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Banana republics upgraded to Organic 0
Dumbnews 09.06.11 7:32pm
Sarah Palin replaces Bristol with Lady Gaga

Sarah Palin announced today that she is disowning her daughter Bristol and replacing her with Lady Gaga. The move is seen as an indication that Palin is about to seriously pursue the Republican...

mbalton 09.06.11 4:35pm
Chuggers to get proper dance lessons

Charity street collectors, affectionately known as Chuggers are to be given professional dancing instruction following a barrage of complaints from disgruntled shoppers. Professional choreographers...

Dick Everyman 09.06.11 3:53pm
Exam mistakes - Liverpool schools multiple choice question options - A,A,A,A,A

Only 75% get it right...

brownpaperreporter 09.06.11 3:36pm
greg various
McDonalds inspires festival to ban Morrissey 0
simonjmr 09.06.11 3:32pm
"Storm in a D cup" as Doncaster rovers sacks lingerie wearing mascot 0
simonjmr 09.06.11 3:16pm
President of web porn publishers tells members to create engorging content 0
ronseal 09.06.11 3:05pm
Archbishop’s attack on David Cameron dismissed as ‘bish bash posh’ 0
Qoxiivi 09.06.11 2:50pm
Pratchett denies he is Archbishop after flat-earth fantasy confusion

the other one on this here is of course better but I can't help noticing the uncanny resemblance. Except one of them is nice...

pere floza 09.06.11 2:31pm
pere floza
Govt viewed with 'widespread suspicion' claims strange bearded man wearing dress 1
Ludicity 09.06.11 2:15pm
Pat Benatar urges Gaddafi to stop using sex as a weapon.

More dodgy 80s tunes soon...

MADJEZ 09.06.11 1:23pm
Conspiracy theorists are all a conspiracy

A major piece of research by WikiCon, the world’s leading authority on conspiracy theories has revealed that conspiracy theorists are in fact in the employ of the world’s top super powers. The...

Dick Everyman 09.06.11 11:39am
Dick Everyman
Exclusive! Extract from tonight's 'Prince Philip at 90' with Fiona Bruce

We have been fortunate to have been given a preview of tonight's interview of Prince Philip by Fiona Bruce. FB: Good evening, sir., PP: I say, come in this little room over here, my dear, it's...

John Wiltshire 09.06.11 11:31am
Lib Dem party goes into deep sleep

The UK Liberal Democrat party which is heading for a devasting implosion, has been put into hibernation by its Coalition controllers. The command was sent from Downing Street on Wednesday,...

simonjmr 09.06.11 11:27am
Archbishop of Banterbury criticises coalition policies!

The Archbishop of Banterbury has warned that the government is committing Britain to "radical, long-term policies for which no-one voted"., Writing in the New Statesman magazine, Dr Rowing Williams...

DiY 09.06.11 11:18am
Tabloid delight as Carole Phwoarderman named female ‘Rear of the Year’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 09.06.11 10:13am
Duncan Biscuit
Ofqual asked to compare and contrast, with examples, errors in exam papers 0
Duncan Biscuit 09.06.11 10:11am
Duncan Biscuit
Wayne Rooney denies Barnet transfer 7
Iamthestig 09.06.11 9:58am
Kelly Death wishes to be disassociated with Iraq inquiry suicide 0
simonjmr 09.06.11 9:46am
Prince Philip ruins 90th birthday party by behaving impeccably

Embarrassing gaffes later...

FraserWords 09.06.11 9:16am
Supermarkets to crack down on disabled customers using BMW parking bays

UK supermarket giants including Morrison’s, Tesco and Aldi have vowed to do what they can to stop the rise of so called ‘BMW badge abuse’. All supermarkets have been required for many years to...

Vertically Challenged Giant 09.06.11 9:15am
Prince Harry wins Leer of the Year contest

Prince Harry was today celebrating his surprise victory in the coveted ‘Leer of the Year’ title, defeating hot favourite Ryan Giggs thanks to his work with Royal Wedding stunner Pippa Middleton.,...

FraserWords 09.06.11 9:14am
Coalition condemns 'frightening' Archbishop of Canterbury. 2
be reasonable 09.06.11 8:22am
be reasonable
Coalition bashes Bishop. More soon.

Someone had to do it, I'd thought I'd get it out of the way so that we can all move on. And I've given myself 1 star, because there is no "zero stars" button...

Al OPecia 09.06.11 8:12am
83-year-old woman “unimpressed” with ‘what they can do nowadays’

The entire IT sector has been thrown into crisis after Irene Elcombe, a pensioner from East Cowes on the Isle of Wight, expressed her distinct indifference at over 40 years of exponential...

Qoxiivi 09.06.11 8:10am
Re Pete
Vorderman wins 'rear of the year'.

Giggs wins 'arse of the year"...

be reasonable 09.06.11 7:47am
John Wiltshire
Matt Prior handed reprimand, which he then threw out the window 3
brownpaperreporter 09.06.11 7:34am
John Wiltshire
Ass takes out injunction banning comparisons with 'the law'. 2
Ironduke 09.06.11 7:22am
Al OPecia
Doctors call Europe's eColi outbreak "Great Bowel Shift" 3
rikkor 09.06.11 7:20am
Al OPecia
US reveals Al Quaida cone plot.

US sources say today that information gathered from the Abbottabad hidehout of Osama Bin Laden shows that Al Quaida were in the advanced planning stages of a plot to economically cripple the UK by...

LostLad 09.06.11 12:12am