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Palin shoots Santa

[open to ideas if anyone wants to take this further]...

Sinnick 27.12.10 10:24pm
Elderly gentleman dressed in red suit arrested in child's bedroom in Ipswich. 0
dogwheels 25.12.10 9:02am
e-bay mainframe crashes after 'poor year' for present givers this xmas. 0
dogwheels 25.12.10 8:31am
World's oldest advertising slogan uncovered, "If anyone can, Ghengis Khan"

Merry xmas...

bonjonelson 25.12.10 10:37am
Occupants of Clarence house confirm " It`s wonderful life" was based on them. 0
Malcum eggs 25.12.10 1:56am
Malcum eggs
Rerun of On the Buses starts Boxing Day 2
Bismarck 25.12.10 1:14pm
Eastwood to star in film about duck who wins Le Mans 24 Hour Rally.

As a racing hydrophobic Clint...

FormerlyAlOPecia 24.12.10 6:31pm
North Korea opens fire on Santa after he crosses 1mm of their air space. 0
Ian Searle 24.12.10 4:55pm
Ian Searle
Pope Phiddie Kiddler dismayed to be introduced by James Naughtie. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 24.12.10 4:33pm
Iran 'surprised and delighted' Saudi is their secret satan. 0
the coarse whisperer 24.12.10 4:30pm
the coarse whisperer
Vince Cable shocked to discover Murdoch is his 'secret santa' 2
surdoux 25.12.10 11:20pm
Revolutionary Queens speech

In a revolutionary speech tomorrow, the Queen will translate the Popes message from the original German. 'We couldn't think of a better person to do it' said a Vatican spokesman...

Bismarck 24.12.10 3:22pm
Alan Lord Sugar was fired from his position as media consultant

to the Vatican today after it emerged that the unintelligible Popes message was recorded on an Amstrad cassette recorder...

Bismarck 24.12.10 3:04pm
Shock revelation-play the popes Xmas message backwards

and you still can't understand a word...

Bismarck 24.12.10 2:54pm
Geordie wants to post one liner but ,fears someone will gerron to us. 0
Malcum eggs 24.12.10 1:39pm
Malcum eggs
Ad Agency sacked over 'understandable' perfume advert

The world of advertising's coming to terms with the dismissal of leading agency Ardaby Wanklyn Chilvers after they produced what's described as 'the most understandable perfume advert ever'. Their...

Mrblacker 24.12.10 6:22pm
Baldy Garry takes leave to start new biscuit company .

called Crackers...

Malcum eggs 24.12.10 1:11pm
Malcum eggs
David Irving claims Second World War "never happened"

Renegade Historian David Irving claims, in his latest book, 'Hitler - The Artist, The Lover, The Man', that the Second World War, commonly believed to have run from 1939 until 1945, did not happen at...

bonjonelson 24.12.10 12:40pm
Brian Hanrahan latest: God counted him out and he counted him in again

. Apologies to Gerontious for the one liner...

ronseal 25.12.10 2:45pm
mr blue
Soccer players query yellow patches after fans given beer to clear pitch of snow 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.12.10 9:55am
Duncan Biscuit
Queen recorded saying British sport ‘quite nutty and an embarrassment’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.12.10 9:53am
Duncan Biscuit
Morale boost for soldiers in Afghanistan after James Blunt visit cancelled 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.12.10 9:52am
Duncan Biscuit
Thought for the day: Don't turn your back on a Catholic priest 0
Sinnick 24.12.10 9:50am
Elephant man historian says ' it was just a cleft lip that got out of hand'. 0
Basil_B 24.12.10 9:44am
Iranian Guard to appear in court on Monday

A high ranking official in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been caught smuggling goods into southern Afghanistan confirmed NATO., The guard, a member of an elite al-Quds commando unit, was...

Gerontius 24.12.10 9:43am
Cable confident "Strictly Come Dancing" will now make people take him seriously 4
MC One R 24.12.10 8:06pm
Alex Salmon highly critical as two “reporters” turn out to be just constituents

Earlier today Scotland’s first minister was highly critical of the general public when he discovered two people he was talking to at a constituency surgery turned out to be constituents rather than...

Deimos 24.12.10 9:53am
Thousands of Xmas travellers upset to be told that trains "do not really exist"

And no more soon...

MC One R 24.12.10 9:26am
MC One R
Launch of facebook page for missing Bristol girl futile - says Lord Lucan

just because his friend request has been ignored...

brownpaperreporter 24.12.10 9:32am
MC One R
Queen's Speech to include racing tips

Speech previews have indicated that the Queen will make reference to the importance of sport in her Christmas Broadcast. It has now been clarified that this will specifically be Her Majesty's...

MC One R 24.12.10 9:22am
MC One R