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Verdict on Christmas now in: “Oh, quiet, just the family”...

The entire population of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have been asked to give their verdict on the Christmas holiday, and the results are now in. 99.99999999999% of respondents said “Oh,...

Doylem 29.12.10 3:41pm
“Get hole-istic advice from your ATM”, says minister...

Cabinet Office Minister Ms Francis Maude has outlined the extra services that will soon be available from ATMs. “For years the humble ‘hole in the wall’ machine has dispensed cash, and maybe a...

Doylem 29.12.10 12:28pm
Homeless man regrets dropping out of Harvard 0
Dumbnews 29.12.10 12:20pm
Originally I just wanted to buy a justin bieber doll for David

but then I thought I could do better then that getting him the real deal. It also does not need batteries and still makes funny noises...

4ty2 29.12.10 12:18pm
Man addicted to nicotine patches ‘dreading new year’

A Bolton man who is addicted to nicotine patches says he is dreading the new year when a week’s free trial of the parches – part of the NHS Smoking Quit Kt – will be available at many chemists...

roybland 29.12.10 12:06pm
"Let them drink Guinness", say the Northern Ireland Water Companies. 0
Ian Searle 29.12.10 11:57am
Ian Searle
Northern Ireland water cannons to run on Volvic, says Deputy First Minister

As fresh water supplies across Northern Ireland ran down to a trickle, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness has announced that Volvic had won the contract to supply the province’s water cannons ....

Gary Stanton 29.12.10 6:45pm
Gary Stanton
Hughes 'special advocate' for persuading future students to vote Lib Dem 1
roybland 30.12.10 9:43am
Film Baddie Recruitment Agency admits business flagging

“No-one wants the en masse recruitment of guys dressed in black, loyal to criminals, thugs or evil world domination types these days” admits Jo Clark, recruiter in chief “with the lack of big...

brownpaperreporter 29.12.10 11:27am
60 million Brits say they had a nice but quiet Christmas 0
roybland 29.12.10 11:07am
US seeks extradition of man responsible for Northern Ireland leaks 2
roybland 29.12.10 12:03pm
Badminton sees a surge of interest in Australia. 0
FormerlyAlOPecia 29.12.10 10:56am
Al Jazeera website renamed 2
brownpaperreporter 29.12.10 3:29pm
Malcum eggs
Wikileaks changes tactics in Northern Ireland

[variation on Duncan's idea]...

Sinnick 29.12.10 9:35am
‘Unanswerable case’ for death of Matthew Kelly 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.12.10 9:12am
Duncan Biscuit
Coalition to appoint tsar to explain to students who Simon Hughes is 1
Duncan Biscuit 30.12.10 9:42am
Tens of millions face yet another day without mains water 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.12.10 9:10am
Duncan Biscuit
Nobody phones Northern Ireland paper to claim responsibility for leaks fiasco 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.12.10 9:10am
Duncan Biscuit
The Roaming mentaly ill are to get free "I am fucking dangerous and will stab

about 200 people this year badges"...

Malcum eggs 29.12.10 7:21am
Malcum eggs
It's 'Goodbye Normal Jeans' as John dresses son in crotchless denim nappy. 1
Trickster 29.12.10 7:19am
Malcum eggs
Archeologists uncover evidence that Neanderthal children did not like sprouts

A new study of Neanderthal remains has revealed that just like modern day children, sprouts were not a favourite with the younger generation. Researchers in Germany that found evidence of overcooked...

JaimieX 29.12.10 8:16am
Nice football agent Pini Zahavi hails the transfer of baby $$$ to Mr and Mr E.

my clients are very private people that requested no publicity ...

Malcum eggs 28.12.10 11:23pm
Malcum eggs
Lady Prescott offers up big fathead baby for adoption ,diaorrhea at both ends 0
Malcum eggs 28.12.10 10:49pm
Malcum eggs
Daily Telegraph reporters fooled by man posing as government minister 3
roybland 30.12.10 5:49pm
newsbiscuit editorial team
Back-to-school flu epidemic fear could nicely extend school hols 0
roybland 28.12.10 9:44pm
Police marksman thought gunman was from Independent Police Complaints Commission 1
roybland 29.12.10 7:23am
Malcum eggs
Library homeless to be classified under Dewey Decimal System 0
roybland 28.12.10 9:15pm
BBC announces new Spring Schedule Drama – “Black Man at Oxford”

Hot on the heels of the success of the revitalised Upstairs, Downstairs and the ITV ratings hit, Downton Abbey, BBC Drama has announced that it is pinning its future hopes on a new historical...

Milo Shame 28.12.10 9:15pm
Milo Shame
. 0
thackaray 28.12.10 8:15pm
Sale of surplus stock from Dave to BBC averts Xmas TV repeats shortage 0
thackaray 28.12.10 8:12pm