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Coleen Rooney has unsightly lump removed - Wayne's whereabouts being sought. 0
08.09.11 11:49am
Royal Navy in “build your own ship” intrigue

The Advertising Standards Agency announced today that they were investigating complaints surrounding the magazine part-work “Type 45 Destroyer!” which is published by RN publications ltd (which...

08.09.11 11:46am
Honour Killings 'important part of our cultural heritage' says community leader

Expanded Version:NiB length. Iqbal Yusuf, a community representative, has spoken out about Honour Killings. "I couldn't get a paid job but do voluntary youth work instead. Being a 'detached worker'...

dvo4fun 08.09.11 11:36am
Return of Downturn Abbey confirms double dip recession says Economist... 0
ItsReevesy 08.09.11 11:34am
Gay blood donations showing higher Homoglobin levels than expected 0
charlies_hat 08.09.11 11:20am
Sushi sales now outstripping those of genuine cold vomit 1
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 11:19am
Gaddafi rues the appointment of Mark Thatcher as North African route consultant 2
simonjmr 08.09.11 11:17am
Luton man admitted to asylum after being found "having conversations with brands 0
ronseal 08.09.11 10:39am
National Trust concerned over new homes. 'It may reduce the value of our land' 1
martin2381 08.09.11 10:18am
Henry VIII wrote Greensleeves whilst suffering from heavy cold, claims historian 8
jp1885 08.09.11 10:03am
Gay blood ban lifted. Slightly cheerful blood ban to be lifted soon. 0
martin2381 08.09.11 10:01am
Worldwide search shutdown as Google CEO googles himself.

Google's CEO Larry Page expressed surprise and regret in an interview this morning after the international search engine was brought crashing to its knees overnight. "It was a rather dumb thing to...

Boutros 08.09.11 9:48am
Tiger Woods' Game Continues To Deteriorate

Concerns mounted for Tiger Woods after an incident during a tournament last Friday where Woods, missing a difficult putt, extended a foot to stop the ball from continuing past the hole. Missing the...

Textbook 08.09.11 9:42am
Zebadee storms out of BBC after insulting 'inconvenient embarrassment' snub.

The Zebadee - nicknamed 'slinky' due to his distinctive artificial limb – became the first double amputee appear on children's television show. He bounced out of the BBC after BBC journalist Rob...

Ian Searle 08.09.11 8:58am
Ian Searle
Calls for urgent rethink of plan to replace 999 with +44 999 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:53am
Duncan Biscuit
New moon landing site photo reveals wheel clamp 3
jp1885 08.09.11 8:53am
Gvt cuts forces West Lothian question to be decided by ‘Red or Black?’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:49am
Duncan Biscuit
Plaid Cymru ‘needs urgent makeover’ says fashion commentators 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:48am
Duncan Biscuit
PJ Harvey thanks her parents for not naming her Billie Jean Harvey 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:47am
Duncan Biscuit
Syrian TV station still waiting for a call from Ed Miliband 0
Duncan Biscuit 08.09.11 8:47am
Duncan Biscuit
Robocop destroys BBC after insulting 'inconvenient embarrassment' snub. 0
Ian Searle 08.09.11 8:45am
Ian Searle
News International to sell Wapping plant but keep all the teeny ones. More soon. 4
dominic_mcg 08.09.11 8:23am
Honour killings "Important part of our cultural heritage" say community leaders

More soon Possibly...

dvo4fun 08.09.11 7:55am
Global Warming : True Cause Identified.

After 25 years research, billions coined from new so-called carbon taxes, the true culprit of global warming has now been revealed by climatology experts. " basically, " said leading climate...

sharkbones 08.09.11 6:47am
Highest-paid CEO's solve problems with longer acronyms and stronger buzzwords

according to research by Forbes magazine....

Dumbnews 08.09.11 4:04am
Google In Hot Water

over the search engine's response to an attempt to google "google", it being "Either you're retarded or you're an annoying litlle smartarse who can piss off."...

Textbook 08.09.11 12:31am
Grass damp at Flushing Meadows. Tennis stars told "What did you expect?"

. Enough I think...

Boutros 07.09.11 11:26pm
Niger And Nigeria To Be Joined By New Country, Nigeriest

More soon. (hope people get it.)...

Textbook 07.09.11 10:16pm
.XXX web domain bought by Australian lager company 2
jp1885 07.09.11 8:55pm
George Osborne In GQ Award Upset

In a surprise result George Osborne has been voted UK Chancellor of the Exchequer of the year by GQ magazine. Mr Osborne who is married to the feisty Sharon and self-styles himself "The Prince Of...

Duff 07.09.11 8:52pm