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Ceefax switched off, Isle of Wight reverts to semaphore 0
Oxbridge 24.10.12 12:53pm
Beluga slams Beeb

California: NOC (9) a much beloved Beluga whale at the National Marine Mammal Foundation has not only mimicked human speech patterns, but has now added his voice to a rising tide of condemnation...

Newsquelch 24.10.12 12:37pm
Khan to appear in Handicap match at Wrestlemania

Amir Khan and his brother to appear as a tag team in a handicap match against six unknown opponents...

gwalker2805 24.10.12 11:52am
2013 Tour de France route to take in pharmacy, blood bank and law courts 0
Mandy Lifeboat 24.10.12 11:42am
Mandy Lifeboat
George Entwistle "shocked" by revelation that he's BBC DG

George Entwistle has reacted with amazement to discover that he's the Director General of the BBC. "I thought I was the cleaner. I wondered why I had such a nice office."...

apepper 24.10.12 11:30am
Signposts win a landmark ruling.

But milestones say there is still a long way to go...

Ian Searle 24.10.12 11:27am
Ian Searle
Armstrong stripped of his "First Man on Moon " Title 0
Scronnyglonkle 24.10.12 11:14am
Life on Mars team to “retro-solve” BBC crisis.

The BBC is set to launch a special investigation into events at Television Centre in the 70’s and 80’s, using the tried and tested BBC 1 dramatic formula of time travel. In the planned...

nickb 24.10.12 10:52am
Bovine TB compromise: environmentalists to be culled instead. 0
sigmund 24.10.12 10:35am
BBC expecting to receive suit created by Savile Row

I'm sure there's a dead clever joke in this somewhere, unfortunately the above was all I could achieve. Any better suggestions anyone?...

Screenie 24.10.12 10:34am
New BBC Inquiry will ask why paedophiles are attracted to pop programmes 0
24.10.12 10:34am
BBC to use ‘Children in Need’ as a compensation fund 1
Duncan Biscuit 24.10.12 10:28am
Women's Football team wear Anti-Sexism Nipple Tassels

Grandchester Ladies Football Team have shown their commitment to stamping sexism out of football by appearing in their Bristol and District Challenge Cup tie wearing matching Nipple Tassels. The...

Ironduke 24.10.12 10:25am
London prepares for imminent attack as HO downgrades threat level to 'moderate' 0
medici2471 24.10.12 10:06am
BBC 2 declares War on BBC 1

Warring news-tribes, angered by the Panorama investigation, opened fire on studios where radical BBC 1 journalists are known to be in occupation. Fierce hand to hand fighting at BBC Television...

nickb 24.10.12 10:05am
Bovine TB. Cute badgers not to be culled, a victory for sentiment over science!!

News biscuit report, At 0830 hrs on 24/10/2012, Defra under Minister Mr. Nick Benyon may have given the following statement to the press. “Following an extensive period of scientific...

swampy 24.10.12 10:00am
Cyclists to ignore new traffic light food labels 1
Duncan Biscuit 24.10.12 8:51am
Psycadelic Squirrel
“Food prevents hunger”, says report... 0
Tripod 24.10.12 8:47am
Senior South Yorkshire Police “made officers rewrite their Christmas Cards”

Messages inside greetings cards received by friends of members of South Yorkshire police were dictated by senior officers, a new report published today shows. A study by the University of Leeds...

nickb 24.10.12 8:25am
Duncan Biscuit
New Argos catalogue features 75 stores and nothing else 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.10.12 8:21am
Duncan Biscuit
Calls for BBC Trust to be renamed 0
Duncan Biscuit 24.10.12 8:18am
Duncan Biscuit
BNP launch children’s Christmas box set for aspiring despots

The British National Party has unveiled its Christmas 2013 gift-set compendium. The ideal present for this year's aspiring despots. - My little Nazi: A tasteful third reich plastic figure,...

antharrison 24.10.12 7:09am
Armstrong Admits Taking Life Enhancing Drugs to Prevent Cancer

Seven times Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong today confessed to taking a series of sophisticated medicated drugs to ward off testicular cancer. The cycling champion publicly admitted to...

Alfred Noakes 24.10.12 12:43am
Apple iPads, Two Sizes Fits All

Good news to all you iPad lovers. Apple is about to release a smaller version of the iPad called the MINiPad. The MINiPad will have the same sleek curves as the larger MAXiPad, but will be radiant,...

24.10.12 12:12am
Internet provider launches new website to request support when Internet is down 0
Dumbnews 23.10.12 10:23pm
Birmingham to be even more of a dump warns council 0
Mandy Lifeboat 23.10.12 7:48pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Savile 'enjoyed girls Snickers more than Marathons' claims fun run organiser 5
charlies_hat 23.10.12 7:27pm
BBC apologises for poor impression of Savile. So does Mike Yarwood. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.10.12 7:20pm
Lance Armstrong ordered to cycle backwards 7 times around France

More punishments soon...

seymour totti 23.10.12 4:23pm
Commons culture committee lobby for Rum Tum Tugger as next DG of BBC 0
Nowherefast 23.10.12 4:21pm