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Savile chauffeur admits picking-up dodgy blonde and giving him a ride 0
antharrison 08.11.12 8:23pm
Oil worker 'gobsmacked' at news he was to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury

Oil industry worker Justin Welby (56) says he was 'gobsmacked' when he heard he was to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. 'I was having a few morning pints with the lads before being flown back...

roybland 08.11.12 8:05pm
Ken Dodd's dad's dog's slightly unwell.. !

A nation awaits. Stay tuned for more updates...

misterjingles 08.11.12 7:42pm
Romney derives some comfort during dignified concession speech to his supporters

pinxit 08.11.12 7:29pm
Eton Rifles; David Camerons favourite pop song. Irony officially dead! 1
arthurminnit 08.11.12 7:26pm
Cameron’s warning about “gay witch hunt” endorsed by gay witches... 0
Tripod 08.11.12 7:07pm
Elton Welsby emerges as front runner for Archbishop of Canterbury

The former ITV football pundit Elton Welsby has remarkably been unveiled as the bookies favourite to be crowned the next Archbishop of Canterbury. More soon...

simonjmr 08.11.12 7:00pm
Paul Ryan Quits Politics; Opens Fitness Center

In a bizarre sequence of events, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s former Vice-Presidential running mate, has decided to resign from federal politics to open up a local fitness center in Janesville,...

tj1990 08.11.12 6:59pm
Tower Hamlets to sell Henry Moore sculpture, but keep holes.

“It’s an artistic and economic compromise,” said a Tower Hamlets spokesperson. “When a private buyer said he would allow us to keep the holes in the Henry Moore statue in return for a 40%...

nickb 08.11.12 6:40pm
"White House will be decorated in an overly ornate style", insists Baroque Obama 3
Smart Alex 08.11.12 6:29pm
Paddy Berzinski
Lance Armstrong denies taking revenge on GB cyclists

- 2 incidents involving GB cycling team in one day - can't be a coincidence...

Sinnick 08.11.12 6:12pm
Prominent paedophile sues ITV over 'Suspected Tory' slur.... 0
Jammydodgers 08.11.12 6:10pm
Phillip Schofield reveals Jimmy Savile's Christmas card list,live on air. 1
Zen 08.11.12 6:09pm
Paddy Berzinski
Liverpool football widow refuses to wear black armband

A Liverpool football widow has caused outrage by refusing to wear a black armband in her husband’s match day absences. Despite demands from Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rogers and senior club...

Dick Everyman 08.11.12 6:01pm
Des Custard
Master Chef sound track assignment led to drummer’s break down

Leeds based percussionist, Roger Haslett has admitted succumbing to depression following years of musical assignments creating tense TV soundtracks. The 59 year old first recognised that he had a...

Dick Everyman 08.11.12 6:57am
Dick Everyman
Bradley Wiggins knocked off bike, Jimmy Saville not a suspect confirms The Sun.

More soon.[quote]...

MADJEZ 08.11.12 6:43am
President Springsteen Wins Second Term

President Springsteen has been re-elected to a second term, defeating the Republican challenger Meatloaf. In a victory speech that lasted over three and a half hours and included a rare solo...

@spinal_bap 08.11.12 12:54am
BBC1 & Newsnight Plan "No Clive Dunn Tribute Night" in Christmas Line 0
Scronnyglonkle 07.11.12 10:18pm
Total Carp magazine proof reader sacked for title error 9
custard cream 07.11.12 9:56pm
Smart Alex
Ashley Di Bach receives super asbo banning him from all UK forests 0
custard cream 07.11.12 9:36pm
custard cream
Indolent watch-maker has time on his hands... 0
Tripod 07.11.12 7:38pm
Global media frenzy as newsrooms gear up for Corby by-election.

Hot from an election ‘warm-up gig’ in the States, the world’s journalists, TV crews and truck loads of outside broadcasting equipment arrived at an airfield in the Midlands fog today, eager for...

malgor 07.11.12 7:23pm
OK, panic.

Clive Done. :-(...

Midnight Dreary 07.11.12 7:14pm
Mr Target
Romney takes final spot in Celebrity Jungle 0
Ironduke 07.11.12 5:34pm
Improved productivity linked to useless new football websites

Industry bosses have hailed the introduction of a new website design used by the vast majority of Football League Clubs as a resounding success. Factors such as illogical structuring, links that...

Midfield Diamond 07.11.12 5:29pm
Midfield Diamond
Redhead counting project to try to squeeze in blackheads. 0
weematt 07.11.12 5:14pm
Met office suggests tropical storms could be calmer with blokes names

In the wake of the devastation caused by Storm Sandy scientists around the world have been looking at ways to reduce the impact of such natural disasters in the future. Sources at the Met office...

gregle 07.11.12 5:07pm
Innumerate Democrats celebrate "some" more years

More to follow...

apepper 07.11.12 4:52pm
Boy tips his grandma to win Movember contest 1
antharrison 07.11.12 4:51pm
Coalition celebrates half-way point with ‘chalk and cheese party’... 4
Tripod 07.11.12 4:51pm