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IKEA 'monkey in a jacket' was jobseeker on Government Work Programme 1
custard cream 10.12.12 9:05pm
Strauss-Kahn to star in movie remake of 'The Help' 0
custard cream 10.12.12 8:47pm
custard cream
Manny Pacquiao lined up as next opponent for Flintoff

crash, bang, wallop!...

custard cream 10.12.12 8:45pm
custard cream
Butterfly in Australia apologises for London suicide 0
medici2471 10.12.12 8:27pm
Australian radio station hoaxers shed Crocodile Dundee tears 0
Mandy Lifeboat 10.12.12 8:17pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Broadcasters in their 60's set their alarms for 6.45am 0
medici2471 10.12.12 8:16pm
UK EU budget issue drives France and Germany to establish UK Ucunt movement 2
weematt 10.12.12 10:05am
Facebook and Twitter sorting office staff strike threatens Xmas postings

To build on a previous idea. More soon...

simonjmr 10.12.12 9:59am
Santa to Boycott UK Shock

Father Christmas aka Santa Claus (age unknown) is to completely bypass the UK this year. A press statement has just been issued from his North Pole HQ giving a warning for parents to make...

iBarryJ 10.12.12 4:52am
Sadness at the passing of 70s crap tv stalwart Patrick Mower.

More medallions and Brut 33 soon. Oh Moore...

MADJEZ 10.12.12 4:49am
Lottery winner ‘will definitely let it change him’

A resident of Arizona who won $500 million in the ‘Powerball Lottery’ has claimed he is ‘looking forward’ to the money changing him completely. Chuck Sanders has been employed as a shelf...

10.12.12 4:37am
EU introduces compulsory health warnings on wasps

In a move aimed at reducing wasted picnic time and repetitive shooing injuries, the EU has introduced compulsory health warnings on wasps. From Friday, even the smallest chewing wasp will need to be...

button 10.12.12 12:08am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Monocle industry in crisis after death of Patrick Moore. 0
nickb 09.12.12 11:41pm
Identity parades “finally abandoned’ in Spartacus investigation... 1
Tripod 09.12.12 11:33pm
Smart Alex
Dog lovers campaign for right to church marriage 0
medici2471 09.12.12 10:56pm
Ulster still hopeful of a last 16 place in Rioting World Champions League

Former champions Ulster are making an unexpectedly strong bid to return to the top-flight of sectarian-based violence, as the 2012 season reaches its climax. Syria and Egypt may have captured the...

dvo4fun 09.12.12 10:54pm
Mayan Calendar concerned with gender equalisation not Armageddon

New research has revealed that the end of the 5,125 year “Long Count” Mayan calendar does not signify the end of the world on 21st December 2012 as was commonly thought, but rather the coming of...

button 09.12.12 10:52pm
Cameron to celebrate first gay wedding by taking Clegg up the aisle... 0
Tripod 09.12.12 10:27pm
Uproar after reality competitions reach "easiest year yet"

In a bizarre turn of events, judges across a variety of reality TV shows have spoken frankly around the deteriorating standard of contestants. In this week's X Factor vote-off, audiences were stunned...

quango 09.12.12 10:12pm
Catholic priests call for clarification on ass coveting rules 3
button 09.12.12 10:04pm
Sir Patrick Moore joins the sky at night... 1
Queen of Tarts 09.12.12 9:41pm
New Star Wars plot published on Wookie leaks

More growls later...

virtuallywill 09.12.12 9:21pm
Tax avoidance scheme blamed as 100,000 coins thrown at footballer during game. 1
MADJEZ 09.12.12 9:16pm
custard cream
UKUNCUT members discovered in barber shop 0
custard cream 09.12.12 9:14pm
custard cream
Government pledges new law to make figgy pudding available to everyone 0
custard cream 09.12.12 9:05pm
custard cream
Cameron Outed!

Just a stable lad look-a-like. Whilst the real Cameron having the time of his life, hanging around Brussel's bars?...

Jesse Bigg 09.12.12 8:50pm
Jesse Bigg
The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas,, My stalker sent to me, A cartridge and a kidney. On the second day of Christmas,, My stalker sent to me, Two throttled doves,, And a cartridge and a kidney. ...

Dick Everyman 09.12.12 8:47pm
The All New Jeni B
'Axminster to become new tax haven' says Osbourne

A new non-ministerial department is to be set up to deal with companies such as Starbucks and Amazon who avoid paying their fair share of the UK tax burden., The new department HMCR (Helpful Magic...

Uncle Bertie 09.12.12 8:17pm
Midfield Diamond
Joy in Selsey at astronomers death, as street lights can now be on at night.

Local joke !!! More soon...

MADJEZ 09.12.12 7:26pm
No Moore... 4
Tripod 09.12.12 7:20pm
Al OPecia