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Dead sheep who savaged dead man now also dead 1
Oxbridge 2 days
Iron ore runs out in Oregon 2
farmer giles 2 days
SNP blamed for Scotland being in UK and out of Europe 0
farmer giles 2 days
Facebook's share value plummets as it resorts to TV advertising. 0
Crayon 2 days
Canned fish activists demand 'tuna friendly' policy. 5
S J Roe 2 days

Tuna rights activists have spoken out about what they deem to be the 'degrading' and 'humiliating' treatment of the popular canned fish. 'It's not right, it really isn't' said activist John Peters....

Bar-room thugs win legal right to attack martial artists simultaneously 2
deceangli 2 days

In a landmark ruling, the US Supreme Court has decreed that ‘thugs, bikers, no-good hoodlums and tattooed hicks’ are legally entitled to attack martial artists as a unit, rather than taking it in...

Change BLATTER to PLATINI in 4 moves and win a large brown envelope 0
beckfordburger 2 days
England rugby team tried hard, but didn’t try enough, admits Lancaster 0
farmer giles 2 days
Car maker publishes technical manual with zero omissions 0
Underconstruction 2 days
Queen going to have to 'work hard' for my luurve says Corbyn 8
S J Roe 2 days

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn has responded to criticism over his failure to meet with the Queen saying that while he was a man of principle, diplomacy and honour he'd realised from a...

Larry’s happiness ‘may have been overstated’ 11
deceangli 3 days

A spokesman for Larry has confirmed reports that he has been experiencing some issues with depression recently. This has had knock-on effects for thousands of people who calibrate their happiness...

Move along - nothing to see here 0
Smart Alex 3 days
Felix Vossen fails to secure backers for biopic of his life 0
throngsman 3 days
Ugandan orphan berates UK sponsor for tiresome correspondence 1
jonessgl 3 days

6 year-old orphan, Katungi Zuluka, from the Ugandan village of Ruhanga, has heavily criticised his UK sponsor for sending him mind-numbingly dull letters on a regular basis. 37 year-old Jeanette...

Texas police arrest film star without shooting him 1
disarco 3 days

Police in Austin TX confirmed this morning that they have arrested film star Shia LeBeouf without firing a shot. During a press conference Sheriff Carlton of the City of Austin PD appeared emotional...

Israel and Hamas begin talks to determine date of next war. 0
Adrian Bamforth 3 days
Stan Boardman cancels Anfield season ticket 1
Wrexfan 3 days

More follows...

ISIS piqued as US and Russia talk about taking turns bombing Syria 0
virtuallywill 3 days

Still checking post for invite...

Hugh Scully to be buried with very fine example of an 18th century ginger jar 0
Underconstruction 3 days
The Times revives Latin crossword 0
Wrexfan 3 days

Magis sequitur...

Rsgoldaz Adding Darkscape RS Gold and Show U Whats Coming to Runescape 2016 0
darkscapersgoldaz 3 days

From the RuneFest 2015, we know that 2016 is really important to [url=]RS Gold [/url]. They are doing their best to transform the way they update the game and trying to...

Blat and Plat in FIFA fat cat autocrat spat. 0
Crayon 4 days
Camelot make Lotto impossible 'to satisfy demand' 0
throngsman 4 days

"We've known for some time that Lotto players were dissatisfied with odds of 14 million to one - it's clearly too easy," said a Camelot spokesman, describing the move to odds of 45 million to one....

Corbyn "double-dared" to bite Queen's hand, says Labour insider. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 4 days
Hugh Scully to make one final appearance on Antiques Roadshow. 0
deskpilot3 4 days
GCHQ can take control of smartphones AND websites. 0
deskpilot3 4 days

In a shock relevation it has become clear that the [deleted] [deleted] *hardworking* members of the *valuable* security service GCHQ can [deleted] take control of uploads to popular [really?] website...

VW fine might equal US trade deficit. 1
Griffin 4 days
NHS maths question 'was challenging' say Treasury 1
Dun Dunkin 4 days

The Treasury was bamboolzed by the question of if the NHS is privatised how soon before it goes bust and has to be bailed out leaving private firms richer and the public poorer?...

Big Sam eclipses Klopp 0
Wrexfan 4 days

More follows...

Labour to launch Harry H Corbyn leisurewear range 1
Underconstruction 4 days

The labour party is set to boost its fundraising capability with the launch of a casual leisurewear range designed in the image of its new leader and former star of the hit TV series Steptoe and...