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Female clergy furious about the gender pray gap. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 24.07.17 9:18am
It's not the gender gap FFS, its that they are all paid too fucking much

Claudia Winkelman £450K?? Alan Shearer £450K??...

Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe 24.07.17 9:08am
Parent's holiday childcare plan thwarted as newly cut doorkey fails 0
Underconstruction 24.07.17 8:57am
Schrödinger's cat both alive and dead because fuck you, that's why

Tiddles, a black and white cat that was put in a locked steel chamber with a source of radiation, a hammer and a flask of hydrocyanic acid by an Austrian physicist, has shocked the world of quantum...

Oxbridge 24.07.17 8:03am
'Who' is Gallifreyan for 'doctor' it was revealed today.

As Doctor Doctor sounds silly, he/she/it prefers to be known simply by the title...

Mick Turate 24.07.17 7:48am
Mick Turate
Pep and Jose locked in bidding war over last tuna roll at Gregg's 0
DavidH 24.07.17 7:32am
Farmer's will only get subsidies if "they shut the fuck up". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.07.17 7:16am
Al OPecia
Global warming to get worse because of Brexit, says Guardian. 0
Maverick 24.07.17 3:59am
Paleontologist says DNA shows T. Rex and T. Rump basically same species

'Extinct or should be'...

Renrag 24.07.17 2:44am
Chris Froome wins 4th Tour De Trafford Centre title 0
DavidH 23.07.17 11:52pm
On reflection man admits to being a complete and utter bell-end

With the recent tragedies to have hit the nation over the past couple of months, a man today has said how he considered himself a complete and utter bell-end after taking the time to reflect on his...

NaffLaff 23.07.17 10:08pm
VW congestion charge bill changes to credit note in translation 0
DavidH 23.07.17 9:34pm
Man tricked again into thinking 114.9 pence per litre for petrol is 114 pence

A Colchester driver has had the wool pulled over his eyes again by ingenious global petroleum companies, through their clever use of fractions of pence in their pricing, it has been revealed. Steve...

chrisf 23.07.17 9:29pm
Princess Diana still dead.

Even more to come soon...

Mick Turate 23.07.17 8:48pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
Brits To Be Banned From Winning Tour-De-France After Brexit 1
Titus 23.07.17 7:31pm
Mick Turate
Leeds-Liverpool train carriages to be 'loaded onto barges' 0
DavidH 23.07.17 6:25pm
DC comic super heroes to be referred to as people

Taking the lead from TfL's decision to be more gender neutral DC comics have issued a statement saying they would like all their super heroes to be referred to as people instead of gender from this...

NaffLaff 23.07.17 6:17pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
Teen begs parents to stop using emojis

A teenager from London has pleaded with her parents to stop using emojis. 15 year-old Katy Smith has threatened legal action if she receives one more flying dolphin or monkey covering his eyes. ...

jonessgl 23.07.17 6:15pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
Breaking News : Police swoop on thousands of homes across UK

Over 200,000 properties across the UK were raided early this morning in what police describe as part of an ongoing investigation into the exploitation and abuse of young children., The Independent...

Gerontius 23.07.17 6:13pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
BBC doesn't have left wing bias, say people with a left wing bias 3
ronseal 23.07.17 5:10pm
Dick Van Dyke apologises for changing his name from Penis Truck Lesbian

More film news soon...

Mick Turate 23.07.17 5:02pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
Under tens football manager fed up telling the fat kid to stay in goal

Under tens football coach Johnny Edwards told reporters yesterday evening how he spends more time telling the fat kid to stay in goal than he does actually coaching the other kids on the team. I've...

NaffLaff 23.07.17 4:42pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
Corbyn on student debt: 'I said no one will earn enough to trigger repayment' 0
DavidH 23.07.17 2:08pm
Coming soon on ITV: “The Little Princes and The Wicked Stepmother.” 0
Kensington Palace 23.07.17 1:05pm
Kensington Palace
Boris Johnson to be parachuted onto Love Island tonight.

In a shock move set to shake up the loved-up Islanders, lusty tousle-haired sexpot Boris Johnson is set to join in the sexual shenanigans tonight. Producers hope ratings will skyrocket as the...

daneade 23.07.17 10:55am
Not home, alone 0
beckfordburger 23.07.17 8:23am
POTUS Explains that "Trump" is a Nickname, not his Real Name

"Like 'Whoopi' Goldberg, or Nik 'Hawkwind' Turner."...

Prime Mover 23.07.17 8:20am
Prime Mover
Public Outcry Over Having Nothing to Public Outcry About

There was a public outcry earlier today when the public realised that for the first time this year there was nothing in the national news to have a public outcry about. "It's simply appalling that...

mattd 23.07.17 8:04am
Conservative Party pledge to make Brexit ‘all the colours of the rainbow’

The Conservative Party have today pledged that before negotiations are over, and the rules for the shape of bananas are finally handed back to our sovereign Parliament, they will ensure ‘every...

MarkMaguire_ 23.07.17 5:29am
Scientists shock discovery that the Arctic isn't ice - just a massive fatberg. 0
deskpilot3 22.07.17 9:51pm