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Games volunteers praised for answering queries with ‘Whassittaeyoo?’ 1
Midfield Diamond 1 day

Following the opening ceremony last night, Commonwealth Games organisers have been inundated with compliments about the stewards and their traditional Glaswegian welcome for visitors to the City. ...

John Barrowman Still Attending Every Public Event Despite ASBO. 1
IABP 2 1 day
Tidal surge in Clyde mystery solved as log jam of Scottie dog corpses removed 0
RobArmstrong 1 day
Barry Hearn to spice up office jobs with entrance music and dancing girls 2
Vertically Challenged Giant 1 day

A Bedford-based logistics company is working with renowned sports promoter Barry Hearn, in an attempt to make their office jobs more popular with the addition of loud music, rowdy live audiences and...

Proclaimers win 1000-mile walk at Commonwealth Games 3
james_doc 1 day
Arizona to use Commonwealth Games opening ceremony on future death row inmates 0
cinnahmon 1 day

After another botched execution by lethal injection, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is reviewing a number of other options for carrying out future death sentences. "Last night's opening ceremony in...

No Glasgow Herald today as page 3 model fails to get top off, more soon 0
Thundi 1 day
Do Police Spy On Journalists Investigting Police Spying On Bereaved Families? 0
Titus 1 day

Hello, what's that police car doing outside my house, watching me type this?...

Parents Blamed For Worrying Fall In Teenage Drug Abuse & Pregnancies 0
Titus 1 day
Man recalls "thrill and disorientation" on using office toilets on another floor 16
Schoolboy 1 day

Jason Westly, 43, of Shoreditch has told of the slightly different layout and fixture design of toilets 3 floors above his usual loos. Still reeling from the faint sense of invasion ("almost like...

BBC's pronunciation of 'Glasgow' could boost Yes vote in independence referendum 6
Scroat 1 day
Claims Direct appointed to solve Gaza crisis 9
Boutros 1 day

A team of crack lawyers from Claims Direct has been dispatched to Gaza on a mission to solve the crisis there on a 'no win, now flee' basis. They aim to help thousands of people who have suffered an...

Tyrannosaurus rex less anti-social than previously thought 0
Mork 1 day

The discovery of three sets of t-rex tracks in close proximity, indicitive of pack hunting behaviour, is considered by many scientists to be the most important finding since they discovered that...

New Website 'BogAdvisor' Set Up To Advise People The Best Places To Go 5
Titus 1 day

Including guest feedback and star ratings for various features:, - size of cubicle, - comfort of seat, - softness of paper, - effectiveness of hand drier, - literary and artistic quality of...

Masturbation to be included in employment figures 2
deceangli 1 day

Chancellor George Osborne has broadened the definition of ‘employment’ to include ‘walking the dog’, ‘looking for the remote’ and, controversially, ‘cracking out a swift one’....

David Cameron voted one of the most serious-looking men in the World. 1
vulture1 2 days

Other finalists are Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, that bloke they made Archbishop of Canterbury, David Attenborough talking about how all the Polar Bears are dying, any BBC newsreader mentioning the...

BBC to repeat their Commonwealth Games' coverage until somebody watches. 0
Crayon 2 days

Endless hours soon...

Russia very worried about UK arms embargo 0
vulture1 2 days

In case it stops and they get lumbered with a load of useless kit just like the British Army...

Suddenly Britain Not Imperialist Slavers Now they Giving Out Free Medals 1
Dun Dunkin 2 days
Clown Gets 600k for Funfair Dismissal 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days
Drugs Given to Wrong 'Pony' 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days

'its country ways' townies wouldn't understand...

Planes in Ukraine shot down by the drunk, insane and vain, in the main 0
farmer giles 2 days

Spain plainly rhymes with Ukraine, even in Maine, where the rain falls mainly daily lately The quick brown fox...

David Cameron caught doping Shetland ponies 0
Kevin the Swan 2 days
First Hunting Now Smacking the Pony is Illegal 0
Dun Dunkin 2 days

'They enjoy it really'...

Public too stupid to understand that black boxes are actually orange 2
beckfordburger 2 days

“I honestly give up”, said Channel 5's token female newsreader Mandy Flyme, as she left a convention of science correspondents, aviation experts and token female newsreaders, “I’ve told the...

USA sends $47M to Gaza to build more targets for the Israelis 0
bonjonelson 2 days

Last night US Congress agreed on an emergency package of $47 million to send to Gaza in order for them to construct better targets for the Israeli Air Force. The relentless attacks on Gaza by the...

Booker List revealed. 3
Boutros 2 days

1) Yorkshire Tea 1280-bag catering pack, sealed for freshness, 2) Non-branded mid-softness toilet tissue 72-roll, stacking, 3) 48-pack Nobo pens (assorted colours), 4) 'Chef's Larder' 20 litre...

Children logging on to 'stranger danger' website asked to accept cookies 7
Bravenewmalden 2 days

No more soon...

Loyalist paramilitaries adopt Slottr for punishment shooting appointments 1
RobArmstrong 2 days

In what is being seen as a radical move for what is, essentially, a medieval organisation, a coalition of loyalist paramilitary organisations today announced that it will be using Slottr to arrange...

Glasgow: Confusion in athletes village as people ask for 'salad and vegetables'. 2
MADJEZ 2 days