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"I liked the funny pictures and the jokes" says man during his annual review 0
MrChigleysAunt 5 years
British mission to China fails to impress Emperor Hu 21
Golgo13 5 years

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Hu, is thought to be very displeased with the tributes laid before him by Cameron David of Britain and his retinue, who have been guests at the palace this week,...

Daily Mail Editor alarmed as Peter Hitchens appears to calm down for a minute. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 5 years


Glass and Glazing Federation refuse to condemn violence at student protest 3
virtuallywill 5 years

freedom of speech and stuff...

Joey Barton accused of throwing punch at tower 0
Nobby Holder 5 years


Iain Duncan Smith expresses concern over people left out of recession 1
roybland 5 years

Welfare secretary Iain Duncan Smith has warned of an 'overclass' of people who will not share in Britain's recession. 'Although the prime minister and the chancellor have said that we are all in...

Thing that Happens Every Year Happens Again 1
Grover 5 years

All over the UK, ceremonies have taken place to commemorate Armistice Day for the 92nd time since 1918. This truly historic occasion was nearly identical to the previous 92 Armistice Day observances,...

Students barking up the wrong tree. 0
4ty2 5 years

After yesterday's successfull X-factor violence presentation students plan to regroup later this week as most of them had not noticed that they were not lead to the lib dem headquarters. After all...

Large Hadron Collider 'mini-big bang' is just a bang, say grammatical experts 2
Scroat 5 years

Wimper soon...

Thousands of elderly people who have no contact ,love or letters in 7
arrghgarry 5 years

their final years from anyone will be pleased to hear an enterprising young man from Bradford is offering a 3 year course for 15000 pounds ,should he be cleared next week...

Sales of ill fitting jeans to teenagers have ’bottomed out’. 0
Ian Searle 5 years
BBC slammed for 'colonial clichés' 2
Scroat 5 years

The Campaign for English English has criticised the BBC's Finance Correspondent Stephanie Flanders for saying in a report from the G20 summit that "China should step up to the plate." A spokesman...

After SuBo and JLo, Pete Doherty Decides to Keep Full Name 7
De-scribe 5 years
George W Bush claims Waterboarding "saved and cost British lives" 0
Grover 5 years

In his recently-published memoirs, [i]Decision Points[/i], former US President George W. Bush defended his administration’s use of torture against non-white people with little or no provocation,...

Harlem Globetrotters deny match fixing after losing latest game 1
simonjmr 5 years
University of Life to raise tuition fees 3
Des Custard 5 years

The University of Life announced today that it can no longer offer the free education it has provided to so many in the past. Established by a group of merchants in the 13th century as an...

North of England living in fear of surprise Coldplay gigs 9
jp1885 5 years

The inhabitants of two of Northern Britain’s greatest party destinations, Liverpool and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, are living in a state of siege following the announcement that Coldplay are to play two...

Tree Surgery Industry Faces Root-and-Branch Reform 0
De-scribe 5 years
Barry Manilow hires rictus specialist. 0
Zadok the second 5 years
Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke, instantly making satire superfluous... 0
Doylem 5 years
Bad Aria by susan Boyle keeps thousands awake at night 0
arrghgarry 5 years
Flasher's threat to disrupt Remembrance Day parade was 'poppycock' say police 0
dicky37 5 years

[More soon]...

Sales of Van de Graff generators remain static 8
bonjonelson 5 years

[more soon]...

Malaria Confirmed As This Season's Must Have Illness. 27
IABP 5 years
Clegg regrets pledge to represent LibDems 1
Sinnick 5 years

Oops, sorry, it's more fun without you...

Deadly new Tarmac virus sweeps britains roads 2
Rowly 5 years

A new virus, "Bitumenitus" which affects Tarmac, has been detected on roads in UK., Transport officials have coned off many lanes, for quarantine purposes., One of the symptoms is that roads become...

reality hits home as students realize they will only be able to get wasted 0
arrghgarry 5 years

4 nights a week...

Ugly scene at Millbank Tower as Michael Gove makes an appearance 2
pinxit 5 years
Nations birds branded a disgrace for not staying quiet for two minute silence. 0
Basil_B 5 years
Flat Sales Plateau, Claim Estate Agents 0
De-scribe 5 years