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Hollande vows to close The Jungle, but Corbyn says Labour Party is here to stay. 0
satire1 24.09.16 2:50pm
313,209 Turkeys Vote For Christmas

Christmas is coming, The Tories are getting fat, Please put a vote, In the old man's hat...

Titus 24.09.16 2:44pm
Eeyore calls for unity after bitter leadership contest

Following Piglet’s challenge to Eeyore’s leadership on the grounds of severe depression and inability to use a balloon, the Left Copse of the 100 Acre Wood has been riven by a campaign of bitter...

cinquecento 24.09.16 2:38pm
Corbyn offer to wipe slate clean rejected by local pub landlord.

"I'll wipe the slate clean when Corbyn comes up with the money to pay his bar bill. In the meantime, I've designated Corbyn a C.U.N.T: Cash Up, No Tick."...

silly billy scotland 24.09.16 2:31pm
silly billy scotland
Juno the name of NASA's Jupiter probe ? 2
Sinnick 24.09.16 1:52pm
Nestlé tell those who voted Toffee Remain to suck it and help make it a success

"We know we promised a honeycomb replacement, but if come Christmas there are just half as many sweeties in the tub then we just have to suck on them, and move on. The Toffee Exiters have won, and...

gaijintendo 24.09.16 12:09pm
Corbyn "wipes slate clean of spilt blood" with bleach to destroy DNA evidence 0
thackaray 24.09.16 11:22am
Terms like Racist and Nazi judged Un PC, correct phrase is "Person of Different

Opinion from me About Labour Leadership"...

ronseal 24.09.16 10:58am
Darth Corbyn says: "I will crush this rebellion with my Momentum Deathstar" 0
thackaray 24.09.16 10:37am
Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Participate in Age-Old Baseball Traditions San Francisco 49ers quarter back Colin Kaepernick was recently spotted at a local baseball game refusing to throw his hands up...

Andrewnino12 24.09.16 10:20am
Labour excited to find out who will lead them to defeat in 2020. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.09.16 9:45am
Police determined to get to bottom of Pippa Middleton hack 0
Major Tom 24.09.16 9:45am
Major Tom
Paul Hollywood to star in C4's Great British Rake-Off. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.09.16 9:25am
Al OPecia
'40% of children never see a dentist.' All being referred to SpecSavers. 3
silly billy scotland 24.09.16 9:20am
Walter Eagle
Elderly Greek man questioned over Pippa Middleton nude photos hack. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.09.16 9:17am
Brad Corbyn and Angelina Smith to split - which one gets to keep the children? 0
Walter Eagle 24.09.16 9:15am
Walter Eagle
Elderly man delighted to receive poisoned chalice. Again. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.09.16 9:05am
Facebook CEO wants to explore space for distant planet - and use it as tax haven 1
ronseal 24.09.16 9:01am
silly billy scotland
Owen Smith denies being Owen Jones

“I don’t know who either of them is” laughed Neil Kinnock. “No disrespect meant, but I have absolutely no idea who these people are” said Neil, in a gravelly miners-sounding welsh accent....

farmer giles 24.09.16 6:50am
farmer giles
Wherever to find Most useful Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Relocation, this can be a word that no-one ever wants to total in his life. But it's amongst those ideas that are not within our hands. Each time a individual changes his location from place to...

vivekeetrade 24.09.16 5:43am
Newzoids may consider joke about Labour leadership struggle - shock

News based comedy show Newzoids may make a joke about the Labour Leadership bid, according to insiders. But the idea of horizon widening has caused consternation amongst the righteous wing comedy...

ronseal 24.09.16 12:35am
Alan Barnes to pay all of Fundraisers PR bill,after a blowjob 0
marlon bando 24.09.16 12:24am
marlon bando
Great British Nude Bake Off.

Channel 4 reveals details of revised format...

Tammy Flugh 23.09.16 11:03pm
Running or hiding from terrorists ‘still the best option’ confirms Government

The Government is to re-run its helpful ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ initiative in the wake of recent terror incidents in the US. The campaign suggests people should run away or hide in the event of a...

Matt Ward 23.09.16 8:56pm
Opinion Poll
Police refusing to believe CJ De Mooi's claims that he knows nothing 3
Major Tom 23.09.16 8:17pm
Midfield Diamond
BBC Bake Off marquee in ‘tents’ negotiations 1
farmer giles 23.09.16 7:24pm
silly billy scotland
'Bake off' looks likely to replace 'Fuck off' as favourite Limehouse expletive 0
Renrag 23.09.16 7:08pm
Syrian army in one last push to force Brangelina breakup off front pages 1
sydalg 23.09.16 7:06pm
Sir Lupus
Ofcom critical of Channel 4’s washing up series.

Channel 4’s new edgey washing up series, a natural sequel to the Great British Bake Off has been heavily criticised for ‘unaccceptable’ innuendo and product placement. Jamie Oliver was also...

CulchaVulcha 23.09.16 6:49pm
'I'll sue if anyone prints a cheap HP copy', claims JK Rowling. 1
silly billy scotland 23.09.16 6:47pm