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Nerve Gas was deployed by asthma treatment, Police search for Vlad the Inhaler 1
Redben01 20.03.18 4:22pm
Increasing Hatred From U.S. Citizens Makes NRA React With More Intimidating Ads

The National Rifle Association, under intense pressure to not lose the control they have over American politics, has embarked on a new propaganda relations campaign designed to keep naive Americans...

rfreed 20.03.18 4:18pm
Facebook still can’t get you to ‘like’ your niece’s photo

While data-mining has been used to influence voting habits, consumerism and ‘the colour of rainbows’, Facebook has admitted that no one really cares about your cousin’s week long birthday...

Wrenfoe 20.03.18 3:58pm
Midfield Diamond
It's 'Delete Everything Day' at Cambridge Analytica 0
Guido Drapatolli 20.03.18 1:53pm
Guido Drapatolli
Russian diplomats Moscow today 0
throngsman 20.03.18 1:37pm
Unequinox! Day revealed to have more working hours than night

[Truebiscuit - approx 1% more day than night]...

Crayon 20.03.18 1:25pm
Police warn motorists on the way to Marmelade Festival that there may be jams. 0
dominic_mcg 20.03.18 11:12am
Making Harry and Meghan's wedding cake 'will be a Rudyard job' says Mr Kipling

I'll get me coat...

Chipchase 20.03.18 10:55am
Victims of coprophile sex pest launch #mepoo campaign 1
sydalg 20.03.18 10:34am
MP's call for sucker-surge quiz on data grab

MP's call for sucker-surge quiz on data grab 20.03.18,  , i did warn, but this is no pulp fiction, "the path of the righteous man" yawn, is one hell of a contradiction., we are all suckers,...

addicted2news 20.03.18 10:29am
EU citizens to retain rights to a London stabbing during transition period 0
cinquecento 20.03.18 10:24am
Rejected Cambridge Analytica candidates advised to try Durham Analytica 0
cinquecento 20.03.18 10:18am
Ant to lose contract with Scalextric. 0
ron cawleyoni 20.03.18 9:42am
ron cawleyoni
Mont Vernon fella involved in taking minors web undertaking lewd manners over ge

Mont Vernon fella involved in taking minors web undertaking lewd manners over get to active video clip clip internet surgingMont Vernon boyfriend faced with taking minors web performing lewd antics...

lrhwy 20.03.18 9:27am
Juncker to host Shaturday Nye Tnnkay

..meugh shooln;-"...

Guido Drapatolli 20.03.18 9:08am
Guido Drapatolli
They asked uz if I’d gan to rehab an I said ‘why-aye champion pet’

Howay man!...

Chipchase 20.03.18 8:12am
Man in A&E claims autonomous vacuum cleaner attacked his penis 0
cinquecento 20.03.18 7:48am
Slim chance for Trump if put under Mueller Light treatment. 0
Dick Everyman 20.03.18 7:24am
Dick Everyman
Three Cool Baseball Gears That Must Have

Sean Canfield, out of Oregon State is a serviceable save quarterback, can easily develop appropriate into a number one QB your tutelage of Drew Brees. Since he joined the Eagles right before the end...

zhangzk 20.03.18 6:55am
Cambridge Analytica CEO under Premier League ‘fit and proper person’ scrutiny 0
DavidH 20.03.18 12:54am
Chemical weapons watchdog detects white substance blanketing Salisbury 0
DavidH 20.03.18 12:53am
Fan of war poetry digs Graves 0
sydalg 19.03.18 11:58pm
Ant McPartlin to appear on Top Gear.

Passenger in a Reasonably-Priced Car...

Mick Turate 19.03.18 11:25pm
Mick Turate
Cold sick not going down as well as the Kool Aid, says thinktank

In the wake of the UK and EU reaching an agreement on Brexit transition, a growing number of people are unhappy with the UK conceding that all UK residents have to drink a pint of cold sick....

Benvoleo 19.03.18 10:59pm
Ant McPartlin to present "I'm a passenger, get me out of here!"

Working for the first time without partner Declan Donnelly, popular entertainer Ant McPartlin is to present a new Saturday night TV show called "I'm a passenger, get me out of here!" The show will...

YaBasta 19.03.18 10:33pm
Sir Lupus
BBC Newsnight under scrutiny over The Ushanka File.

Hat-tip to JC...

ron cawleyoni 19.03.18 10:15pm
ron cawleyoni
Trans woman furious she's still being paid as much as before

Melanie (formerly Michael) Hargreaves has filed a lawsuit against her employer on the grounds that, by paying her as much as they used to, they're not properly recognising her new gender identity....

YaBasta 19.03.18 10:12pm
Sir Lupus
French baker fined 3,000 euros for working 7 days a week appeals to Atos. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.03.18 10:03pm
ron cawleyoni
Cambridge Analytica beat Oxford Analytica in vote race 0
Crayon 19.03.18 9:48pm
Anyone refusing to drink cold sick is trying to wreck Brexit, says May 0
Benvoleo 19.03.18 9:30pm