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Church outrage as Cops kill pushers and Priests have no drugs to feed the kids 0
marlon bando 27.07.16 9:10pm
marlon bando
Catholic Church vows to make ISIS feel guilty for things it hasn't even done. 0
dominic_mcg 27.07.16 7:22pm
Record-breaking sales of Woman’s Weekly linked to the death of Victoria Wood

Sales of the British magazine Woman’s Weekly hit an all-time high in the second quarter of 2016, a sudden growth spurt which had experts everywhere utterly baffled, that is, until the Sales Data...

Jodster 27.07.16 6:04pm
France sees UK as bigger enemy than ISIS 0
Dun Dunkin 27.07.16 5:33pm
Dun Dunkin
French show western unity by appointing Napoleon as brexit minister 0
Dun Dunkin 27.07.16 5:33pm
Dun Dunkin
Owen Smith is a mown shite, says Countdown Conundrum enthusiast 0
Jodster 27.07.16 4:59pm
Middle manager jokes about BDSM ‘that little bit too often’

Colleagues of Rupert Underwood, a 43-year-old systems manager at the Reading-based online order fulfilment firm Zentixx, are demanding that disciplinary action be taken against him. They all agree...

Oxbridge 27.07.16 3:36pm
Pizza Hut tie up with Manchester City now off the menu suggest executives

A long-planned sponsorship deal between Manchester City and Pizza Hut looked to be increasingly remote today, after new manager Pep Guardiola banned his players from eating pizzas and told them to...

chrisf 27.07.16 3:36pm
John Hinkley prison release brought forward to coincide with Trump inauguration 4
Adrian Bamforth 27.07.16 3:35pm
Clinton 'as bad as Trump' say people who obviously haven't listened to Trump 0
Oxbridge 27.07.16 3:28pm
Bathroom scales 'should face perjury charges' say holiday-goers

All bathroom scales are compulsive and vindictive liars, it has been claimed. Scientists from the Institute of 'Are you f*cking kidding my fat-arse?' revealed the results of various polygraph tests...

thatwasbeast 27.07.16 2:51pm
Dogs protest at minimum wag proposals

It’s a familiar question. ‘How much is that doggie in the window?’ And predictably, that doggie is always identified by its rate of tail waggliness. Now though, Westminster has needled NUDL,...

nickb 27.07.16 2:23pm
Weak leader God faces vote of no confidence after disastrous start to year 0
cinquecento 27.07.16 1:53pm
Brexit Latest: UK constipation sufferers hoping for "free movement" 0
thackaray 27.07.16 1:05pm
"Commando" Hillary Clinton shows "crack" in Glass Ceiling; Perverts delighted. 1
thackaray 27.07.16 12:31pm
Postman Pat delivers fatwah to Fireman Sam 1
UrNikko1965 27.07.16 10:47am
Black, but not been shot by cops yet? Write for NewsBiscuit while you wait 4
deceangli 27.07.16 10:46am
Kidnappers Tell Bernie Ecclestone 'Pay £28m Or We'll Free Your Mother-In-Law' 3
Titus 27.07.16 10:22am
Man conquering status anxiety through 5-year hire purchase deal on expensive car

A man is trying to conquer his status anxiety by means of car finance. 36 year-old Paul Denton is worried that he is falling behind his peers, and he hopes that a show of conspicuous purchasing power...

jonessgl 27.07.16 10:12am
ISIS now a member of the British Franchise Association. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.07.16 9:57am
Royal Mint announces record profits

After years of printing bank notes and minting coins, the Royal Mint - producer of half the World's coinage, announced today that it has made a record profit this year. In other news, around 100...

ionb 27.07.16 8:59am
Bill Clinton: 'I did Not Have Sex With That Woman. Oh, THAT One, My Wife, Yes 0
Titus 27.07.16 8:34am
First they came for the whistleblowers and finally they nailed the Vuvuzelas

Pastor Niemoller has released a new aphorism, in a long awaited follow up to his acclaimed debut " and I said nothing". But Niemoller has surprised fans by completely changing direction with his new...

ronseal 27.07.16 8:14am
Russian Athletics on downer after state withdraws sponsorship for doping

Russian track stars were left disappointed today after the National Ministry of Sport indicated that they were cutting their lucrative sponsorship of the sport’s doping regime, with funding moving...

chrisf 27.07.16 8:08am
Cybercriminals may be about to get their first president 0
ronseal 27.07.16 5:47am
Survey: Dutch men world's tallest. Congo-Brazaville men have biggest dicks

US women have biggest mouths...

Renrag 27.07.16 3:47am
Aussies fly Muralitharan to Rio to advise javelin squad 1
Sir Lupus 26.07.16 11:41pm
Gary Baldy
Suspicion that Jeremy Corbyn is in fact Keyser Soze

Although to his acolytes, Jeremy Corbyn appears to be the direct descendant of a line which includes Gandhi, Clement Attlee and Nelson Mandela, some doubters are starting to have an inkling of an...

freeryda 26.07.16 8:40pm
Speech plagiarism doubts as Michelle Obama 'honored to be in Sports Illustrated' 0
cinquecento 26.07.16 6:59pm
Mayor Of Rouen Says 'Will No-One Rid Me Of These Turbulent Jihadists?' 0
Titus 26.07.16 6:21pm