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Amstrad unveils Father's Day BoschPS3FootballStatusQuoStella hybrid appliance

Lord Alan Sugar has denied that his Amstrad empire has resorted to the lowest depths of male stimuli in launching his Father's Day special gift of the BoschPS3FootballStatusQuoStella hybrid appliance...

antharrison 17.06.11 8:37pm
Network Rail 'disappointed' at Bob Crow's absence from railway suicides

Bob Crow, leader of the RMT union, is not one of the 207 railway suicides listed in this year's report by the Rail Safety and Standards Board - and Network Rail has expressed 'disappointment' at his...

roybland 17.06.11 7:30pm
New Thugweiser beer makes you feel both intelligent and handy with your fists

Thugweiser, the new brand of beer aimed at men who want to be hard and fair, was launched in Soho yesterday. The glittering galaxy of stars in attendance ranged from low brow knuckle dragging ex...

ronseal 17.06.11 6:13pm
Housewives love Porche's new expensive fridge: "a bit of a fanny fridge magnet" 1
thackaray 17.06.11 5:31pm
New complementary kitchen cleaner kills 0.01% of bacteria 4
button 17.06.11 5:27pm
Webber's 'Love never dies' dies. 0
Mr Payne 17.06.11 5:21pm
Mr Payne
People who work for less than minimum wage have learning difficulties says Tory 0
roybland 17.06.11 5:15pm
New documentary shows party leaders taking their members on coach outings

A new fly-on-the-wall documentary shows what happened when the leaders of the 3 main parties took their members on coach outings to the seaside recently. Here are extracts from it., Conservative...

John Wiltshire 17.06.11 5:01pm
Mr Payne
Gove launches 'Primark Academies' initiative

Education Secretary Michael Gove is to transform failing schools into 'Primark Academies'.,  , Mr Gove told a School Leadership conference in Birmingham that if Britain was to 'compete with China...

roybland 17.06.11 3:28pm
Kindle ('slightly foxed') fetches record price

A first edition Amazon Kindle e-reader ('slightly foxed') has been sold for an undisclosed record price at Sotherby's.,  , 'A first edition Kindle would not normally attract a great deal of...

roybland 17.06.11 3:06pm
Greek urns down in value 0
Dick Everyman 17.06.11 2:51pm
Dick Everyman
BBC apologises for Primark apology

The BBC has issued an apology for its apology to Primark., 'We are sorry for the earlier apology,' they said. 'And we're sorry that Primark and companies like them have their clothes made by slave...

John Wiltshire 17.06.11 1:53pm
Channel 5 busy acquiring "Gimme Shelter" for Test highlights show 0
simonjmr 17.06.11 1:45pm
Birmingham City appoint El-Hadji Diouf as manager

The stakes have been upped in the Most Unwelcome Managerial Appointment contest today as Birmingham City seek to dislodge bitter rivals Aston Villa from a seemingly unassailable position. Diouf,...

Midfield Diamond 17.06.11 1:45pm
Midfield Diamond
Cameron responds to Argentinian president's criticism - 'She's a woman!'

David Cameron today hit back at criticism from Agentinian president Cristina Fernandez of his stand on the Falklands' sovereignty., 'She's a woman!' he said scornfully to gathered pressmen. 'What...

John Wiltshire 17.06.11 1:18pm
John Wiltshire
Parents who regularly see their teenage children ‘more likely to get drunk’ 2
Duncan Biscuit 17.06.11 1:03pm
Sri Lanka cricket team in trouble against England as rain continues

The Sri Lankan cricket team made several losses this morning on the second day of the rain-affected test match. The current scorecard is: Paranavitana drowned 11, Thirimanne eaten by sharks 10,...

John Wiltshire 17.06.11 1:00pm
John Wiltshire
Greek people solve their financial crisis by rioting in the streets 0
John Wiltshire 17.06.11 12:42pm
John Wiltshire
Pop will eat itself reunion rumours upgraded to Def Con 1 1
simonjmr 17.06.11 11:55am
sweatshop workers celebrate BBC's apology to Primark with extra gruel 1
17.06.11 11:08am
Primark accuses BBC of "running Northern sweatshops" for making programmes 0
simonjmr 17.06.11 11:07am
BBC to offer fake apology to Primark 0
simonjmr 17.06.11 11:06am
Methuselah speaks out against raising the age of retirement to 970 years.

Warns it could open the flood gates...

Ian Searle 17.06.11 11:01am
View from the Mound - a hot lesbian's take on today's world news (6/16 edition)

Now that the controversy of whether I'm a man pretending to be a hot lesbian in order to engage with other hot lesbians has been [url=]well and truly...

SugarTits69 17.06.11 10:57am
Parents claim children should be taught to handle their drink in school 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 17.06.11 10:27am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Pioneering Shoulder Chip removal operation a success

A 42 year old from Norwich, known only as “R” has had the chip removed from his shoulder in what doctors say is a medical first. The patient, a 5’ 2’’ male, has suffered from the chip...

button 17.06.11 10:27am
Saturday evening TV scheduled by Dignitas

It has been revealed that Saturday evening television programmes are being scheduled by Dignitas. This explains the mind-numbing, nausea-inducing, eye-stabbingly awful rubbish being shown on all...

John Wiltshire 17.06.11 10:21am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Spode's Top 100 Top 100 Causes Media Storm

Simon Spode, public intellectual and partial graduate of the University of Warwick, has caused a storm in the media world with the publication of his Top 100 Top 100 list. The definitive Top 100...

Simon Spode 17.06.11 10:15am
Simon Spode
Cameron raises age of retirement for public sector - all except Vince Cable 0
Ian Searle 17.06.11 9:53am
Ian Searle
'Ageing star shredded by black hole' headline inspires new Cowell reality show 0
pere floza 17.06.11 9:40am
pere floza