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Queen to have nipple pierced and maori tattoo to celebrate Diamond Jubilee

That's me in the tower...

grottymonty 20.12.11 12:15pm
S***thorpe man to play Widow Tw*nky in post-watershed pantomime

Inspired by - Honestly, you couldn't make this up...

Smart Alex 20.12.11 12:06pm
Osborne books Grasse hotel room to boycott IMF euro rescue plan 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.12.11 11:11am
Duncan Biscuit
Men warned Military Wives download is just a bunch of women singing 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.12.11 11:10am
Duncan Biscuit
Train companies announce excuses to increase by an average of 5.9% next year 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.12.11 11:09am
Duncan Biscuit
Newcastle Footballer to have an early testesmonial 1
Iamthestig 20.12.11 11:03am
John Ffitch-Rucker
'Top stocking filler' for gang bosses revealed to be severed prostitute's leg

[More soon]...

dicky37 20.12.11 10:49am
Olympic Stadium may be used as a concentration camp, says Cameron. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 20.12.11 10:49am
It’s Dear Diana all over again, say North Koreans

The outbursts of emotional distress following the passing of leader Kim Jong-il have not been witnessed on the streets of Pyongyang since news of the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, reached...

Stan 20.12.11 10:27am
Kim Jong il dies of heart attack after renewing annual peak fare season ticket. 1
MT Bucket 20.12.11 8:17am
Clegg: "I don't want to live like 1950's housewife, I want a career" 1
MT Bucket 20.12.11 8:15am
Kim Jong-eun `delighted` to make it to second interview for supreme leader job.

"It`s enough to have made it this far" says hopeful youngster...

the coarse whisperer 20.12.11 8:14am
Oxford Police 'lost for words' by violence at underground 'scrabble' evenings

Disturbing footage from an upcoming BBC Panorama episode looking at modern dictionary-making techniques has been handed to the Oxford Police. The images are of organised 'cagefights' between...

Username 20.12.11 7:53am
Cameron looking forward to first PM's Christian Time 0
Smart Alex 20.12.11 5:40am
Smart Alex
Welcome, Glorious Pretender

In an attempt to avoid inbreeding, but still maintain the leadership virtues of being short, fat, vain, and intensely irritating to the South, the North Korean government has appointed Alex Salmond...

middenview 20.12.11 12:49am
Multi Oscar winning actor and Great Leader Kim Jong Il dead at 71. 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:29am
MT Bucket
CIA: Kim Jong Il "actually killed in 2004 and replaced by Team America puppet." 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:26am
MT Bucket
Kim Jong Il dead: Donald Cheney wins Republican party 'Dead Pool' 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:24am
MT Bucket
Un in, Il out; North Korea "Shaken all about" 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:23am
MT Bucket
Kim Jong Il dies of broken heart after Strictly Come Dancing Final result. 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:21am
MT Bucket
Boris Johnson demands tax breaks for absent fathers. 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:20am
MT Bucket
Germany says EU needs UK, "we can't agree on who else to all hate." 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:19am
MT Bucket
Cameron and Clegg go to RELATE to save marriage after latest spat. 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:18am
MT Bucket
Cameron: "You don't have to be a Christian to live here but it helps" 0
MT Bucket 20.12.11 12:16am
MT Bucket
Osborne confirms bankers must now pass "Go" before receiving bonuses. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 19.12.11 10:38pm
"Time for a woman to lead!" says Kim's widow, Ma Jong. 0
Iscariot 19.12.11 10:30pm
Pink Panther dies in prison after life of making crap cartoons. 0
MADJEZ 19.12.11 10:22pm
US Lease On English Language To Expire In 2012

A recently discovered contract dated around the end of the US War of Independence shows that the US's lease on the usage of the English language will come to an end in 2012.,  ,...

SimonJJames 19.12.11 9:51pm
Brian Cox proves theory a particle physicist can be in many places at once 0
Runestone Cowboy 19.12.11 9:13pm
Runestone Cowboy
Angry onion farm workers surprise at appearance on South Korean TV 0
medici2471 19.12.11 9:05pm