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Ad campaign music lauded by industry insiders as “brilliantly missing the point"

Enterprising advertising creative working on the next campaign for high street electrical goods retailer Currys have been widely praised for their choice of music to appear in 30 second television...

swordfish trombone 22.08.11 6:55pm
swordfish trombone
USA declares war on Gaddafi regime.

Couldn’t resist it...

be reasonable 22.08.11 6:52pm
Cameron appeals for "calm" so he can at least finish one holiday this year

David Cameron has today called for “calm” throughout the world and at home, after yet another holiday was interrupted so he could return to London to chair a meeting of the National Security...

simonjmr 22.08.11 6:02pm
Toffee nosed QPR chew over Scouse Toffees.

Everton fans were left fuming after the Toffees were turned over by a makeshift QPR side at Goodison Park on saturday. Charlie Scally, writing in the Scouse Echo, called QPR "a bag of shite" and...

rebel not taken 22.08.11 5:57pm
rebel not taken
Scientist finally prove that death will kill you. More soon. 0
martin2381 22.08.11 5:15pm
Gerard Depardieu called in to help with Somali drought. More soon 2
martin2381 22.08.11 5:09pm
Twitter Latest - Murray Not Boring Insists His Mum

Fresh from his ATP triumph in the Cincinnati Open yesterday, dour Scot and as some would have it British No.1, Andy Murray, was defended by his Mum on Twitter as not being in the least bit boring....

Duff 22.08.11 4:17pm
No takers on Isle of White's 'asylum for anyone' offer 0
spoole2112 22.08.11 3:40pm
Westminster Council to evict 70 year old looter's mother. 3
bonjonelson 22.08.11 3:36pm
Wilsons of Sharrow to sponsor snuff movies 0
simonjmr 22.08.11 3:21pm
New iPhone app tells you if it still works after being dropped 0
Dumbnews 22.08.11 2:57pm
Man hit by ambulance raises possibility of other ironic accidents

After a man was hit by an ambulance resonding to an emergency call today, experts are warning that similarly ironic accidents are a real and present danger. A top government boffin has been quoted as...

Spartan_Pig 22.08.11 2:42pm
Lower order England Batsmen gripe "We don't get to have a bat - it's not fair!" 0
dvo4fun 22.08.11 2:35pm
Growing Indian grain mountain seeks a silo 0
spoole2112 22.08.11 2:19pm
Peter Higgs nautical past clears up physics mystery

"I'd often have a few beers with my crew after returning to shore in the local hostelry and I must admit our conversations were quite loud. Often they'd be tales of the high seas on my ship the...

flyerblade 22.08.11 12:59pm
70 year old Tesco shoplifter ashamed as he missed the 2 for 1 offer 0
itsokchaps 22.08.11 12:45pm
Nigeria launches two satellites ...

Today Nigeria's flagship space programme, SCABAD was successfully launched. The satellites work as a pair, one to collect sort codes and the other bank account numbers. "SCABAD (Sort Code And Bank...

flyerblade 22.08.11 12:43pm
Rebel Fighters Launch Giant Game Of Mouse Trap To Catch Gaddafi 0
thesplodge 22.08.11 12:32pm
Easyjet admit duty-free sales of "L'Eau de Depardieu" disappointing. 0
bonjonelson 22.08.11 11:57am
Gaddafi offers to return al-Megrahi to Scotland in return for political asylum 0
Tammy Flugh 22.08.11 11:50am
Tammy Flugh
Isle of Wight refusing to recognise Libyan rebels 0
TerribleTim 22.08.11 11:41am
Cameron Cockahoop At Allies Victory In Libya

A jubilant David Cameron was scarcely able to contain his excitement earlier this morning during a press conference that had been hastily called to discuss the overthrow of Libyan dictator, Colonel...

Duff 22.08.11 11:33am
Gaddafi to become X-factor judge, Simon Cowell to be become Libyan Dictator

Which country gets the worst deal?...

whickerman 22.08.11 11:09am
Mario Balotelli becomes first footballer to 'do a Depardieu'.

The popular craze of Planking is now considered second division by Premier League footballers. Being papped lying face down in unusual locations and 'sharing your plank' on U Tube is no longer the...

rebel not taken 22.08.11 11:09am
rebel not taken
Jack Bauer Admitted To Hospital With Severe Constipation

Jack Bauer, US government agent and all round legend, has been admitted to hospital with an extreme case of chronic constipation. Bauer, who has survived multiple brushes with death and cunningly...

BabyDinosaur 22.08.11 8:31am
Rebels claim key cities...

Libya is in a state of civil war. Spies for the Rebel Alliance have stolen plans to Colonel Gadaffi's Death Stair: a weapon capable of annihilating an entire city. Rebel leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil is...

virtuallywill 22.08.11 8:08am
al-Megrahi seeks asylum in Pennan

As NATO backed freedom fighters closed in on Tripoly, unwell 'local hero' Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi admitted he'd love the chance to return to Scotland at the earliest possible opportunity. ...

spoole2112 22.08.11 8:06am
New iPhone app gives honest opinion on Starbucks' coffee. 1
Ostsee 22.08.11 7:45am
Gaddafi to peform "My Way" on Libyan state TV

Libyan State TV has announced that Colonel Gaddafi will perform the Sinatra hit live later today. He will then reaffirm his vow to fight to the death shortly before disappearing into his specially...

grottymonty 22.08.11 7:33am
Libyan Rebels were tagged at Gadaffi's Palace with NATO forces 0
Dumbnews 22.08.11 4:44am