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Wheelbarrow shortage as people realise where the pound will be next month.

Customers flocking to the nation’s newly re-opened garden centres were shocked to find that they’d all be cleaned out of wheelbarrows, almost as soon as they’d opened for business. By 7.30 in...

oshaughnessy 26.05.20 6:46pm
Black man charged 10p too much for fish supper by white woman

The BBC has discovered that Jermain Thomas, a black man from Leeds, was charged 10p too much by a local takeaway when he made an order. Footage, which has been widely viewed on the internet, shows...

seso 26.05.20 6:28pm
For I am The Rat of The Highway and I can do Whatever I Like.

Hat-Tip to Julia Dondaldson...

ron cawleyoni 26.05.20 5:17pm
ron cawleyoni
More and more people now washing their hands in the sea to prevent Coronavirus. 0
ron cawleyoni 26.05.20 5:06pm
ron cawleyoni
Exclusive: Cummings' Barnard Castle Trip Advisor Review

A mere four hours from Islington, Durham is the ideal place to relax and unwind. I refreshed my vision by a short 30 mile detour to Barnard Castle, a lovely Northern market town, famed for its...

Max Stars 26.05.20 4:47pm
Cummings eye problems vindicated as he fails to see tiredness kills m'way signs 0
ron cawleyoni 26.05.20 4:34pm
ron cawleyoni
M'way service staff knew it was 'Him' when he didnt baulk at food & drink prices 0
ron cawleyoni 26.05.20 4:19pm
ron cawleyoni
Dominic Cummings makes a spectacle of himself 1
Mick Turate 26.05.20 4:04pm
Cummings wife warned against taking eye-sight test

'Best stay as you are'....

Gerontius 26.05.20 4:04pm
Al OPecia
Specsavers to open roadside pop up shops 0
Dick Everyman 26.05.20 2:40pm
Dick Everyman
Non-drivers demand the right to have eye tests. 0
Mick Turate 26.05.20 2:32pm
Mick Turate
RNIB to swap labradors for Landrovers. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 26.05.20 2:30pm
FILM LATEST: Bend the Truth Like Boris now available for download and streaming 0
oshaughnessy 26.05.20 2:29pm
Roger Whittaker denies ever going to Durham 3
Duncan Biscuit 26.05.20 1:26pm
Mystery Disappearance of Solar Panel King

A man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, seems to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The man was a legend throughout the internet as a cool voice of reason, moderation and common...

granger 26.05.20 1:25pm
Hitler: let's draw a line under the Holocaust and move on

I know, Godwin's law . . . nevertheless, it seems apposite (if a tad OTT)...

deceangli 26.05.20 1:03pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Minister resigns over Cummings : "He should have pulled out earlier." 0
camz 26.05.20 12:31pm
Media unable to book Arya Stark for Dominic "Littlefinger" Cummings Inquistion 0
thackaray 26.05.20 10:41am
Theresa May pissing herself

Theresa May is currently spending most of her time absolutely pissing herself at the mess Boris Johnson and his cabinet are making of running the country. The former Prime Minister is still MP for...

Vertically Challenged Giant 26.05.20 10:19am
Midfield Diamond
Cummings claim expenses for Pasties Cokes Mars Bars and Petrol at M'way Services 0
ron cawleyoni 26.05.20 10:17am
ron cawleyoni
"Next time I'll use f**king Ecuadorian Embassy" 0
ron cawleyoni 26.05.20 10:01am
ron cawleyoni
Barnard Castle dungeon being prepped for so called London based self isolater. 0
ron cawleyoni 26.05.20 9:58am
ron cawleyoni
Entire government resigns, Cummings left in charge. No change then. 0
Sir Lupus 26.05.20 9:46am
Sir Lupus
Shock & Outrage As Man Expresses 'Indifference' Whether Cummings Goes Or Stays

In other news:, _ _ _ 'Martians Land. 1st Question Asked By Earth Journalists Is 'Do YOU Guys Think Dominic Cummings Should Have Resigned?".', _ _ _ '[i]The Archers[/i] Now To Be Broadcast...

Titus 26.05.20 9:39am
Trump: 'I watched Cummings press conference and I like him. He's my kinda guy.' 3
Chipchase 26.05.20 9:27am
Car showrooms to reopen next week as eye tests substituted with 30 mile drive 3
KateWritesStuff 26.05.20 9:23am
Terry Bunn
"Accelerate to 60mph and read that number plate please" asks driving examiner 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 26.05.20 9:19am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Holiday destinations to be bailed out on a last resort basis

Holiday destination bailed out as a last resort, Seaside town will only receive funding if it's a last resort...

SteveB 26.05.20 9:16am
Cummings admits visiting Melton Mowbray on way home from Durham 0
LittleSpender 26.05.20 9:05am
The whole of UK now wants to visit Barnard Castle

Thanks to a one-hour interview with Dominic Cummings, the British public are now convinced that a 12th century ruin, in Teesside, is the gateway to Narnia. So jealous are they of Mr. Cummings’...

Wrenfoe 26.05.20 8:53am