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Comet to use George Formby tune "When I'm stealing windows" in new ad campaign 1
Iamthestig 06.01.12 12:41pm
Lorryload of French chicken fillets is burnt at Dover by angry boob farmers 0
ronseal 06.01.12 12:17pm
Men 'most unhappy about faulty beer belly implants'

The implants by the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) were banned in 2010 after they were found to contain industrial grade silicone gel, Stella Artois and Donner Kebabs and have an increased...

simonjmr 06.01.12 12:11pm
Criminalise Attempted Loitering call from Daily Mail. 0
bonjonelson 06.01.12 12:04pm
Alarm as report says brain function can deteriorate after just 4 to 5 pints 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.01.12 11:57am
Duncan Biscuit
Sat-nav summit doubt as most invitations returned marked ‘destination not found’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.01.12 11:56am
Duncan Biscuit
Metal thieves delay premiere of ‘The Iron Lady’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.01.12 11:56am
Duncan Biscuit
Historic first as Ipswich and Stowmarket become conjoined twin towns 0
button 06.01.12 11:49am
Lauded Labour Leader learns lost lyrical legacy

Interviewer: "When you were growing up Ed, how big an influence was your father, Steve’s, music to you?" Ed Miliband: “These strikes are wrong at a time when negotiations are still going on”...

Newsquelch 06.01.12 11:37am
UK’s 2 billion hours of unpaid overtime ‘balanced out by people doing sod all’

In response to TUC claims that UK workers racked up almost 2 billion hours of unpaid overtime during 2011, the Employers Association has published their own report, showing that this is more than...

Vertically Challenged Giant 06.01.12 11:12am
Breast grade silicone found in supply of bathroom sealant

As news of problem breast implants widens, a batch of bathroom sealant purchased at a B&Q in Slough has been found to consist of breast grade silicone. Geoff Davis, a Berkshire based plumber...

MrQ 06.01.12 11:07am
Diane Abbott handed 8 match ban by FA 2
Vertically Challenged Giant 06.01.12 10:48am
Al OPecia
Labour Front bench to wear "We Support Diane Abbott" T Shirts at PMQ's 2
MT Bucket 06.01.12 10:32am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Sat Nav summit delayed by row over a male or female spokesman 0
charlies_hat 06.01.12 10:25am
Milliband "gave Diane Abbott a stern stare". Over the phone. 1
MT Bucket 06.01.12 8:56am
Jesus discovers penicillin

Invited to comment on the questionable usefulness of walking on water and other miracles, the Pope today countered that it was Jesus, and not Alexander Fleming, who actually discovered penicillin....

Somerville 06.01.12 8:42am
Ed Balls removed from circulation amid silicone implant fears 0
pere floza 06.01.12 8:38am
pere floza
US "will only invade countries they have heard of" after Military budget cuts 1
MT Bucket 06.01.12 7:42am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Radio 4 in trouble after Melvyn Bragg is missed from an entire days broadcasting

Radio Four admitted today to the shocking omission of Melvyn Bragg from any of its daily broadcasts for an entires day broadcasting in November last year. It was revealed that the 72 year ex...

Basil_B 06.01.12 12:20am
Clegg worried over his November 'testicular implant' operation 0
MT Bucket 05.01.12 11:16pm
MT Bucket
Gove: State school class limit should be raised to 48,189 pupils 0
MT Bucket 05.01.12 11:13pm
MT Bucket
"The Sun" declares war on France over breast implant scandal 0
MT Bucket 05.01.12 11:11pm
MT Bucket
Mogadishu ends twin status with Birmingham after inaugural civic exchange visit 0
MT Bucket 05.01.12 11:08pm
MT Bucket
Iran WMD threat confirmed: US says "no need to invade then" 0
MT Bucket 05.01.12 10:51pm
MT Bucket
Osbourne's latest UK economic forecast a 'crude sketch of steaming dog poo' 0
MT Bucket 05.01.12 10:49pm
MT Bucket
House of Lords reform to be achieved by 'Right to Die' bill 0
MT Bucket 05.01.12 10:47pm
MT Bucket
Ethical global weapons manufacturers add Aloe Vera to rocket propelled grenades

The world’s leading weapons manufacturers have signed a historic agreement to help victims of rocket propelled grenade attacks to recover faster from their injuries and enjoy the other therapeutic...

antharrison 05.01.12 10:45pm
"Dole scrounger" justifies benefits lifestyle by becoming patron of charities

Don't forget which set of standards to use, kids!...

MT Bucket 05.01.12 10:42pm
MT Bucket
Belief in File-Sharing "Delusional" claims Richard Dawkins 2
Mathna 05.01.12 10:30pm
Iowa Caucus Voters Reminded That 4 More Years of Obama will Expidite Rapture 0
thisisall1word 05.01.12 10:26pm