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Ofcom declares Sky 'fit and proper' to buy up and rebroadcast old US TV dramas 0
Skylarking 20.09.12 2:52pm
Inspector kintama tells Japaneseman who cooked and sold his penis,testicles and

scrotum to diners,expect a grilling...

burnmybridges 20.09.12 2:21pm
Bruce Springsteen not crowdsurfing: “I just needed a lie-down”, Boss said... 0
Tripod 20.09.12 1:54pm
"My ass sweeter than Pippa's" claims smitten donkey-lover 0
FlashArry 20.09.12 12:49pm
Culls suspended as more badgers embrace Islam 0
FlashArry 20.09.12 12:45pm
Clegg's 'broken Pledge' leaves Downing Street tables unpolished 7
Perks 20.09.12 12:34pm
Who is Wayne King?

hello,Im new here,Im Nepalese,and Ive just started my first ever job in a stock brokers in the City,and Im finding it rather intimidating working in a nearly all male inviroment and not knowing who...

Emma Royd 20.09.12 12:32pm
Rally driver admits he has no idea what co-driver is talking about

Top British rally driver, Mark Fisher, has found himself at the centre of a police and FIA investigation following a number of shocking admissions made by him in his recently published autobiography,...

jamsieoconnor 20.09.12 9:09am
Fuck me

all this sitting on these hard office chairs is agony....

Emma Royd 20.09.12 9:02am
iOS 6 will enable men to perform oral sex on themselves, claims Apple

More follows...

DustyBinLaden 20.09.12 9:00am
Tories seeking Kinder Egg rebrand to Harsher Eggs for Conference launch 0
simonjmr 20.09.12 8:53am
Speaking clock to be re-recorded with the voice of E.L. Wisty 1
DustyBinLaden 20.09.12 8:42am
Ofcom warns its ‘fit and proper’ investigation of Babestation could take months 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.09.12 8:31am
Duncan Biscuit
Springsteen’s new horse takes four hours to complete show jumping course 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.09.12 8:30am
Duncan Biscuit
Fire-damaged crisp factory to make very smoky bacon crisps 0
Duncan Biscuit 20.09.12 8:30am
Duncan Biscuit
Starbucks customer re-considers order in desperate bid to impress barista

Jim Nelson, an office worker in Farringdon, decided against placing his usual Starbucks order of creamy Mocha Hazelnut Frappuccino plus a giant Smarties cookie as part of an desperate attempt to...

Re Pete 20.09.12 8:07am
Re Pete
Bastion mum admits "I don't know my arse from my elbow" 0
Drylaw 20.09.12 8:05am
Dawn French Reveals Secret Regime That Maintains Her Roly-Poly Figure

Cuddly funny gal Dawn French has finally revealed how she maintains her “full-figure” look which has help the chubby comedienne to be regularly cast as a fat, overweight, obese or frumpy middle...

Dawn 20.09.12 7:52am
Michael Gove found in Kinder Egg... 0
Tripod 20.09.12 4:42am
Woman soldier gives birth on front line after Taliban raid,

a Taliban spokesman said our lads don`t mess about...

burnmybridges 20.09.12 12:26am
Royal pair add another date to world tour

Kate Middleton’s breasts are continuing their successful world tour of media publications by adding more countries to their already packed schedule Already spotted in Ireland, Italy and now Sweden...

Simply The Past 19.09.12 10:19pm
Entrepreneur gets 'Trollied' after turning one Pound into a Million

An entrepreneur from Bristol was today celebrating earning his first Million pounds from his buy-and-scrap business. He started his business a week ago after a shopping trip to the supermarket. ...

Perks 19.09.12 10:15pm
Clegg sorry about breaking tuition fee pledge.

Also sorry about Lib Dem poll ratings and very sorry about his own popularity rating...

deskpilot3 19.09.12 8:58pm
French Government complains that Gove is devaluing the Baccalaureate...

encore tout a l'heure...

deskpilot3 19.09.12 8:53pm
iOS 6 promises download status bar will bear even less relevance to download

Apple have today announced that their new iOS 6 system download status bar bears over 40% less relevance to the actual download than any other download status bar in history. Speaking at the...

jamsieoconnor 19.09.12 8:37pm
Nick Clegg assumes new responsibilities as Cabinet Milk Monitor

Nick Clegg today defended himself against suggestions that his role in government has diminished. He revealed to the world's press, or at least to two journalists who had wandered into the wrong room...

gregle 19.09.12 8:01pm
Man addicted to Christmas dinners to "go cold turkey"

More to follow...

apepper 19.09.12 7:15pm
Kate Bush Photo Headline Totally Misleading Claims Wuthering Height's Singer 0
19.09.12 5:36pm
Hamleys new French owners change name to Jambonleys 2
ronseal 19.09.12 5:09pm
Rupert Bear mauls farmer to death defending Bill Badger from cull attempt

Rupert the Bear has been sedated by armed police officers and transferred to a secure pen after killing a Nutwood farmer who tried to execute his close pal, Bill Badger. Shocked residents of the...

DustyBinLaden 19.09.12 4:49pm