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Pensions Rally cancelled as old timers forget where they parked their cars 0
Mr Payne 30.06.11 3:38pm
Mr Payne
Geeks remember where they were the day the iPhone was released

In the week of the fourth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone in the US, Apple enthusiast Jon Ronsome remembers where he was on the day he bought his IPhone.,  , 'Hell, I was in this...

roybland 30.06.11 3:20pm
Stating the Bleedin’ Obvious no longer considered “Spooky”

For some months an e-mail has been doing the rounds, which describes as “spooky” the statement that for anyone born in the 20th century, adding the year of your birth minus 1900 to the age you...

Blindcwm 30.06.11 3:15pm
“Re-e'tailing” revolution proposed.

A new think-tank has been established to find a solution to the problems caused by Internet shopping. As more and more people buy on-line and have their groceries delivered, previously quiet...

beau-jolly 30.06.11 3:11pm
Ridley Scott directs "Black Horse Down," the story of Lloyds 15000 job-losses! 0
Iamthestig 30.06.11 2:44pm
95.5% of men prefer showing genitalia on cam than visiting own GP

In a study released today by the British Medical Council it has been found that 95.5% of men aged between 16 and 75 would prefer to expose their genitalia via web-cam than visit their GP. The...

Dick Everyman 30.06.11 2:41pm
Dick Everyman
Fury as nursery plants children in neat rows 1
30.06.11 2:39pm
Dick Everyman
Shellfish people more likely to catch crabs says the Lancet... 0
Iamthestig 30.06.11 2:33pm
‘The Second Coming’ - a Chocolate Revelation for Thortons

A dairy farmer in Shropshire was in close talks with Church leaders last night following an annunciation allegedly made to him as he was milking his herd of Fresians. The figure of the Virgin Mary...

Dick Everyman 30.06.11 2:17pm
Dick Everyman
Greek tradition of plate smashing to be replaced by parliament smashing

The ancient greek custom of plate smashing is to be brought up to date by being replaced by a new greek custom called parliament building smashing. 'We thought recent events in our country were...

Basil_B 30.06.11 2:12pm
Ken Clarke to advise South Africa on 'different kinds of corrective rape' 3
cinquecento 30.06.11 1:16pm
Bombshell as court rules Greek bail-out can only last 96 hours 3
Duncan Biscuit 30.06.11 1:13pm
Archaic Japanese tea ceremony to be revitalised with kettling and teabagging 0
pere floza 30.06.11 12:56pm
pere floza
Eating may be clue to obesity epidemic

Eating bucket loads of greasy food may be the reason that Americans are becoming so obscenely obese new research suggests., A team from the University of North Carolina’s department of the...

beau-jolly 30.06.11 12:48pm
Kettling to be used at Olympic opening ceremony 0
simonjmr 30.06.11 12:32pm
Grenades considered harmful, says report

MOSUL, IRAQ: In a monthly report generated by the 13th Sustainment Command, Assistant Chief Henry Webbers admitted that, after careful consideration of observed facts, as well as the ongoing...

Dick Justice 30.06.11 12:28pm
Dick Justice
stray animals to be 'used to feed the poor and homeless'

In a somewhat shocking statement made earlier today, the RSPCA today revealed plans for stray animals to be rounded up and used to feed the poor and homeless. A leading voice at the organisation, who...

Leeboy007 30.06.11 12:19pm
Government defence cuts bite deep - Barmy Army to do tour of Afghanistan in 2012 0
ItsReevesy 30.06.11 11:58am
Hollywood remake of chimps tea adverts to get a PG rating 0
Ian Searle 30.06.11 11:42am
Ian Searle
Doctors warn of dangers of telling corny jokes to people with wheat intolerance 0
Ian Searle 30.06.11 11:41am
Ian Searle
University vice-chancellors call for Government to face more competition

Schools minister David Willetts has criticised plans by university vice-chancellors to encourage more competition in the government by getting everybody to vote for other parties. ‘No, I think you...

The Paper Ostrich 30.06.11 11:39am
Wimbledon Update

Nadal batters Fish...

Tom55 30.06.11 10:55am
UK scientists confirm George Osborne "completely devoid of compassion"

UK scientist have today unveiled that OsborneGCoEx2010-2011 is believed to be only the second known case of a massive emotional and compassionate black hole. It's nearly thiry years since the last...

simonjmr 30.06.11 10:37am
Pubs delighted with successful teachers' strike

Workers in the publican sector were given a welcome boost today, following a nation-wide teachers' strike. The 'day before payday' is normally a quiet time for the industry, but some landlords...

30.06.11 10:26am
flying pickets appear at NUT strike lines in London

singing their hit 'Only You' ( anyone remember that? )...

Leeboy007 30.06.11 10:20am
Touring caravan drivers voted 'most popular road users'

With the summer holidays looming touring caravans are now on their starting blocks in readiness to hit the highways and byways of Britain. Now, in an annual survey conducted by the AA to ascertain...

Dick Everyman 30.06.11 9:48am
Dick Everyman
Striker's prepare for lunch time as they form a picnic line 0
Basil_B 30.06.11 9:45am
Charlie Sheen sacks PR people

he hasn't been in the news for at least a week...

Leeboy007 30.06.11 9:31am
North Wales Search & Rescue Helicopter Pilot.......

..Goes A.W.L. with wife and heads to America., "Just need another break," he told colleagues...

Jesse Bigg 30.06.11 9:16am
Jesse Bigg
Osborne to hold breath till they go back to work 0
greg various 30.06.11 9:12am
greg various