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Ferrero Rocher shares surge as Iran protesters storm embassy

Ferrero Rocher, suppliers of chocolate balls to ambassadors world wide, have seen a boost to their share price after Iranian protesters cleaned out the UK embassy of the treats. "We expect many...

apepper 29.11.11 4:51pm
Wales boss emphatically rejects chance to testify at Leveson enquiry. - 2 36
reforse 29.11.11 4:20pm
Outrage as no men shortlisted for the final of the great British Bake Off

The BBC have been inundated with complaints after the popular baking contest announce an all-female shortlist. “We have used the same voting system that we always use’ said Sue Perkins,...

Gareth_wilts 29.11.11 4:09pm
Osborne: family planning to be capped

in line with local authorities...

Laughingstock 29.11.11 4:08pm
HSE condemn working practices and risk culture in Knotty Ash Jam Butty Mines

The Health and Safety Executive in conjunction with the BBC's Watchdog programme have issued a stark and daming report into the working conditions in the Treacle and Jam Butty Mines of Knotty Ash,...

simonjmr 29.11.11 3:24pm
Costa to sell coffee enemas

High street coffee outlet chain Costa Coffee has announced that, following a successful pilot scheme in Manchester, they will be offering coffee enemas to their customers. ‘People have been...

jp1885 29.11.11 3:23pm
Wendy "deluged" with celebrity offers to dance on Murdoch's grave

Magnate's wife calls it "the Charlotte Church effect" Charlotte Church famously sang at his wedding, waiving her fee for the honour of helping celebrate the nuptials of the media giant. Now...

nickb 29.11.11 2:51pm
Marmite spill sharply divides delayed motorists

"I'm loving it, the whole Marmite thing," laughs Maureen Travers stuck in traffic on the M1 for three hours. "I know some people hate traffic delays but it gave me a chance to catch up with friends...

nickb 29.11.11 2:48pm
BBC to enforce no WAGs policy for MOTD presenters

BBC has today announced that it will cover the opening stages of Euro 2012 from Salford and that a strict "no WAGs" policy will be enforced for the duration of the tournament. "We want the best from...

simonjmr 29.11.11 1:36pm
1963's BBC Sportsman of the year criticised for giving award to Anita Lonsbrough 0
simonjmr 29.11.11 1:18pm
Growth down, borrowing up - George Osborne you are so 0
Ian Searle 29.11.11 1:12pm
Ian Searle
OECD voted the worst ever tribute band 0
Ian Searle 29.11.11 1:10pm
Ian Searle
Spy-claim MP aide secures advertising contract with Specsavers 1
medici2471 29.11.11 12:53pm
Gov economic policy RIP 2010-2011

The world of politics was in mourning today following the death of the Government’s recent economic policy which passed away at home following a short illness., The policy was conceived some years...

Rich Liszt 29.11.11 12:53pm
George Osborne sings Autumn song

swans next...

virtuallywill 29.11.11 12:51pm
AA files for bankruptcy. RAC doubles fees for new members. 0
Griffin 29.11.11 12:49pm
Hot Russian Spy allowed to stay in country shocker 0
ermintrude 29.11.11 12:37pm
Marmite Spill: Traffic Update

Following the Marmite Spill on the M1, South Yorkshire Police is diverting traffic to the yeast...

Major Clanger 29.11.11 12:29pm
Coarse fishing in Bristol Channel to be renamed Corsa fishing 0
Smart Alex 29.11.11 12:09pm
Smart Alex
Intelligent adhesive desribed as 'erudite' 0
Smart Alex 29.11.11 12:06pm
Smart Alex
Tindall shrugs off World Cup hangover and rejoins squad.

RFU spokesman said, "We had too, it was his round"...

Bryan with a Y 29.11.11 12:00pm
Bryan with a Y
First person in history to fail a LearnDirect course named as George Osbourne.

Despite studying for several years, George just couldn't get the hang of Economics. He'd failed his course several times, even with help from Gordon Brown and the CEOs of every major British Bank....

martin2381 29.11.11 11:41am
Pfizer delight as Fatima to replace Pele as Viagra ambassador.

Agent claimed she faced stiff competition to win the contract...

Bryan with a Y 29.11.11 10:58am
Bryan with a Y
Coral: all bets are off - SuBo wins Mo-vember title.

Bookmaker pays out early...

Bryan with a Y 29.11.11 10:05am
Bryan with a Y
Marmite put motorists in the jam 0
simonjmr 29.11.11 9:58am
Cuts force councils to resort to 'Marmiting' potholes. 0
No Beard 29.11.11 9:58am
No Beard
Ranting mother's humiliated toddler pixelates own face 0
medici2471 29.11.11 9:49am
Arrest stops racist with return tram ticket 'going back where she came from' 5
29.11.11 9:49am
Toddler blames failure to land part in school nativity for mum's tram outburst.

When interviewed today the youngest appealed for calm, saying "my mum spent weeks making a costume for me to audition as one of the '3-Kings', but the part carrying gold went to a little black boy in...

Bryan with a Y 29.11.11 9:43am
Bryan with a Y
Expect delays on B9 and B12 following Marmite spill 0
medici2471 29.11.11 9:30am