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No Mr Connery, I expect you to join Mr Moore. 0
Mick Turate 31.10.20 3:09pm
Mick Turate
Walter Eagle 31.10.20 2:39pm
Walter Eagle
“No, Mr Bond. I expect you to self-isolate. Permanently.” 0
Landfill 31.10.20 2:20pm
Lockdown to be disguised as "period of national mourning for iconic actor" 0
FlashArry 31.10.20 2:06pm
You only Lived Once 1
Sinnick 31.10.20 1:57pm
Boris to announce a wall at Watford Gap to keep the infected Northerners out. 0
MADJEZ 31.10.20 1:52pm
Auric Goldfinger : "OK, so I was off by 56 years ..."

sadly no more...

FlashArry 31.10.20 1:47pm
Double 'O' Heaven 1
Dick Everyman 31.10.20 1:38pm
Very shad 0
bookiesfriend 31.10.20 1:02pm
Blofeld suddenly finds himself with nothing to do. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 31.10.20 12:40pm
Labour movement losing Momentum 4
Doctor Chutney 31.10.20 12:32pm
Men trapped in tumble dryer 'Heard there was something going round.' 1
Doctor Chutney 31.10.20 12:24pm
Charles tries to put hex on Queen with "mind over mater" trick 0
sydalg 31.10.20 12:21pm
Panic-buying Olympics off the blocks in exactly the way you’ll be picturing

With the government teetering on the brink of a “Sh*t, looks like it’s unavoidable, that remaining £37.20 furlough pot is going to be a hard sell” lockdown, medal-crazed top-level selfish...

Filthy Rich 31.10.20 11:55am
Filthy Rich
US election: results might be in before first Mars landing

The United States Government has ‘high hopes’ of delivering the Presidential election results before they put a man on Mars. “As the world’s most technologically advanced nation we can drop...

deceangli 31.10.20 11:54am
Filthy Rich
First year ever people are jealous of "I'm a Celebrity" contestants 1
Ian Searle 31.10.20 11:53am
Filthy Rich
Goats fear Trump living under their bridge.

More trollery drollery soon...

Mirthless Evil C 31.10.20 11:52am
Filthy Rich
Dave Lister argues with Kim Kardashian - holograms not so great 1
Ian Searle 31.10.20 11:51am
Filthy Rich
Mystery Inc, and the Ghostbusters face their busiest night of the year 1
Ian Searle 31.10.20 11:50am
Filthy Rich
President Macron laughs his head off at latest Mohammed cartoon 1
Dick Everyman 31.10.20 11:49am
Filthy Rich
Starmer: We must now unite UNITE: Not a chance 0
Doctor Chutney 31.10.20 11:32am
Doctor Chutney
Sheep denies being sheepish

“I have never acted sheepishly in my life,” declared Bertie the Sheep at Langtree Farm this morning. “Being a domesticated ruminant I simply don’t have the mental apparatus for embarrassment...

Landfill 31.10.20 11:29am
Trump’s big beautiful wall - turns out he was talking bollards

Hopefully not much more later...

Mirthless Evil C 31.10.20 10:17am
Doctor Chutney
Film release of Roald Dahl book set in STD clinic, 'The Itches'

Devised from scratch...

Doctor Chutney 31.10.20 10:01am
Doctor Chutney
Misguided posters mistake offensiveness for satire 0
camz 31.10.20 9:20am
Government to order new lockdown...

sticking by the science is the only way to ensure that we can celebrate the virgin birth says Johnson...

Terry Bunn 31.10.20 8:47am
Terry Bunn
Knife-Wielding Jihadist Accused Of Endangering Public By Not Social Distancing 0
Titus 31.10.20 8:25am
Sheriff of Nottingham to sue Robin Hood for emotional distress 0
Ian Searle 31.10.20 8:21am
Ian Searle
Calls For Labour Members & Other Zionists To Be Expelled From Momentum Party 0
Titus 31.10.20 8:13am
Elderly Footy Fans Nationwide Wave Their Dentures In Tribute To Nobby Stiles 0
Titus 31.10.20 8:06am