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Hacking latest: Lord Leveson arrested.

Lord Justice Leveson was arrested late in the afternoon just as he was returning from horseriding near his Chipping Norton mansion. It is understood that he had been out riding with a group of...

weematt 16.03.12 1:51pm
Richard Dawkins to be new Archbishop of Canterbury

The general synod of the Church of England is expected to approve Richard Dawkins as the new head of the Church of England. A spokesman explained; "Whereas most of the candidates prevaricated over...

apepper 16.03.12 1:14pm
Ryanair win contract to supply Cameron with Eire-Force One jet 0
charlies_hat 16.03.12 1:04pm
Did United and City throw Europa Cup to concentrate on title race?

No. they were beaten fair and square. Now move on...

Boutros 16.03.12 1:01pm
Osborne - 50% rate cut - "Champagne's not getting any cheaper".

More [i]hic[/i] soon...

ianrbland 16.03.12 12:52pm
pere floza
Cameron in court after lost luggage claim on Air-Force one.

The Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron and his Wife Samantha are to be taken to court by his travel insurers after submitting a fraudulent claim for lost luggage after flying on Air-Force one....

ianrbland 16.03.12 12:19pm
Archbishop of Canterbury quits in protest at treatment of Russell Brand

Dr Rowan Williams has resigned as Archbishop of Canterbury in protest at the 'heavy-handed' treatment of Russell Brand by the US police, Lambeth Palace has announced. Dr Williams, 61, is said to...

The Paper Ostrich 16.03.12 11:25am
The Paper Ostrich
Crowd in shock as Carrie Oakey finally turns up for a gig. More soon... 0
ianrbland 16.03.12 11:14am
God accepts Archbishop's resignation but demands he clears his altar at once 0
Mandy Lifeboat 16.03.12 11:13am
Mandy Lifeboat
Sequal to Dustin Hoffmans HBO Drama Luck, to be titled "Dogfood and glue"

Another program where gamblers can winalot!...

Iamthestig 16.03.12 11:08am
Birthdays banned at Scotland Yard following fat police survey

Possession of illegal substances now to include 'cake'...

kimllfixit 16.03.12 11:01am
Harry Redknapp being considered for Archbishop of Canterbury vacancy. 0
The Nage 16.03.12 10:44am
The Nage
'Jaunt Man Cameron' Gets An Earfull From Cleggy.....

."How come I have to do the housework while you swan off on another easy jaunt? Mr Fake Tan Man!"...

Jesse Bigg 16.03.12 10:26am
Jesse Bigg
Long term unemployed to get positions in Coalition Government

In a further bid to reduce unemployment levels the government has announced a new policy of creating new, but meaningless positions within the coalition government and appointing some of the longer...

ianrbland 16.03.12 9:38am
Tories trump Labour jobs pledge with a job a uniform and a rifle 0
yussle 16.03.12 9:10am
Husband awarded D- in DIY assessment, takes-up DIY

Despite promising to undertake the vast array of DIY tasks assigned by his wife, avid golfer Andy Ariston has been awarded a D- by his wife for the pathetic progress made in the tasks and the...

antharrison 16.03.12 8:06am
Pips will pop, advise surgeons 0
Immunis 16.03.12 7:41am
Controversial new face implants raise a few eyebrows 2
quango 16.03.12 7:37am
Fathers For Justice support campaign for 'some sex' marriages 4
cinquecento 16.03.12 7:01am
Argentina steps up claims for Pitcairn Islands

In a surprise move, Argentinian President de Kirchner today asserted Argentina's claim to sovereignty over Pitcairn Island, on the grounds that it is "way closer to us than them". She talked some...

grumblechops 16.03.12 6:59am
'Being rich and powerful puts women off' claims thick ginger bastard 4
16.03.12 5:15am
Here Are Some Scary Thoughts:

Here Are Some Really Scary Thoughts: The people running for President have no problem wasting huge sums of other people's money and spending incredible amounts of time making themselves look good...

16.03.12 1:53am
Fears for future of Goldman Sachs as IOW locals refuse to do business with them

Investors are fleeing Goldman Sachs in droves as further news that the IOW will no longer do business with the global investment banking powerhouse. A trip down the local pub in Cowes reveals how...

quango 15.03.12 10:13pm
Many people have now heard of Belgium, survey finds 0
roybland 15.03.12 9:23pm
Welsh Apple fans queue for launch of iPlaid 0
roybland 15.03.12 9:02pm
Small elite group of universities, not so elite, not so small. 0
Mandy Lifeboat 15.03.12 8:56pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Burglars 'must be fit enough to carry large swag bag' report recommends 0
Mandy Lifeboat 15.03.12 8:53pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Oedipus looking forward to mother's day

Hat tip to Roybland...

Smart Alex 15.03.12 8:49pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Can we avoid Lib-Dem ex-MPs ‘cruising’ after next general election?

The high number of Lib-Dem MPs due to be shown the red card at the next election is causing worries around Westminster and not just amongst the Kings Cross rent-boy community. Margaret Hodge, the...

dvo4fun 15.03.12 8:02pm
Hip-hop star bitch-slapped by mum after misunderstanding on ‘mother’s day’. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 15.03.12 6:19pm
John Ffitch-Rucker