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Silvio Belursconi and Frankie Boyle announce joint tour 0
jm 4 years
Jeremy Vine Fakes Stalking To Appear More Interesting. 0
IABP 4 years

Radio 2 presenter, Jeremy Vine, has been accused of faking his own stalking in order to make him appear more interesting than he really is. Jeremy could face the embarrassment of a restraining order...

Man City scouts descend on TUC conference in search of a decent striker 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Tough security sees Manchester police escorting prostitutes as Rooney returns 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Unprecedented beatification of Newman planned just15 years after his career died 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
New Cool Thing to Replace Old Cool Thing 2
The Dudeman 4 years

Today, a big multi-national corporation released a new/improved/updated/fixed version of the already popular incarnation of its current model, which won awards in several catagories. A company...

After the deluge in Pakistan ,taxi drivers in the U.K. feel they will be flooded 0
arrghgarry 4 years

with would be taxi drivers from the sub (merged)continent which probably lead to more phlegm on the streets...

Legalising Burglary will 'Cut Crime' and save the Govt 'Millions' says Expert 0
Dun Dunkin 4 years

An expert in crime said legalising burglary and other minor offences will cut crime and reduce the pressure on prisons. 'The police will have less paperwork. Its a win win. Not only is there massive...

Farmville-obsessed mom neglects feeding kids and starves dog 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Pope enters Priory. Absolves Ricky Hatton. 0
pinxit 4 years

'Kissing of Ring' pics soon...

£250,000 pair, a sperm in a teacup. 0
MADJEZ 4 years
Man encouraged to 'reach for the stars' arrested on celebrity molestation charge 4
dicky37 4 years

[More soon]...

Entire United Kingdom bracing itself for slow moving depression 0
Gary Stanton 4 years

As autumn enforces its vice-like grip on the UK, the public were put on alert last night as the first Atlantic depression of the season is expected to make landfall near Cornwall sometime around the...

New evidence suggests the Hoover was invented by Mr Vacuum 2
Boarfunkel 4 years
Stock Market of 13/09/2010 0
The Dudeman 4 years

(DOWN) WAL (Wal-Mart/ASDA UK) - Supercentres across England have reshuffled entire ailies again, so now the bread is where the fricking milk was, (UP) ATVI (Activision/Blizzard Games Inc.) - They...

Vanish, Daz in late court battle over papal sponsorship deal 2
QorbeQ 4 years
Conservative America Criticise Freedom of Expression as "too Liberal" 0
The Dudeman 4 years
Satan displeased with way he is negatively portrayed in emoticons 0
Dumbnews 4 years
Rehab clinic rules out punishing Hatton with lines. 0
SingingHinny 4 years
Babies Blinded by Tea 0
Blobvilla 4 years

Medical professionals are increasingly appalled by the amount of babies being born blind because of their mother’s addiction to cups of tea. Health workers in maternity wards and those dealing...

Ardent Avatar fan excited to hear of rise in Blue Tit sightings 0
la maga 4 years
"Oi! That's our job!" yell Labour as Tories trample constitution to own benefit 0
la maga 4 years
Queens speech cancelled due to performance anxiety 0
jm 4 years
TV execs confused by failure of "who wants to be a millionaire?" in Zimbabwe 1
jm 4 years
Physicists blame police for death of MI6 agent. 5
bonjonelson 4 years

Quantum Physicists have blamed the recent death of an MI6 agent found stuffed inside a large canvas bag on the investigator who opened the bag. "While in the bag, the agent was both alive and not...

Iran puzzled as US sells $60bn weapons to oppressive religious regime next door 0
la maga 4 years

Shit, sorry. Nothing funny about that...

Men accused of making £250k from sperm site collapse in court 2
brownpaperreporter 4 years

Both men admitted making 792 deliveries of sperm, and collapsed. Both now weighing 5 stone but showing good muscle definition in the right hand and arm, are in poor health as their service got behind...

Doctors frustrated as 'Kissing it Better' ditched along with Homeopathy 3
gaijintendo 4 years

NHS cutbacks, n'aw'that...

'Flatulence inducing beef cubes laughing stock.' 0
Mafaking Carwongo 4 years

Says comedy chef...

TomTom Launch Rolf Harris Voiced SatNav... "D'ya know where we are yet?" 1
mugwump 4 years