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Missing printer font inadvertently produces 'pig ugly' new eBay logo

A schoolboy error by a graphic design intern at high-end creative agency Lippincott has resulted in the wrong eBay logo being launched on the global stage. Gavin Spinks, 17, was tasked with running...

DustyBinLaden 10.11.12 12:46am
Romney denies Electoral College getting easier to graduate. 0
Maverick 09.11.12 10:49pm
Bradley Wiggins loses cycling powers after cutting lucky sideburns off 0
victimms 09.11.12 10:44pm
Canterbury folk peeved by Archbishops of Canterbury not being from Canterbury 0
nickb 09.11.12 9:00pm
Canterbury folk peeved by Archbishops of Canterbury not being from Canterbury 0
nickb 09.11.12 8:59pm
Rent buoy scandal rocks seaside town 0
Dick Everyman 09.11.12 8:31pm
Dick Everyman
Semaphore trounces Twitter in Isle Of Wight social networking wars...

"Why be limited to 140 characters ?" said a spokesperson today. "The only constraint with this "free to air" system is the length of time it takes for your arms to start aching.. " "Admittedly, the...

misterjingles 09.11.12 6:48pm
Heather Mills gets a leg up in Ash Dieback Report 2
victimms 09.11.12 6:37pm
Charity shop extortion racket - cat protection league suspected 0
Dick Everyman 09.11.12 6:25pm
Dick Everyman
Border Agency says at least backlog of cases is not the size of Wales 1
Duncan Biscuit 09.11.12 5:03pm
custard cream
Tory peer outraged by Wrexham slur

Conservative peer Lord McAlpine says allegations linking him to a visit to Wrexham during the 1970s are ‘wholly false and defamatory’, The former party treasure claimed that as far as he knew,...

Gerontius 09.11.12 5:01pm
custard cream
Badgers call for cull of former Thatcher ministers. 0
DustyBinLaden 09.11.12 4:11pm
Justin Welby named as next Arch-Credulous Idiot of Canterbury 0
Idiot 09.11.12 2:25pm
Donald Trump forms his own militia

American businessman Donald Trump is reported to have formed his own constitutional militia group in the foothills of Vermont, and is planning to overthrow the US government. The follicly-distressed...

Darkbill 2.0 09.11.12 1:49pm
Schofield 'had close relationship with small rodent' claims TV insider 0
Mandy Lifeboat 09.11.12 12:49pm
Mandy Lifeboat
New Archbishop Of Canterbury uses annointment oil made by French after ELF scare 0
Scronnyglonkle 09.11.12 12:14pm
Tory politician denies expense abuse claims 0
Duncan Biscuit 09.11.12 12:06pm
Duncan Biscuit
Fears that extra UK spending on space might disappear into a black hole 0
Duncan Biscuit 09.11.12 12:03pm
Duncan Biscuit
Child molestors to be force to wear paedo speedos for easy identification 0
simonjmr 09.11.12 11:48am
Woman accused of having sex in the House of Lords - confirmed as a peerdophile 0
simonjmr 09.11.12 11:47am
Ben Elton chosen as stunt double for the new Archbishop of Canterbury

Ben Elton has been hired as the new stunt double for The Bishop of Durham, the new Archbishop of Canterbury. Comedian, actor and author Mr Elton was chosen not only for his uncanny resemblance to...

Dick Everyman 09.11.12 11:46am
Dick Everyman
Consumer group launches 'Gay Which Hunt' a new switching site for homosexuals. 0
wallster 09.11.12 11:32am
Peer admits to being a paedophile but denies being a Conservative 0
custard cream 09.11.12 11:14am
custard cream
Romney comes to UK to join 'gay witch hunt'

Mitt Romney has vowed to leave the USA and restart his political career in the UK after hearing David Cameron talk of a gay witch hunt. "If there is one thing that pisses me off more than gay...

Perks 09.11.12 11:04am
Leaked FBI files reveal conspiracy theorists in the pay of the US government

The Youtube community was thrown into disarray today when leaked files from the FBI revealed that leading conspiracy theorists have been funded by the US government since as early as the 1960s....

gregle 09.11.12 10:54am
ITV to screen ‘I’m a celibate Tory … get me out of here!’

The lure of 4 weeks away in the Australian jungle plus the chance of winning the grand prize of an Australian passport and a new identity has seen Tories suspected of sexual misbehaviour clamour to...

Yikes 09.11.12 10:41am
Government thought dieback was a Welsh rugby player admits Environment Minister

Moron soon...

Gerontius 09.11.12 10:31am
Isle of Wight joins the 'cyberspace race'

Officials on the Isle of Wight have today announced they are going to attempt to send their first citizen into cyberspace. The plans come exactly 1 year after a previous attempt failed when local...

Perks 09.11.12 9:58am
Romney admits he is an alcohol dependent transvestite

Following his defeat in the US election, Mitt Romney has admitted that he was 'Living a lie' and is in-fact an alcoholic transvestite 'Who never desreved the chance to run for president.' 'I gave...

antharrison 09.11.12 9:44am
Clegg calls for inclusion of fallen parking wardens on Remembrance Sunday

In a bid to improve his popularity, Nick Clegg has requested that the nation uses Remembrance Sunday to honour the memory of UK parking wardens who have died or been injured in the line of duty....

antharrison 09.11.12 9:27am