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'Transparent kilt may be the way forward' admits naked rambler 1
FlashArry 13.09.12 11:45pm
Police coroner in Richard III bones case claims ‘victim was drunk’

A police coroner investigating bones believed to belong to King Richard III has insisted they show ‘clear evidence’ he was intoxicated by alcohol. The corpse, found in a car park in a busy town...

13.09.12 10:09pm
South Yorks. Police: “Hillsborough statements was most just amended for grammer”

South Yorkshire Police Service's Director of Corporate Mendacity has responded to suggestions, made by David Cameron in the House of Commons yesterday, that the Police had over decades sought to...

dvo4fun 13.09.12 9:47pm
Clegg would consider anything... 0
Queen of Tarts 13.09.12 9:33pm
Queen of Tarts
anglo-irish governments apologise for Hillsborough 1
arthurminnit 13.09.12 8:50pm
Kelvin MacKenzie fury "Sun bought Hillsborough story from Police in good faith" 11
dvo4fun 13.09.12 8:18pm
Naked rambler in police cover-up claim. More soon.

[Surely there's a gag about a big helmet hidden in here]...

malgor 13.09.12 8:05pm
Anti-Islam film is work of 56 year old L.A. man with religious grudge.

The film causing outrage in the Islamic world has been traced back to an actor/director from LA with a history of inciting religious hatred. His previous works while being widely praised by members...

MADJEZ 13.09.12 7:37pm
Archbishop Williams launches scathing attack on 1987 Ferguson video recorder

The rarely outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has launched a scathing attack on his ageing VCR. First rented from Rumbelows in the Summer of 1987, Williams claimed the device has...

13.09.12 6:58pm
The All New Jeni B
Car park hunchback remains actually hatchback remains admit archeologists 1
Smart Alex 13.09.12 6:31pm
Brazilian judge agrees to settle case on basis of a dance competition 0
Dumbnews 13.09.12 5:53pm
Samsung launch the new Galaxy 'NottheiPhone5'

Following Apple's high profile launch of the iPhone 5, it's latest smartphone, Samsung has launched it's latest product aimed at competing with their fierce rival. The Samsung Galaxy 'NottheiPhone5'...

Perks 13.09.12 5:48pm
Half-time pie manufacturers apologise for their part in Hillsborough disaster.

More apologies soon...

MADJEZ 13.09.12 5:19pm
Westward Ho! residents distance themselves from DJ's girlfriend 0
nickb 13.09.12 5:14pm
English hopes for 2034 World Cup rise following the birth of the new Ronaldo

The date September 12th 2012 will be marked in every football fans diary throughout the land. For decades we have looked on with envy as countries like Spain, Portugal and Brazil churn out...

Hooch 13.09.12 4:22pm
Internet Raises Grave Concern For America's Sanity 0
Martin Shuttlecock 13.09.12 4:15pm
Martin Shuttlecock
'I love prison more than naked rambling', admits Naked Rambler

And the best is naked rambling in the prison yard!, more soon...

custard cream 13.09.12 3:50pm
custard cream
New Flavoured Cat Food Is A Hit!

Cat's across the United Kingdom are licking their paws and purring with culinary satisfaction after an Ipswich man's new cat food recipe was added to pet food manufacturers stock lists and is now...

HIGNFY 13.09.12 3:44pm
Richard III : Archeologists find more skeletons in Sheffield Police Station 0
13.09.12 2:50pm
Highest ever energy prices due to success of conservation measures

Ofgem, the Government regulator for Electricity and Gas, has admitted that the latest round of energy price hikes is due to consumers becoming more efficient. Conservation initiatives such as low...

Midfield Diamond 13.09.12 2:46pm
Queen requests state burial in Waitrose car park

In a surprise announcement by Buckingham Palace, the Queen has asked to be interred in a new royal crypt built beneath the Crowthorne branch of upmarket food store Waitrose, ten miles from Windsor....

DustyBinLaden 13.09.12 12:50pm
Midfield Diamond
Inventor of the book admits it was an early prototype of the Kindle 0
custard cream 13.09.12 12:13pm
custard cream
Introduction of Pay as you go toilets, leads to increase in public defouling 0
simonjmr 13.09.12 9:53am
Yes its me again,

Ive just test drove the new small car from car makers Hymandri the much awaited Muffmuff,a one seater runaround whos unique selling point is its designed to look like and give the impression your not...

Jererme Clarkson 13.09.12 8:16am
The Chav Manifesto

Ill come straight to the point bruv,eyebrows,eyebrows ya get me bruv?everywhere I look I see eyebrows,eyebrows and interelectricals in big tan asses innit?and its all very iffy bruv.Chavs have the...

Trev 13.09.12 8:09am
Cockney Archaeologist claims to have found Richard III in Leicester toilets. 3
Zen 13.09.12 7:51am
“Douglas Bader’s artificial legs were unfair” complain Germans 6
Stan 13.09.12 7:29am
Tom-Tom To Launch A 'Rutted, Muddy, Narrow Lane Version'....

For all those drivers who seek a thrill - especially in the dark...

Jesse Bigg 13.09.12 6:47am
Vatican to amend beatification rules for Coe

As thousands hasten to praise the holy works of Sebastian Coe (particularly amongst the lame and crippled), the vatican announced that his widely expected beatification will not actually require that...

vertical 13.09.12 6:44am
Tartan Army seek independence from Scotland

Scottish football fans, collectively known as The Tartan Army, have issued notice to the Scottish Football Association of their intention to seek a break from their union., Having become...

Artisan 13.09.12 6:03am