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Trump To Be Awarded 'Prescott Trophy' for Clear & Concise Communication 0
Titus 13.01.17 6:37pm
Labour's Tristram Hunt & Jeremy Corbyn Separate - Wrong One Goes To A Museum 0
Titus 13.01.17 6:31pm
Trump: Urine Denial

[OK not a new story, but I claim the most concise response ...

Titus 13.01.17 6:25pm
Agencies Reluctant To Handle Trump's 'Golden Shower' Story After It Leaks Out 0
Titus 13.01.17 5:16pm
Everyone pretending to give a toss about the FA Cup

For sport fans up and down the country, the first full weekend in January means only one thing: pissing cold rain – oh, two things, then – and a vague sense of obligation to act like they really...

Oxbridge 13.01.17 5:13pm
Al OPecia
BBC Declines To Cover News Story When It Cannot Find A Female Expert To Comment 0
Titus 13.01.17 5:10pm
British Ex-Spy leaks leak report about "Sexed up Dosser". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 13.01.17 5:09pm
Al OPecia
Armageddon averted by ensuring US nuclear codes contain more than 140 characters 7
Smart Alex 13.01.17 4:28pm
Al OPecia
Paris Jackson possibly too late to save her father’s reputation

While Sky TV have agreed to cancel their outlandish depiction of ‘Michael Jackson - crazy white guy’, his legacy as ‘crazy guy’ remains untarnished. Sadly, driving with Marlon Brando and Liz...

Wrenfoe 13.01.17 4:00pm
The Machiavellian Guide To Becoming President

The Machiavellian Guide To Becoming President, (as channeled from the nether worlds to his humble servants Donald Trump and rfreed) Note to the historically impaired- Niccolo Machiavelli was a...

rfreed 13.01.17 3:36pm
Empty Southern Rail train corridors to be rented out to NHS

With driver’s strikes resulting in rolling stock lying redundant, Southern Rail has come up with a new plan to help cut its losses during strike periods. Following talks with NHS managers in the...

Dick Everyman 13.01.17 2:32pm
Tristram Hunt Quits As Labour MP To Work In More Modern Environment: The V&A 0
Titus 13.01.17 2:20pm
BBC reporter still massively hungry, 'despite breakfast' 0
ronseal 13.01.17 2:06pm
Ivan Milat murdered in jail by backpacker Freddie Cheese

One of the best serial killers in Australia, Ivan Milat, has been killed prison. Ivan Milat was pummelled and mutilated so brutally, that even his prison guard did not recognise him. “I am very...

farmer giles 13.01.17 1:50pm
farmer giles
Heston Blumenthal denies his recipes are beyond the reach of the ordinary person

Royal Stem Cells seared in liquid nitrogen with a Higgs Boson jus This is one of my favourites as the ingredients are all fresh and cheap. The secret is to serve the bosons immediately as they...

Bogbrush 13.01.17 1:10pm
Graham Taylor 'turnip in his grave' 2
Oxbridge 13.01.17 11:58am
Laura Kuenssberg REALLY hates Corbyn

Friends have grown concerned that the BBC’s political editor is letting her loathing of ‘allotment owning socialists’ get the better of her. Such is her disdain for all things Corbyn, that in...

Wrenfoe 13.01.17 11:56am
Al OPecia
Real Life Sex Doll

Welcome to the fascinating world of [url=]Real Life Sex Doll[/url] and fulfill the peak of your sexual desires. If you wish to have fun, then choose realistic silicon...

Lifesexdoll 13.01.17 11:56am
Trump protests: nothing to do with Kremlin, they were Russian to the bathroom 0
Prime Mover 13.01.17 9:13am
Prime Mover
Don and Phil Foreverly Brothers in Firearms.

Donald Trump to pardon Phil Spector from prison due to his valuable experience with buidingWalls!!..that are Sound!as he wants to cover the Phil Spectrum ..not in a Russian hotel way though...

ron cawleyoni 12.01.17 11:22pm
ron cawleyoni
Everyone hoping that celebrity big brother ends in mass suicide 0
jonessgl 12.01.17 10:11pm

Fake News, Fake Tan, Fake Manyes David Dickinson is making a comeback..presenting a late night low budget low stakes casino show called..'cheap chips.'...

ron cawleyoni 12.01.17 9:08pm
ron cawleyoni
Germ Warfare to Software.

Germaphobe Donald Trump blames British 'cough' virus for hacking scandal...

ron cawleyoni 12.01.17 8:53pm
ron cawleyoni
Despite claims, nobody is actually planning on watching La La Land.

Data has recently emerged showing that people the world over have literally no intention of seeing the films they are currently raving about. A typical example being Daniel Roberston of High Wycombe...

Barry Van Hire 12.01.17 8:43pm
Posthummus honour given to man who died after eating Greek dip

More crud-ites jokes later...

Underconstruction 12.01.17 8:39pm
Smart Alex
Northern Irish sustainable energy policy found to be lagging 1
chrisf 12.01.17 8:38pm
Met Office apologises for failing to warn cold weather might happen in winter 0
throngsman 12.01.17 8:25pm
Close friend of Elton John apologises for xmas card oversight 0
Underconstruction 12.01.17 6:56pm
Graham Taylor to be buried alongside England’s World Cup chances 0
beckfordburger 12.01.17 6:47pm
Pop-up ad about meeting Russian woman online 'was just a piss-take' 0
Oxbridge 12.01.17 6:40pm