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Tories to u-turn on General Election victory. 2
SingingHinny 08.06.11 10:55am
e.Coli traced to Norwegian bananas. 1
Griffin 08.06.11 10:49am
Andy Murray disappointed to miss out on 3D TV coverage of Wimbledon finals 1
Duncan Biscuit 08.06.11 10:37am
2012 Olympic torch unveiling fiasco after designers forget to include batteries 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.06.11 9:22am
Duncan Biscuit
Defiant Gadaffi: “Come back! I’ll bite yer ankles! We’ll call it a draw!”

More bombs soon...

FraserWords 08.06.11 9:09am
Sienna Miller issues 'unreserved apology' to News of the World

Sienna Miller has said sorry to the News of the World for not doing anything exciting during the time her phone was being hacked. Miller’s mobile phone calls were intercepted from 2004-6, which she...

fun and games 08.06.11 9:09am
fun and games
Cabinet to raise cash with "Dull Monty" strip act

Amid soaring fuel and food prices, Chancellor George Osborne revealed a dramatic plan to wipe out the national debt in one fell swoop: the Cabinet is going to form a male strip act and tour Northern...

FraserWords 08.06.11 9:08am
Birkenstocks linked to e-coli outbreak 1
simonjmr 08.06.11 8:36am
Apple launch new naval app - iiCaptain 0
John Wiltshire 08.06.11 8:26am
John Wiltshire
Government to combat extremists by shooting them all 0
John Wiltshire 08.06.11 8:08am
John Wiltshire
Crouch snapped kissing Scotland in club after declaring commitment to England 1
button 08.06.11 8:07am
John Wiltshire
Apple to recall iPhone from UK as customers 'just not cool enough' for it

Consumer electronics giant Apple last night issued the biggest recall of one of its products after citing a 'problem with the demographics', A statement issued by the company said "The latest iPhone...

dicky37 08.06.11 8:07am
Rastafarians eagerly await launch of 'I and I' pod. 0
be reasonable 08.06.11 7:50am
be reasonable
Closure of twee bedding company blamed on lack of checks and valances 0
08.06.11 7:01am
Organisers of Kilt Wearer's charity unicycle race insist on checks and balancers 0
08.06.11 6:40am
Skype users unsure how to tell when service is broken

Skype users around the world have been left puzzled by Microsoft's announcement that the service is currently not working properly. A handful of users have complained that they have experienced...

08.06.11 6:08am
Google announce plans to spread themselves 10% thinner 0
Dumbnews 08.06.11 5:35am
Apple geeks anxiously anticipate launch of the iWoman 0
Dumbnews 08.06.11 4:26am
'Cure' for obesity discovered: "move more and eat less", say experts.

More buns soon...

be reasonable 08.06.11 3:57am
be reasonable
A. C. Grayling 'stoical' about smoke-bomb attack. 0
be reasonable 08.06.11 3:34am
be reasonable
NY Sofitel 'disappointed' by Strauss-Kahn feedback on Trip Advisor

Strauss-Kahn, former head of the IMF, has left a scathing review of the Manhattan Sofitel on the popular travel website Trip Advisor. He was particularly critical of the in-room facilities, claiming...

08.06.11 3:18am
Blue Peter launches Libyan Rebels ammunition appeal

more soon (gonna write it in a bit!)...

LostLad 07.06.11 11:37pm
George Osborne to cut population by 24%

According to a leaked Treasury memo, the Chancellor George Osborne is planning to reduce the burden on public services by reducing the population by 24%. The memo stresses that the proposed cull...

Andrew 07.06.11 11:06pm
Nursery worker admits to raping children, but denies sexualising them

Hopefully no more soon...

Qoxiivi 07.06.11 10:31pm
Spanish cucumbers and German bean sprouts to sue for libel. 0
Tammy Flugh 07.06.11 9:23pm
Tammy Flugh
Cure for obesity depends on a post code lottery......Hmmmm fat chance! 0
arnied 07.06.11 9:00pm
Super Injection - The latest in Privacy Management Solutions

Having problems keeping your misdemeanours private? Concerned about the impact that crazy night might have on your global earnings and sponsorship deals? Alarmed by recent social media and...

AdamSloan 07.06.11 6:43pm
Steve Jobs to Personally Negotiate 
with St. Peter for the Rights to "iCloud"

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is hastening his arrival at the Pearly Gates, so he can personally negotiate with St. Peter for the rights to the name “iCloud.” When Apple launched its new iCloud product...

mbalton 07.06.11 4:53pm
Apple launch ‘new’ product – the iWheel

Following on from the announcement of Apple’s iCloud service, and sticking with their policy of producing ‘new’ products that are remarkably similar to ones that are already available and then...

Vertically Challenged Giant 07.06.11 4:44pm
Meerkats seek name upgrade to Muchmorethankat 1
simonjmr 07.06.11 4:20pm