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'I don't do blame' says Mladic. 1
Mr Payne 28.05.11 11:54am
Knight fails drink driving test, sues police

A knight has claimed that being asked to walk in a straight line was a breach of his human rights. A police spokesperson dismissed the allegation. "The gentleman in question was clearly drunk," she...

pthr 28.05.11 11:45am
Scientist looks down Hubble Telescope the wrong way, confusion ensues

The scientific community was briefly thrown into disarray by a paper claiming that the observable universe is far smaller than previously imagined. The team based at John Hopkins University in...

pthr 28.05.11 11:31am
Carbonate of Soda merely curious 16
thisisall1word 28.05.11 10:51am
Mr Payne
Ben 10's tenure untenable claims Number 10.

10 more soon...

MADJEZ 28.05.11 10:22am
"What Cheryl Did Next" headline inevitable, fear newspaper afficionados

The decline of the British newspaper could reach a new morale sapping stage, with an unstoppable tide of 'What Cheryl Did Next' headlines due to wash up on Fleet Street any day now. With confidence...

ronseal 28.05.11 9:16am
Boris inspired by 'On the Buses': new double decker will have Butlers

Boris Johnson introduced a radical revision to London's transport policy yesterday, after watching a re-run of 'On the Buses' on digital channel David: "Blakey inspired me to use real butlers on our...

28.05.11 8:17am
Saddam, bin Laden and Mladic found. Just Wally to go! 4
DiY 27.05.11 10:37pm
Serbians suddenly discover that they know where Mladic is....

and take action themselves before the Yanks turn up in helicopter gunships to turn him into Emmental and embarrass the authorities...

deskpilot3 27.05.11 10:10pm
Chris Huhne fastest in Monaco qualifying. Wife takes pole position. 0
27.05.11 9:16pm
Thatcher impersonator dies. Clegg to step in as Prime Minister 0
rickwestwell 27.05.11 8:46pm
Epileptic caravanner regrets ‘if this is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’’ sign 9
jp1885 27.05.11 6:45pm
Plans for German word for efficiency to contain one syllable quickly approved 1
thisisall1word 27.05.11 6:10pm
Carole Caplin "sexy massage" trial concludes with happy ending

yes yes yes more more more more soon...

button 27.05.11 5:59pm
Millions hoping that Margaret Thatcher will impersonate Janet Brown... More Soon 0
404 Not Found 27.05.11 5:31pm
404 Not Found
Chimpanzees “shocked” to discover they share 95% of DNA with humans

The chimpanzee world was rocked yesterday by research lab chimp Bonzo’s discovery that 95% of chimp DNA is the same as humans. Bonzo, who has worked for the last five years as an experimental...

mongeese 27.05.11 5:15pm
Lie Detector Instructions "Wrong Way Round" Admit Police

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson announced today that the police have been misreading their polygraph machines for the last 50 years. Sir Paul blamed supplier Elstrom IT for the...

jampot 27.05.11 4:41pm
Manchester United's star defender quits to join Hogwarts Old Boys side

Nemanja Quidditch...

pinxit 27.05.11 4:20pm
Mladic is 'fit'. 0
SingingHinny 27.05.11 3:08pm
Mladic shares Strauss-Kahn's cell, 'has his back against the wall' 0
pere floza 27.05.11 2:46pm
pere floza
Death of Janet Brown leaves Thatcher with no remaining purpose

so no more...

pere floza 27.05.11 2:43pm
pere floza
Anti-Wookiee legislation starts today 0
Sinnick 27.05.11 2:37pm
US security officer prevents DofE from making Al Jolson quip

Sinnick 27.05.11 2:19pm
John Wiltshire
Allies 'will finish Libya job' - Nick Clegg to organise AV vote

The Allies have vowed to 'finish the job' in Libya by getting Nick Clegg to organise a vote on the AV system and explain it to Colonel Gadaffi., 'I tell you, this man is dynamite,' said David...

John Wiltshire 27.05.11 2:16pm
John Wiltshire
Mladic to be given fair trial - unlike his thousands of victims 0
John Wiltshire 27.05.11 2:09pm
John Wiltshire
Mladic judged 'evil enough' to stand trial 0
John Wiltshire 27.05.11 2:07pm
John Wiltshire
Justine Thornton admits to marrying due to sex

Amidst much media speculation regarding the reason behind the wedding of Labour leader Ed Milliband and his partner of seven years Justine Thornton has finally decided to settle the issue. Seeking to...

gregle 27.05.11 1:24pm
Man dies of bite from radioactive spider

Comic book fans all over the globe have been stunned by the death of Life Sciences major Simon Simpson, aged 21, who succumbed to a lingering illness after being bitten by a radioactive spider three...

pthr 27.05.11 1:21pm
Alan Sundry
Vatican TV launches "I'm a Celibate Get Met Out Of Here" 0
andhrimnir 27.05.11 1:16pm
Harold Camping Born July 19, 1921 - didn't Die May 21, 2011 4
Steve Wilson 27.05.11 1:14pm