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The Great Unwashed accused of elitism, now just “The Unwashed”

Justice Rollins today decreed “It is no longer appropriate that such an elitist title be bestowed upon, lets face it, the scrag end of the British population. They are neither great in stature,...

brownpaperreporter 18.08.11 11:21am
Taser victim to have AC-DC - 'You Shook Me All Night Long' played at funeral 0
Screenie 18.08.11 10:45am
Nation celebrates prettiest A-Levels ever

red 18.08.11 10:34am
‘Obsessed’ action movie fan given ASBO for persistent public nuisance offences

A 26 year old Leicestershire man, described as being ‘obsessed with action movies’, has today been given an ASBO following a string of offences related to attempting to act out film scenes in...

Vertically Challenged Giant 18.08.11 10:23am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Spanish riots over Pope visit end as rioters note he didn't bring a TV to loot 0
Basil_B 18.08.11 8:52am
Talk Talk asks Ofcom how many free texts are included in its £3m fine? 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.08.11 8:41am
Duncan Biscuit
Spain ends bullfighting in favour of more Real Madrid-Barcelona matches 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.08.11 8:40am
Duncan Biscuit
Riots Force Name Change To UK....

..Now to be known as 'Guantanomo,' as Tory MP says, "Riots as important as 9/11."...

Jesse Bigg 18.08.11 8:40am
Jesse Bigg
NFU welcomes prospect of bumper year for hay levels 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.08.11 8:39am
Duncan Biscuit
RBS says it has ‘no plans’ to stop using the UK taxpayer as an ATM 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.08.11 8:38am
Duncan Biscuit
Concern as Britain’s Last-Chance Saloon gets 24-hour alcohol licence 0
Duncan Biscuit 18.08.11 8:38am
Duncan Biscuit
"ah werz ahly pissing by the duhr" claims embarassed Depardieu 0
simonjmr 18.08.11 7:34am
Osborne gets Maths A Level at third time of trying

Said to be 'delighted' after years of tutoring pay off...

Anon321 18.08.11 7:31am
Flogging a dead horse and shooting fish in a barrel 'Easier than last year'.

Says cynical gag writer...

wallster 18.08.11 7:24am
A level passes

More next year...

ianslat 18.08.11 7:22am
A Levels to be given tag-line ‘failure is not an option’ 0
ianslat 18.08.11 7:21am
Man finds justifiable work reason for buying iPad 1
Nick McCarr 18.08.11 6:50am
Crime free and cash strapped Japan now promoting "looting tourism"

Dumbnews 18.08.11 5:40am
Veteran reporters claim reporting on A Level results getting too easy. 0
MADJEZ 18.08.11 12:32am
Obese man wins right to McDonalds bypass

A 22-stone ex-policeman has been told he can have a ‘life-saving’ gastric bypass built around his local McDonalds, despite losing a legal case after being rejected for it previously. ...

jp1885 17.08.11 11:32pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Libyan rebels invade news coverage again 0
Nick McCarr 17.08.11 11:02pm
Nick McCarr
Alliterative ex-Butlins icons link cause of recent pillaging with soft drink

Toot and Ploot moot Fruit Shoot loot route...

spoole2112 17.08.11 10:58pm
It this Boycott's last run out?

The Yorkshire and England legend has been warned by BBC bosses following comments about England's performance during their recent narrow victory over India., "I wasn't just the hypocrisy, after all...

spoole2112 17.08.11 10:45pm
Michele Bachmann Crosses The Line

Michele Bachmann is no strqnger to controversial remarks but her latest statement seems to be the straw that has broken the camel's back. At a tea party caucus convention in Iowa, Bachmann said...

Textbook 17.08.11 8:48pm
Students don’t get grades in latest exam blunder

Thousands of prospective university students have experienced yet another examination gaffe after several examination boards failed to remember to send results to the schools. Following on from the...

Anon321 17.08.11 7:27pm
First convicted looters board ship bound for colonies. More soon. 3
red 17.08.11 6:46pm
Politicians reveal the existence of criminality to a shocked nation.

Voters were left reeling this week after revelations by political leaders that there are people in society who are prepared to rob them blind given half a chance. Following the disturbing...

Corrigan 17.08.11 4:18pm
Killer wasps sentenced to penal transportation to colonies 0
pinxit 17.08.11 4:15pm
Police cuts mean that officers will now only be armed with Tizer. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 17.08.11 4:03pm
Make rioters do national service, says everyone who hasn't done national service 2
jp1885 17.08.11 3:46pm