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The inaugural 69 club challenges the 27 club for heavenly supremacy

2016 has seen the creation of the afterlife's 69 club with Bowie and Rickman being the de facto leaders. The creation of this new club has sharply focused attention on the 27 club that has been...

simonjmr 04.02.16 4:35pm
Irony lost on American man with crumpled shirt 0
Landfill 04.02.16 9:50am
Employers to lower recruitment costs through Tinder

Organisations will soon begin to share job specifications on the mobile dating application Tinder, targeting specific candidates solely on their photo portfolio. By swiping left or right the...

jonessgl 04.02.16 2:25am
Laverne Cox Passes Muster in Dad’s Army

In an unexpected climactic plot twist to the new movie of beloved British comedy series Dad’s Army, Orange Is The New Black Star Laverne Cox has been revealed as the post-transition counterpart of...

Iggy Pop-Barker 04.02.16 12:17am
Iggy Pop-Barker
Glenn Miller accuses Lord Lucan of queue-jumping 0
sydalg 04.02.16 12:07am
Scientists solve mystery of where missing socks go. More soon. 7
Al OPecia 04.02.16 7:43pm
Al OPecia
New Lord Lucan gets £155,000 bill.

"His father's car has been parked in the ferry car park for the past 42 years", Newhaven Town Council explained, "and now that he is officially dead, we are holding his son liable. Frankly, we'll be...

Tammy Flugh 03.02.16 8:16pm
Tammy Flugh
Issuing of death certificate long overdue says Lord Lucan

42-years after his infamous disappearance Lord Lucan has resurfaced to complain about the length of time it has taken for the authorities to issue his death certificate. Using the Twitter name...

harrypalmer 04.02.16 3:40pm
Midfield Diamond
Ted Cruz Excited About Huge Black Caucus 0
Takos1021 03.02.16 7:00pm
Ted Cruz Excited About Huge Black Caucus

February 1st, 2016, Washington DC- Analysts agree that the size of the Black Caucus is going to bigger than ever this year and no one seems to be more poised to take advantage of the situation...

Takos1021 03.02.16 6:59pm
Councils To Paint Over Car Windscreens Instead Of Road Centre, To Slow Motorists 0
Titus 03.02.16 6:26pm
Lucan's Alive!

Gawd save Queen...

BewsNiscuit 03.02.16 6:08pm
Lucan outlives Bowie 1
sydalg 03.02.16 5:44pm
S J Roe
Farage challenges Juncker to beer drinking contest

UKIP leader Nigel Farage today challenged President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to a drinking game at his local pub which he hopes will put an end 'for once and for all to this EU...

S J Roe 03.02.16 5:10pm
S J Roe
Welsh weather to remain rubbish in spite of Global Warming

[i]Dreams of a Welsh Riviera as credible as a Cameroonian winter olympics, says new report[/i] Despite global warming, Welsh weather will remain “depressingly unchanged” throughout the...

Daniel T 05.02.16 5:11pm
Daniel T
Shergar officially dog food.

More unsolved mysteries swept under the carpet soon...

Tammy Flugh 03.02.16 3:07pm
Tammy Flugh
Lord Lucan granted death certificate in High Court by Mr Justice Elvis 0
Wrexfan 03.02.16 1:54pm
Lord Lucan to present next series of Strictly Come Dancing. More soon 0
NotNowCato 03.02.16 1:34pm
The search continues for America’s worst candidate

Much to the frustration of Iowa voters, Tuesday’s caucus races failed to deliver a calamitous front-runner that the US could view with ‘universal disdain’. Instead, the primaries split the...

Wrenfoe 03.02.16 1:30pm
'Unlearn having a job' says Ford 0
Midfield Diamond 03.02.16 1:28pm
Midfield Diamond
I have in my hand an emergency brake given to me by Frau Merkel. 0
PeterB 03.02.16 1:15pm
Tories hail Cameron's 'historic' EU box of chocs deal

I have in my hand a box of chocolates,' proclaimed a triumphant PM. 'It is a full and total settlement of all my demands for EU reform. I asked for a total return to British judicial and fiscal...

nickb 03.02.16 6:48pm
Lord Lucan declared dead. Next sighting postponed until March 2017. 0
beckfordburger 03.02.16 12:34pm
Man loses faith in humanity; befriends Hugh, manatee 1
BenedictTD 03.02.16 1:19pm
Trump admits that Ohio "prefers a different type of nutcase"

More to follow...

apepper 03.02.16 4:28pm
Daniel T
Lord Lucan's death certificate goes missing

46 years after his disappearance, a death certificate has been issued for Lord Lucan. Unfortunately, the family admits they've since mislaid it. Lucan's son, George Bingham, speaking outside the...

apepper 03.02.16 7:58pm
Al OPecia
Why You Need to Hire Property Management Company

After a deep thinking and research work we ready to invest our savings for buying a property but when you own a property you want to make it an income source as giving on rent. Property is your big...

justchillswh 03.02.16 1:13pm
Ian Collier
Predictive keyboard company SwiftKey is a 'huj sukses' 0
Wrexfan 03.02.16 12:17pm
America Just Dropped a Massive Trump... and it was the Greatest Trump Ever!

Apologies to anyone in Yorkshire. No apologies to anyone in Lancashire...

Wallace Runnymede 03.02.16 11:45am
Wallace Runnymede
David Cameron succeeds in getting Sherbet Fountains stocked in EU canteen 0
Adrian Bamforth 03.02.16 11:34am
Adrian Bamforth