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Royal re-burials set to replace Bank Holidays 1
Underconstruction 1 day

In a move aimed at filling the gaps between naturally occurring Royal births and deaths, the government is planning to replace existing Bank Holidays with a programme of Royal re-burials., It is...

"Dave should have 'twatted' Paxo," says Clarkson 1
cinnahmon 1 day

The Prime Minister's friend and neighbour, Jeremy Clarkson, revealed today that he was surprised that David Cameron hadn't resorted to violence during last night's TV interview by the veteran...

Massive rise in contrabrand electronic cigarette smuggling blamed on Cyberians 3
ronseal 1 day
Porn viewing judges fail to get themselves off. 10
godly1966 1 day
Paxman Must Be Muzzled Demand MPs 0
One Man And His Laptop 1 day

After last nights mauling of both Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Ed Miliband, MP’s have now insisted that broadcaster and journalist, Jeremy Paxman, be either muzzled or kept on a...

Satan distances himself from Miliband following “Hell yes” comment 0
StanleyMizaru 1 day
Tourist board planning to re-bury various Kings, Queens and in-laws 4
Underconstruction 1 day

In a move aimed to fill in gaps between naturally occurring Royal births and deaths, 'Visit Britain' is planning a series of re-burials aimed at bolstering an ailing overseas tourist industry., It...

Latest Theory: Clarkson Flew His Career Into The Ground Deliberately 15
Titus 1 day
Universities drop boxing lessons from media studies courses 0
StanleyMizaru 1 day

Top universities across the UK have dropped boxing lessons from their media study courses. At one time having a strong right hook was seen to be a benefit in getting a job within the media,...

BBC News 24 axed for ‘copying’ Sky News stories 0
farmer giles 1 day
Unknown male quits Harry Styles band for life of obscurity. 0
MADJEZ 1 day
UKIP to reboot Black & White Minstrels Show for Party Political Broadcasts 1
StanleyMizaru 1 day
Russel Brand To lead 'Top Gear' in New Direction 0
Dun Dunkin 1 day

More highs than lows in the hot tub...

Young relatives of rich Ambrosia Beetle coming out of the woodwork 0
James Pluside 1 day
Icelandic Feminists Caught In The Nip 1
One Man And His Laptop 1 day

An Icelandic man is being hailed as the master of reverse psychology today, after triggering a feminist movement which asks all women across the country to, “Free The Nipple”. Across Iceland,...

Adrian Chiles linked to vacant presenter post, show to be renamed "Flop Gear" 1
Gary Baldy 1 day

Does anyone like Adrian Chiles?...

Petty Officer gets worked up about things that actually aren't that important 3
Smart Alex 1 day
Future of BBC series uncertain as main character is fired 3
dangerouswhensober 1 day

The future of the ever-popular childrens' magazine 'Rag, Tag & Bobtail' has been thrown into doubt after the sacking of one of the program's three presenters. Bobtail, a 53 year-old rabbit glove...

After TV Debate: Will Everyone Suddenly Now Vote Labour? Hell Yes! 0
Titus 1 day
Fears/hopes distraught Top Gear fans ‘may self-harm’ 1
farmer giles 1 day
Many BBC Presenters "can't communicate". 1
Al OPecia 1 day

Too many Presenters are appearing on long-running BBC infotainment shows unable to speak in simple sentences or control their behaviour, a study says. The Better Late Than Never Intervention...

Kwik Fit retract speed claims after seeing how fast a Yemeni president can move. 0
Dodderer 1 day
Thousands turn out as newsreader Susanna Reid buried at Leicester Cathedral. 2
MADJEZ 2 days

More obscure lookalikes soon.

New left wing Top Gear series to feature Csar in an Unaffordable Car 8
ronseal 2 days

Top Gear will be re-vamped for the next series, with the show to be hosted by an aggrievance of Guardian journalists. The new show will still feature motoring, but with more emphasis on social...

GermanAir takes all 'you don't have to be mad to work here...' posters down 4
throngsman 2 days
If Clarkson Jailed Rolf Harris will Teach Him How to Play with His Didgeridoo 4
Dun Dunkin 2 days
"Clarkson insulted Chinese cuisine as well" says Oisin source 7
Idiot 2 days
Would-Be Jihadists Complain Of Discrimination When Seeking Travel Insurance 4
Titus 2 days

(Hat tip to PaulHorrox2)...

Government Sponsored Jihadist Tourism Office Opens in Bradford 1
PaulHorrox2 2 days

Following the critism by MPs that not enough is being done to stop extremist Islamists leaving Britain the Government have announced the opening of a Jihadist Tourism Office. The JTO will provide...

The Stig to be 'carefully reintroduced to society', BBC confirms. 5
WatcherMark 2 days

Following the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson and the abrupt ending of Top Gear, the BBC have pledged they will help resident test driver The Stig and ensure he can rejoin the general public. A statement...