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BBC launch 'Newsnightie' in bid to monetize bedtime current affairs output

The BBC is to merchandise dedicated news and current affairs sleepware using branding around the flagship programme Newsnight. The Newsnightie, available in a choice of styles, including Jeremy...

nickb 12.11.12 8:37am
Mesopotamia man in 'cow-lick' heartbreak

A man from Mespotamia is said to be devastated following reports that his wife may have been accidentally licked to death by a cow., The couple, a Mr & Mrs Lot from the Chaldees area had been on...

Gerontius 12.11.12 8:18am
man has sex with Turkish flat bread, admits being a pidephile. 5
arthurminnit 12.11.12 7:38am
Archbishop of Canterbury to deputise as BBC DG

“Where there was discord, let us bring harmony. Where there was Moyles, let us bring Grimshaw. Where there is Newsnight, let us bring nightly repeats of the Blue Planet, till we think of...

nickb 12.11.12 3:37am
BBC to sell Newsnight format to USA

'Newsnight USA' is all set to take America by storm following successful trials in Britain of the unique TV and radio format. It's taken 32 years to perfect the programme but the BBC thinks they've...

Boutros 12.11.12 12:51am
CAMRA to sponsor 'Retch Factor' a new Real-ale-ity show

bring on the one stars!...

Squudge 12.11.12 12:49am
Anfield 'churl on churl action'. Terry injured in collision with Suarez

more later...

dvo4fun 11.11.12 11:53pm
Man 'Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door', told to fuck off. 0
Worth 11.11.12 11:44pm
Male listening device to bring marital harmony

A team of British audiology scientists has designed a breakthrough listening device for men that will bring harmony to husbands and wives throughout the world. Following intensive international...

Dick Everyman 11.11.12 10:55pm
Dick Everyman
Jimmy Savile 'not so bad after all' says Steve Messham 0
custard cream 11.11.12 10:34pm
custard cream
Accidentally left blank 0
Sinnick 11.11.12 10:13pm
oops 0
Skylarking 11.11.12 10:01pm
Heat magazine gains sponsorship from Glow Worm

they're a boiler maker - geddit!...

custard cream 11.11.12 9:49pm
custard cream
Entwistle 'comforted' by £450,000 pay out for 53 days work

"Not as much as a Premiership footballer, but it will have to do", said Entwistle...

custard cream 11.11.12 9:44pm
Panorama's Newsnight investigation now to be headed by Philip Schofield 0
custard cream 11.11.12 9:38pm
custard cream
Hard of hearing man claims house "is haunted by goats" - pesky kids involved

A Rotherham man who is partially deaf thinks that his 2 bedroom semi-detached house is haunted. Investigators asked if he'd seen any ghosts and he replied that he'd been eating their yoghurt for...

apepper 11.11.12 8:18pm
Suarez disputes length of Terry ban. 0
reforse 11.11.12 7:45pm
CAMRA to sponsor 'Beer Idol' a new Real-ale-ity TV show. 1
JETFAB 11.11.12 7:37pm
Mr Gideon upset that, yet again, wife accidentally leaves bible in hotel room 5
Smart Alex 11.11.12 7:31pm
New BBC drama “tackles BBC drama”, says stand-in BBC boss...

Tim Davie, acting Director General of the BBC, is determined to “hit the ground running”, as he announces some of the new programmes that will be soon be hitting our screens. “Anyone who thinks...

Tripod 11.11.12 7:29pm
Favourites for European Pub Champions League - Real Ale Madrid 3
weematt 11.11.12 7:18pm
custard cream
No China crisis at BBC insists Patten

unlike when I was Hong Kong Governor...

custard cream 11.11.12 7:17pm
custard cream
BBC broadcast to remember the fallen: John Entwistle, Newsnight, journalism... 1
AReader 11.11.12 7:13pm
custard cream
Zeitgeist Publishing launches new mag for style stalinists - Totally Tarianism 1
ronseal 11.11.12 7:13pm
custard cream
BBC canteen staff resign after "one joke too many" 0
Drylaw 11.11.12 7:07pm
Intentionally left blank 0
deskpilot3 11.11.12 5:28pm
BBC Boss resigns for not running story that wasn't true. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 11.11.12 5:26pm
Falkirk man to auction family Poppy

A 62 year-old man from Scotland, seen proudly wearing the UKs oldest working Poppy at a Remembrance Day Parade in Falkirk earlier today says the little red flower has been in his family for three...

Gerontius 11.11.12 5:03pm
Dismal reviews of Hot and Horny V beg the question: is this a sequel too far? 0
ronseal 11.11.12 4:37pm
CAMRA de-list mead saying it tastes like sweet fake ale. 0
weematt 11.11.12 4:27pm