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Henman crashes out of World Tour Finals commentary team at group stage

Tim Henman, the former British Number 1, looks increasingly likely to end his run in the BBC commentary team during the group stages of the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena. The perennial...

grumblechops 24.11.11 6:42pm
Emergency Diversity Coordinators to be drafted in as strike cover

As Wednesday's public sector strikes look set to go ahead, senior officials in a number of government departments are making emergency plans to draft in managers as cover for the nation's vital...

GreenCross 24.11.11 5:58pm
David Beckham chooses PSG

David Beckham chooses PSG - What a name for a baby...

Paulwoods 24.11.11 5:47pm
Outsourced Santa transforms Occupy Bristol camp into Christmas Market sensation

When retired economics teacher Bernard Clore lost his regular seasonal job to an on-screen Santa at a call-centre in India, he vowed to make a stand, setting up a ‘Real Santa’s Grotto’ hut at...

Squib 24.11.11 4:48pm
Thousands of BNP volunteers flock to man Immigration desks on 30th November 0
brownpaperreporter 24.11.11 4:45pm
Young Tories demonstrate the dangers of experimenting with humour

An experiment with humour which went badly wrong should serve as 'a lesson to us all' Said a health and safety spokesperson, after some puffy cheeked young conservatives burnt an effigy of Obama,...

Shandy 24.11.11 4:13pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Jonathan Ross to present 2nd week of The Leveson Enquiry

Sky 1 has today announced that it has bought the rights to the highly popular celebrity interview show The Leveson Enquiry. ‘We’re very excited to be involved in this project’ said Sky 1...

ianslat 24.11.11 4:03pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
JK Rowling tells Leveson inquiry that press intrusion inspired new book

Harry Potter and Scumbag Hack More soon...

simonjmr 24.11.11 3:58pm
Penguin meat to be sold under the Fox's Glacier Mince brand 0
simonjmr 24.11.11 3:52pm
J. K. Rowling accuses press...

of writing derivative, populist drivel that only impresses children...

John Ffitch-Rucker 24.11.11 3:50pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
J.K.Growling. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 24.11.11 3:47pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Temple of Aldi excavations provoke archaelogy wrangle

As excavations continue at the Temple of Aldi in Luton, a major new find from the Old Kingdom period in Britain (c.1712-2044), Britologists are divided over the meaning of some of the symbolic...

Oxbridge 24.11.11 3:39pm
Police in cement buttock op case have nothing concrete to go on.

JETFAB 24.11.11 3:32pm
News of the World confirm Sienna Miller lite hacking victim 0
simonjmr 24.11.11 3:31pm
Mrs Mosley confirms "I never tire of hearing Max's stories" 0
medici2471 24.11.11 12:54pm
Women win right to demand caesarean home water births

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has concluded that women can elect to have a caesarean birth in the comfort of their own sofa or hot tub, if they don’t fancy having...

Runestone Cowboy 24.11.11 10:48am
Vertically Challenged Giant
James Murdoch resigns from several newspapers, but nobody remembers being told. 0
Ian Searle 24.11.11 10:43am
Ian Searle
NCP dissidents claim responsibility for Sussex parking meter attacks 0
charlies_hat 24.11.11 10:31am
Distraught parent suddenly realises their childs paintings are shit

"Why oh why did nobody tell me on the QT, whilst I was proudly showing off those paintings" More soon...

simonjmr 24.11.11 10:31am
Warning - it may be more difficult to get into UK when the Border Agency strike. 0
Ian Searle 24.11.11 10:18am
Ian Searle
Cameron plays down strike by naming next Wednesday "Take your kids to work day" 0
Ian Searle 24.11.11 10:15am
Ian Searle
Van Rompuy to appear in “I’m a Celebrity..” in bid to become known to UK viewers

EU President Herman Van Rompuy is strongly tipped to make a surprise appearance on the new series of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” after showing up on a string of popular TV shows...

Gong of Fur 24.11.11 9:50am
Runestone Cowboy
Parents say David Cameron is a Great Steaming Clueless Turd

Following on from UK Prime Minister David Cameron's statement that parents affected by next weeks strike of public sector workers should "Bring their children to work", parents have responded that he...

Quaz 24.11.11 9:16am
Some important grown-ups to give Newsround a very, very special award 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.11.11 9:16am
Duncan Biscuit
Witness overload sees Leveson Inquiry make urgent appeal for more kangaroos 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.11.11 9:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Energy suppliers announce new fixed tariffs 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.11.11 9:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Border Agency: Britain closed for gold plating all day wednesday 0
vertical 24.11.11 9:07am
Pandora`s box advert ruled as lewd and suggestive.

The Advertising Standards Agency today banned all references to Pandora`s box in the Press and Media saying it was suggestive and demeaning to women. The head of the agency Jim Turnbull said they had...

woody 24.11.11 8:53am
Lady Gaga "not born this way" claims her mother

She was such a sweet girl, til she fell in with a bad lot at Art School., Worth expanding?...

grottymonty 24.11.11 12:26am
BNP spokeswoman says Aryan births should be on request 1
charlies_hat 24.11.11 12:04am