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Cilla black returns as cilla white. Hair still ginger. 9
Adam272 16 hours
Greek Share Index Due To Be World's First To Reach Negative Value In Next 3 Days 0
Titus 16 hours
Queen 'Could Become Famous' When She Enters Record Books On Septamber 9th 0
Titus 16 hours
One Direction surprises fans by releasing version of song by 70s prog rock band 3
S J Roe 17 hours

Boy band One Direction have today surprised their fans by releasing a cover version of 'The Gates of Delirium' by the prog rock band Yes. 'It is a bit of a departure for the band musically what with...

Dolphin Square to get Blue Plaque for its historic contributors to 'education'. 0
Crayon 17 hours
Thatcher was 'keen to keep Heath's talents in the cabinet'. 0
Crayon 17 hours
Air crash investigation team blame council for three bins being taken out 0
NotNowCato 18 hours
Coprophiliac couple admit it was love at first shite 2
sydalg 18 hours
Police investigating Ted ‘Hampstead’ Heath 0
farmer giles 18 hours

(already done, sorry)...

Maths paper requiring students to find £12bn welfare cuts considered too hard 0
tomholder 18 hours
Penniless palaeontologists learning about the boracic period 0
Smart Alex 19 hours
Police question Mike Yarwood over 'imitating Ted Heath' allegations. 1
ESJ 19 hours

A Police spokesman said 'we have seen the video tapes, but the evidence is inconclusive. We thought his Margaret Thatcher was very funny though'...

Historic abuse scandal: Millions come forward claiming Tony Blair f***ed them. 1
MADJEZ 20 hours

Oh not that sort of f***ed.. More soon...

Westminster broadband crashes as MPs log on to 0
sydalg 20 hours
Diack in line for Fringe comedy award 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 22 hours
Man disappointed that Virgin Experience Day was 'just a balloon ride' 0
Max Stars 22 hours
Best-selling book writes itself 6
Iroquois Pliskin 22 hours

[i]Yanked - Soz and fanks for the feeback.[/i]...

'Operation Yewtree' to replace High St branches with Mumbai call-centre 0
Underconstruction 22 hours

'Operation Yewtree' the 'catch-all' investigation into hard-core kiddy fiddlers and dirty old DJ's, is to wind down its High St presence after a reduction in footfall in its branches over the past...

Duchess of Cambridge chooses North Sea oil platform career 10
Dick Everyman 22 hours

Following on from the success of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Scuba Diving qualification it has been announced that she will be gainfully employed in the North Sea. Although the Duchess gained her...

Wiltshire Police appeal for murder victims to come forward 2
beckfordburger 22 hours
Pedo police say they groping in the dark 0
Dun Dunkin 23 hours
Public school Tory bachelor who loved sailing 'may' have been a paedophile 0
Max Stars 23 hours

Who'd have thought it?...

Russia will invade next day if Corbyn becomes leader 0
Dun Dunkin 23 hours
Migrants don't want milk and honey they happy with fish and chips 0
Dun Dunkin 23 hours
96-Year-Old Dam Buster Pilot Dies: 'See? I TOLD Them It Was Dangerous' 1
Titus 23 hours
Hillsborough Inquiry extended to consider circumstances of Cilla's death 0
Max Stars 23 hours
Border signs to be in UPPER CASE as Cameron gets tough on illegal migration 1
Underconstruction 23 hours
Blow to Cameron as Sniffer Dogs claim they can no longer tell the difference 0
Underconstruction 1 day
US police hunting for 'clowns who put circus tent up' 0
throngsman 1 day
London faces more travel misery if tube strike called off 0
throngsman 1 day