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Outrage as Rastamouse takes multi-million pound bonus

Politicians are calling for TV CBeebies star Rastamouse to loose his bonus, calling it prepostorous that at times of austerity, Rastamouse was enjoying ever increasing amounts of rewards whilst the...

quango 17.02.12 4:16pm
XXX Olympiad to feature etymologically correct gymnastics 8
Gålgö13 17.02.12 4:02pm
Philip to redefine himself as, 'The Royal Formerly Known As Prince' 2
Smart Alex 17.02.12 3:51pm
Wagamama and Yo Sushi! join forces to target young market with 'Yo Mama' 3
kimllfixit 17.02.12 3:48pm
Oil Refiners Apologies for High Price of Diesel

A spokesperson said “the problem is … it’s Iranian Diesel and it’s in high demand in the UK, everybody loves it, in fact, they can’t get enough of it. But the good news is, that we only...

HenryMJUK 17.02.12 3:38pm
Theresa May not bound for Jordan, just respectfully dressed 0
medici2471 17.02.12 2:48pm
Princess Anne joins Jordanian royal family 0
medici2471 17.02.12 2:43pm
Big Bad Wulff in house scandal: "It won't blow over"

I vill huff und puff...

nikko_1965 17.02.12 1:54pm
British media accused of biased Falklands reporting by feckless Argies 2
cinquecento 17.02.12 1:49pm
PM and Sarkozy agree to wife swap for closer links

David Cameron has agreed to an experimental wife swap with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in an attempt to improve UK/French relations. If successful, Mr Merkel could be phased in by 2015...

apepper 17.02.12 1:30pm
Athens tourist industry in ruins as Greek debt crisis hits home 1
Iamthestig 17.02.12 1:10pm
Police investigate 'St Michael' graffiti outside Marks & Spencer food hall 0
charlies_hat 17.02.12 1:05pm
Pope renames Saint James, Sports Direct 0
medici2471 17.02.12 1:04pm
Doctors: Merkel diet 'is 90% plankton' 0
hughesroland 17.02.12 1:01pm
God Uranus tires of constant bottom jokes, changes name to Mike Hunt 9
cinquecento 17.02.12 12:10pm
Greece enters administration and is banned from next year's Eurovision. 1
dominic_mcg 17.02.12 11:40am
Armed robbers steal promotional and PR artifacts from London Olympia museum 0
charlies_hat 17.02.12 10:01am
Chelsea’s ‘invisible’ £50m to be investigated 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.02.12 9:33am
Duncan Biscuit
Cameron returns to London having made the case for Scottish independence 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.02.12 9:32am
Duncan Biscuit
British Museum unveils new collection of ancient Greek artefacts 0
Duncan Biscuit 17.02.12 9:31am
Duncan Biscuit
Isle of Wight technology company invents multi-coloured pen.

A leading research institute on the Isle of Wight has come up with the latest in high-tech devices aimed at bolstering the island's fledgling Information Technology sector - a pen with multiple...

bonjonelson 17.02.12 9:06am
Australian censors ban crude oil 0
bonjonelson 17.02.12 8:56am
Man admits to having an on/off relationship with appliance. 6
writinginbsl 17.02.12 8:26am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Musical Theatre to be reclassified as torture by UN

The hellish 'art form' of musical theatre is to be made illegal in most Western countries, it was stated yesterday. It comes as a spate of dreadful musicals have plagued theatre goers in recent years...

Shandy 17.02.12 8:25am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Queen thanks Sean Penn as she sees error of her ways and hands back Falklands.

'It was so obvious when I heard the paparazzi-punching amateur statesman' said the monarch yesterday as she handed the islands over to Argentina. The British public and military veterans alike hailed...

MADJEZ 17.02.12 7:13am
Le Creuset Fiend
Ambassador quits after one too many Ferrero Rocher gags at reception 0
hughesroland 16.02.12 11:26pm
Oscar for best flower arrangement in film goes to Florist Whittaker 0
Smart Alex 16.02.12 11:07pm
Smart Alex
Plan to superscript punctuation raises question marks

More to follow<sup>?</sup>...

apepper 16.02.12 10:44pm
Nick McCarr
Huhne offers to serve ex-wife's prison sentence...

just as long as it's to be in a womens' prison...

Smart Alex 16.02.12 10:42pm
Thinking outside the square swallowed up by vicious circle 0
Nick McCarr 16.02.12 10:42pm
Nick McCarr