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Wikileaks reveals that there are millions of super-injunctions

We just hadn't heard of them...

Sinnick 09.05.11 9:37am
Navy SEALs being considered to finish off Lib Dems

Political experts state that Nick Clegg may be doing a better job More soon...

simonjmr 09.05.11 9:34am
German exports surge to highest level since September 1939 0
Duncan Biscuit 09.05.11 9:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Royal College of GP’s letter to PM ‘totally illegible’ says Cabinet Office 0
Duncan Biscuit 09.05.11 9:15am
Duncan Biscuit
MG Phoenix Four disqualified as directors but make Sunday Times Rich List 0
Duncan Biscuit 09.05.11 9:14am
Duncan Biscuit
Barclays’s £1bn PPI settlement not covered by its insurance;

claims the policy was mis-sold...

Qoxiivi 09.05.11 9:09am
UK Banks drop PPI case to maintain their "untarnished" public image. 0
Kramaring 09.05.11 9:04am
Another MP obtains a Super-Injunction

It has now emerged that following last week’s local elections and AV referendum another sitting MP has obtained a super-injunction to prevent him being named as the Leader of the Liberal Democrat...

Deimos 09.05.11 8:06am
Obama offers Cameron health care system 'swapsies'

In a ground-breaking proposal, Barack Obama today offered to swap the US health care system with David Cameron's NHS. It is no secret that both of the world leaders are unhappy with their own...

09.05.11 7:58am
George W Bush has final word on bin Laden: "Martyrdom is dead" 0
Nick McCarr 09.05.11 1:42am
Nick McCarr
Passengers marvel as man talking on mobile says "I'm on the train".

"We all thought it was a bus"...

Nick McCarr 09.05.11 1:41am
Nick McCarr
Archbishop's 'discomfort' at Hitler suicide

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has expressed 'deep discomfort' over the suicide of Adolf Hitler. 'One cannot help but feel the man was driven to it,' Dr Williams told a London press...

roybland 08.05.11 7:59pm
Big Disappointment Up North Re Local Elections.....

.No Tory councillors to kick...

Jesse Bigg 08.05.11 7:32pm
Jesse Bigg
Chaka Demus found electrocuted 0
Pinhead 08.05.11 7:14pm
useless man is unable to upload article to news biscuit

A man from Newbury has tried to upload an article about changes to the german national anthem and by accident uploaded it twice., further more he was unable to delete it so had been reduced to...

MrG123 08.05.11 6:14pm
Conservative Party considers full take over bid for Lib Dems... 0
deskpilot3 08.05.11 6:02pm
Nick Clegg considers offer to take the Monster Raving Loony whip...

to improve his standing in Westminster...

deskpilot3 08.05.11 5:54pm
Jean Cyance to sue L'Oreal

More soon....

hero2zero 08.05.11 5:52pm
Clegg in secret talks with McCartney's divorce lawyer. More soon.

But not Cleese's...

Al OPecia 08.05.11 5:51pm
Nick Clegg has secret deal with Cameron to cross the floor if Lib Dems chuck him 3
deskpilot3 08.05.11 5:51pm
Clegg fight back encounters paper bag difficulty 0
roybland 08.05.11 5:22pm
Cameron tells Clegg "We should see other people" 0
Grover 08.05.11 3:56pm
Florida's 'pull you pants up' Bill vigorously opposed by some Catholic clergy... 0
be reasonable 08.05.11 2:54pm
be reasonable
Outrage as Go Compare refuses to pay out on Beagle 2 disappearance. 0
dominic_mcg 08.05.11 2:36pm
Miliband urges re-use of Royal Wedding street party kit at Thatcher’s funeral

Labour leader Ed Miliband is urging people to hold-on to their Royal Wedding street party equipment in readiness for the death of Lady Thatcher. Miliband, who recently apologised for allowing...

roybland 08.05.11 2:21pm
Nellie the Elephant "sick and tired of being ignored - I'm off". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 08.05.11 1:04pm
Al OPecia
French Foreign Legion pleads "no more LibDem applicants, please". 0
Al OPecia 08.05.11 1:00pm
Al OPecia
SNP seeks party with consonants to form a decent anagram. 4
Al OPecia 08.05.11 12:52pm
Lewis Collins senses opportunity after Bin Laden Raid.

More soon. I am sure that there's something in this, don't know what though at the minute...

Al OPecia 08.05.11 12:51pm
Al OPecia
Osama Elvis Bin Laden 'not dead' claims conspiracy theorists amalgam 0
roybland 08.05.11 11:19am