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Every time a copy of the NOTW is read a fairy cries

Hopefully no more later...

virtuallywill 05.07.11 8:01am
Tesco's glazing venture fails after complaints of blue stripes down windows 0
brownpaperreporter 05.07.11 7:45am
Duchess tells Toronto Facebook users that they 'Canada' 0
Mr Payne 05.07.11 7:35am
Mr Payne
New newspaper 'The Despicable' to hit News Stands

incorporating The Vile and 'The Detestable'. With 'how to crack a mobile phone' supplement...

Dun Dunkin 05.07.11 7:04am
Dun Dunkin
Ken Clarke extends self defence law to cover stabbing NOTW reporters 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 05.07.11 6:31am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Leaked 'homeless' report raises spectre of Phil Collins come-back

People with ears have reacted with horror to the news that cuts in housing benefits coulf make up to 40,000 people homeless. The figure, detailed in a leaked letter from Communities Secretary Eric...

05.07.11 5:56am
Next ice age may wipe out many indigenous species of birds, warn ecologists 4
Griffin 05.07.11 5:52am
Pakistan's President, A$if Zardari, downgraded to Mr. 8 Percent 0
Dumbnews 05.07.11 4:45am
Hollywood's nepotism outrage after gay actor signed up to play role of gay man 0
Nick McCarr 05.07.11 1:08am
Nick McCarr
Burka-wearing woman terrorist asks 'Does my bomb look big in this?' 1
pinxit 05.07.11 12:34am
The Independent: Johann Hari interviews Jesus Christ 0
Poecheng 04.07.11 11:35pm
Friends And Family Forced to Read Man's Terrible Novel

The friends and family of Office Junior and alleged writer Nigel Kespis were aghast at receiving a group e-mail with a large attachment of the latest draft of his ongoing novel, [i]The Omega...

Fox100 04.07.11 9:56pm
Ryanair boss delighted with promotion to Air Chief Marshall

Newly promoted Air Chief Marshall Michael O’Leary has promised that he will introduce new working practices into the RAF to achieve David Cameron’s productivity improvements. “The first thing...

antharrison 04.07.11 9:38pm
Authentic Reagan statue 'includes bullet hole' 1
Mr Payne 04.07.11 9:21pm
Prince's helicopter trick upstaged by wife who walks on water.

Or so some would have you believe...

Mr Payne 04.07.11 8:39pm
Mr Payne
Billy Bragg admits to voting Tory in order to boost gig attendance 1
button 04.07.11 7:32pm
Uni calls for 'urgent and costly' research into jellyfish threat to postmen

Marine biologists, alarmed at the recent increases in 'blooms' or swarms of jellyfish, are demanding funding to investigate their effect on postmen. Jellyfish numbers have increased dramatically in...

04.07.11 7:27pm
The All New Jeni B
Everybody is a star in Holyrood,

Let's go to Holy-, Holy-, Holy-, Holyrood...

rikkor 04.07.11 7:17pm
Johann Hari to Review Transformers 3 Movie

Some might say that when you've seen one Michael Bay movie, you've seen them all. Transformers: Dark of the Moon, actually has rejigged footage from his earlier movie The Island during key scenes. ...

custard cream 04.07.11 5:10pm
custard cream
Greek Debt problem - all Mrs Mbangwa's fault according to Finance Ministry

Greece’s economy has been plunged further into crisis today as news emerged that the Greek Finance minister’s office has given out it’s bank account and password details to Mrs Mbangwa – the...

grottymonty 04.07.11 5:08pm
News of the World hacked into Princess Di's and Maddie's mobiles

Murdoch soon...

Scroat 04.07.11 4:48pm
Ed Milliband to be outsourced to India

More soon., (Idea nicked from Vertically Challenged Giant)...

jp1885 04.07.11 4:47pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
RWE fined for mis-selling NPower

German energy company RWE has been hauled across the coals, rather ironically, by energy watchdog OFGEM today for mis-selling its £5bn stake in electricity company NPower. RWE has been fined for...

wallster 04.07.11 3:46pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Living statues to replace real ones to avoid riot damage

The Department of Heritage announced a new measure today to protect the Nation's statues from damage sustained from city centre rioting by having large expensive bronze statues replaced by cheap...

Basil_B 04.07.11 3:36pm
Sharapova blames Wimbledon loss on laryngitis

Maria Sharapova, former Wimbledon champion, has blamed her loss of form in this year’s Ladies’ Final on laryngitis. She was beaten in 2 sets by new girl on the block, Petra Kvitova. She told...

suepersonic 04.07.11 3:28pm
Eric Pickles To Eat Homeless

The Government has responded quickly to the leaked memo from Eric Pickles' office warning of a potential spike in homelessness due to mooted benefit cuts, by claiming the rotund minister will eat the...

Fox100 04.07.11 2:31pm
be reasonable
dyslexic man travels to Holyrood to seek fame and fortune

more soon....

Leeboy007 04.07.11 2:15pm
Teachers to be ‘drafted’ into failing care homes in school holidays

Government plans to transfer teachers into failing care homes during long school holiday periods have been released by Schools Minister, Nick Gibb. They have also been met with approval by the...

Dick Everyman 04.07.11 1:44pm
Dick Everyman
Alex Ferguson to join River Plate. 0
Ostsee 04.07.11 12:56pm
Lewis Hamilton to miss British GP to attend Speed Awareness Course

The wheels have come off the meticulous planning of top Formula One racing team McLaren for the British Grand Prix after being informed that their ace driver, Lewis Hamilton, would be spending next...

Des and Stan 04.07.11 12:27pm
Vertically Challenged Giant