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Gaddaffi's speeches "being written by Joan Bloggs". More soon. 3
Al OPecia 03.05.11 9:34pm
The All New Jeni B
Generation X - Y boundary defined by Angry Birds versus Lemmings debate

More soon - oh no!...

acwanaut 03.05.11 9:07pm
Latest White House photos show Obama is Darth Vader.

Photos released today show Presdent Obama wearing the familiar black cloak of a Dark-Side Jedi Knight. It is thought he took off the familiar shiny black helmet so the rest of the room could hear...

MADJEZ 03.05.11 8:58pm
Hillary Clinton to keep tabs on Bill by mounting camera on his helmet. 11
Qoxiivi 03.05.11 8:55pm
Pakistani Navy Seals find Amelia Earhart and Glen Miller living in Georgetown

Killshot came with the first note of 'in the mood'...

acwanaut 03.05.11 7:56pm
Father admits his teenage music angst meant it took ages for him to get laid

“Its all very well walking around discussing the Noir side of music but it kept the girls away” admits Tom Ecclestone, 44 to his son Dom, now 14 during their “birds and bees discussion”...

brownpaperreporter 03.05.11 6:09pm
Bin Laden raid first success for US Military's new 'Hollywood Corps'

The raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound was painstakingly planned and directed by the US Military's new Hollywood Division, it emerged today. "Fighting wars is an expensive business" explained a...

03.05.11 6:08pm
Uk Govt Relief that Bin Ladin wasn't living in Reading on Benefits

The government were saved embarrassment when it now emerges Bin Ladin wasn't living in the uk on benefits. "We really don't know who has benefits nor can we be sure of their true identities. Its all...

Dun Dunkin 03.05.11 5:58pm
Dun Dunkin
Coroner rules Ian Tomlinson's death was 'Unlawful kicking'

More soon - this will an interesting one to follow. Some may remember I wrote a ticker which said 'Man who killed policeman faces disciplinary action'...

antharrison 03.05.11 5:49pm
Cameron criticises Bin Laden's affluent lifestyle

He asks how can an evil man who has brought misery to millions live in an expensive house in an affluent area and enjoy a life of protectionism and luxury. He then went on to criticise Bin Laden....

antharrison 03.05.11 5:45pm
Apprentice 2011: winner won't have to use Amstrad phone 0
03.05.11 5:41pm
Man found alive in the belly of a giant fish. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 03.05.11 5:26pm
Journalists fear public 'not arsed' about negative spin on good weather

Journalists in Fleet Street held an emergency meeting today, to discuss the public apathy to negative stories about warm weather. "The general public are displaying an alarming lack of fear about...

03.05.11 5:01pm
Bin Laden's secret location was discovered by Wikileaks 1
acwanaut 03.05.11 4:20pm
Warren commission fly into Pakistan to officially review Bin Laden assasination 0
charlies_hat 03.05.11 3:40pm
Al Jazeera TV worry how loss of biggest star will affect advertising revenue. 19
MADJEZ 03.05.11 3:19pm
Des Custard
Greenpeace retrieve rubbish dumped by U.S Navy Ship

more later...

virtuallywill 03.05.11 2:39pm
Bin Laden death actually Jeremy Beadle stunt - beard was a falsie 0
acwanaut 03.05.11 2:37pm
Insurance for Bin Laden lookalikes increases by 200% 0
virtuallywill 03.05.11 2:35pm
Daily Mail outraged at Abbottabad compound built without planning permission 0
MADJEZ 03.05.11 2:17pm
Pakistani ISI Chief to Paxman: "You can't handle the truth!"

The BBC became embroiled in a bizarre controversy last night following a vitriolic and, at times, surreal confrontation between 'Newsnight's' Jeremy Paxman and the Pakistani head of Intelligence, Lt...

charlieworth 03.05.11 2:09pm
Al Qaeda leader was 24 stone when he died. CIA believe he had been larding. 0
wallster 03.05.11 1:18pm
Pixar secure Bin Laden assassination movie rights

Pixar pictures moved quickly today, ahead of rival studios, to secure the movie rights to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. It is believed that they will use the film as a vehicle for the...

A Wagonload Of Monkeys 03.05.11 1:12pm
Now the wedding is over, the one remaining question the tabloids are asking...

Did Harry get it on with Philippa?...

MC One R 03.05.11 12:31pm
MC One R
Tony Blair "happy to take the credit for this one" according to reports 0
MC One R 03.05.11 12:24pm
MC One R
Bin Laden raid postponed from last Friday.

"The President insisted that it had to be rescheduled to avoid clashing with the Brit Royal Wedding", a CIA spokesman admitted this morning...

Tammy Flugh 03.05.11 11:51am
Tammy Flugh
AV referendum results 'would have been different under AV'

More soon. (Getting this one in early before Thursday, irrespective of the result )...

QorbeQ 03.05.11 11:15am
Bin Laden shot by lone gunman from a grassy knoll as CIA said he knew too much 0
ronseal 03.05.11 10:14am
Abbot Tabad denies Bin Laden was hiding in Monastery 0
acwanaut 03.05.11 9:43am
Bin Laden's death 'actually tragic canoeing accident' - Insurance to pay out 0
acwanaut 03.05.11 9:41am