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Nigerian Elderly Warned of Isle of Wight E-mail Scams

The Nigerian government has warned its elderly citizens about a rash of e-mail scams originating in the Isle of Wight. ‘Many of our honest Nigerian pensioners have lost their life savings, falling...

wwwiz 17.10.11 11:35pm
Missed out on the Booker shortlist? Write for newsbiscuit 0
Ironduke 17.10.11 11:27pm
Energy companies suggest checking other parties' policies

Major league players in the energy industry have ingratiatingly suggested that families that believe they are getting a rough deal out of the current Government's policies in cuts and subsistence...

kga6 17.10.11 10:30pm
UK credit rating linked to Wayne Rooney

Independent forecasters Ernst & Young have today linked the UK’s global credit rating to Wayne Rooney as long as he plays for a British football team and spends the majority of his salary in...

Ralphy Snoops 17.10.11 10:07pm
Dan Wheldon dies Indycar 3
SpankyMonkey 17.10.11 9:46pm
Dale Farm travellers ask to stay in Basildon; court accepts insanity plea

There were dramatic scenes in the high court when representatives of the Dale Farm travellers begged the judge to be allowed to stay in Basildon. Expert witness evidence from a clinical psychiatrist...

apepper 17.10.11 7:52pm
New iClone to create thousands of Jobs 1
JETFAB 17.10.11 7:19pm
Defence from Stage Hypnotist Kenny Craig swings Tomlinson Trial

During a hearing at Southwark Crown Court yesterday PC Simon Harwood's legal team bemused the courtroom with an unexpected defence against the charge of manslaughter. Harwood, who is accused of...

GreenCross 17.10.11 7:10pm
Huhne says spouses should 'adjust' gas and electricity meters this winter

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has said that people should get their spouse to adjust their gas and electricity meters this winter.,  , He was speaking after his meeting with the six biggest energy...

roybland 17.10.11 6:41pm
Dr Evil in court over intruder death

Douglas Powers, better known as international super-villain Dr Evil, is set to appear in court today to face charges over the alleged unlawful killing of a burglar at a hollowed out volcano, which...

Vertically Challenged Giant 17.10.11 6:16pm
The All New Jeni B
Seseme Street launch "Big Birds" Youtube channel 0
charlies_hat 17.10.11 6:14pm
Porn Tube taken offline after hackers flood site with Sesame Street vidoes

X-press Porn Tube, the adult video streaming site owned by Richard Desmond, has been taken down after hackers uploaded multiple clips of Sesame Street to the bongo file sharing site., Company...

thisisall1word 17.10.11 5:27pm
Al OPecia
Power Companies invite Cameron to OffFuck. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 17.10.11 5:24pm
Al OPecia
90% of problems in life can be solved by raising chin up 0
Dumbnews 17.10.11 4:52pm
X-Factor ratings tumble as viewers "realise it's rubbish"

The new series of the X-Factor has had falling ratings; the main reason seems to be viewers having something better to do. "I've been sitting in a darkened room; I found that quite an...

apepper 17.10.11 4:49pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Pythagoras' wife's lover killed whilst partaking in oral sex

"He died as he lived, eating a Pi." More soon...

simonjmr 17.10.11 4:37pm
Homoeopathic Economist Suggests Injecting "up to £1" into Economy

Doctor Stephen Harliton, the well known homoeopathic economist has calculated that £1 invested properly will completely cure the World economy. "The key is to find the correct dilution.", explained...

apepper 17.10.11 4:27pm
Teenage homeopath experiences hairy palms and blindness after mini-stroke 0
Runestone Cowboy 17.10.11 4:25pm
Runestone Cowboy
Sport - Channel 5 Manages to Offload Europa League

Management at Channel 5 were ecstatic this morning as they relieved themselves of overpriced mediocre European football. As ITV signed a 3-year deal to transmit footage of games no-one cares about,...

GreenCross 17.10.11 4:01pm
Wheldon was driving "way too fast" say onlookers 1
Drylaw 17.10.11 3:30pm
Vincent Tabak and Sam Warburton to make joint statement on 'moderate force'. 0
GreenCross 17.10.11 3:18pm
RSPB denounces 'sick' Hummingbird Bakery 1
GreenCross 17.10.11 2:50pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Screwfix not a dating agency despite extensive catalogue. 1
GreenCross 17.10.11 2:27pm
Duke Togo
Norwich First British Town Twinned With Self 6
thisisall1word 17.10.11 1:55pm
Britain Learns That America Has Car Racing Too

Britain awoke this morning to the news that not only does America have a form of car racing almost as tedious as Formula 1, but that one of our own had been killed because he didn't aim his car...

GreenCross 17.10.11 1:46pm
Health and safety Nazis invade Poland

There was concern across Europe today after battalions of health and safety Nazis armed with clipboards and pens were seen marching across the Polish border wearing hard hats and high-viz jackets....

Long Distance Clara 17.10.11 1:33pm
Long Distance Clara
Apple, Orange and a shiny new penny top Christmas wish list.

More later...

spoole2112 17.10.11 1:22pm
Black turtleneck sweaters "aid creativity", says study

It has been the dressed-down garment of cool for over five years. Along with the big screen, the echoey venue and the use of the words “here’s the thing that makes this thing so cool”, it’s...

nickb 17.10.11 12:35pm
Two groups of muscley men flounce round a field after a symbolic giant testicle

wearing coloured shirts and wrestling with each other...

Ironduke 17.10.11 12:25pm
Cameron still wondering how he can blame last Labour government for Liam Fox 1
roybland 17.10.11 12:00pm