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West country oil slick caused by Tony Blair’s morning swim 0
sigmund 03.02.13 9:20pm
Children of Tory MP's defend voters right to elect other parties.

Adding it's the only language they understand, it sends a clear message.The children of Justice Secretary Chris Grayling admitted they had voted for people other than their own parents when they were...

Ian Searle 03.02.13 8:54pm
Ian Searle
Richard III investigation finds he did not have a disability pass for car park 0
custard cream 03.02.13 7:05pm
custard cream
Richard III DNA test results to be announced on Jeremy Kyle special 0
charlies_hat 03.02.13 7:01pm
Confusion reigns as traces of Rebecca found on ceremonial pork sword... 0
Tripod 03.02.13 6:17pm
Traces of pork DNA found on ceremonial sword

A sword used by militants to behead hostages was found to have traces of pork DNA on the blade said an Al Qaeda [s]spokesperson[/s] spokesman yesterday., Under Islamic law, Muslims are strictly...

Gerontius 03.02.13 5:10pm
Pen wielding maniac cut down to size by myth busting swordsperson

Panic broke out in Kent's Bluewater shopping mall last night when a man described by witnesses as "a mental" began threatening passers by with an uncapped gold nibbed Parker fountain pen. Shoppers...

Paddy Berzinski 03.02.13 4:33pm
Paddy Berzinski
TV Presenter Richard Bacon found face down in prison food 0
thackaray 03.02.13 3:55pm
Teacher finally concedes Shakespeare was not the Eminem of his day. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 03.02.13 3:53pm
Three More Reported Missing As Cops Probe 'Three Mile Connection'

Oxbridge police revealed today that they are investigating the disappearances of a further three Midwinter men, who were reported missing by concerned family members over the weekend. The latest...

Paddy Berzinski 03.02.13 3:22pm
Paddy Berzinski
Google announce new augmented reality glasses will be known as Googgles 1
custard cream 03.02.13 3:18pm
Met. Police confirm man tasered outside Buckingham Palace was not Prince Philip 0
custard cream 03.02.13 3:10pm
custard cream
House of Commons Publicity Department to arrange tours around Eric Pickles. 3
Al OPecia 03.02.13 3:07pm
Police stop Knifeman with tactical use of Tizer 2
One Line Only 03.02.13 2:59pm
Apple in bid for Etch A Sketch

Apple is to buy Etch A Sketch in a bid to remove the the main rival to the California computer giant's iPad. The move comes on the heels of the death of the inventor of the Etch A Sketch, Andre...

roybland 03.02.13 2:01pm
Oscar hopeful ... 0
rob box 03.02.13 1:13pm
rob box
Michael Gove to play hobbit, "to save on prosthetics and make-up"... 0
Tripod 03.02.13 1:09pm
Escape key to be removed from prison computers 22
nickb 03.02.13 12:36pm
Moral compass of Bob Diamond imaged by Electron Microscope.

Thought by many to not even exist, a specialist team at the University of Manchester has been able to image for the first time the elusive moral compass belonging to Bob Diamond. Measuring just 3...

rogerg 03.02.13 11:36am
IMF announce plans for International Lottery

The International Monetary Fund have announced that a new weekly lottery is to be created but only Countries can play. It is expected that the tickets will cost $175m dollars per week (Euro 128m) and...

jenlon 03.02.13 10:22am
Ipad problems cause eye problems? “Aye” says Dr Steven McEie of the I.H.I

Since the launch of the Apple Ipad in April 2010, over 100 million units have been sold across the world, but it has been uncovered by the I.H.I (International Health Institute) that the 'incredible...

henrygreenwood 03.02.13 9:56am
Sperm donor children ‘deserve right to know who father was fantasising about'

Children of sperm donors ‘deserve right to know who father was fantasising about’ Campaigners have today called for the offspring of sperm donors to be given the legal right to learn the...

Long Distance Clara 03.02.13 9:37am
Etch A Sketch inventor draws last breath 1
Idiot 03.02.13 9:29am
Carpal tunnel to get extra lane.

Following a report describing how damage to the carpal tunnel can prevent many workers doing their job, the Government has promised to add an extra lane in both directions...

Boutros 03.02.13 1:57am
Pret withdraws 'Virgin Mary' crisps over pregnancy fears

Sandwich shop chain Pret A Manger has withdrawn a new 'Virgin Mary' brand of crisps following complaints from Catholic groups that they could result in pregnancies. 'We've been here before,' said a...

roybland 02.02.13 11:56pm
Tesco's new 'Soylent Green' wafers found to contain plankton

More to come.. possibly...

Shellshocker 02.02.13 11:34pm
Shock! Horror! Real animal meat found in cheap burgers.

Shock! Horror! Real animal meat found in cheap burgers...

olddoc 02.02.13 11:23pm
Prison food supplier faces the chop 1
charlies_hat 02.02.13 11:17pm
David Dickinson questioned by RSPCA after rumours of Dorset swim.

More suntanned birds soon...

Not Amused 02.02.13 10:57pm
Not Amused
King John Refuses to Sign Magna Carta, Claiming It Infringes His Human Rights 0
Titus 02.02.13 10:28pm