeon Demands Right to Levy 'Annual Referendum Tax' On Scots 1
Titus 28.03.17 8:31am
Buckingham Palace Guards To Receive Police Protection 0
Titus 28.03.17 7:29am
Government To Reduce Total Number Of Targets By 25% Within 3 Years 0
Titus 28.03.17 7:28am
Britain 'Will Owe EU £60 Billion - Per Person' 0
Titus 28.03.17 7:26am
Government to consult Noel Edmunds over Brexit 0
throngsman 28.03.17 6:50am
West Lothian demands referendum on leaving Scotland. 1
deskpilot3 27.03.17 11:38pm
New Referendum: Should Nicola Sturgeon be Expelled from UK? 1
Theresa May 27.03.17 10:42pm
Homework losses, builder no shows and council bloke's intransigence - Russians

As the full list of Russian destabilisation tactics emerges, more Britons are bravely coming forward to share their stories of bolshie beastliness. A bloke from the council tearfully explained why...

ronseal 27.03.17 7:59pm
Diesel vehicles banned from Westminster Bridge 0
Underconstruction 27.03.17 7:25pm
Eamonn Holmes wife apologises for photo of cock saying he didn't look his best 0
Underconstruction 27.03.17 7:12pm
Whatsapp agree to release Westminster terrorist's last cock photo 0
Underconstruction 27.03.17 7:07pm
Rock climber Ben Nevis suffers spinal injury after fall..broke back mountaineer 0
ron cawleyoni 27.03.17 6:20pm
ron cawleyoni
French presidential election to be decided by a game of French cricket. 0
dominic_mcg 27.03.17 6:07pm
May and Sturgeon to be the new faces of Loose Women. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.03.17 6:01pm
Kanye devastated as self-portrait stolen from Berlin museum 0
DavidH 27.03.17 5:24pm
Jihadist Prosecuted For Texting 'Allahu Akbar' While He Drives Into Pedestrians

(Awaits flames - or stars.) Perhaps 'jihadist' rates him too highly. Maybe 'Tosser prosecuted For Texting ' ? We have had almost as much damage caused by pillock drivers just texting 'I'll be late...

Titus 27.03.17 4:52pm
Eurotoothfairy Supporters Condemn Old-Fashioned Sterling Toothfairy Supporters

'They are a bunch of old-fashioned, out-of-date, fascist nationalists' ranted a Eurotoothfairy priest, waving his fist in the authentic ranting-priest-fist-waving fashion 'Oh, and of course, racists....

Titus 27.03.17 4:48pm
Family of US victim bear Kahlid Masood no ill will; unlike Daily Mail 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 27.03.17 4:07pm
There can only be one best mum in the world

Ron Walker received a heavy backlash on Facebook, yesterday, after suggesting it was not possible for everyone’s Mum to be the best Mum in world. Ron told us how he had come to this conclusion...

Mr Charley 27.03.17 3:45pm
Mr Charley
Lone wolf fed up with getting the blame for everything.

'All I want to do is be left alone to lope through the forest, have the occasional howl at the moon and rip apart the odd sheep but as soon as some sad nutter goes berserk I always get the blame....

riesler 27.03.17 3:38pm
New pound coin can't be rolled out due to flat sides. 1
MADJEZ 27.03.17 3:20pm
Carswell Leaves Band To Pursue Solo Career

Douggie Carswell, lead (and only) vocalist in the band Ukip (not to be confused with the similarly-named but more inclusive-and-less-sleepy-sounding band U2) has announced his departure. He was...

Titus 27.03.17 3:20pm
Gary Baldy
Sex-Worker Offers 'Comic Relief' By Wearing A Clown Mask During Hand Job

[Hat tip to Al OPecia] Might be a turn-on for someone ...

Titus 27.03.17 3:11pm
Advertising Standards Authority consider investigating 'Comic' Relief Telethon. 1
Al OPecia 27.03.17 2:55pm
Followers of the Tooth Fairy vow to kill non-believers

It is one of the world’s largest religions. Every year, millions of people give offerings to an imagined being. For most of these people it is harmless fun, a reassuring children’s story and the...

deceangli 27.03.17 2:55pm
Cheryl and Liam in desperate race to give baby stupid name

More soon. Perhaps it might be named after famous astronomer and North Korean despot?...

antharrison 27.03.17 2:47pm
New Pound coin worth less in real terms than old Threpenny Bit. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.03.17 2:43pm
Al OPecia
Inconsolable London Marchers Protest Over 'Tragedy' Of Brexit

'This country has always desperately wanted a European government' explained a tearful protester. 'For centuries, British people have sat on the Cliffs of Dover, gazing across at France, and...

Titus 27.03.17 2:35pm
Al OPecia
SNP demand Lancaster and Halifax oil fields be renamed Bagpipe and Haggis

Following the discovery of a massive oil deposit 60 miles west of Shetland, Nicola Sturgeon has called upon oil exploration company, Hurricane Energy, to change the name of the so-called 'Greater...

Dick Everyman 27.03.17 2:16pm
Dick Everyman
25% of school absences attributed to children claiming they were on holiday 0
DavidH 27.03.17 1:24pm