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Looters caught by TV Licensing van. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 09.08.11 2:41pm
Metropolitan police officers to crank up their faces

In light of the continued violence and rioting across London the Metropolitan police have taken the unprecedented step of increasing their police officer's powers to look on from unimpressed to...

Screenie 09.08.11 2:18pm
London Riots... 6
Screenie 09.08.11 2:13pm
Lack of £1 coins for trolleys thwarts Tesco looters 1
Duncan Biscuit 09.08.11 2:10pm
City unrest spreads to Norwich as youths drop litter and cycle on the pavement 1
charlies_hat 09.08.11 2:07pm
Sky TV buys rights to "Child criminals do the stupidest things"

Another budget show curtesy of CCTV...

Erlang 09.08.11 1:48pm
Copycat indignation engulfs Tunbridge Wells 3
greg various 09.08.11 1:42pm
Des Custard
Riots over. It was all a bet!

It has been admitted that the real reason for the outbreak of rioting in London was a £1 bet between two 15-year old gang leaders in the city as to whether they could get the PM and MPs back from...

Awkward Facts 09.08.11 12:50pm
Awkward Facts
Olympic Committee to review CCTV looting footage for future ‘fencing’ stars 1
Qoxiivi 09.08.11 12:49pm
Police use CCTV footage to identify looters too stupid to cover their face 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 09.08.11 12:48pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Updated AA Riotplanner available via any good social networking site 0
Iamthestig 09.08.11 12:46pm
England clear winner of the prize for World's youngest criminals.

A generation of effort by planners in the education, justice and child-care systems has been rewarded with the greatest density of under-age villains in cities since Columbia's street urchins were...

Awkward Facts 09.08.11 12:29pm
Awkward Facts
Eton to extend hand of friendship to Polar Bear families.

In a dramatic move yesterday, the governors of elite Eton College announced a new Polar Scholarship programme. Under the proposed scheme, Polar Bear youngsters, or "cubs", who exhibit the right...

Drylaw 09.08.11 12:21pm
LOCOG "not worried by negative effect of riots" on next year's Olympics

"We've already sold all the tickets and the money's in the bank."...

Iscariot 09.08.11 11:53am
Metropolitan police deploy RoboCop to assist with riot control

The Metropolitan Police’s Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin has announced today that the force’s latest recruit, RoboCop, will be sent into action immediately with his first duty being to bring the...

Vertically Challenged Giant 09.08.11 11:50am
Looters told to take stock...of their behaviour 0
Iamthestig 09.08.11 11:18am
London to get super injunction

Riots can’t be reported., Can only refer to the increasing popularity of non-traditional methods of, obtaining popular consumer goods...

whickerman 09.08.11 11:14am
Football game breaks out during Tottenham riots 0
Nick McCarr 09.08.11 11:12am
Nick McCarr
NHS say upsurge in middle-class leg injuries due to 'riot reaction knee-jerks' 0
pinxit 09.08.11 11:11am
Over-competitive playground dad swings child into orbit 2
jp1885 09.08.11 11:01am
Looters to self-regulate

After the conspicuous success of self-regulation for the press and MPs, looters are to be asked to regulate themselves. Rather than being arrested or hit by big truncheons they are to face the far...

whickerman 09.08.11 10:59am
Thousands of blackberry using businessmen to be rounded up.

After the widespread use of Blackberrys by looters , the government has called on citizens to detain anyone using these devices. Previously you might just have been annoyed by some self important...

whickerman 09.08.11 10:59am
London glazier firm, under investigation of Blackberry Messaging offences.

More pane later?...

Erlang 09.08.11 10:58am
Wombles cut short Italian holiday to begin London clean up 0
shitsu_tonka 09.08.11 10:58am
Birmingham rioters cause over £16 of damage 2
Qoxiivi 09.08.11 10:43am
Nike Unveil New "Social Justice" Range of Trainers 0
Drylaw 09.08.11 10:39am
Cameron cuts short holiday to be seen cutting short holiday 3
roybland 09.08.11 10:33am
William Hague denies SAS involvement in burning down of Allied Carpets Store...

More to follow...

William Pumpton 09.08.11 10:10am
William Pumpton
BBC to revamp Ashes to Ashes

The BBC has confirmed that it is to remake Ashes to Ashes next year, but reverse the concept. A CID detective falling into a coma in 1981 wakes up in 2011 to find a radical Tory government making...

NewSuburbanDad 09.08.11 9:58am
Rioters tell BBC they're rioting at cuts in services coming into force next year

Rioters have been so dismayed at proposed cuts in services, mooted to come into play in the next budgeting period, that they've started looting shops already...

ronseal 09.08.11 9:43am