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Thousands of Muslims mistake Europe for Mecca. 5
Crayon 1 day

The traditional Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia has ended in tragedy for hundreds of thousands of misguided Muslims as they find themselves heading in completely the wrong direction. One...

Northern Powerhouse receives funding to relocate to Cornwall. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 1 day
Dozens killed in Home Counties holy shrine stampede 3
aehouseboy 1 day

Dozens of people were killed and many more were left seriously injured earlier today when hundreds of people descended upon a holy shrine located in the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells in south east...

Vegetarian Society hail Eastwood movie ‘lettuce from Iwo-Jima.' - 23567 192
Thor 1 day

Starring Jasper Carott., Sorry, just in a silly mood...

NationalRifleAssociation:‘this wouldn’t have happened if everyone carried a gun' 5
madshorty 1 day

The National Rifle Association claim that the massacre at an Oregon community college would have been avoided if all present were in possession of a firearm. “What better way to prevent...

Pro-gun lobby: ‘Make everyone wear full suit of armour’ 0
madshorty 1 day

The National Rifle Association have challenged lawmakers in Washington to end the mass shootings by making plate armour mandatory attire for all US citizens. “Nobody likes to see massacres like...

Bear’s relief at increase in shooting human targets 3
Dick Everyman 1 day

After avoiding the huntsman’s gun for yet another year Billie the black bear, a resident of Moosehead Lake in Maine, expressed his relief at the increase in shooting human targets by gun crazed...

Pope tells 'courageous' clerk to 'stay strong' against same-sex marriage. 24
Crayon 1 day

[Sorry folks - it's only a true biscuit. Just wanted to remind y'all how religion breeds hatred and hypocrisy.]...

Gun fans say so-called 'assault rifles' do not encourage assaults with rifles. 0
Crayon 1 day
BBC cuts will see merger of Dimblebys 0
Hindari Banga 1 day
US attack on Afghan hospital: pilots misunderstand "Hearts & Minds" approach 0
Sinnick 1 day

Dark humour alert - apologies in advance if this is too far...

Millions of men sign up for Drunktober 31 days of being sponsored to get wasted. 1
MADJEZ 1 day
Premier League Managers to have final say on Consultant Referrals 0
Digital Immigrant 1 day

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, today announced a radical new plan to reduce the number of referrals to consultants. Whilst some Clinical Commissioning Groups are already offering financial...

50,000 Russian advisors in Syria prior to democratic referendum on Crimea annexe 0
Breadman 1 day

well it worked last time...

Mecca Demonstrates How To Kill Far More People Than US Without Using Guns 4
Titus 1 day

More flames expected soon ...

Volkeswagen to introduce self-recalling cars 2
Adrian Bamforth 1 day
Trolls seek anti discrimination rights 1
Dun Dunkin 1 day

"Everyone hates us just because we prefer to crticise rather create anything original ourselves. Trolls have rights and its time they were enshrined in law as valid members of society", said Mr...

Demands For New Gun Laws: US To Consider Making Mass Shootings Illegal 15
Titus 1 day
Fans of the Beastie Boys start returning unwanted VW badges. More soon. 1
deskpilot3 1 day
Corbyn: I made speech wearing borrowed underwear 2
throngsman 1 day

The Labour leader has confirmed that his party speech was "traditional" in the sense that he followed a traditional wedding poem. "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something...

St Albans sinkhole to be filled with unwanted diesel Volkswagens. 0
deskpilot3 1 day
Robert Peston to record podcasts for the Grauniad. 0
deskpilot3 1 day

It's a match made in heaven...

Sep Blatter "takes a bung" to resign. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 1 day

Hat-tip to Titus...

Sep Blatter Offered World's First Sponsored Resignation 1
Titus 1 day
14-Yr-Old Would-Be Killer Sentenced To World's Potentially Longest Life Sentence 0
Titus 1 day
VW recalls cars; 'Er, they're tin boxes with wheels on each corner aren't they?' 0
Smart Alex 1 day

Been done?...

Audi to recall 2.1 million drivers 10
throngsman 1 day

"We admit we've been installing twat detecting software in our cars that bypass the normal rules of road courtesy," stated a VW Audi spokesman today, explaining that the software automatically puts...

Coca-Cola and McDonalds deem Blatter "unhealthy" 0
Hindari Banga 1 day
Umpqua Community College decides to drop 'human target 101' course 0
throngsman 1 day
Coke to launch Coke-free Coke -' It's desparation now' admits MD 0
Breadman 1 day