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Tribute act Fake Shaky jailed for crimes against music

Music police still seeking the real Shakin' Stevens...

immacagain 22.10.16 10:14pm
Nobel Academy 'baffled' at Dylan Thomas' failure to respond to prize 1
immacagain 22.10.16 9:53pm
Dylan's response to Nobel Committee "blowin in the wind". More soon. 4
Al OPecia 22.10.16 9:51pm
Philip Green to be stripped of his foreski... oh, hang on... 3
YaBasta 22.10.16 9:02pm
baron la croix
Russian Navy perorms "Brexit" ceremony. 4
Al OPecia 22.10.16 7:31pm
baron la croix
Trump concedes defeat after receiving the support of Sir Philip Green

Donald Trump has shocked America by pulling out of the race to become president after he gained the support of Sir Philip Green., "Allegations of sexual assault, racism and borderline insanity I can...

GAP 22.10.16 3:57pm
Man finally learns not to walk behind someone taking a selfie

I always thought it a bit strange said Owen Thompson, long time resident of Bath, city of sandy stone and seagull shit, why tourists would stand with their back to the Abbey or the Pump Room and take...

baron la croix 22.10.16 3:14pm
baron la croix
The man on the train

The man on the train looked to be in his early fifties, he wore a wore a dark blue pin-striped suit and had a large leather suitcase perched on the seat next to him. He tapped a number into his...

baron la croix 22.10.16 2:57pm
baron la croix
Chocolate coin exchange rate drops massively after Christmas

Bags of Chocolate Coins (CHC) are at an all time low. Chocolate finance minister Maria Toblerone stated "We are treating recent market changes as an opportunity for Chocolate People to trade more...

gaijintendo 22.10.16 1:08pm
Calls for BBC presenter to be sacked for helping old lady across the road

BBC newsreader Huw Edwards has blundered into a storm of controversy by helping a frail old lady cross a busy road. "I don't understand what the fuss is about," he explained. "I showed her where the...

YaBasta 22.10.16 12:16pm
People Traffickers Try To Smuggle Calais Migrants Onto Russian Warships

Should be a longer story really, ending with the migrants angrily demanding their money back when they eventually find themselves, courtesy of the Russian navy, back in Syria. But I couldn't be...

Titus 22.10.16 9:34am
Witney Lib Dems Demand Recount: Can't Believe They Came As High As Second Place

[Sorry this story is a bit late. But it IS the Cotswolds, after all.]...

Titus 22.10.16 9:05am
New Trident sub 'named The Jeremy Corbyn, for shits and giggles' says MoD 1
cinquecento 22.10.16 8:58am
7 year Canada-EU negotiation followed by failure "ideal model for Brexit"

More to follow...

apepper 22.10.16 8:56am
Turing Bill 'an enigma' concedes Parliament 1
Dick Everyman 22.10.16 8:53am
BBC Ignores News Story Because They Can't Find A Female Professor For Comment 1
Titus 22.10.16 8:52am
Harry Redknapp has 'high hopes' for second leg

'The lads were good on the break going forwards, and especially going backwards.'...

Bravenewmalden 22.10.16 8:03am
silly billy scotland
Mosul resists Grammar Schools

Fighting intensified around the occupied city, as Iraqi and Kurdish fighters attempted to bring selective education to this Islamic State (IS) stronghold. Although some IS leaders have fled, there...

Wrenfoe 22.10.16 8:01am
silly billy scotland
Toddler found 'staring into the void'

A toddler from a middle class home has been found gazing into the abyss, it has emerged. 3 year-old Jack Turner has displayed palpable symptoms of existential angst, despite not having started his...

jonessgl 22.10.16 5:09am
Prime Mover
Panic as sharks reinfest custard after 40-year absence 0
immacagain 21.10.16 11:12pm
Britain "swamped" with Hard Brexit porn

It has been revealed that, in the wake of Britain's exit from the European Union, "Hard Brexit" pornography has been doing the rounds amongst groups of "out" voters, particularly within UKIP and...

andyiong 21.10.16 10:55pm
Reopen chimneys to provide work for Calais piccaninnies, says Boris 1
immacagain 21.10.16 10:33pm
Waiter, Alf Resco, 68, eaten alive in tragic gastropub garden mix-up 0
immacagain 21.10.16 10:22pm
Russian booze cruise nears Calais 2
Smart Alex 21.10.16 10:17pm
Southern Trains' suspicious package was agreed by the RMT union. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 21.10.16 7:10pm
Women 'still facing discrimination', say typical uptight feminists

Despite extensive legislation and numerous court battles, women are still being discriminated against at work. Urgent action is needed to redress the balance. Such was the conclusion of a new...

Oxbridge 21.10.16 5:39pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Knights who say Ni successfully deter Russian warships from British coastline 1
Jodster 21.10.16 5:36pm
Philip Green could also be stripped of his Philip

A parliamentary Sub Committee has secretly looked into the possibility of taking away Sir Philip Green’s given name as well as his knighthood, leaving him with the name Green and nothing else. ...

nickb 21.10.16 5:29pm
Britain to send remains of Dunkirk flotilla to Barents Sea

Great Britain is to show Vladimir Putin who's boss by sending anything we can float to the Barents Sea, the government has said. Michael Fallon said that "enough is enough" as Russia's Northern...

Iroquois Pliskin 21.10.16 5:27pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Paleo Dieters Gutted after Stone Age People Found Scarfing Vole

Hipsters, faddy-eaters and those for who developing a spontaneous intolerance to gluten wasn’t quite enough of a culinary ball-ache are set to have a good long hard look at themselves after...

S-Bahn 21.10.16 4:02pm