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Summer 2011 to feature highlights of summer 2010

Thanks to mother nature and old man time’s proposed strike action, mankind can look forward to reliving the highs and lows of summer 2010 starting with the volcanic ash cloud. Still to come:...

button 25.05.11 8:20am
Morphine for terminally ill targetted for NHS cuts

A right wing think tank with close links to the Prime Minister caused a storm today with their radical proposals for NHS cost savings. The most controversial of these is reducing the amount of...

A Wagonload Of Monkeys 25.05.11 8:01am
A Wagonload Of Monkeys
New British film about press freedom: Saving Ryan's Privates 0
ronseal 25.05.11 7:36am
George Davis was 'not convicted on the correct evidence' howl celebrity backers

A celebrated bank robber was cock a hoop last night, after being completely exonerated for all those times he stuck guns in people's faces, when it emerged that the police might have got some...

ronseal 25.05.11 7:25am
Liverpool apologises for Ringo Starr. more soon 0
Mrblacker 25.05.11 7:25am
Local woman weds local jerk 0
Dumbnews 25.05.11 5:47am
Mark Zuckerberg unfriends himself on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the well known website [i]Facebook[/i], last night unfriended himself on the online social networking site after watching [i]The Social Network[/i] movie about himself and...

mongeese 25.05.11 5:25am
Lisa Stansfield finds missing offspring. more soon 0
Mrblacker 25.05.11 4:59am
British Humanist Association filed super injunction on Jesus

Considering the poosibility that he might have had an affair with a women and recent attempts by a GP to talk to his patiens about Jesus in an attempt to offer hlistic medicin have lead the humanist...

4ty2 24.05.11 11:07pm
UK Internet and legal system crash under surfeit of Ryan Gags 0
pinxit 24.05.11 9:32pm

Mrs Miggins, I posted that twice...

button 24.05.11 8:41pm
Record UK borrowing finally maxes out Cameron's gold card... 0
deskpilot3 24.05.11 8:28pm
Government to introduce charges for Free Schools....

You read it here first...

deskpilot3 24.05.11 8:27pm
Cameron could re-launch the Big Society "in 45 seconds".

Oh. That's not right. I meant "every 45 seconds"...

deskpilot3 24.05.11 8:26pm
Norfolk goes bonkers for new 'hide the carrot' craze, the Vegazzle 0
ronseal 24.05.11 8:24pm
Prince Philip heard saying "Mr Cosby your youth serum treatment is working well" 1
brownpaperreporter 24.05.11 8:24pm
Nato to deploy volcanoes in Libya to enforce no fly zone 3
simonjmr 24.05.11 7:53pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
John Hemming brutally beaten by gang of MPs as "Snitches get stitches" 3
button 24.05.11 7:50pm
Ryanair Owner Michael O’Leary Denies the Existence of “Mythical Iceland”

The traditionally outspoken Michael O’Leary, owner of Ryanair, has today spoken out angrily about further cancellations of his airlines’ flights. Ina television interview he explained “we went...

Deimos 24.05.11 7:32pm
Obama orders drone strike on Dublin after Jedward "welcome" 2
TerribleTim 24.05.11 7:30pm
Volcano disruption to news broadcasts expected to be much lower this time round

Last year’s Icelandic volcano eruption resulted in long term and wide spread disruption to broadcasts and reporting across Europe as presenters struggled to cope with the news. According to...

Neil Palfreyman 24.05.11 7:29pm
Strauss-Kahn blames drunken sailor as Seaman Staines discovered on hotel carpet

with apologies to Captain Pugwash...

pere floza 24.05.11 6:53pm
greg various
Interpol reveals Alex Ferguson and Muammar Gaddafi are one and the same

Well, have you ever seen them both in the same room at the same time? If I disappear tomorrow, you'll know what's happened to me...

Mr Payne 24.05.11 3:32pm
Mr Payne
South West Trains impose Clapham Superinjunction. 0
MC One R 24.05.11 2:14pm
MC One R
Fat Controller to be armed

Following the news that armed teams of British Transport Police will shortly begin patrolling Britain's trains, the railway of Thomas the Tank Engine has announced that the Fat Controller will also...

rickwestwell 24.05.11 2:12pm
John Wiltshire
You've Been Framed production company to fight blooper-injunction. 0
MC One R 24.05.11 2:12pm
MC One R
Presidential visit onlooker says 'Carlton Palmer's doing alright for himself' 0
Basil_B 24.05.11 2:10pm
MP not allowed to name Hugh Bonneville as having a superinjunction

The Squeaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, today refused to allow an MP to name Hugh Bonneville as having a superinjunction, on the grounds that his name wasn't in the Sunday Herald and so...

John Wiltshire 24.05.11 1:56pm
John Wiltshire
Prince Philip honours Obama with gift of 'Blazing Saddles' DVD. 0
be reasonable 24.05.11 1:50pm
be reasonable
apologies - sub pulled 0
Gary Stanton 24.05.11 1:49pm
Gary Stanton