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Sherlock's death just a trick of the camera, claims ITV 0
Griffin 18.01.12 7:23am
Scrap dealers urged to be vigilant after thieves target Vince Cable

More soon (has this been done before?)...

dvo4fun 18.01.12 12:55am
Post apocalypse goes missing in sorting office

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have spent another frustrating day on the phone line to the Royal Mail, as they seek compensation for their lost in the post apocalypse. "It's so bloody...

ronseal 18.01.12 12:46am
Hitting rocks off Giglio Porto 'not as good' as hitting an Atlantic iceberg

The wrecking of the cruise ship Concordia cannot be compared to the sinking of the Titanic according to people who might want to make a blockbuster film about the disaster. 'It's just not in the...

roybland 17.01.12 10:02pm
Geek reports ant infestation of keyboard now under CTRL

(slightly plagiarised from Failbook but worth posting)...

Nick McCarr 17.01.12 9:42pm
Nick McCarr
Cameron swings...

Behind plans for a new, privately funded royal yacht, national newspaper reported "David Cameron has swung". Clegg apparently to steer the ship as search for replacement commences...

Hugh Nose 17.01.12 9:30pm
Hugh Nose to launch

Spurred on by, successfully, turning the illegal activity of “loan-sharking” into a legitimate website, plan to add to their portfolio with the introduction of

brieosh1 17.01.12 7:17pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Iain Duncan-Smith: “Where is MY film?” 0
brieosh1 17.01.12 6:45pm
Italians to Queen: You want a yacht? Come and get it.

Needs to be pulled off the rocks but it's a fixer-upper...

wwwiz 17.01.12 6:38pm
Local man to sue Labour leader for “deformation of character”

Leeds labourer, Ed Miliband, is sick of the cruel jibes he receives for sharing a name with political lightweight, Ed Balls. He takes greater issue with Labour leader, Ed Miliband, as they share two...

brieosh1 17.01.12 6:35pm
“You couldn’t make it: ‘Up’” – Richard Littlejohn.

Daily Mail “columnist”, Richard Littlejohn, was completely gob-smacked today after finally getting around to watching “Up”, the Disney/Pixar feature film. In his continuing battle separating...

brieosh1 17.01.12 6:08pm
Dyslexic finally sees 'Phil Collins ...Hits' for what it really is 0
Smart Alex 17.01.12 5:39pm
Smart Alex
Awkward return to status quo as UK comes to terms with mass faked death failure

Millions of Britons were left rolling their eyes and shrugging to each other today as it became clear that they had all chosen the same day to fake their own deaths. Whether they were escaping...

ゴルゴ13 17.01.12 5:09pm
bobo lutz
NUS request nationwide coursework extension during Wednesdays Wikipedia blackout 5
button 17.01.12 5:00pm
Coalition falls foul as "satisfactory" rating changed to "requires improvement"

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "This is not some small bureaucratic change. It marks a massive shift in attitude. I don't want the word 'satisfactory' to exist in any of our systems. 'Just good...

simonjmr 17.01.12 3:02pm
When J Edgar Met J Arthur – new bio-pic angers UK and US critics.

One was an American crime busting superhero, synonymous with clean living and domestic suction. The other was a British movie mogul and heir to a flour milling empire, who became known to millions...

nickb 17.01.12 2:57pm
Scouse thieves target film sound-track. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 17.01.12 2:41pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Charities Urge Support For Parents of Eerie Children 0
sredni vashta 17.01.12 2:21pm
sredni vashta
Miliband takes McCluskey to employment tribunal for constructive dismissal 3
cinquecento 17.01.12 1:58pm
80's Band Devo surprised by sudden revival in Scotland.

Whip it good!...

Al McHogan 17.01.12 1:39pm
Al McHogan
Nine Out Of Ten Pipe-Smoking Sex Therapists........

.Prefer a good shag...

Jesse Bigg 17.01.12 1:16pm
Al McHogan
Weary 'Sherlock' viewers expecting TARDIS to appear in next series.

More yesterday...

Al McHogan 17.01.12 1:12pm
Al McHogan
Spag Bol serving suggestion looks exactly like spag bol.

Anyone else obsessed with serving suggestions?...

Worth 17.01.12 12:44pm
"Soapy Pippa" blamed for Wikipedia outage 0
simonjmr 17.01.12 12:32pm
DFS and FA announce two-year deal for England’s armchair critics 1
Duncan Biscuit 17.01.12 12:17pm
Queen fears for increase incidence of "paint smell" during Jubilee year

After 60 years on the throne Queen Elizabeth II has today admitted that she has developed a phobia and allergic reaction to that "fresh paint smell" that seems to preceed her every visit. "It's got...

simonjmr 17.01.12 12:13pm
Richard O'Dwyer congratulates Abu Qatada 0
medici2471 17.01.12 10:44am
'Dogging' - The New Entertainment.....

.As the recession bites...

Jesse Bigg 17.01.12 10:32am
Jesse Bigg
New Underwear Developed.....

.To absorb those wicked leaks...

Jesse Bigg 17.01.12 9:55am
Jesse Bigg
Cruise passenger: 'I know I ordered Scotch on the rocks, but this is ridiculous'

The old ones are the best...

Scroat 17.01.12 9:55am