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Emergency operation removes Bono's head from his arse. 0
MrChigleysAunt 4 years
Entertainment News 0
Kernowpete 4 years

[u]ON NOW[/u] Westminster theatre. "Dave n Me"--- a heartwarming tale of two posh types who find out they have far more in common than they could ever have dreamed. "A triumph"-liberal world...

Study finds that what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander 0
PluckyMunky 4 years

David Cameron praised this major, international study, funded by various European governments, of 23,390 geese and gander. Eighty five percent of the birds who expressed a preference, agreed with the...

Thai Catholic priests sent in to lift red-shirts 5
brownpaperreporter 4 years
Guess who I am? 1
clockwork apple 4 years

Im the annoying person who always puts leaflets and other junkmail through your front door even thow youve got a sign on it saying NO JUNKMAILand do you no what?theres nothing anyone can do to stop...

UK troops to go under US command.. 1
MrChigleysAunt 4 years

fewer troops soon...

Im scared of flowers! 2
clockwork apple 4 years
Home Secretary says "I'm no homeopath" 1
andhrimnir 4 years
And flares frighten me 3
clockwork apple 4 years
Have I already posted that Alzheimer's joke? 0
Doctor Moptop 4 years
Theresa May appoints Wogan as Rug Tsar 0
pinxit 4 years

Following a string of celebrity appointments, the Home Secretary today announced that Sir Terry Wogan would lead a crackdown on the illegal rug trade. A beaming Sir Tel said, " It's a subject close...

BP last gasp effort to fix leak by concreting over it scuppered by builders 0
Basil_B 4 years

BP's last desperate hope to plug the oil leak in the gulf by filling it full of concrete has been put back ' to a week thursday love ' said Mr Trevor Smith of builders Smith & son of Basildon.,...

Shakin' Stevens to be new face of Epilepsy Society Ad Campaign. 6
pinxit 4 years
Jesus denies playing God 1
Des Custard 4 years

At a press conference this morning, Jesus Christ denied that he had played God when performing some of his best known miracles. Jesus said that the feeding of the five thousand, walking on water,...

US scientists deny involvement in Cameron's creation... 0
AdrianJ 4 years

but refuse to comment on rumours of a synthetic Clegg...

GERMAN ban on short-selling hits Lederhosen manufacturers. 2
pinxit 4 years
Catholic church sues US scientist for patent infringement 2
QorbeQ 4 years

The scientist at the centre of the development of a controversial 'synthetic lifeform' has become the target of a legal challenge from the Catholic church after the application for a patent on the...

Mohammed accepts role as "The Invisible Man" 0
andhrimnir 4 years
Economists propose "Great Depression II" until WHO agree next scare 0
andhrimnir 4 years

too much more soon...

Labour Leadership Latest: Dianne Abbot throws her cat into the ring. 0
pinxit 4 years

RSPCA to investigate...

BBC journalist says something positive about MPs. Will be fired soon. 0
martin2381 4 years

Why can't journalists look on the positive side of things?...

Windy Miller banned from Labour party leadership election. More soon. 0
martin2381 4 years

If you understand that headline, you're WAY too old...

Scientists play God. 1
doublehelix 4 years

Bookies favour the hugely experienced God at 9/13 on, with few pundits giving Scientists - widely regard as minnows of the tournament - much hope of meeting Krishna in the semis...

UK cities hail Cameron's triple-barrel name idea 2
Oxbridge 4 years

Cities, towns and even small villages have responded with great enthusiasm to David Cameron's idea that more of them should give themselves triple- or even quadruple-barrelled names like...

Custard-coated brick pie 'ill judged' admits accused clown. 0
QorbeQ 4 years
Oxfordshire woman slammed for 'playing God', creating six new lifeforms 2
QorbeQ 4 years

'In your face Dr. Venter,' says sextuplet Mum...

Went over the wall 1
clockwork apple 4 years

yesterday for a little stoll,and I found 5 paintings in a sack,someone must have forgot them when they were getting on the bus at the bus stop on Golders Green road.One painting was by a bloke named...

Porn actress found buried under patio. 1
pinxit 4 years

A friend commented " She always was hardcore."...

UK Papal visit. Catholic church has put a Bentley and an Austin at his disposal 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years

and when they are knackered a Keith and a Michael are on standby...

Cameron on first official European Booze Cruise 0
gregle 4 years

After discovering the disaterous state of the Downing Street wine cellar David Cameron has set off on his first state booze cruise. More than a decade of Labour tenancy in number 10 had left the...