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Will all those with Amy Winehouse jokes please form a line.

It's what she would have wanted...

Iscariot 26.07.11 7:49am
Son of Barnabas
ToysRUs recall ‘Hadron Kaleidoscope’ product after black hole consumes toddler. 6
Corrigan 25.07.11 10:46pm
Fussy young dung beetles spurning dung, older beetles complain

To zoologists, they are nature’s great recyclers, the 5,000 or so species that feed on faeces and maintain the ecological balance of the deserts, farmlands, forests and grasslands of the world....

Oxbridge 25.07.11 10:41pm
Hate me! Hate me again! says Nick Clegg, pissing on the Cenotaph

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg today threw several impoverished students, a cute puppy dog and Sir Bruce Forsyth onto a blazing bonfire of the lovely frocks of a naked, shivering Duchess of...

FraserWords 25.07.11 8:56pm
Celebrities criticised for failing to make trite comments about Amy Winehouse

Dozens of celebrities faced mounting criticism today for failing to make trite comments about Amy Winehouse via various social networks., “It’s almost as if they think their opinions don’t...

FraserWords 25.07.11 7:48pm
Frank Miller detained at airport after his gonads set off metal detectors.

In an ironic twist of fate, given he is about to release an anti-al Qaeda/Islamist graphic novel , comic book author Frank Miller was detained by airport security yesterday after his testicles set...

Corrigan 25.07.11 7:43pm
Google stumbles on unique revenue generating model of charging users 0
Dumbnews 25.07.11 5:57pm
Mobiles Show Us The Light

The world renowned Psychic Derek Acorah has struck a deal with Apple. He plans to release his own range of mobile phones. The I’m-Dead will now enable you to speak to, not only your living...

victimms 25.07.11 4:50pm
Pipe Smoker of the Year 2011 to be awarded posthumously. More soon. 5
dominic_mcg 25.07.11 4:21pm
Flightless, South American bird wins "rhea of the year" award. More soon. 4
dominic_mcg 25.07.11 3:19pm
Queen says factory visit was 'shit'

Officials at Buckingham Palace are remaining tight-lipped following the Queen's visit to a newly opened, chemical engineering plant in the West Midlands today., Staff at Prentice Chemicals in...

theboot 25.07.11 3:17pm
Sky divers bemoan low fish stocks 0
Dick Everyman 25.07.11 3:02pm
Dick Everyman
Tongue-slip sees Nicky Campbell pull out of Jo Brand's 'Big Fact Hunt'

I'm so sorry...

f0zz 25.07.11 2:56pm
Nitrous Oxide released in school assembly - "not funny" says headmaster 0
Dick Everyman 25.07.11 2:31pm
Dick Everyman
Newly converted vegetarian receives a standing pescetarian 0
simonjmr 25.07.11 2:21pm
Giles Coren may not inherit his father’s humour empire.

As News International slides deeper and deeper into crisis, it emerged that Giles Coren may not inherit his father Alan’s powerful humour empire. The late Alan Coren is fondly remembered for his...

nickb 25.07.11 1:00pm
Police pull over Amy Winehouse bandwagon for overcrowding. 0
MADJEZ 25.07.11 12:50pm
Parliament Recalled To Debate All The Rest Of It.

The PM began proceedings in the conventional manner:"Mr Speaker I have had meetings this morning and later I will be having more and all the rest of it.", Speaker called Mr Ed Miliband who said:"Can...

Drylaw 25.07.11 12:44pm
Council wants to put me in a prefab - I said "no,no,no" 0
Dick Everyman 25.07.11 12:44pm
Dick Everyman
Israeli orchestra’s Wagner concert starts tit-for-tat reconciliation war

The Israeli chamber orchestra has struck a telling blow in what experts fear could turn into a never-ending war of contrition between Israel and its historical enemies. Roberto Paternostro’s...

Qoxiivi 25.07.11 12:44pm
US to appoint Paul "When numbers get serious" Simon to manage debt crisis 0
simonjmr 25.07.11 11:08am
"Amy's gone but I wish it'd been Fearne Cotton"

To paraphrase Neil Young More soon...

simonjmr 25.07.11 10:34am
Libertarian groups say Google Mind Peek® is a step too far.

A consortium of civil liberties organisations has attacked the introduction of the new software application Google Mind Peek. After download, the device allows internet users to view a visual...

Corrigan 25.07.11 10:22am
Son of Barnabas
Amy Winehouse tribute album to be called "Back to Blue"

Available through stiff records...

Iamthestig 25.07.11 9:40am
Scouts take over from British army in Helmand

British forces in Afghanistan have successfully handed over control of security in Helmand Province to the 1st Lashkar Gah scouts group. This followed weeks when scouts holding the Hiker badge have...

Vertically Challenged Giant 25.07.11 9:35am
Justin Bieber not 27 for another 10 years 2
iRonA 25.07.11 9:34am
Rebecca Black has nervous breakdown in empty train carriage 0
Oxbridge 25.07.11 9:34am
Original Sin repealed as Garden of Eden apple revealed to have been Chinese fake

. pax vobiscum...

pere floza 25.07.11 9:22am
pere floza
Britons disgusted by Gross National Product. 1
nickb 25.07.11 9:00am
Zadok the second
Cheated-on wife performs full sex-change op on sleeping husband

'Just chopping his cock off was too good for him', seethed Cheng Chun-mei, wife of play-away husband Shui-bian, as reporters gathered to see her being led away from court in Chubei, Hsinchu county,...

Golgo13 25.07.11 8:35am