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William confirms his feelings for Kate: 'I'm in love - whatever "in love" means&

In an exclusive interview today, given to everyone on Earth, Prince William confirmed his feelings for his bride-to-be., When asked how he felt about her, he admitted he was 'in love', adding...

John Wiltshire 20.04.11 7:34am
Adders not multiplying

Scientists in Somerset have been taking DNA samples from adders to try to establish the reason for the declining population. Changes to their natural habitat and man–made barriers to movement are...

beau-jolly 19.04.11 2:43pm
Tesco Profits Up on Far East Growth - Following Hormone Trials Controversy 0
BewsNiscuit 19.04.11 2:04pm
BBC chiefs order 'Watchdog' not to be so damn patronising

BBC chiefs have ordered staff on the Watchdog programme not to be so patronising towards viewers, and to start acting as if they cared about ordinary people who aren't on BBC salaries and so can't...

John Wiltshire 19.04.11 1:44pm
John Wiltshire
Elton John is still not told if he is needed to play the piano this time

Elton John was still awaiting the Royal Command for his singing and piano playing talents today after he has been persistently enquiring as to whether his services would be required for the upcoming...

Basil_B 19.04.11 1:21pm
Jury in post office murder delivers verdict late and leaves it with neighbour. 0
dominic_mcg 19.04.11 1:20pm
Postman boost brings down entire block of apartments

A rogue postman was this morning being sought by the Royal Mail following a disturbing series of incidents at an apartment block in the heart of Essex. Reports began to filter in after 8.15am of...

MagnusOpum 19.04.11 12:39pm
Kate Middleton coat of arms unveiled

It features an air-plane door and the motto "Ianua ut manus"...

Tammy Flugh 19.04.11 12:33pm
Tammy Flugh
“It just won’t bloody flush”, reports woman trapped in dinner party toilet.

Amy Higgins was in a race against time with the cistern of a lavatory in Surrey yesterday, after a single flush at an intimate dinner party for six proved itself not up to the job. Several minutes...

DrTurmoil 21.04.11 11:36am
Competition Time: What Do The Initials "IMF" Stand For.....?

No prize, just the glory...

BewsNiscuit 20.04.11 12:10pm
404 Not Found
Gordon Brown gets top job at MFI...

as the IMF quickly changes the sign on the door...

be reasonable 17.05.11 1:47pm
Des Custard
Beckett fans flock to Olympic 100m sprinter's website, WAITING_FOR_GOdotcom 0
pinxit 19.04.11 12:00pm
Cabinet lunch crisis as sandwich order is decided by AV. More soon. 19
dominic_mcg 19.04.11 3:53pm
WBA to review rules after hedgehog defeats squirrel in 312th round knockout. 1
SingingHinny 19.04.11 3:32pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Rio Ferdinand shakes off stalker by not playing football

Recently, Rio Ferdinand has complained of being stalked every time he plays a football match., 'I, like, y'know, go on the pitch, like, and then there's these blokes what follows me round. It's...

John Wiltshire 19.04.11 12:11pm
Maundy money to be replaced by scratch cards

in an attempt to show a degree of austerity and to make the future Queen more at home...

Pinhead 19.04.11 10:42am
Gordon Brown rejected in favour of Nick Leeson as new head of EMF 4
Basil_B 19.04.11 10:18am
Gordon Brown's offer to head up EMF is "Unbelievable!" 2
simonjmr 19.04.11 10:31am
Gordon Brown to head IMF. Other candidates Norman Lamont and Bernie Madoff. 0
MADJEZ 19.04.11 9:06am
Police force to be replaced by ‘crime census’

The Home Office have announced plans today for a radical shake up of policing in the UK. The changes, set to come into effect from early 2012, will see a move away from the traditional approach to...

Vertically Challenged Giant 19.04.11 11:23am
Surge in potential donors after IVF threesome technique concern publicity 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:20am
Duncan Biscuit
Cameron plays down chances of Gordon Brown getting a job at Aldi 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:16am
Duncan Biscuit
Apple sues nectarine for copying 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:16am
Duncan Biscuit
RAF’s largest plane touches down as Duchess of York arrives for the wedding 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Italian Ambassador in South Africa to hold reception in honour of Pietro Ferrero 0
bonjonelson 19.04.11 8:06am
Cameron: World's First "Civil Bigamy" Charge May Follow Flirt With New Friend.

That's politics! More soon...

BewsNiscuit 19.04.11 8:03am
AV 'Maybe' vote soars ahead in polls 0
19.04.11 6:52am
Charles Launches "Charlie's Chippy's" Chain.

Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Charles is to extend his Royal Duchy brand of up-market merchandise to encompass a countrywide chain of fish and chip shops following the success of a...

BewsNiscuit 19.04.11 4:43pm
Government in crisis as Wonga refuses payday loan. more soon 0
Mrblacker 19.04.11 4:34am
Jesus becomes an atheist after crisis of confidence

Says he is suffering from a lack of self-belief...

Vertically Challenged Giant 19.04.11 3:23am