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Petition to have EU referendum, with "Remain" voters only, reaches 2m signatures

[i]Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.[/i]...

Gary Baldy 25.06.16 6:00pm
Gary Baldy
Remain voters to go back to believing in co2 myths as their 'last hope' 6
Dun Dunkin 25.06.16 5:44pm
Gary Baldy
Millions to emigrate to Branson's Island on Geldolf's boat 2
Dun Dunkin 25.06.16 4:50pm
Teenager goes to sulk in their room 'and not coming out' at least until dinner 3
Dun Dunkin 25.06.16 4:34pm
Opinion Poll
UK Euromillions winners 'disappointed' at having to return winnings 1
throngsman 25.06.16 4:23pm
Opinion Poll
EU "deeply upset" that relationship with UK ended by text message.

The European Union was said last night to be "profoundly hurt" and "deeply upset" after the sudden and dramatic ending of its relationship with the United Kingdom. "We were out having a few drinks...

bonjonelson 25.06.16 4:19pm
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Dot-UK registry seeks alternative meaning for UK

More soon, when Scotland quits the Union ...

Opinion Poll 25.06.16 4:05pm
Opinion Poll
Hospitals on alert after outbreak of pants fires

Accident & Emergency departments were put on emergency standby today, following a spate of clothing-related fires across the country. Hospitals have a reported a 3000% increase in admissions for...

Charlie Stuart 25.06.16 3:55pm
Charlie Stuart
People who believed the fear lies now 'depressed' 0
Dun Dunkin 25.06.16 3:53pm
Dun Dunkin
Pensioners vote to return to Europe: “At 10,000 feet with the bomb doors open."

More soon ...

Opinion Poll 25.06.16 3:17pm
Opinion Poll
27 times table to be part of National Curriculum announces Gove

Schoolchildren will need to know their 27 times table by the end of secondary school, announced Michael Gove today, in a series of immediate reforms to the Maths curriculum. 'Being able to multiply...

chrisf 25.06.16 2:21pm
Voters not sure if we are at war with EU or not?

Confused referendum voters across the UK say they are not sure whether we should declare war on our former allies in the EU straight away or give it a few days, let the dust settle a bit, see how...

Gerontius 25.06.16 1:46pm
Home nations face EURO 2016 suspension

"All that stuff about Russian thugs ? Forget it - actually British citizens with thick accents doing terrible Putin impressions : the evidence is here" claimed a UEFA spokeman. Briefly waving a...

FlashArry 25.06.16 1:31pm
Another Victory for Your Gross Uncle

Following two and a half decades of unpleasant visits on birthdays, weekends and days off from uncle Horace, the British voters clumsily stumbled upon a new way to make him ever more aggravating than...

No Refunds 25.06.16 12:16pm
Have you been missold a referendum? 1
throngsman 25.06.16 11:10am
Successful plagiarism verdict starts lots of copycat lawsuits. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 25.06.16 11:09am
Gove and Johnson hopeful of signing trade deal with Antarctica. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 25.06.16 10:45am
UK leapfrogs US in "Dumbest Citizens" League. More soon. 2
Al OPecia 25.06.16 10:17am
Dick Everyman
Drunken BoJo admits “Brexit joke got out of hand”

Ex-London mayor, Boris Johnson, announced that the “Brexit joke got out of hand” in an inebriated rant on Friday. The news broke after Barry Sherlock, construction worker from Hull, contacted the...

George 25.06.16 10:08am
Brexit Divorce form EU latest, England and Wales to get Scotland at the weekends

Appologies if I have done a Led Zepplin!...

Scronnyglonkle 25.06.16 9:39am
St George slayed the dragon 0
Dun Dunkin 25.06.16 6:53am
Dun Dunkin
A grateful nation promises to name the recession after Boris Johnson

More to follow...

apepper 25.06.16 6:45am
Cameron asks: Why didn't the people I libelled as racist morons trust me?

David Cameron has asked the people that he publicly pre-judged as racist, ill educated morons to put their faith in him to negotiate a better deal on their behalf. And amazingly, they didn't trust...

ronseal 25.06.16 6:29am
Eu says who we going to sponge off now? 0
Dun Dunkin 25.06.16 6:08am
Dun Dunkin
Cameron to Farage - I would have done it too, if not for you meddling kids! 0
Maverick 25.06.16 6:00am
Scots to choose between queen and Jacobite king in new referendum

A centuries-old dispute will be settled in the probable forthcoming Scottish referendum, according to insiders in the Edinburgh government. Will Scotland go republican (unlikely), accept the...

Renrag 25.06.16 2:08am

Will it now be possible to deport all the baddies that have had their presence extended by the ECHR when we finally get oot of the EEC...

marlon bando 24.06.16 11:23pm
marlon bando
Brexit result 'may require rerun of England vs Slovakia game' 0
Adrian Bamforth 24.06.16 11:12pm
Adrian Bamforth
Boris calls for rerun of referendum.

"I didn't expect to win", he explained. "I thought David would, and I'd take over in 2019. Now I've got a hell of a mess to sort out, and I'll get the blame. Cripes!"...

Tammy Flugh 24.06.16 11:01pm
Cameron to retire to wind farm on Lord Sheffield's land £300,000 stipend

of the Dave...

marlon bando 24.06.16 10:30pm
marlon bando