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Campaigning Against The Right Of Free Speech To Be Made Illegal 3
Titus 1 day

More confusion later ...

Cameron promises "Seven Day" access to Craig David's back catalogue for GPs 0
Andy Gilder 1 day
Tory Conference, today’s theme: Defexting 1
beckfordburger 1 day
Netflix to release full-length film. In 7 parts, after the Americans are asleep 0
Iroquois Pliskin 1 day


Terror group launches winter campaign - CrISIS at Christmas 0
custard cream 1 day
Undead community claim Death Taxes an unfair construct of a vitalist society 0
Thundi 1 day
Chancellor Osborne vows to cut the price of poverty but increase the costs. 0
Crayon 1 day

Yes, I know it's not funny...

Vagisil to rebrand - blames ISIL for confusing customers 0
Andy Gilder 1 day
PM to provide doctors 7 days a week by 2020 - 12 day week starts in 2019 0
apepper 1 day

More to follow...

Gov't to halve wildlife research funding in response to WWF report 0
throngsman 1 day
Anger at Trump tweeting about Fred West as they are still overfishing tuna 0
Gary Baldy 1 day
High court sessions suspended because of bed-bug infestation in judges' wigs 0
Jim Garner 2 days

Bugs find lawyers' robing room too scary...

Details of MPs expenses to be posted on board in Westminster cellar 3
throngsman 2 days

'It's a major administrative burden,' said Bill Jenkins, a Civil Servant working for Ipsa, the organisation tasked with monitoring MPs expenses. 'First you've got to ask all sorts of questions, then...

Sherlock Holmes addresses gastroenterologists 1
Jim Garner 2 days

‘We both follow a shitty profession,’ Holmes said at the docs’ annual meeting. ‘We use the same process, one of elimination. ‘When you have eliminated all other possibilities, whatever...

Flasher shamed into revealing he was Tory Minister for a Civic Society 0
AReader 2 days
Phil Mickelson refuses to leave Scotland and defects to Ukip 0
custard cream 2 days
“We just prefer the colour purple” say defecting Tory MPs. 0
SeanDBStoakes 2 days

Conservative MPs are moving to UKIP because they prefer the colour purple, a government insider announced. “The purple rosettes and colour scheme go well with my pasty, toad like, right wing,...

Clegg struggling to get his 'I am my own man' speech signed off by Cameron 0
throngsman 2 days

It must be hard with all these conferences going on...

Mark Reckless denies rumours he's about to join ISIS. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 2 days
Osborne’s tax cut welcomed by the undead 1
deceangli 2 days

George Osborne’s attack on ‘death taxes’ has been welcomed by the undead community, many of whom describe themselves as ‘natural Conservatives’. A spokesman asked Osborne to go further,...

IDS announces 'Mark of Cain' for benefits claiments 1
andyiong 2 days
Rose West may sue after being connected with Donald Trump. 0
MADJEZ 2 days
Osborne announces benefits freeze. On benefits? You're gonna freeze! More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 2 days
Leaky fish tank not fit for porpoise 0
sydalg 2 days
Bigamist gets ticket for double porking 0
sydalg 2 days
Jihadi John's mum makes video apology 1
throngsman 2 days

A video published on You Tube today shows Jihad John's mum, Martha, making an apology on behalf of her son. 'He's been very naughty lately, I don't seem to be able to do anything with him,' she said....

Prominent Tory Resigns After Twitter Sex Scandal 0
BertieFox 2 days

Senior Conservative MP, Mark 'reckless' Reckless, has resigned after exchanging 'embarrassing' photos and personal details on line with a so-called 'non establishment seductress' who 'entrapped' him...

Son of Baronet strangely in favour of cuts to inheritance tax‏ 3
Wrenfoe 2 days

In a bold, seemingly unselfish move - George Gideon Oliver Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer and co-incidentally the 21st great grandson of King Henry III, promised a packed Tory conference that...

Sunday Times combines Driving and Travel to create new supplement 'Drivel' 0
JoshSpringer 2 days

More to follow...

Osborne says £25Bn will have to be found after election, doesn't say by who 0
throngsman 2 days