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Russia annexes IKEA in administrative error 0
Iroquois Pliskin 7 hours
UN Climate Meetings are now the greatest source of greenhouse gases 0
Wrenfoe 7 hours

Environmental protesters have demanded urgent action to combat the ‘unheralded level of dissembling chatter’ emanating from New York’s climate summit. Hundreds of thousands of marchers in more...

Where's my Nobel peace prize asks Blair after GQ awards 1
Robert Koch 7 hours

''If Kissinger can get one, then I am dead cert.'' reasons middle peace envoy...

Strikes in Islamic State 1
Dun Dunkin 7 hours

Liverpool militants called 'the Beatles' say its like being home...

Panic in the Party 1
Trolly Boy 7 hours

Beijing’s political circles are gripped by fear. The Central Committee of the Communist Party has called an emergency meeting of the National People’s Congress, which usually only meets once a...

Holy Brotherhood of Tesco's affirm they are a non-prophet organisation 0
Thundi 7 hours
Labour have only months to "switch brothers around" 0
maxey 8 hours

" We need to face up to the technical and logistical difficulties involved in pursuing our plan" Harriet Harman told the Labour Conference yesterday. " I don't mean just the various prosthetics we...

Man Utd hire Tesco accountants in desperate bid to improve results 0
harrypalmer 9 hours
West End debut for the production of Twelve Angry non-gender specific He/Shes 0
Wrenfoe 10 hours

In a commitment to addressing inequality, English theatres have agreed to an extensive programme of gender-neutral plays and musicals. Hoping to bolster the number of female actors on stage,...

Islamic State underestimates its prophets 6
Adrian Bamforth 10 hours
Rockefellers : We love this planet, but we can’t afford to buy it - yet 0
deceangli 11 hours

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has rocked the UN Climate Change Summit by announcing that it will stop investing in fossil fuels. “This planet is our home, and like millions of ordinary Americans we...

Middle East Peace Envoy on Recent Violence Says 'This is More Like It' 0
Dun Dunkin 11 hours

tip in the hat to NB etc...

Middle-East Peace Envoy says : 'Send in the troops!' 0
NewBiscuit 11 hours
Mansion Tax is to be renamed 2 up, 2 down terrace tax in London 0
throngsman 12 hours
Tesco accountants take "Every Little Helps" far too literally 0
SimonJJames 12 hours
'Tony Blair is my inspiration' says UN Slimming Envoy Eric Pickles 2
deceangli 12 hours
Downturn Alley 1
darfdork 12 hours

Dowturn Alley   The Makers of Downton Abbey have promised to bring much needed updates to the program. As viewers in current times are still struggling financially the makers have realised how...

Public to be trained to provide pharmaceutical advice 9
throngsman 12 hours

'It's a thorny issue,' said Bill Wilkins, one of the government's top advisors on pharmaceutical issues,' but the reality is that the amount of prescription drugs being handed over on the street at...

Bill Coe separates from wife Tess after finding £25 error in grocery accounts 1
Jim Garner 12 hours
'Not our finest hour' admit Tesco accountants 0
Robopop 13 hours
PCSO arrested for impersonating a police officer 1
johnnydobbo 13 hours

Lots more soon...

Scottish MP's beg to be excluded from Ed Miliband's speech 0
irreverendJ 13 hours
Tesco offers three profit statements for the price of one 0
ronseal 13 hours
ISIS management to go off site for a day to brainstorm their value proposition. 0
Maverick 19 hours
9 out of 10 Scotsmen in London still want change. 8
godly1966 20 hours
Winnie the Pooh's career gone from "flushed with success" to "in the toilet 0
Maverick 20 hours
MoD upgrades Islamic State thing from ‘business’ to ‘situation’ 3
deceangli 22 hours

The MoD’s Euphemism Committee has declared that the Islamic State ‘business’ should be regarded as a ‘situation’ from midnight tonight. The UK Government operates a 6 point scale for...

ASDA promises to overstate profits by 10% more than its rivals 6
throngsman 23 hours
IS hoping to have Turkey this Christmas. 1
Coffeemate 23 hours

try and keep abreast of this story...

Tesco's accountants have to take their socks off to count to 250 million 1
Squudge 23 hours