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Primark’s strong growth unlikely to last beyond the weekend 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
George Osborne buys a metal detector 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Guests complain of ‘swingeing cuts’ at Danny Alexander’s daughter’s 3rd birthday 16
Mary Evans 4 years

Guests at the party of three-year-old Isabel Rose Alexander, daughter of Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, were up in arms yesterday after a raft of emergency budgetary measures were...

Humans arrived early in Britain to avoid the queue, archaeologists discover 0
jp1885 4 years
After tent, Police find Moat's BBQ, boules set and hammock 1
antharrison 4 years

Tube of factor 12 being treated as suspicious and 24-page letter to camp site owner suggests improvements to Portaloos and recycling facilities and is copied to Esther Rantzen...

John Prescott visits Wimbledon. 2
SallyOldcow 4 years

[center][/center] All this bloody brow, brouh, brouh., pavlova 'bout t'Wimbledon. Pauline wanted t'go so I forced meself...

Tragedy as Walls Fall at Soccer City Stadium. 0
afternoonslow 4 years

“Not unprecedented”, say Top International Experts,, “The dangers of prolonged trumpet-blowing are well known”...

Abstract expressionist court artist fired. 0
Zadok the second 4 years

Maria Van Buren, a court artist since the late 1980s has been fired from her post following a string of smudgy, indistinct paintings which 'fail to accurately capture the atmosphere and events at...

Police widen search for unnarmed criminal on Tyneside 0
edward hack 4 years


NYC noise pollution to be controlled by replacing car horns with vuvuzelas 0
Dumbnews 4 years
BP engineers awarded for band-aid solution provided by World Cup diversion 0
Dumbnews 4 years
BP dreading end of the World Cup 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Hadrian's Wall efficacy questioned as gunman moves North 0
Mr Target 4 years
Police chief has "gut feeling" gunman may be hiding out in Maldives 1
rickwestwell 4 years
H&S officer winces as police pledge to leave no stone in Northumberland unturned 0
la maga 4 years

in hunt for Raoul Moat...

Raoul Moat to be new face of Basildon Bond 4
rickwestwell 4 years

More soon. Again, it's all stunts' and jeni's work, I'm just a conduit...

Survey reveals that one man in two is physically impossible 0
Pabst Blue Ribbon 4 years
Hogg: if only my expenses claim for 'cleaning' Moat had been allowed 0
la maga 4 years

Shit, that can't be the best Moat-related joke but I had to give it a shot...

Raoul Moat "gives gunmen a bad name" says Gunmen 4 Justice 0
Pabst Blue Ribbon 4 years
Ronaldo is delighted to announce his plan for a team of beautiful pouting 0
arrghgarry 4 years

prancing Primadonna football stars to dominate the pitches and runways of the world is well under way,he has asked for lots of publicity at this particular personal time ...

Cutbacks blamed as public servants replaced by woodland creatures 3
andrewl81 4 years

The Government has come under fire after announcing it was to replace 3,000 public sector staff with woodland creatures. Ministers claim the cost cutting measure is necessary and will save the...

Government announces cap on number of boy scouts 0
rickwestwell 4 years
German striker Klose earns place alongside Gratzia, Glammer, and Taaker-Braak 3
Adam Ice Rink 4 years

Und Mehr soon!...

Would be cop killer Raoul Moat negotiates with police for more pencils and 2
arrghgarry 4 years

paper .I will not end my tirade until the police ex friends social workers have had a severe berating ,the pen is mightier the the sword ,but just in case I have several guns for back up...

Abid Naseer wishes he'd been sent to Pakistan after all. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 4 years
Psychic Octopus "huge success" in Munich fish restaurant 0
rickwestwell 4 years
Al Qaedi to interview Moat after seeing CV on Monster. 0
MightyBlair 4 years

'An experienced evasive tactics exponent seeks new challenge.'...

Global unemployment figures rise after wave of fired world cup coaches 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Getty images issue a strong warning to FIFA for a breach of contract when 0
arrghgarry 4 years

a non photogenic Spanish player scores in the semi final .Sepp Bladder suggests they photo shop the FIFA version or he will sue them...

Marvel Comic Superheroes Disgruntled With Disney Domination Of Their Turf 0
rfreed 4 years

Since it bought out the new, hot running Marvel Comic Movie Studio that is responsible for such hits as Spiderman, Iron Man and the X Men series, Disney Corporation has begun to institute major...