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Mackay "I won't vote in yes/no referendum unless I get a topless massage" 0
Underconstruction 1 day
ISIS Beatles release new 'White Album" where they just slaughter white people. 0
vulture1 1 day

Followed by "Greatest Slits" DVD...

BBC acted appropriately in reporting alleged sex abuse, says BBC. More soon 1
dominic_mcg 1 day
"Holy Land" ....yeah, right. 0
vulture1 1 day

More prayers answered soon...

O2 to introduce the 'Unlimited Filth' text tariff 0
Underconstruction 1 day
FA warns managers not to buy used phones from Ron Atkinson 0
Underconstruction 1 day
Celebrities reminded to remove champagne bottle before ice bucket challenge 4
bonjonelson 1 day
ISIS 'Disappointed' By Lukewarm Support From The BBC 6
Titus 1 day

An ISIS spokesman has expressed his dissatisfaction with the "lukewarm and inconsistent' support his organisation has received so far from the BBC and other news media. "OK, they they do at least...

Neanderthals may have flown to distant planet after hedge dispute with humans. 0
Underconstruction 1 day

Detailed Neanderthal cave paintings illustrating an ongoing dispute with humans over the height of a hedge, have thrown new light on their disappearance as a race exactly 50,000 years ago., The...

Doctor claims that Scottish independence debates will really help insomniacs. 0
deskpilot3 1 day
BBC acted inappropriatley...they didn't show us the porn! 0
irreverendJ 1 day
Cameron plans emergency recall of Parliament to vote on increasing MPs expenses. 0
deskpilot3 1 day

More pork barrel politics soon...

Indian Yoga teacher resigns after "getting himself into an impossible position" 3
AReader 1 day
Delusional couple still somehow think they should be happy together 0
Oxbridge 1 day

Psychiatrists up and down Britain are rolling their eyes in disbelief after an Isle of Wight couple, Paul and Sophie Rice, sought marriage guidance because of a 'crisis in their relationship'. Many...

Neanderthals and modern man coexisted say researchers in Knowle, Bristol 5
RobArmstrong 1 day

Local humour for those that know the area, please insert personal area of prejudice. You're welcome...

Mackay set to be appointed stand-up comedian in 1970s 2
johnnydobbo 1 day

Former Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay is set to sign for the 1970s as a stand-up comedian after his chances of the Crystal Palace job were scuppered by revelations in the press. Text messages and...

oops 0
blacklesbian 1 day
Elephant with peanut allergy sues little girl 0
Lang 1 day
Grammar Nazis Apprehended In Fourth Reich Plot 15
Lang 1 day

A national calamity was narrowly averted today when police arrested a secret group of Grammar Nazis in an underground classroom. A Scotland Yard spokesman said the sting operation successfully...

GCSE english grade's; falled from last years' alltime higherest pass's 5
cinnahmon 1 day
1970s to be deleted 4
deceangli 1 day

David Cameron has announced a bold plan to delete an entire decade, a move ‘violently opposed’ by music superstar Keith Chegwin. Cameron’s plan involves ‘neuralysers’, memory modification...

Carney feeds interest rate dissenters to piranhas 3
harrypalmer 1 day

Two members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee who favoured an interest rate rise have been eaten alive by a school of piranhas while shocked members of the committee looked on. ...

Discrimination allegations lead to hunt for UK ISIS jihadi to begin in Surbiton 0
RobArmstrong 1 day
New FSA barbecue guidance seen as proof of the Peter Principle 0
RobArmstrong 1 day
Superman, Batman and Darth Vader to buy retirement homes in Cape Town 0
Ian Searle 1 day

The Mafia too Sbject to contract...

Prize for Football team with least wins and losses to be decided by drawing lots 1
The Last Detail 1 day
Mario Balotelli has to 'Calm down, calm down!' now he's joined The Reds 0
cinnahmon 1 day
Dramatic fall in Ninja fancy dress costume hire in East London 0
cinnahmon 1 day
Rail fares increased to pay for improved 'buffet creeps' 1
Wrenfoe 1 day

Regulated rail prices are set to increase by 3.5% by 2015 in order to subsidize a fleet of inter-city perverts. With sex offences already risen by 21%, Britain's National Rail network is hoping to...

Black Cockney Man in Black Fatigue & Face Scarf Wins Lennon Doppelgänger Contest 0
IABP 2 1 day

Like looking in a mirror...