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Panda's keepers to try WKD next. 'Works with teenage girls' says expert. 0
MADJEZ 04.04.12 9:50pm
Falklands 2 Starring Sean Penn

The ex husband of Pop animal Madonna has announced at a sparse but highly excitable press conference in Buenos Aires the title of his new film., Falklands 2 will see Penn take the lead role as Major...

don rubber 04.04.12 9:40pm
don rubber
Man stores self in self-storage unit 0
nickb 04.04.12 9:00pm
Tiger Woods firms as Masters favourite after bedding 15 women in lead-up week

After over two years in the golfing wilderness, Tiger Wood’s chances look bright at Augusta National this weekend after reports that he has slept with 15 women over the last week. A Ladbrokes...

Yikes 04.04.12 8:36pm
London Mayor admits that use of expletives in lift was wrong on every level 6
Underconstruction 04.04.12 8:24pm
Heartless thief not expected to live 0
Underconstruction 04.04.12 7:39pm
14 year old Forest of Dean boy in porn video criticised for being a late starter 1
simonjmr 04.04.12 7:35pm
Government plans to fund NHS by bag packing in Sainsburys. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 04.04.12 6:51pm
Forget Thatcher, Reagan, Gorbachev - Global Warming ended the Cold War...

Forget Thatcher, Reagan, Gorbachev - Global Warming ended the Cold War...

Theoldcrow 04.04.12 6:46pm
Secret committee about to make decision on UK name change...

Sources close to the government have revealed that an announcement will be made early next week regarding the re-naming of the UK should Scotland vote for independence. For the past three months a...

Theoldcrow 04.04.12 6:24pm
Students team up with TUC

In response to increased tuition fees students are forced to eat small square cheesy biscuits...

beau-jolly 04.04.12 6:16pm
Ken, Boris f*ck in f*cking lift

"It was when Ken said something about managing an election that it all got very out of hand" said Jenny Green of the Jones Party. Meanwhile, fresh from his appearance in the Up the Polls and Round...

nickb 04.04.12 5:57pm
RAF Helicopters rescue government ministers from sinking ship 1
Scronnyglonkle 04.04.12 5:43pm
Shukman: Science to become 32% more marvellous by 2022. Can we keep up?

Being a BBC Science Correspondent is a bit like walking up a down escalator. Or painting the Forth Bridge. In their time, both were marvels of scientific knowhow. Now, we take them for granted. ...

nickb 04.04.12 5:36pm
ZooKeepers to review breeding programme after Pandas are caught 'dogging'

Edinburgh Zoo are to conduct a 'shoot and branch' review of it's Panda breeding programme, following the late night arrest of it's breeding pair in a car-park in a Glasgow suburb., Passing motorists...

Underconstruction 04.04.12 4:33pm
Driver of car with 576k mileage confident of finding parking space ‘real soon' 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.12 3:50pm
Duncan Biscuit
Forecast of Easter airport misery cheers millions unable to afford a break 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.12 3:49pm
Duncan Biscuit
Yahoo crashes its own server after sending 2,000 redundancy emails 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.12 3:49pm
Duncan Biscuit
Big Society Bank launched with £600m, less directors’ bonuses 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.04.12 3:48pm
Duncan Biscuit
North Korean soccer match abandoned after keeper is hit by missile

more to follow...

Underconstruction 04.04.12 3:43pm
Airport staff shortage overcome - baggage handling has crooks to spare 0
weematt 04.04.12 3:36pm
Ferrero launches Unkinder Surprise; an easter egg with semtex toy. 0
wallster 04.04.12 3:36pm
Zoo swaps pandas’ water for Buckfast before breeding window closes completely

Keepers at Edinburgh zoo have resorted to radical measures in their quest to successfully breed the giant pandas Yang Guang and Tian Tian, having replaced the animals’ water supply with Buckfast in...

grumblechops 04.04.12 3:27pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Murdoch "its bad when we hack email" but OK when Cameron sanctions it 0
simonjmr 04.04.12 3:20pm
Government to Introduce 24 Hour funerals during Olympics 0
Scronnyglonkle 04.04.12 3:01pm
Ask the Biscuit – Bullied by a blond

From KL London, Dear Biscuit,, Sometimes in life you meet someone you just can't get on with and I have such a situation right now. This big blond bloke and me are chasing the same job and he has...

weematt 04.04.12 3:00pm
Philadelphia Experiment: Biscuit sub made to reappear

this refers[url=]TUC item[/url]...

weematt 04.04.12 2:57pm
X-mens Mystique to be replaced by Alistair McGowan in Fox budget reduction!

Steve Blairson, CEO of 20th Century Fox has today revealed that due to a massive slash in the budget, Mr Alistair McGowan will replace Mystique in the next chapter of the x-men saga, due to be filmed...

theadministrator 04.04.12 2:40pm
Conservative Peer dismissed for 'indecent pictures' and not 'false accounting'!

Today it was revealed that the Tory Peer, Lord Hanningfield was not dismissed due to 'false accounting' as previously thought. Following an ever credible investigation by 'The Sun', Lord...

theadministrator 04.04.12 2:11pm
Dutch boy sticks finger up Christine Lagarde's arse to save Euro 1
button 04.04.12 2:02pm