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Brand new cars sell for £100 after pricing error

A motor dealership in Dagenham, Essex, was left red faced yesterday after a pricing error saw them sell 257 cars at just £99.99p. The Vauxhall Astras should have gone for £9999 but as the...

Perks 14.10.11 11:14am
G4 meeting to discuss Boyzone 1
bonjonelson 14.10.11 10:44am
Mystery condition that causes man to age 50 years in a few days...

identified by scientists as 'marriage'.

John Ffitch-Rucker 14.10.11 10:43am
Hillary Swank explains "I only wanted to know why the chechen crossed the road" 2
bonjonelson 14.10.11 10:33am
Sony to assess cancer risk after a number of its TV sets started smoking.

Sony is to face censure from the governement after it's TV sets flout Smoking in public places legislation. More soon...

simonjmr 14.10.11 9:58am
41% of mobiles in Birmingham are pretty shitty study shows 0
RJWinter 14.10.11 9:21am
Public half-day holiday for iPhone 4S users

Official: Businesses throughout the land are giving employees the morning off to collect their new iPhone 4S from stores on the much heralded day of launch. Anticipating long waits as busy sales...

Boutros 14.10.11 8:14am
Do ministers dump in the park?

Coming only weeks after the successful resolution to the question 'Do bears dump in the woods' a new eternal mystery has risen. 'Do ministers dump important correspondence in the park' Intrepid...

Steve Wilson 14.10.11 7:11am
Steve Wilson
Japanese banana ban not bananas

The Japanese government has acted swiftly, in response to the radiation hot spot detected in Tokyo, by banning banana imports, which they have also reclassified as a class A drug for good measure....

witless 14.10.11 7:06am
Cameron pans Letwin for "breaking recycling guidelines". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.11 7:00am
Al OPecia
Prince Charles divorces Camilla after introduction of horse whipping ban 0
Perks 14.10.11 6:21am
“I was groomed.” A victim of abuse speaks out

By Deirdre Longford “At one point I was being groomed by up to four people- two men and two women., They would force me onto all fours then shove me around as they took turns to rub a leather...

henry deal 14.10.11 5:30am
Corporate manager awes kids with tales of "fighting fires" 0
Dumbnews 14.10.11 4:14am
Poor people should 'skip' Christmas, Government says

Poor people should consider skipping Christmas this year to show they are really poor, the Government says.,  , 'If, despite our benefit cuts, poor people are seen enjoying themselves at...

roybland 13.10.11 11:50pm
Change in succession rules brings British Monarchy fully into the 19th Century 1
JohnA 13.10.11 9:02pm
Batman to dress as a 'civvy' to get kids back 4
Perks 13.10.11 8:43pm
Triple Velvet's 3 year old star publishes his autobiography

Once a star in every nursery and playground, now, a washed up has been, 3 year old Dylan Jones tells the story of his life in his autobiography 'Toys out of the pram'. Read the exclusive...

Perks 13.10.11 8:09pm
'Eat less, exercise more', says government on obesity

People need to be more honest about how much they eat and drink if obesity levels are to be reduced, ministers say., The government's obesity strategy said on average adults are exceeding their...

SpankyMonkey 13.10.11 7:44pm
Al Qaeda running low on virgins after martyr surge

'Keeping it at 53 a piece is killing us' says virgin recruiter Hamid Al Hymeny...

vertical 13.10.11 7:07pm
Shetland oil developments: "It's good news for Britain!" says London Government 3
dvo4fun 13.10.11 6:25pm
Cameron confirms succession proposals will definitely prevent Clegg taking power 0
simonjmr 13.10.11 6:03pm
Dale Farm residents buy a cat in bid to avoid eviction

More soon Has this been done already? It must have been, surely it's too obvious not to have been done?...

Vertically Challenged Giant 13.10.11 5:59pm
My Blackberry is worki 4
Griffin 13.10.11 5:54pm
Thames Barrier inventor dies – tributaries flood in

more to follow...

witless 13.10.11 5:42pm
Dale Farm travellers' fury at being forced to travel

Traveller's living in the illegal Dale Farm development are furious that their traditional way of life of "not travelling" has been overturned by the high court...

apepper 13.10.11 5:38pm
Government condemns 'Guttop Computer' release amid obesity crisis talks

Computer manufacturers, HP, who also sell a range of table sauces, are set to capitalise on their combined knowledge of the food and computer industries with the release of the 'Guttop', a portable...

kga6 13.10.11 5:32pm
Paul Merson denies drink-driving. "I only had Coke" 1
Perks 13.10.11 5:10pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
'Propping houses up on a ramp would solve housing slump,' car dealer claims.

"It's something we've been doing for years and it never fails to attract attention," explained car dealer Cliff Sweeney, gesturing towards a second-hand Rover parked on a steep ramp, the back wheels...

Boutros 13.10.11 4:07pm
Basildon Council in new appeal for fresh ideas to waste another £18m

Basildon Council is asking the public to suggest innovative ways the council can waste another £18m of taxpayers' money now that the Dale Farm battle appears to be over. 'Admittedly,' said leader...

roybland 13.10.11 3:48pm
Man has 1965 Austin-Healey Sprite Haynes Manual pejazzle 0
simonjmr 13.10.11 3:08pm