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Corbyn offers blind undecideds 'a quick feel of his face' 2
Underconstruction 25.04.17 7:10pm
Facebook user consistently proves she has better life than friends

A social media user is winning the game of life through regular online status updates. Charlotte White, 26, has been providing copious evidence of a vastly superior lifestyle, destroying all...

jonessgl 25.04.17 7:06pm
British Communist Party Accepts Tory Bribe To Publicly Endorse Corbyn 0
Titus 25.04.17 6:32pm
Tories admit sending 3 different scripts to Corbyn, Starmer and Watson. 0
dominic_mcg 25.04.17 5:55pm
Liberal Democrats remaining tight-lipped over bestiality stance. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 25.04.17 5:04pm
Announcement of WikiTribune found to be fake news 4
Sinnick 25.04.17 4:10pm
Midfield Diamond
Nastase denies swearing at player 'I just called Konta by name' 0
MADJEZ 25.04.17 4:04pm
'BikiPedia': If Wiki Can Produce News, We Can Produce Facts.

[This report contains unreferenced material and unsubstantiated statements of fact. This is deliberate; do not adjust your sets.] BikiPedia: a source of utterly reliable factual information...

Titus 25.04.17 4:03pm
Queen criticises Trump for giving PR roles to own family 0
maxine jones 25.04.17 1:45pm
maxine jones
Woman crumpling at end of marathon aided by friend who plumped up sofa cushions 0
maxine jones 25.04.17 10:37am
maxine jones
Wikitribune – the new ‘Newsbiscuit’

Wikipedia's co-founder, Jimmy Wales, has set out his intention to break the monopoly held by ‘Newsbiscuit’ on dubious facts, inept spelling and spurious tax returns. Mr. Wales hopes that...

Wrenfoe 25.04.17 9:53am
Wikitribune set to bring the same accuracy to News as Wikipedia does to facts. 0
PeterB 25.04.17 9:09am
Schoolchildren at risk of starvation after disappearance of Easter Bunny 0
DavidH 25.04.17 8:43am
'Her roots will soon show through' says Le Pen's hairdresser 1
maxine jones 25.04.17 7:13am
Arsene Wenger set to become his own statue

Arsenal Football Club have reluctantly agreed on a final 'compromise agreement' with manager Arsene Wenger, to facilitate his staged exit from the coaching staff at the club., The 66 year old...

Underconstruction 25.04.17 7:12am
Bananarama to stand against Theresa May in Maidenhead

The biggest girl group of the 1980s have announced that they are to re-form and stand against the Prime Minister Theresa May in her Maidenhead constituency. The group will campaign on an anti-Brexit...

harrypalmer 25.04.17 7:08am
Labour promise to rip up Tory Brexit plan...both fag packets set to go 0
Gerontius 25.04.17 6:32am
French cricket team vow to baton. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 10:10pm
ron cawleyoni
Ken Dodd to record with the Blockheads....'Hit me with your tickling stick'. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 9:46pm
ron cawleyoni
Anomaly blamed for £10,000 rail ticket. Should've been £12,000.

No reduced fares on any days with a Y in them...

deskpilot3 24.04.17 9:44pm
Biannual panic over Greek economy now overdue says IMF. 1
Maverick 24.04.17 9:38pm
New yo yo weight watchers board game..'Steps'...and Adders. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 9:10pm
ron cawleyoni
Nastase offered a safe haven by Ukip. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 9:06pm
ron cawleyoni
New TV mystery series about banana republic made its a....Bananarama 4
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 8:53pm
Le Pen stands down as party leader pre-election, interesting idea say Labour MPs 0
harrypalmer 24.04.17 8:52pm
Corbyn Wins: Ukippers Say ''Aaaggh - We'd Rather Be Ruled By Brussels"

More nightmare scenarios soon ...

Titus 24.04.17 8:39pm
'Trump 24 years older than wife' leads all news stories about his political coup 0
maxine jones 24.04.17 8:07pm
maxine jones
Man consuming fabric conditioner was just "Comfort eating" 1
NotNowCato 24.04.17 5:03pm
Science march to be peer reviewed

It was announced today that the so-called "science march", protesting against President Trump's alleged inaction in the face of climate change, is to be peer reviewed to check the validity of its...

YaBasta 24.04.17 5:01pm
"Harry, we know what you went through", say Prince Charles's magnolias 0
beckfordburger 24.04.17 2:19pm