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Britons disgusted by Gross National Product. 1
nickb 25.07.11 9:00am
Zadok the second
Cheated-on wife performs full sex-change op on sleeping husband

'Just chopping his cock off was too good for him', seethed Cheng Chun-mei, wife of play-away husband Shui-bian, as reporters gathered to see her being led away from court in Chubei, Hsinchu county,...

Golgo13 25.07.11 8:35am
Virgin Trains launches Inflatable Buddies service

Virgin Trains has launched a new service for commuters on the West Coast line. ‘Inflatable Buddies’ has been developed in response to passenger’s requests for ‘someone nice to sit next...

Dick Everyman 25.07.11 8:03am
Dick Everyman
UN Passes Resolution To Abolish Lengthy National Anthems By 2023

No article coming, just a tagline :)...

Textbook 25.07.11 6:56am
Rupert Murdoch to star as Young Mr Grace in film version of Are YOu Being Served

Rupert Murdoch's performance as a genial octagenarian proprietor, who turns up once a month to tel them they're all doing very well, has won him the coveted part of Young Mr Grace in the new movie...

ronseal 24.07.11 9:04pm
De Groot's No Dope

"I owe it all to drugs." Thus came the extraordinary admission from Tour de France winner Antoine de Groot today as he stood on the podium after being crowned champion for the third year running. ...

Drylaw 24.07.11 8:49pm
New BBC4 film dramatises 'pivotal' comedy moment when nothing happened. At all.

BBC4 is to screen a gripping new film dramatising the “pivotal” moment in UK comedy history when Spike Milligan and Peter Cook failed to bump into each other in on off-licence in Hampstead in...

FraserWords 24.07.11 7:15pm
Southern England rocked by unpredicted sunshine

Warnings were issued yesterday as freak weather tragically struck a small area of north Dorset. At about 1:30 GMT heavy clouds temporarily separated allowing a shaft of summer sunshine to scorch an...

beau-jolly 24.07.11 6:58pm
Winehouse ashes to be classified as a controlled substance 2
simonjmr 24.07.11 6:36pm
Vinnoe Jones reivents himself as a thug in next film 0
ronseal 24.07.11 6:35pm
Horlicks awarded Humane society medal.......................... 0
Bismarck 24.07.11 6:22pm
Brasses deny bashing Bishop more later...................... 0
Bismarck 24.07.11 6:21pm
Bishop "Outraged" by brass rubbing accusation.

The Guardian is standing by claims that a retired bishop has been having sureptitious brass rubbing sessions. The bishop, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is reported to be "furious" and...

Bismarck 24.07.11 6:20pm
Bishop complains to Guardian Newspapers in Arse Rubbing scandal...

These typos are really too much he says...

Bismarck 24.07.11 6:09pm
Mary Whitehouse dies of Horlicks overdose

The famous campaigner against the permissive society tragically and ironically died of a cocktail of malted drinks last night.,...

Son of Barnabas 24.07.11 6:08pm
Son of Barnabas
Red Arrows admit: 'it's just the one plane, held together with perspex rods' 4
allmyownstunts 24.07.11 5:34pm
I KNEW that Rebekah looked strangely familiar!

Son of Barnabas 24.07.11 5:15pm
Son of Barnabas
. 8
Corrigan 24.07.11 4:52pm
be reasonable
Emperor Hadrian bans fancy dress day at Colosseum

The divine Emperor Hadrian has issued an official decree, under which the wearing of outlandish costumes during gladiatorial contests at Rome’s Colosseum will no longer be permitted, starting with...

Oxbridge 24.07.11 4:35pm
Foxtrot, Tango: Zulu Victor

African is new ballroom dance champ...

nickb 24.07.11 4:31pm
FBI warn James Murdoch that ‘bagsy not me’ defence won’t work in Federal Court.

Federal agents have cautioned News Corp. chief James Murdoch that the famous British and Australian custom of ‘bagsy’ will not act as a credible claim to immunity if he is to stand trial in...

Corrigan 24.07.11 4:29pm
Britain's favourite rape joke revealed

The results of Britain’s Favourite Rape Joke 2011 were announced last night, with Jack Tweed’s 2010 acquittal topping the poll. Organiser Peter Phillips explained why the joke is so effective:...

Christopher Frost 24.07.11 3:57pm
Lord Sugar to be promoted to Baron Splenda after diabetes diagnosis

Billionaire businessman Lord Sugar has pulled it off again, this time making a triumph out of a potential medical tragedy. Diagnosed this week with diabetes at the same time as being awarded a...

nickb 24.07.11 3:27pm
Consternation as alien civilization announces "War on Terra" 0
JohnA 24.07.11 2:06pm
Amy Winehouse joins S Club 27 1
bonjonelson 24.07.11 1:42pm
ITV buy back 'South Bank Show' from Sky Arts: Paddy McGuinness to host.

No likey Simon Russell Beale in the new production of 'The Tempest' at the Donmar Warehouse no lighty...

Corrigan 24.07.11 11:07am
Britain's condom drought draws attention away from East Africa 0
Christopher Frost 24.07.11 10:03am
Christopher Frost
Doherty sues Winehouse estate: 'She promised I could go first' he complains 0
SpankyMonkey 24.07.11 9:53am
Amy Winehouse funeral latest: Worms to go to "rehab" 1
thackaray 24.07.11 8:21am
The Forever 27 club admits first member since 1994

Members complain about decline in standards...

simonjmr 24.07.11 7:20am