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JUST IN! DLT to take out stalker injunction against Sue Key 0
Leeboy007 21.06.11 1:14pm
A Correction : Sue Key of Burnham is a big fan of DLT. 0
MADJEZ 21.06.11 12:36pm
Kia dealer in divorce battle after wife catches him spreading his cee'd 15
wallster 21.06.11 12:30pm
"Shoplifting okay if it's something you really, really want", claims vicar 1
butagirl 21.06.11 12:05pm
Mr Target
DJ Dave Lee Travis reveals Sui Kyi lifeline

Former Radio 1 and BBC world service DJ Dave Lee Travis revealed today that he owed the longevity of his career to Burmese freedom fighter Sui Kyi., 'Since I threw my teddy out in my on air rant and...

Basil_B 21.06.11 11:59am
Hundreds of stories go into climax as thunderstorms finally hit Britain

Britain's recent unprecedented dry spell, which delayed thousands of dramas up and down the country from moving to a climax of dramatic tension, finally broke yesterday, as hundreds of protaganists...

ronseal 21.06.11 11:18am
NHS turns to cloud computing to deliver patient records to crims faster 0
ronseal 21.06.11 11:06am
Jackass stars' 100mph fastest stranglewank attempt 'a complete success'

Well, it's been a while...

The Return of DroleNoel 21.06.11 10:47am
Suicide bombers set to strike over pension plans

Ayman al-Zawahiri is facing his first crisis as the new leader of Al-Qaeda after the National Union of Martyrs announced that suicide bombers will be going on strike due to the ongoing row over...

Vertically Challenged Giant 21.06.11 10:44am
Dick Everyman
Glastonbury mud to be 'replaced by carpet'.

Glastonbury festival organiser Michael Eavis has stunned the music world by announcing that he will be carpeting over his fields to eradicate the mud problem this year. "Every year people moan and...

Leeboy007 21.06.11 10:33am
Dave Lee Travis supports Burmese freedom fighter

I don't usually see the point of posting things from the internet on here - but this struck me as beyond the realms of the surreal:...

John Wiltshire 21.06.11 10:19am
John Wiltshire
Rory McIlroy to compete for Britain in all Olympic events

Britain's winning golfer Rory McIlroy has been entered for every event in the 2012 Olympics, on the basis that he has actually won a sporting event, which is more than anyone else has done. Rory,...

John Wiltshire 21.06.11 10:01am
John Wiltshire
New chain of care homes opened by Sharon Shoesmith of Indignitas

Dignitas is to open a new chain of care homes for the elderly under the brand name Indignitas., 'This is to reflect reality,' said the chairman of Indignitas Sharon Shoesmith. 'I have been chosen to...

John Wiltshire 21.06.11 9:59am
John Wiltshire
New official answer for the joke 'how much is a grecian urn' is now 'fuck all'. 1
Basil_B 21.06.11 9:53am
New holiday insurance rules make it illeagal take long weekend without a policy

Tough new laws have come into force today designed to crack down on people taking holiday without insurance. The new legislation rules that anyone on an uninsured break must either declare their...

Ian Searle 21.06.11 9:21am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Peter Andre To Join Board Of FIFA

It was announced today that pop star and reality television personality Peter Andre would be joining the football world governing body FIFA. In a somewhat radical, and some would say bizarre, move...

Leeboy007 21.06.11 9:08am
Juan Sheet does Katie Price 2
Oxbridge 21.06.11 8:30am
View from the Mound - a hot lesbian's take on today's world news (6/17 edition)

A few days ago, I wrote about the damage done by the fake lesbian bloggers who turned out to be men, leading many to mistrust on-line lesbians. The spotlight of suspicion even fell on me, as cynics...

SugarTits69 21.06.11 8:07am
Brave Brit Murray beats bag of potatoes in 4 sets 0
21.06.11 7:52am
Fears that 'C'mon, Andy!' may not ensure Murray win 0
roybland 21.06.11 6:40am
Ford to invest heavily in new eco-friendly "Flinstones" propulsion 0
Dumbnews 20.06.11 8:55pm
School leaving age to rise to 66

New government plans have been uncovered indicating that the official school leaving age is to increase from 16 to 66. In documents leaked by a ‘reliable government source’ to The Sun the...

Dick Everyman 20.06.11 8:52pm
Local monkey who does tech support applys for better job at the Zoo 0
Dumbnews 20.06.11 8:52pm
Uproar as SugarTits69 is revealed to be a man called 'Fergie'.

Check the 'Top Ten' accreditation. I feel cheated. And used. And a little bit foolish. I really believed...

Mr Payne 20.06.11 8:37pm
Mr Payne
England netball fans worried about excessive focus on 'HABs'

As England's 16-woman netball squad gets ready for the World Cup in Singapore in July, the nation should be asking if England's pacy attack can counter the height advantage of Jamaica and Malawi to...

Oxbridge 20.06.11 8:12pm
'Ugly People' website over-run ...

by applications from shallow, narcissistic air-heads. More soon...

be reasonable 20.06.11 5:46pm
Mr Payne
YouTube says users running out of never done before things to film 0
Dumbnews 20.06.11 4:42pm
Syrian President Asda denies government by product placement 1
simonjmr 20.06.11 3:50pm
Mladic resigns. Hague says he's 'No longer under investigation. He's innocent' 0
Mr Payne 20.06.11 3:17pm
Mr Payne
Andy Murray May Win Wimbledon. But Then Again May Not

quick ticker bar entry...

Leeboy007 20.06.11 3:01pm