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MoD advise Argentine navy, "No hurry" 0
medici2471 29.11.11 9:24am
David Haye votes to strike in protest against working longer for less money 0
charlies_hat 29.11.11 9:20am
EPA claim hazardous waste composed mainly of UK house price data 0
medici2471 29.11.11 9:09am
Inventor of first 'intelligent house' sells intellectual property 4
kga6 29.11.11 9:09am
George and Lynne give evidence to Leveson Inquiry

George and Lynne have claimed that the Sun knew and published intimate details of their private life that they could only have known by snooping. Wearing a pair of trademark white bikini bottoms...

andrewl81 29.11.11 9:00am
Bipolar Aid to play Svalbard and Amundsen-Scott Base gigs 0
medici2471 29.11.11 8:59am
M1 Marmite Closure: Motorists told "Take it or Leave it" 0
Drylaw 29.11.11 8:57am
'Mo'vember manliness just 'appetiser' before ramp-up in 'Gay'pril.

Millions of seemingly straight men have all month enjoyed the pose of raising money for a charitable cause as the perfect alibi for testing out spectacularly queer moustaches. Bear-curious twenty...

Westsider 29.11.11 8:52am
Terry slams racist tram woman rant over lack of the 'C' word. 0
Bryan with a Y 29.11.11 8:51am
Bryan with a Y
Racist tram rant girl was "only practising exercises given by 'Enry 'Iggins" 0
acwanaut 29.11.11 8:17am
Murray heads BBC Sports Personality of the Year coming-up-short list 2
kga6 29.11.11 8:06am
Gang of ruthless Santas kick the shit out of a chav. 1
John Ffitch-Rucker 29.11.11 7:13am
Government Report states the obvious and makes vague recommendations

Today the government released a report that contained many thousands of pages of data and cost millions of pounds to write. The conclusion of the report was that some people were lazy and didn’t do...

Immunis 29.11.11 12:26am
Vertically Challenged Giant
"Like Peter Hain to news tragedy' to replace "Like shit to a blanket"

Former Secretary of State for Wales, now ambassador-at-large for the Sleep apnoea Society, Peter Hain has been recognised in the 18th edition of 'Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable'. For...

dvo4fun 28.11.11 11:54pm
Katie Price's breasts accidentally covered up after wardrobe malfunction 0
bonjonelson 28.11.11 10:49pm
Huge interest at rare auction of Range Rover without personalised number plate

An extremely rare Range Rover, believed by experts to be the only one in the UK without a personalised registration, is due to go on sale at auction today. The rarity value of the 2008 Range Rover...

Vertically Challenged Giant 28.11.11 10:41pm
Bad taste claim after radio station plays George Michael's Last Christmas 8
bonjonelson 28.11.11 10:35pm
Solar-powered tanning booth certified 'carbon-neutral, yet pointless' 0
grumblechops 28.11.11 10:29pm
Sepp Blatter reports wife missing after she "just popped out for a tram ride". 1
Rumbelows1 28.11.11 10:21pm
Methodist Minister becomes “accidental” Million-air

A Methodist minister has become the latest person to be added to the Times Rich List this week after the overnight success of his new venture, Air Accessories Inc. David Hopkins, 52, of Chorley in...

livmin 28.11.11 9:56pm
John Bercow coat of arms reveals you can't buy class 8
28.11.11 8:31pm
OECD continually washing hands of European recession. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 28.11.11 8:27pm
Stem Cell Trials Halted as Sheep Fail to Complete Course 1
Immunis 28.11.11 7:55pm
Bryan with a Y
GVT calls for state funeral for Thatcher, Unions in negotiation over time limit.

More to follow...

reforse 28.11.11 7:37pm
CERN to tackle Duckworth-Lewis next

Success in finding the Higgs boson (Hb), the elementary thingummybob predicted by many household-name particle physicists, seems close at hand. With this in mind, boffins behind the £5 Billion CERN...

dvo4fun 28.11.11 7:07pm
Gazza arrives in Darlington to offer rampaging cow lager and a fishing trip 0
kga6 28.11.11 6:43pm
Chinese takeaway sues Bakers for use of trademark 'doggylicious' descriptor 0
kga6 28.11.11 6:35pm
CERN comes under scrutiny as Dr Evil is listed under leading project sponsors 0
Immunis 28.11.11 5:56pm
Pudsey Bear to lose other eye as BBC cutbacks bite

A bit late, but I'm clearing out some headlines that I have written nothing for...

Immunis 28.11.11 5:56pm
Rise in White Collar Crime causes Drop in Tie Sales 0
Immunis 28.11.11 5:54pm