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Health and Safety concerns throws Greek 'knife edge' vote into chaos 0
thackaray 04.11.11 11:06am
Remote control dogs set to be surprise ‘must-have’ gift this Christmas

A personal tragedy for 38 year-old Anthony Smith from Nottingham has inadvertently created what is predicted to be this year’s top selling Christmas gift – a full-scale, remote-control dog....

04.11.11 10:38am
Recipe for "Cubby Broccoli" to be revealed in new Bond Cookbook.

It’s the world’s most famous signature side dish, ordered by every James Bond in every movie since the franchise began. Now the world will be able to make its own Cubby Broccoli at home, if...

nickb 04.11.11 10:11am
Greek Prime Minister to offer voters referendum on referendum.

Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, has announced that, prior to accepting the EU bailout package, he will offer voters a referendum to see if they want a referendum. "It's all very well giving...

seymour totti 04.11.11 9:27am
seymour totti
Greek PM can't decide about referendum; may put choice to electorate

Greek PM George Papandreou has indicated that he may not hold a referendum after all. "I really can't decide what's best.", explained Papandreou, "So I may have a referendum to decide what to do."...

apepper 04.11.11 9:26am
seymour totti
Letwin tells Cable, ' bin there, done that' 0
Perks 04.11.11 8:30am
House prices blamed for alarming increase in semi-competent DIY

In the wake of falling property prices, home owners are facing the prospect of living to the end of their days with their own DIY efforts. Traditionally, households have been able to do a slapdash...

Al OPecia 04.11.11 7:59am
US X Factor in crisis as Paula Abdul’s face splits

The first series of the X Factor USA was plunged into turmoil today with the shock announcement that Paula Abdul’s nose has quit the show. A number of prominent stars had been linked with the...

Vertically Challenged Giant 04.11.11 7:48am
Daytime TV stars sued for causing "insincerity secretions".

David Dickinson, Alan Titchmarsh and Noel Edmonds have all today been instructed to pay an ITV viewer substantial damages following an horrific physical ordeal. Jason Reynolds who has never before...

rocko 04.11.11 7:45am
Pakistan bowlers warned not to step over the line whilst in prison 16
charlies_hat 04.11.11 7:23am
Facebook bans employees from using Facebook 0
Dumbnews 04.11.11 3:13am
Greece meltdown: Large slick appears in Aegean Sea

Or: Oil prices plunge after Greece meltdown...

DorsetBoy 03.11.11 11:24pm
Pope to make Steve Jobs patron saint of alternative medicine. More soon. 1
JBM222 03.11.11 11:04pm
Pakistan cricketers apply for bails

Following a discussion with lawyers, three Pakistani cricketers convicted of cheating have applied for bails; the judge is stumped...

apepper 03.11.11 10:33pm
No job no jab

The government has admitted that mass flu inoculation is no longer financially viable.., The elderly and infirm are to be advised to spend at least 3 hours per week on public transport, preferably...

medici2471 03.11.11 8:28pm
Air kisses may be responsible for spread of air Aids claim scientists 0
simonjmr 03.11.11 8:00pm
Pentonville 'odds on' for next year's "Inter-prison Cricket Cup" 1
dvo4fun 03.11.11 7:56pm
Fathers "are all motherfuckers" say scientists

well they are...

nickb 03.11.11 7:33pm
Prison food complaint: "I've got 'the runs' says Salman Butt

more soon Coat? check Door? over there...

dvo4fun 03.11.11 7:07pm
Famous Greeks to record Greece Aid

N Dubz Dappy and Tulisa Contostavlos (of of TV's X Factor) are pulling together a star studded ensemble to record a charity single to help rescue the ailing Greek economy. Under the patronage of...

simonjmr 03.11.11 6:52pm
St. Pauls protestors leave in haste...

as Bishop threatens to deploy Sir Cliff Richard...

John Ffitch-Rucker 03.11.11 6:39pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Dragons invest in 5-figure petrol station signs 2
kga6 03.11.11 6:36pm
Jim Davidson comeback show leaves audience dumbfounded

‘Absolutely appalling’, ‘not what you expect’ and ‘is nothing sacred’ were just a few of the mutterings uttered by the crowd as they left a small South London theatre where Jim Davidson...

Screenie 03.11.11 6:15pm
St Paul’s Gift shop denies cashing in with sales of Rizlas, condoms, marker pens

In summer, its biggest sellers were the St Paul’s key rings and snowstorms. But after the announcement that protestors could stay till the New Year, chart toppers are likely to be the new organic...

nickb 03.11.11 5:57pm
Wisden to introduce a "Prosecutions and Convictions" section. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 03.11.11 5:52pm
'No bawling aloud at the Nursery End' sign removed at Lords

Allegations that the Islamabad Three received their instructions through an array of subtle visual messages and coded comments during matches were made today by over zealous ex-CIA 2nd Eleven 1st...

spoole2112 03.11.11 5:43pm
Duchy of Cornwall: Keep clam and carry on 0
Screenie 03.11.11 5:20pm
Papandreou to be appointed Head of IMF. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 03.11.11 5:01pm
Al OPecia
Papandreou to release cover version of Clash hit. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 03.11.11 5:00pm
Al OPecia
Aceptance of Papandreou's resignation to be decided by referendum 0
button 03.11.11 4:57pm