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Only sad loners, mummy's boys and scum insects say Tories are Bullies 0
Dun Dunkin 23 hours
Belgium to hold Little Grey Sales on Monday. 0
Griffin 23 hours
Corbyn to hold next Shadow Cobinet meeting behind the bikesheds at breaktime. 0
Al OPecia 1 day
Warnings that after Paris a 'Blair style dossier' could easy happen in UK 0
Dun Dunkin 1 day
Photo of Terror Suspect Turns Out To Be Actual Terror Suspect 0
S-Bahn 1 day

Shock is rippling through the intelligence community, like a hippo dropped in a lagoon of pro-biotic yoghurt, as a photo of a suspected terror suspect turns out to be an actual terror suspect. Aliah...

Hunt's last offer: 11% + 0.00000000000000000000001%, diluted in water 0
throngsman 1 day
GMO crops "cause deformed crop circles", researchers say. 1
bonjonelson 1 day

Could genetically-modified crops be behind the spate of badly deformed crop circles that have been recorded in recent years? Researchers from the University of Cirencester have published a report...

Daily Express weather reporter trapped at home by freak snow blizzard 4
bonjonelson 1 day

A freak and highly localized HEAVY SNOW BLIZZARD has trapped Daily Express weather reporter Nathan Rao in his South London home. "I was about to leave the door to go to the office when a FREAK...

Man continues to use semicolons despite hopeless situation 10
oblongscone 1 day

An engineer from Gloucester has persevered with semicolons despite not receiving any recognition from his colleagues. David Fairly has admitted he wants to progress in his career and fortuitously...

Corbyn Rules Out Air Strikes Against Dissenting Shadow Cabinet Members 0
Titus 1 day

(Variation on an existing theme, I know, but I think this works ...

'Black Friday' Bargain: Man Buys Over-Ripe Bananas At Less Than Half Price 0
Titus 1 day

(Autobigraphical - I didn't want to miss out on this buying frenzy ...

Grant Shapps posted to Syria to bully ISIS. 0
Tammy Flugh 1 day

Michael Green and Mark Clarke to follow...

Grant Shapps posted to Syria to bully ISIS. 0
Tammy Flugh 1 day

Michael Green and Mark Clarke to follow...

Blue Peter competition winner to officially rename terrorist group. 15
dominic_mcg 1 day

In the UK they're ISIL, ISIS or just plain IS. In Germany they are called ISO, in France they are just plain old EI and our American cousins prefer the term, "muslims"., The group, itself, likes the...

Cameron Appoints Michael Green as International Development Minister 0
Deimos 1 day

Following the resignation of Grant Shapps, Mr Cameron has thanked Mr Shapps for his work in the department and announced that he will be replaced by Michael Green. In a news release, No 10 said "Mr...

Homeopathy prescriptions to be written in invisible ink 0
sydalg 1 day
Junior doctors to stage 1970s style comedy strike 4
S J Roe 1 day

After weeks of negotiations where it was hinted that they would stage a 1970s style strike, junior doctors have today outlined their plans for such a strike in a bid to obtain better terms and...

Bryan Adams' 'Everything I Do' finally leaves the charts. 0
Steve Wilson 2 days
Robinson Crusoe enjoys Black Friday ! 2
Sinnick 2 days

(did I get away with it ?)...

Jeremy Hunt claims fake ambulance contained only homeopathic drugs 1
Hindari Banga 2 days
Jeremy Corbyn Faces Shadow Cabinet Backlash 1
tonymc81 2 days

The Labour leader was today accused by Senior Labour MP’s of putting Syrian Civilians lives before the votes of the British people. A furious Spokesman for the Labour rebels ranted, “Jeremy just...

Police investigate thousands of ambulances after drugs found in pharmacy 0
apepper 2 days

The police have uncovered a nationwide drug ring. Inspector Rector of New Scotland Yard explained; "They're quite brazen; up and down the country thousands of ambulances collect 'marks' and take them...

George Osborne confronts R Soul issue 1
Renrag 2 days

A new evangelical movement sweeping Britain is known as the Regenerated Souls. It is commonly abbreviated as the R Souls. Asked for comment on Regenerated Souls, one bishop was equivocal. ...

Majority of time on Linkedin spent looking at self 0
Dumbnews 2 days
Black Friday punch-ups marred by shoppers looking for bargains 0
throngsman 2 days
Old man with red cap and white beard suffers revolt by shadow cabinet elves 0
throngsman 2 days
Failure to put Xmas decorations up before December 'bowing to terrorists' 0
throngsman 2 days

A government spokesman confirmed today that 'Britain will not be cowed by the terrorist outfit variously known as IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Channel 4 or the BBC.' He urged every household to ensure...

Osborne becomes UK’s first openly Maoist Chancellor of the Exchequer 2
StanleyMizaru 2 days

George Osborne has said his next Budget will be “radically different” and that he will change economic plans after converting to Maoism. Mr Osborne said he had never been exposed to the...

Junkie stampede as drug dealers offer Smack Friday bargains 0
sydalg 2 days
Garibaldi eaten by baldy Gary 2
CulchaVulcha 2 days

A ‘squashed fly’ biscuit, better known as a Garibaldi by manufacturers Peak Freans was consumed yesterday by Gary Smythe, a window fitter from Taunton as part of a workplace snack. Mr Smythe is...