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First they came for the whistleblowers and finally they nailed the Vuvuzelas

Pastor Niemoller has released a new aphorism, in a long awaited follow up to his acclaimed debut " and I said nothing". But Niemoller has surprised fans by completely changing direction with his new...

ronseal 27.07.16 8:14am
Russian Athletics on downer after state withdraws sponsorship for doping

Russian track stars were left disappointed today after the National Ministry of Sport indicated that they were cutting their lucrative sponsorship of the sport’s doping regime, with funding moving...

chrisf 27.07.16 8:08am
Cybercriminals may be about to get their first president 0
ronseal 27.07.16 5:47am
Survey: Dutch men world's tallest. Congo-Brazaville men have biggest dicks

US women have biggest mouths...

Renrag 27.07.16 3:47am
Aussies fly Muralitharan to Rio to advise javelin squad 1
Sir Lupus 26.07.16 11:41pm
Gary Baldy
Suspicion that Jeremy Corbyn is in fact Keyser Soze

Although to his acolytes, Jeremy Corbyn appears to be the direct descendant of a line which includes Gandhi, Clement Attlee and Nelson Mandela, some doubters are starting to have an inkling of an...

freeryda 26.07.16 8:40pm
Speech plagiarism doubts as Michelle Obama 'honored to be in Sports Illustrated' 0
cinquecento 26.07.16 6:59pm
Mayor Of Rouen Says 'Will No-One Rid Me Of These Turbulent Jihadists?' 0
Titus 26.07.16 6:21pm
Pokémon hunters accidentally capture the Holy Ghost in pokéball.

The incident, which took place near a church, occurred as the hunters were looking for other imaginary beings. Church intent on continuing with holy binity...

dwolleba 26.07.16 5:57pm
Experts predict...

the last recorded instance of the phrase "You just don't expect that sort of thing to happen around here" to occur in March 2017...

Mr Glover Lover 26.07.16 5:02pm
Mr Glover Lover
Another Brexit benefit as Boris announces great deal with Nigerian prince

More to follow...

apepper 26.07.16 4:27pm
Brexit’s Latest Victim - Le Vice Anglais

The British penchant for spanking in the bedroom might have to relinquish its sexy French name as Britain leaves the European Union, says Verity Burns, CEO of the erotic products manufacturer Spanky...

Jodster 26.07.16 4:27pm
Labour Party To Re-Brand As 'Political Solutions'

Concerned by its falling popularity with consumers despite a recent huge increase in the number of its shareholders, the Labour Party is reported to have hired marketing and PR consultants...

Titus 26.07.16 4:16pm
Freemasons to introduce secret cleched fist welcome

A leak today from the Freemasons detailed proposals to introduce a secret clenched fist welcome as a means of introduction. This proposal comes amid the growing trend to touch clenched fists rather...

Snail 26.07.16 3:12pm
France claims success as Dover Blockade stops ISIS getting out of Country 0
marlon bando 26.07.16 3:08pm
marlon bando
bernie Ecclestone out of his depth finds himself in a taxing situation 0
marlon bando 26.07.16 2:29pm
marlon bando
Bernie Ecclestones' first wife admits even she cannot get him out of this one 0
marlon bando 26.07.16 2:16pm
marlon bando
Let's make Cheese grate again, says prospective MP for Wensleydale 1
ronseal 26.07.16 1:07pm
Brazilian hostage takers demand 36.5M from Ecclestone to hold mother-in-law 0
Thundi 26.07.16 12:18pm
Nation celebrates Froome's Tour de France win. That nation being Kenya.

Baddum tisch. Chris Froome 'I don't understand why Bradley Wiggins is more popular than me with the British public' er cos he's British...

MADJEZ 26.07.16 11:28am
Leave vote implications hit, as forecasts of 20 years of dirty UK cars announced 0
simonjmr 26.07.16 11:26am
why did the labour mp cross the road?

with so many coups he thought he was a chicken...

Dun Dunkin 26.07.16 10:56am
Dun Dunkin
Phillip Green to be stripped of chest hair, mullet.

A Commons select committee will decide whether former British Home Stores boss Phillip Green should be stripped of his trademark chest hair and mullet. It’s the first time a judicial ruling on a...

nickb 26.07.16 9:58am
Uttlesford Croquet Club chairman exposed as only owning 9 servants. 0
Thundi 26.07.16 8:56am
Avian vets finally clarify the difference between unlawful and ill eagle 1
Thundi 26.07.16 8:40am
Coup Labour MP now has counter coup against the coup...... 1
Dun Dunkin 26.07.16 8:35am
Philip Green Praised For Services To Yacht Building Industry 0
Titus 26.07.16 7:57am
Natalie Bennett Denies Buying Her Party From Sir Philip For £1 0
Titus 25.07.16 11:51pm
Tougher sentences sought for hate-crime as tongue-twisters “much harder to say"

Sentences for ‘hate-crime’ should be tougher. Long, verbose, unpronounceable prose full of alliteration, sibilance, diphthongs and ‘th’ sounds are “much harder to say, so much harder to...

Benvoleo 25.07.16 11:45pm
Philip Green first public figure to be recognised for a Shitehood 2
ronseal 25.07.16 10:13pm