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TV & Radio Celebrity Broadcaster "Happily Married, Satisfied and Content" 0
MrPhill 1 day

It's been reported in a Sunday scoop today, that a respected Media figure has announced that he is "happy with his lot in life" and grateful for what he has got., He has never been interested in...

Commentators hope Arsenal don’t sign Papastathopoulos 2
farmer giles 1 day
Tech research cuts blamed as WW3 unlikely to be fought by giant killer robots. 0
Crayon 1 day
Village Pub Gentrification renames Dog and Duck to Lama and Peacock. 7
Dun Dunkin 1 day

"New dress code and gastro menu and No TV Football Only Open Fri-Sun"...

Joan Rivers: ‘Switch that thing off. I can’t hear myself think up my next joke’ 2
beckfordburger 1 day
Charlie Fairhurst to head BBC Trust 0
2escapees 1 day

Yes Charlie Fairhurst the long suffering senior nurse from BBC's Casualty is the new head of the BBC Trust. Whilst viewers watched him get a diagnosis of angina in last night's programme the BBC...

Pandas Transferred To Rotherham In Hope Of Increasing Their Sexual Activity 0
Titus 1 day

And Shaun Wright appointed as zoo keeper...

Man still being studiously ignored in room full of elephants 0
ronseal 1 day

Though hovering by the peanuts and desperately trying to make eye contact, Dave Harris is still finding it hard to get noticed by the largely elephantine occupants of The Room. It's a turn of events...

Shaun Wright To Join 'Respect' Party In Attempt To Become Less Unpopular 0
Titus 1 day
Daily Mail readers panic-buy vacuum flasks. 5
Tammy Flugh 1 day

"I hate the EU" said 75 year old Mrs Ada Jackson, "but the thirty I've just bought should see me out"...

EU Warning: Scottish Yes Vote Could Mean Bagpipes At Eurovision 2015 0
Coffeemate 1 day
Dropping 'Fame' box-sets on jihadists last desperate throw of dice admits US 2
harrypalmer 2 days

The Pentagon has revealed that US military planes have dropped box-sets of 80's TV series 'Fame' in areas of Iraq currently controlled by Islamic militants. The move is seen as a daring attempt to...

Lucy Pevensie accused of cheating at hide'n'seek after hiding in imaginary lands 0
Smart Alex 2 days
90% of Time on Facebook Now Spent Tightening Privacy Settings 0
Peter749400 2 days 90% of all time spent on Facebook is now being used to review and tighten privacy settings, according to a study...

Israeli tourists 'gutted' that they're not welcome in Bradford 4
deceangli 2 days

Tel Aviv airport is unusually quiet today. "Normally there would be three or four flights a day to Leeds Bradford airport", a spokesman says. "Israelis love Bradford - the climate, the culture, the...

Everton defenders win Perrier Comedy Award 1
AReader 2 days
Lobsters not keen on doing the hot bucket challenge. 4
Ian Searle 2 days
George Galloway to be charged with using an offensive weapon - his mouth 0
AReader 2 days
van Gaal relieved as Man Utd get the heavyweight clashes out of the way early 7
beckfordburger 2 days
Galloway suspect charged with "not carrying an offensive weapon" 2
deceangli 2 days

Police have confirmed that a man has been charged with 'not carrying an offensive weapon to a Galloway gig'. A police spokesman said "we arrested a 39 year old man who was in close proximity to...

Tory MP displays exceptional loyalty to voters by his midterm defection to UKIP. 4
Crayon 2 days
Cameron calls for calm in the worsening Bake Off Conflict 23
Squudge 2 days

The UN is calling for air-strikes to intervene after Diana Beard, a 69 year-old WI activist from Shropshire, was filmed taking a bearded combatant's ice-cream out of the freezer during the Great...

Linda McCartney sausages to be discontinued 1
tonyhill 2 days

Linda MCCarney foods at last admitted that they used up virtually all bits of Linda some times ago and anyway they want to use last bits to launch homeopathy cure for vegetarianism...

Tesco to outsource grocery deliveries to local police forces 0
beckfordburger 2 days
Darling nominates Salmond for Bucket of Petrol While Smoking Challenge. 2
MADJEZ 2 days
Joan Rivers critical 'Call this a hospital... am I meant to eat this shit' 4
MADJEZ 2 days

Get well soon !...

Tailors react to increased thread level 0
Ian Searle 2 days

"Never mind the quality, feel the width!"...

Channel 4 to air new series “How clean is your Country?” 0
hardev 2 days

Following on from the success of "How clean is your home?" Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie boldly go where no MoP (Member of Parliament) has gone before. Their mission? To help Africa’s most...

Less War War on my Jaw Jaw, Galloway begs 3
bonjonelson 2 days
Thermotherapy for the lovelorn 1
Jim Garner 2 days

Cold hands, warm arse...