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David Cameron warns Syria 'day of reckoning just a sentence or two away'

David Cameron has warned Syria's President Bashar Assad that he is close to constructing an English sentence or two that will destroy his regime. 'President Assad should know that his day of...

roybland 02.03.12 6:58pm
Mona Lisa probably the first augmented reality painting.

Art-lover Harold Jarrold from Norfolk had a shock on his recent visit to The Louvre when he took a picture of the Mona Lisa on his iPhone. "I thought I was just taking a photo for my collection but...

Boutros 02.03.12 6:40pm
Cyclist Stops at Red Traffic Lights

On Friday 17th February, a cyclist was seen to stop at the red traffic lights on Southwark Bridge Road, South London. This occurred around 8am in the morning rush hour. Not only that, but the cyclist...

mmjjll 02.03.12 6:38pm
Swedish man trapped in car for 2 months to launch "Snow Diet Plan"

Following his well documented ordeal in northern Sweden, Bjorn Ericsson's friends noted that he had lost a significant amount of weight and asked his secret. "Eating nothing but snow for 2 months...

ianrbland 02.03.12 4:07pm
EU leaders sign new "fisting" treaty after shafting Greece 0
simonjmr 02.03.12 3:46pm
Pandas 'secretly planning overthrow of mankind' 0
hughesroland 02.03.12 3:22pm
Apple critics "just picky" 0
kimllfixit 02.03.12 2:59pm
Proponents of Prostate checks give it 'two thumbs up' 0
thackaray 02.03.12 2:48pm
Man loses job at Ordinance Survey after pushing the boundaries. 0
Ian Searle 02.03.12 2:29pm
Ian Searle
Cartoonists say support for thier hobby is, at best, is sketchy. 0
Ian Searle 02.03.12 2:27pm
Ian Searle
The Forestry Commission say tree felling may be the result of cuts. 0
Ian Searle 02.03.12 2:26pm
Ian Searle
Vatican defies critics over new 'simplified' privacy policy

The Roman Catholic Church has been defending its new privacy policy, following concerns that the latest changes may allow the Church to sell confessional data onto third party organisations. The...

Skylarking 02.03.12 2:26pm
Stalkers welcome the introduction of Follow Friday. 0
Ian Searle 02.03.12 2:25pm
Ian Searle
Retail sales for February expected to show 3.57% growth 3
beau-jolly 02.03.12 2:06pm
Midfield Diamond
Murdoch has heart-attack due to strain of producing new Son. 0
Gourd Almighty 02.03.12 2:00pm
Gourd Almighty
Tongue-twister author says future plans are hard to say

Tom Tollylorry, the author of some of English's hardest tongue twisters has thrown doubt on his future. "It's very hard to say.", he explained, "but I think that's the general idea."...

apepper 02.03.12 12:39pm
Argentines to boycott British products ‘once we find something made in Britain’ 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 02.03.12 11:52am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Average Speed Cameras to be replace by top of the range models 0
Ian Searle 02.03.12 11:41am
Ian Searle
Random Star Trek crew member returns safely from planet's surface. More soon. 4
ianrbland 02.03.12 11:29am
Hoops McCann
Poor maths skills multiply divisions in society. 0
JETFAB 02.03.12 10:36am
Prince Charles to go on Work To Rule. 0
Not Amused 02.03.12 10:31am
Not Amused
RSPCA voices concerns that schools are abusing animals in school concerts:REPOST

The RSPCA today has voiced concerns that Primary and Junior schools and resorting to animal abuse in their attempts to stage recitals and concerts. Due to budget cuts local authorities are urging...

simonjmr 02.03.12 10:17am
Two in one people in Britain have poor numeracy skills 0
kimllfixit 02.03.12 9:51am
Inventor of non-flammable Koran tipped for Nobel Peace Prize. 5
Boutros 02.03.12 9:42am
Window cleaner victim of smear campaign... 1
grumblechops 02.03.12 9:17am
Tories defend decision to offer work experience to LibDems

Employment Minister Chris Grayling has today defended the Government’s controversial scheme to offer work experience to Liberal Democrat MPs such as Nick Clegg. Critics have attacked the scheme,...

ianslat 02.03.12 9:15am
BBC announce Ken Dodd with "Tears for Souvenirs" for Eurovision 2013 0
yussle 02.03.12 9:15am
Undertaker rebuked for calling Davy Jones' coffin "a locker" 0
simonjmr 02.03.12 9:12am
Sound proofing options are baffling admits expert 1
Psycadelic Squirrel 02.03.12 9:10am
UK’s Criminals to set up “University of Life”

Following on from a number of leading academics deciding to set up their own University, top figures in the underworld are set to launch their own “University of life”. The UoL aims to go back to...

Quaz 02.03.12 9:09am