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Charle's Manson dies before final appearance on Tattoo Nightmares 0
Adrian Bamforth 20.11.17 9:19am
Adrian Bamforth
'Just a minute...I'm going nowhere!' Parsons

Veteran presenter, Nicholas Parsons, has stunned the world of broadcasting by refusing to give up the chairman's role on the popular Radio 4 panel show, Just a Minute, despite calls on all sides for...

Chipchase 20.11.17 9:12am
ron cawleyoni
'Mugabexit Means Mugabexit' Say Zimbabwe Army Chiefs 2
Titus 20.11.17 8:28am
Craig David 'not actively seeking work' in last 7 days say Jobcentre Plus

Popular rap/pop crossover artist Craig David had his Jobseekers Allowance controversially stopped, after it was revealed that he had not been genuinely seeking gainful employment over a recent 7 day...

chrisf 20.11.17 6:09am
Mugabe clash..should I stay or should I go. 1
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 11:10pm
27 Desperate Countries Apply To Join British Commonwealth After Hard Brexit 0
Titus 19.11.17 11:08pm
Mugabe speech finishes with Eastenders drum roll 0
chrisf 19.11.17 9:33pm
Davis to pursue Brexit talks through the medium of dance. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 19.11.17 9:20pm
#Metoo, says SatNav voice

The flood of accusations of historic sexual harassment against Hollywood luminaries, politicians and others has flushed out another hitherto cowed victim. ‘Sarah’, the well-spoken default female...

Oxbridge 19.11.17 7:39pm
World Reminded to Care About Lil Peep 0
Jeff Glovsky 19.11.17 6:09pm
Jeff Glovsky
Crocodile..tears 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 5:51pm
ron cawleyoni
Mugabe 'It was the tache, wasn't it...' 0
MADJEZ 19.11.17 4:24pm
Tough crackdown on drivers straddling left lane at junctions when turning right

The Department of Transport is expected to announce a tough crackdown on car drivers who straddle both lanes of minor side-junctions when turning right across major roads, selfishly jamming them up...

Chipchase 19.11.17 3:45pm
Grace Mugabe in urgent talks with Ant and Dec 0
Dick Everyman 19.11.17 1:32pm
Dick Everyman
Aled Jones suspended for asking Snowman to show him his carrot. 1
MADJEZ 19.11.17 1:31pm
Now its official..Robert Mugabe to give Sir Elton his clothes back. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 1:31pm
ron cawleyoni
Pope Francis lined up for sexy tv reality show..I’m a celibate get me out of her 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 1:22pm
ron cawleyoni
Success of Tena pants proves trickle down is a viable economic model. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 19.11.17 1:17pm
Fukushima: Consequences of leaked radioactivity rears a familiar head

In an age where historical sexual activities are returning to haunt; the devastating tsunami that struck the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan causing the meltdown of three reactors has added...

DavidH 19.11.17 1:03pm
Aled Jones: Walking in the air is not a euphemism. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 19.11.17 1:01pm
Guest gatecrashing alternate wedding denies wrongdoing 0
DavidH 19.11.17 11:26am
Newly-Redundant Mugabe To Become Leader Of Sinn Féin

Hat-tip to cinquecento. Sinn Féin scheduled to win next election by 100,000,000,000 votes ...

Titus 19.11.17 11:25am
Manflu vaccine trialling in medium-priced wine and craft ale 0
DavidH 19.11.17 11:22am
Well 3 days past no sign of sausage roll rising,oh that's the easter it? 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 10:43am
ron cawleyoni
Man from the Future.."don't get your hopes up...lifes still shit" 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 10:29am
ron cawleyoni
Mugabe on the exit diet. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.11.17 10:18am
ron cawleyoni
Driverless Cars To Be Given Green Light, But Greatest Concern Is Red Lights

Meanwhile, NewsBiscuit continues experimenting with starless - and readerless - posts ...

Titus 19.11.17 9:08am
Research shows people with dogs live longer, unlike their neighbours' children. 4
dominic_mcg 19.11.17 8:45am
Mugabe May Be Offered The 'Ceaușescu' Option

With or without a blindfold. More later ...

Titus 19.11.17 8:11am
Lidl unveil new 100% British Range.

Having seen a Lidl customer whisked off on an all expenses paid trip to the Scottish Fisheries after tweeting that Lidl Mussels are farmed in ditches,Valerie Perkins decided to join in the fun and...

tonymc81 19.11.17 6:40am