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Love means never having to Nazi Apology

In a strange string of coincidence a Labour MP who hates Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone, found an excuse today to revel in his profound dislike of both men while indulging in some ‘old school...

Wrenfoe 28.04.16 2:08pm
Dun Dunkin
I'm not anti-Semitic but I am victim of a worldwide conspiracy, says Livingstone 1
StanleyMizaru 28.04.16 2:04pm
Dun Dunkin
BBC's The Now Show to offer No Platform for jokes about racists in Labour Party

The BBC has announced that it takes not satirising the Labour Party "very seriously" and will continue its policy of no platforming jokes about bigoted colleagues of Jeremy Corbyn on its satirical...

ronseal 28.04.16 1:50pm
Hillsborough inquest agrees The Sun did piss on victims. 5
MADJEZ 28.04.16 12:45pm
Facebook trademarks the word ‘book’

Having used its brand of Instagram to sue makers of the app Littergram, Facebook has demanded naming rights to any book-related suffix; including scrap books, match books and cheque books. Using its...

Wrenfoe 28.04.16 10:36am
EUtopians still trying to whisk water into a thick cream 0
Dun Dunkin 28.04.16 10:33am
Dun Dunkin
South Yorkshire Police Chief told "You'll Never Work Again" 1
bonjonelson 28.04.16 10:01am
Apple Secretly Plans Organic Phone

Faced with a slowdown in sales and resulting decline in its previously boundless profits, the Apple company is believed to be secretly planning a new version of its hugely successful iPhone. Tapping...

Titus 28.04.16 8:02am
Govt having problem blaming -0.4 gdp on Brexit rather than Osborne. 1
Dun Dunkin 28.04.16 7:50am
Government report into official procrastination took 20 years 1
Dun Dunkin 28.04.16 7:41am
Uk still waiting for the 'disaster' of minimum wage and not joining Euro. 0
Dun Dunkin 28.04.16 7:35am
Dun Dunkin
Expensive long Govt reports into official incompetence to be counted as GDP

As the economy continues to shrink the Treasury are looking for ways to prop up the disastrous GDP figures. Now they think they found the answer. " Writing govt reports is a multi million pound...

Dun Dunkin 28.04.16 5:59am
Dun Dunkin
The Patients Strike Back

Following a succession of doctors' strikes and the threat of more, patients' patience is becoming exhausted and a backlash has begun. The previously little-known Patients' Union is threatening to...

Titus 28.04.16 5:30am
Doctors' Strike Hailed/Scorned As 'Total Failure/Success' After No Patients Die

More victory / defeat soon ...

sockpuppet 28.04.16 2:01am
BHS pension scheme to buy itself out of administration. 0
deskpilot3 27.04.16 10:05pm
Shares Lose A Peel As Apple Drops But Core Strength Remains 1
Titus 27.04.16 10:04pm
Government ready to take 25% stake in BHS Port Talbot store.

And possibly any stores in marginal constituencies. Bit worried about the grey vote...

deskpilot3 27.04.16 10:02pm
South Yorkshire Police - dark side of the force 1
Wrexfan 27.04.16 9:40pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Police chief suspended over Hillsborough gets vertigo. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.04.16 8:23pm
Overworked Honorary Doctor Andy Murray in 48-hour strike

A desperate and exhausted looking Andy Murray has seized the opportunity to strike from all Tennis & Fatherly duties for 48 hours. He is protesting about the increase in working hours since the...

richmitch 27.04.16 6:23pm
Gove: If EU stays I'm going to Hollywood.

Eurosceptic Michael Gove may quit politics for a Hollywood career if Britain votes to stay in the EU. He has been linked with the starring role a multi-million dollar movie project featuring the...

Wat Tyler 27.04.16 5:44pm
Wat Tyler
Britain Allowed To Quit, But Only If EU Gets Custody Of Scotland At Week-Ends

Hat tip to deskpilot3...

Titus 27.04.16 5:24pm
Gary Baldy
War-gamers named and shamed in latest Internet hack

Thousands of men who secretly play table-top games with little plastic figures, have had their details published online in the latest high profile web security breach. WAYNE’S BERKSHOP actively...

thatwasbeast 27.04.16 2:53pm
Donald Trump 'NOT a cartoon character' say scientists

Latent nuclear apocalypse, Donald Trump, is in fact a person and not an intentionally grotesque, satirical and fictional creation, a new report has warned. Trump's presidential campaign has left...

thatwasbeast 27.04.16 2:40pm
Zac Goldsmith changes his name to 'Votey McVoteface’

The Conservative mayoral candidate formerly known as Zac Goldsmith has confirmed he wishes to be called 'Votey McVoteface' , but strongly denied this has anything to do with gaining extra supporters...

SuburbanDad 27.04.16 2:38pm
Apple admit they meant 'Onanistic' not 'Organic' as most of it customers are wan

blasted character limit more soon...

NotNowCato 27.04.16 2:20pm
KFC customers tell company to 'shove their ice cubes up their arse' 1
throngsman 27.04.16 2:14pm
Business fears as Apple sees its sales slump to $50 billion 4
Wrexfan 27.04.16 2:01pm
Childbirth may soon be a thing of the past

A recently published study by the Office of National Statistics has indicated that live births are on the decrease as a result of the overwhelming increase in the size of the progeny being delivered....

Pencil48 27.04.16 1:25pm
Team GB reveals how ‘super hot’ they are

Disguised under the pretext of a kit launch, Britain’s athletes took time out of their busy schedule - of avoiding drug tests - to show off more bulging pectorals than a Zac Efron calendar. Oiled...

Wrenfoe 27.04.16 12:32pm