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Scots Parents To Take Their Children To England For Punishment

Far more cruel than smacking them ...

Titus 19.10.17 6:10pm
Criminals' Productivity Reaches All-Time High

Positive spin, OK? ...

Titus 19.10.17 6:06pm
Jeremy Vine murdered Crimewatch 2
Dick Everyman 19.10.17 5:32pm
Dick Everyman
Pizza Chain Launches Alternative To 'Mile High' Club 5
Titus 19.10.17 5:03pm
Sexual harassment allegations rock the island of Sodor.

First it was Trump, then Weinstein, and now Thomas. The anthropomorphised locomotive and his friends' steamy antics have been getting them into some very hot water recently. There had been rumours...

dominic_mcg 19.10.17 4:27pm
"Music industry abuse? It's not unusual" says Tom Jones 2
Dick Everyman 19.10.17 2:58pm
Dick Everyman
Dominoes: "Create your own" not intented to mean babies 0
Ugi 19.10.17 2:54pm
New startup just asks for your money in exchange for nothing 0
Dumbnews 19.10.17 2:48pm
“Boris and Jacob would never lie to me” reckons gullible old pleb

A very young Conservative voter, aged 78, has today insisted that he firmly trusts the utterances of anyone who was ‘educated’ at Eton. “Those posh boys was sent to earth from the gods to tell...

farmer giles 19.10.17 2:43pm
Serial philandering seismologist's marriage on rocks after being rumbled by wife

I'll get my coat...

Chipchase 19.10.17 2:42pm
Cattery owners vow to fight direct rule from Spain

The UK Kennel and Cattery Association has vowed to wage 'bitter war' on the Spanish if they attempt to implement the threat, made earlier, to impose direct rule on cattery owners. A spokesman for...

Chipchase 19.10.17 2:37pm
Money-laundering by UK banks 'more effective' with washable notes 0
DavidH 19.10.17 2:17pm
Crime Rate Up 13% Following Referendum, Remainians Point Out 1
Titus 19.10.17 1:55pm
Brexit negotiations to be televised as celebrity Bad Deal or No Deal

The Prime Minister's office today confirmed that Brexit negotiations will be televised in the form of a celebrity episode of popular quiz show Bad Deal or No Deal. The single contestant, Theresa...

YaBasta 19.10.17 12:50pm
'Well, He Knew What He signed Up For' Army Wives Might Say If Trump Assassinated

Hat-tip to Smart Alex ...

Titus 19.10.17 12:44pm
Dick Everyman
May's open letter to EU citizens 'Remaining in UK is possibly guaranteed'

Theresa May has written an open letter to EU citizens who are currently resident in the UK, wherein she attempts to allay their fears about them being allowed to remain in Britain post Brexit. The...

Chipchase 19.10.17 12:41pm
Dick Everyman
PM allows EU citizens to stay post-Brexit but can't guarantee right to leave 1
DavidH 19.10.17 12:37pm
Investment in technology 'vital' to counter rising crime in TV shows

Rising levels of crime in police and legal dramas can only be tackled with more investment in technology, particularly for bobbies on the beat and detectives who look like they are straight out of...

chrisf 19.10.17 11:17am
Women banned from menstruating with blue liquid

For decades, the pen industry has been using women as plentiful source of blue ink; with a typical ratio, of one menstruation to a thousand ballpoints. Sadly ‘Bodyform’ sanitary towels are...

Wrenfoe 19.10.17 10:50am
Dick Everyman
Katie Hopkins ‘wants to marry Harvey Weinstein in prison’ 0
farmer giles 19.10.17 10:48am
farmer giles
Dyslexic Spanish police in stand-off with Cerys Matthews

More soon. There's lovely...

Scroat 19.10.17 9:52am
Spain to suspend Benidorm autonomy 0
DavidH 19.10.17 9:41am
May threatens to let EU citizens stay in the UK

More to follow...

apepper 19.10.17 9:19am
Draft-dodging president admits he never knew what he signed up for 0
Smart Alex 19.10.17 8:42am
Smart Alex
Sussex man Frees Tibet after reading bumper sticker. 1
Maverick 19.10.17 5:59am
Carwyn Jones seen with "Save the Wales" sticker. 1
Maverick 19.10.17 3:25am
Audio Sketch Project: Religion Losing Relevance

Submitted this to Newsjack a while back with no response, wondered if people were up for doing it ourselves. Stage 1, Edit, if people would be so good as to make it funny., Stage 2, Record it, if...

Benvoleo 18.10.17 11:31pm
As magistrates view domino pizza video..magistrate applications increase 10 fold 0
ron cawleyoni 18.10.17 10:57pm
ron cawleyoni
Piccadilly screen to give psychic readings to those it deems 'in need' 0
DavidH 18.10.17 10:51pm
"That's another fine vaginal mesh you got into...Harvey" 0
ron cawleyoni 18.10.17 10:29pm
ron cawleyoni