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Delays see Crossrail rebranded as Lividrail 1
johnnydobbo 12.12.18 8:46am
Al OPecia
Green Meadows Park, Cheltenham, Asks 'So What Is This Internet Thing, Anyway?' 0
Titus 12.12.18 8:12am
"48 Crash...48 Crash" 1
ron cawleyoni 12.12.18 8:09am
'Diss May' Or: Mexit Now Closer

Theresa May step down - more later today. Or possibly 'Santa Has Now Received 48 Letters, All With Same Request' Or perhaps 'May Leadership: less later, possibly' Or even 'Theresa May Seek...

Titus 12.12.18 7:53am
Google chief denies political bias against that idiot, Trump. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.12.18 10:20pm
Putin's Stasi spy ID used by sixth former to get into nightclub. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.12.18 10:17pm
Crossrail delayed because "stations really far apart", CEO explains

Crossrail CEO Mark Wild has explained that the extra time and money needed to complete the project are due to the fact that the stations are much further apart than he realised. "I can only say that...

YaBasta 11.12.18 10:08pm
Sir Lupus
Gilets jaunes to resume stoning police in Strasbourg after terrorist is shot 0
cinquecento 11.12.18 9:47pm
Ostriches tell May stop giving us a bad name. 0
ron cawleyoni 11.12.18 7:14pm
ron cawleyoni
Gascoigne claims it was the "hand of God". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.12.18 6:53pm
"Will or will not, there is no May" - Yoda comments on Brexit 0
Flugelbinder 11.12.18 6:49pm
Philip May wants a goose this Xmas but Theresa insists on her turkey, or no meal 0
Crayon 11.12.18 6:41pm
Plot revealed for next "2 Fast 2 Furious" movie: SPOILER Alert

I got nothing more on this, I just needed to distract myself from Brexit...

Flugelbinder 11.12.18 6:36pm
May's "exit strategy for car" proves to be flawed

Prime Minister Theresa May today ran into trouble with the process of exiting her car, despite having assured people that it would be a simple process everyone would be happy with. Finding her own...

YaBasta 11.12.18 6:29pm
Woman trying to get us out of the EU can't get out of a car.

Mick Turate 11.12.18 5:03pm
Mick Turate
Air Accident Branch report on Airbus tail number BRE X1T crash

The long awaited report on the crash of a Pro British Airways Airbus has been released today. 'The cockpit voice recorder tells a story,' said the lead investigator. He detailed how the aircraft...

throngsman 11.12.18 4:11pm
Brexit solved as EU renames itself "European Community"

The entire Brexit debate has been resolved. The EU has renamed itself "The European Community", so the 1975 referendum to stay can be invoked. "It turned out to be the simplest solution, although it...

apepper 11.12.18 3:50pm
Respected Academic Study Confirms Nigel Farage's Initials Prove He Is A Fascist 1
Titus 11.12.18 2:58pm
Foreign Office funding Secret Santa

Having admitted to funding a counter-intelligence group targeting opposition politicians, the FO has confirmed that they have also been using donations to discredit Rudolf and rig Christmas. Using...

Wrenfoe 11.12.18 1:28pm
"Happy now, Great Britain?" ask Europe's unelected bureaucrats

The unelected EU bureaucrats who are responsible for everything that is wrong in Great Britain have had the bloody cheek to ask us how much we are enjoying our Great British sovereignty now that it's...

Crayon 11.12.18 12:52pm
Hitler says, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Invasion?, No!, Just launch some rubber boats with migrants onboard and the British will commit suicide!...

umfuli 11.12.18 12:27pm
May dissapointed that puzzle solving won't halt mental decline

'I took the job on to keep my brain active,' said the Prime Minister today, expressing concern at a study that shows she's wasted 'two f&cking years of my life.' According to the old belief,...

throngsman 11.12.18 10:30am
May delays Brexit vote to try to save party saved by referendum 0
throngsman 11.12.18 8:52am
May confident EU will help her take back control 0
throngsman 11.12.18 8:42am
May told to "go whistle" for more concessions on whistle-stop tour of Europe. 0
Mick Turate 11.12.18 8:08am
Mick Turate
America marines confident about their new trade duties

'Yeah, we can sort out these here Dago and Canuck guys effen they get to thinking they can take Uncle Sam for some kind of sucker,' Marine General 'Wild Bill' Scrotum told a press conference in...

Renrag 11.12.18 4:04am
Surgery 'an elitist profession, must be opened up to butchers' says Sutton Trust 1
cinquecento 11.12.18 3:59am
Poverty-Stricken Poultry Thief Says He Was 'Just Trying To Make Hens Meat' 0
Titus 10.12.18 11:43pm
BREXIT: Er I don't want it now, doesn't quite fit,Iv'e still got the receipt 4
ron cawleyoni 10.12.18 11:05pm
ron cawleyoni
After investigation, private care home forced to rebrand as "don't care home". 0
dominic_mcg 10.12.18 10:34pm