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Cosby endorsement contracts cancelled by everyone except Rohypnol 0
sydalg 19 hours
'Blessed relief' for Piers Morgan as David Mellor comes back on the scene 0
pinxit 19 hours

The UK's resident shit, Piers Morgan, took to Twitter to express his 'utter joy' that former Cabinet Minister David Mellor is back in the news after 20 years, hitting tabloid front pages 'like a...

'Time is far right' for new terror laws, says May 2
throngsman 19 hours
Liam Gallagher’s ego in critical condition following loud bang in Manchester 1
Iroquois Pliskin 20 hours
Hearing-impaired breast-fixated man goes shopping for mammary mattress 1
sydalg 20 hours
EU "somewhat elderly and haggard" says "somewhat elderly and haggard" man 0
Not Amused 20 hours

more soon .. obvious I know ....

Viewers agape as Vicky Coren spills question cards and reveals her Eye of Horus 1
blacklesbian 21 hours

Why can't they use questions A, B and C like other quiz shows?...

Lewis Hamilton's car on the SPOTY shortlist 0
Rootin Tootin 21 hours
Let them eat cake, FFS says Antoinette Sandbach 0
throngsman 22 hours

North Wales Assembly Minister Antoinette Sandbach today defended her support for an 18% rise in AM pay because “£54,000 a year plus expenses is nowhere near enough to raise two kids, hold down a...

Cosby to do Xmas panto at beleagured Llewelyn-Bowen attraction 0
Iroquois Pliskin 22 hours
Sports personality VERY shortlist announced 0
Iroquois Pliskin 22 hours
Mitchell tweets Mellor: Call that a rant? Fucking amateur #plebgate #taxigate 0
beckfordburger 22 hours
Ferguson decision still fuelling riots & unrest, 7 months after Moyes' departure 0
Iroquois Pliskin 23 hours
Mask of Liberal democracy Slips 0
Dun Dunkin 23 hours

"We did hate islam all the time really now we don't have to pretend"...

All your devices have been hacked by Russian bandits 0
Iroquois Pliskin 1 day

Everything you own has been hacked and all of your personal details stolen and sold to criminals, it has emerged. Despite reluctantly running AVG twice a year before cancelling it halfway through,...

Hitler's reputation suffers after painting is criticised 1
apepper 1 day

More to follow...

David Mellor to be new voice of TomTom's budget Sat Nav range 2
pinxit 1 day

'Keep turning right you sweaty, stupid little s**t.'...

Poor to Be Taxed More 0
Dun Dunkin 1 day

Also the idle and worskshy to be hit with 'superdosser tax'...

'What do you know about politics? I've been driving a cab for 10 years' 1
throngsman 1 day

You can tell a London cabbie, but you can't tell him much...

Brain's are unionised - last bit in, first bit out say scientists 1
throngsman 1 day
Science Latest-Sea Ice Much Thicker Now we Have Measured It 0
Dun Dunkin 1 day

"We used to think it was really thin but then someone went and actually measured it and its way thicker than we hallucinated"...

"Loud bang in Salford" being news unconnected to BBC move say media bosses. 0
Ref Minor 1 day
Magical Journey set to reopen '26th December' hopes Llewelyn-Bowen 0
throngsman 1 day
Home Office to Sell Watches where the 'Time is Right' for Terrorism Laws. 0
Dun Dunkin 1 day

Also includes prayer times and immigration office opening times...

"Time is Right" for After Eight Mints Say Home Office 0
Dun Dunkin 1 day
BBC admit finalists with sport in brackets after name 'unlikely' to win SPOTY 0
blacklesbian 1 day
May asks terrorists to confirm all threats by email to cut wastage 0
Underconstruction 1 day

Home Secretary Theresa May has made a passionate plea to terrorists, asking that all threats of bombing, beheading or gas-attack be confirmed in email form prior to execution., It is believed that...

Americans in 2015 will celebrate 240 years of freedom from taxation 0
Jim Garner 1 day
Putin claims lifetime Presidency 'too short' 1
throngsman 1 day

"I've given this a lot of thought," said the President currently serving his third term, "and the way I look at it, 2020 is too soon for a guy like me. It's going to take until the end of 2015 to...

Refuse site refuses to accept used PC's containing junk emails 0
Underconstruction 1 day