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Women's tennis: Correlation found between skirt length and popularity 0
Christopher Frost 29.06.11 3:10pm
Christopher Frost
Greeks to save on heating bills by lying in the sun all day. 0
Ostsee 29.06.11 2:59pm
Murdering a neighbour's dog 'totally acceptable' says senior police chief.

It has to continuously bark after 9pm to qualify, he added...

Leeboy007 29.06.11 2:53pm
Chocolate, cakes and beer good for you

Nutritionists now claim. Fruit & veg 'make you fat and spotty' according to leading experts...

Leeboy007 29.06.11 2:48pm
New suggested Headlines

“The iPantyPad – Apple launch new 80Gig Sanitary Towel” “Facebook: ‘Grooming worked for Pets, so why not Kids?’” “Norway claims to have found the inspiration behind Munch’s ‘The...

Full Tilt Boogie 29.06.11 2:36pm
Full Tilt Boogie
Homeowners given green light to stab Jehovah's Witnesses 1
Christopher Frost 29.06.11 2:14pm
Wimbledon Championships relocating to Milton Keynes 0
Christopher Frost 29.06.11 1:22pm
Christopher Frost
Man Convinced Mentally Unstable Girlfriend is just “Quirky”

Local man Gary Earnley spent hours last night attempting to convince himself and his remaining friends that his mentally unstable girlfriend was merely “quirky”. “She just has her own style,...

Fox100 29.06.11 1:12pm
Stabbing burglars to be made compulsory

more householder arrests soon...

riesler 29.06.11 1:02pm

So Mr Hefner, how did you meet this latest girlfriend? I just opened my wallet and there she was...

waggy 29.06.11 12:39pm
Newbury residents follow Glastonbury's lead and insist we call it 'Newbo'

[Look out for Shrewsbo and, er, Canterbo soon]...

dicky37 29.06.11 12:34pm
Angry motorhome drivers strike for right to be hated as much as caravanners

Angry motorhome drivers are planning a nationwide strike demanding equal rights with caravan owners., Reg Spode, leader of the motorhome drivers’ union, told journalists: “For too long drivers...

FraserWords 29.06.11 12:23pm
Lumberjack impaled on bear trap 'still not out of the woods'

[More soon]...

dicky37 29.06.11 12:14pm
House of Parliament to get Wimbledon style roof and further renovations

Plans have been announced to envigorate the Houses of Parliament, in a bid to bring the MP's and Lords closer to the public, and re-connect with the people. The House of Commons is to have a...

Iamthestig 29.06.11 12:02pm
Prince Harry comes second in Button's old model 0
29.06.11 11:31am
Johann Hari Interview with Jimmy Pursey

Pursey suddenly stood up and put on his short black leather jacket. He stared at me ruminatively swept back his thick locks and seemingly in a rush declared "Come on, come on, hurry up Hari, come...

LtFrankSlade 29.06.11 11:29am
Very large horses prompt mounting concern 1
Duncan Biscuit 29.06.11 11:29am
Dick Everyman
new sign outside sperm donor clinic - 'Please Come Again' 9
Leeboy007 29.06.11 11:03am
Dick Everyman
Striking teachers must bring a note from their parents when they return to work. 1
Ian Searle 29.06.11 11:00am
Clarke launches new homeowner rights with 'National Burglar Stabbing Day'

countering Labour accusations that there's a hole in this policy with the quip 'Not as big as the hole in my burglar'...

pere floza 29.06.11 10:30am
pere floza
Summer officially arrives as Fergal Sharkey spotted swimming off Cornish coast.

An eye witness said "We were on the beach at Newquay having teenage kicks all through the night when my perfect cousin Kevin spotted him"...

Ian Searle 29.06.11 10:27am
Ian Searle
Conundrum after study finds there is often no record of when records began 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.06.11 10:25am
Duncan Biscuit
Greek parliament key crisis vote postponed after key found in child’s toy box 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.06.11 10:24am
Duncan Biscuit
Suicide bombers and gunmen at Kabul hotel still failed to catch waiter’s eye 0
Duncan Biscuit 29.06.11 10:23am
Duncan Biscuit
Turkey Twizzlers touted as new superfood

Turkey Twizzlers touted as new superfood...

Captainzep 29.06.11 10:21am
Iceland to turn off Northern Lights to save energy and reduce global warming 0
Ian Searle 29.06.11 10:21am
Ian Searle
Daily Mail reports that BBC drama Luther to show most distressing scenes ever

The scene will be about gay, single parent, black, benefit claimant asylum seekers enjoying themselves at a party. More soon...

simonjmr 29.06.11 10:16am
UK's Minors announce unanimous support for teachers strikes 0
charlies_hat 29.06.11 10:09am
Childminders welcome teachers' strike, increase prices to £200 per day 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 29.06.11 9:57am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Pope sends tweets, but God now only uses Google+

more later?...

Mark66 29.06.11 9:44am