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Martin McGuiness latest to promote Team GB football shirt.

more to follow...

Bryan with a Y 08.11.11 5:24pm
Bryan with a Y
3 French Hens,2 Turtle Doves and Partridge in Pear Tree found in Mexican Prison

Search likely to continue for at least 8 more days, possibly until Christmas say Police...

Mathna 08.11.11 5:23pm
Daily Mail to help Theresa May with immigrant numbers missed by Borders Agency 6
dvo4fun 08.11.11 5:18pm
Al OPecia
Italy to be twinned with Shit Creek

Possibly deeper later...

virtuallywill 08.11.11 4:58pm
Clothing torture caused by barbed wire labels, retailer finally admits

In a sensational move, an anonymous high street retailer has broken ranks and confessed that clothes labels, as many consumers had suspected, are manufactured from a fabric that is 97.5% barbed wire....

Clarky 08.11.11 4:51pm
Giant astral haemorrhoid threatens Earth 0
simonjmr 08.11.11 4:40pm
Cocozza joins list of X factor victims

Brookstein, Ward, Lewis, Jackson, Burke, McElderry, Cardle and now Cocozza "So I did a little drugs, but lets face it you need something the smooth the edges and keep you going through doing that...

simonjmr 08.11.11 4:36pm
"Motorway" 6
dvo4fun 08.11.11 4:33pm
Benefits cheat clairvoyant didn't see 33k repayment coming

how the hell do these people get away with it for so long...

vertical 08.11.11 4:30pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Berlosconi application to be Greek PM turned down. 0
Al OPecia 08.11.11 4:21pm
Al OPecia
Berlusconi to apply for job as Greek PM

things cannot get any worse for Greece, can they ?...

Sinnick 08.11.11 4:17pm
Theresa May deported to make UK borders safer 0
Sinnick 08.11.11 4:13pm
Oregon election using iPads 'requires massive ballot boxes'

A leap forward in election technology is taking place in Oregon this week, as residents cast their votes using iPads. Officials noticed just in time that no more than five iPads would fit inside...

08.11.11 3:51pm
Greeks pick the same guy as Prime Minister, by mistake. 0
greg various 08.11.11 3:33pm
greg various
Eurozone crisis ends as G20 caps sovereign debt interest rate at 3%

The heads of the G20 Nations have unanimously agreed to cap the interest rates applicable to Sovereign debt bonds at 3% for at least one year. Across each nation of the group of 20 most powerful...

Team Biscuit 08.11.11 3:27pm
Greeks cave in to Eurozone demands for more pronounceable leader

The Greek president, Karolos Papoulias, has acceded to demands from the German and French governments and agreed to appoint a more pronounceable leader to head up the new Greek government. The move...

The Paper Ostrich 08.11.11 3:06pm
The Paper Ostrich
Jimmy Savile’s coffin to be strapped to rollercoaster 2
jp1885 08.11.11 2:20pm
Outrage as French magazine bombed by Warhammer enthusiasts

French Magazine Mais Non! has been bombed for the second time in a week after publishing pictures of Aenarion - First Phoenix King of the High Elves. Warhammer fans, who believe that Aenarion should...

James Clayton 08.11.11 2:10pm
James Clayton
Max Mosley violates his own privacy 0
medici2471 08.11.11 2:02pm
Berlusconi considering his options, Mexican jail looks favourite 0
medici2471 08.11.11 1:48pm
Celebrity Come Dancing latest: Russel grant to big to fail

More more more later...

virtuallywill 08.11.11 12:55pm
New tour dates announced for Jimmy Savile 0
medici2471 08.11.11 12:34pm
Crock of shit found in Slough drain 0
simonjmr 08.11.11 12:25pm
Students challenge Police to Modern Warfare 3 duel in lieu of protest

Following threats by the Metropolitan Police to deploy baton rounds at tomorrow's scheduled protest over tuition fees, student leaders have responded by challenging the Territorial Support Group to a...

Cameldancer 08.11.11 12:25pm
James Clayton
Thieves strip Jimmy Saville's coffin of all precious metals 0
simonjmr 08.11.11 12:17pm
Conflict escalates as competing Turtle Rescue charities remain at loggerheads.

more very very slowly...

wallster 08.11.11 12:13pm
Woman throws up in art gallery and is offered post as ‘Artist in residence’

The cleaner who wiped up a stain from the floor of an art gallery was told by the management she had destroyed a work of art worth many thousands of pounds. She promptly threw up in shock and was...

Ian Searle 08.11.11 12:09pm
Ian Searle
Police to investigate claims no one has threatened to kill John Terry this week

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said , ”With ex-girlfriends, their husbands and boyfriends, family members, team mates, England fans, ethnic groups, just about anyone with a moral compass, the...

Ian Searle 08.11.11 12:03pm
Ian Searle
Shane Warne's coming out of retirement is a "spin doctors" wet dream 0
simonjmr 08.11.11 11:58am
UK border chief departure delayed 0
medici2471 08.11.11 11:57am