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WBA to review rules after hedgehog defeats squirrel in 312th round knockout. 1
SingingHinny 19.04.11 3:32pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Rio Ferdinand shakes off stalker by not playing football

Recently, Rio Ferdinand has complained of being stalked every time he plays a football match., 'I, like, y'know, go on the pitch, like, and then there's these blokes what follows me round. It's...

John Wiltshire 19.04.11 12:11pm
Maundy money to be replaced by scratch cards

in an attempt to show a degree of austerity and to make the future Queen more at home...

Pinhead 19.04.11 10:42am
Gordon Brown rejected in favour of Nick Leeson as new head of EMF 4
Basil_B 19.04.11 10:18am
Gordon Brown's offer to head up EMF is "Unbelievable!" 2
simonjmr 19.04.11 10:31am
Gordon Brown to head IMF. Other candidates Norman Lamont and Bernie Madoff. 0
MADJEZ 19.04.11 9:06am
Police force to be replaced by ‘crime census’

The Home Office have announced plans today for a radical shake up of policing in the UK. The changes, set to come into effect from early 2012, will see a move away from the traditional approach to...

Vertically Challenged Giant 19.04.11 11:23am
Surge in potential donors after IVF threesome technique concern publicity 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:20am
Duncan Biscuit
Cameron plays down chances of Gordon Brown getting a job at Aldi 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:16am
Duncan Biscuit
Apple sues nectarine for copying 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:16am
Duncan Biscuit
RAF’s largest plane touches down as Duchess of York arrives for the wedding 0
Duncan Biscuit 19.04.11 8:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Italian Ambassador in South Africa to hold reception in honour of Pietro Ferrero 0
bonjonelson 19.04.11 8:06am
Cameron: World's First "Civil Bigamy" Charge May Follow Flirt With New Friend.

That's politics! More soon...

BewsNiscuit 19.04.11 8:03am
AV 'Maybe' vote soars ahead in polls 0
19.04.11 6:52am
Charles Launches "Charlie's Chippy's" Chain.

Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Charles is to extend his Royal Duchy brand of up-market merchandise to encompass a countrywide chain of fish and chip shops following the success of a...

BewsNiscuit 19.04.11 4:43pm
Government in crisis as Wonga refuses payday loan. more soon 0
Mrblacker 19.04.11 4:34am
Jesus becomes an atheist after crisis of confidence

Says he is suffering from a lack of self-belief...

Vertically Challenged Giant 19.04.11 3:23am
Kate In Passover Ancestry Flap

Durham historian publishes doctoral thesis "The Jews Wot Went Down To The Mines". Relieved Queen states "at least they weren't Catholics"...

rikkor 19.04.11 10:45pm
The Church announces a few changes.

Palm Monday, Maundy Wednesday, and Good Thursday...

Tammy Flugh 18.04.11 10:48pm
Man saw sun then.... 0
BewsNiscuit 18.04.11 8:31pm
Lemurs complain to ABTA about Virgin Holidays scam

A group of lemurs has made an official complaint to ABTA, claiming their booking with Virgin Holidays is a 'scam'. "We were really excited when Sir Richard Branson offered us a holiday, but when we...

19.04.11 7:33pm
I can't believe it's not butter proven to actually be butter

A gentleman who simply couldn't believe it wasn't butter has proven that in fact it is, using his own personal lab in the spare room of his bungalow in Greenwich and two mice. He announced his...

Screenie 20.04.11 2:03pm
Chocolate tycoon meets sticky end. More soon.

With this headline I am really spoiling you...

dominic_mcg 18.04.11 9:44pm
the coarse whisperer
AV Referendum to be carried out using AV

To help address widespread misunderstanding of the AV electoral system, the Prime Minister has today decided that the AV referendum itself will be carried out under the AV voting scheme. When...

Deimos 18.04.11 7:14pm
Church of the Zombie Apocalypse

prepares to celebrate dead rising from their graves at Easter...

ThatAndyDavisFellow 18.04.11 7:09pm
Having trouble keeping up with Jones? Post fake facebook status updates 0
Dumbnews 18.04.11 6:46pm
Typhoon wreaks carnage on Moroccan coast - RAF cites inadequate training 0
18.04.11 6:41pm
Cowell’s “Britain's Got Government” TV show is favourite for voting reform.

Simon Cowell’s proposal for a “Britain's Got Government” show to replace the existing First Past the Post electoral structure received an unexpected boost this morning. Results from a secret...

ThatAndyDavisFellow 18.04.11 6:19pm
Mr Tickle stood down but Mr Noisy mobilised

as rebels ask for more small arms and boots on the ground...

Pinhead 18.04.11 5:48pm
Tea Partier kicked out of rally for drawing “flattering” mustache on Obama poste

Pious, Kentucky- Edna Mae Sutcliffe of Florence was asked to leave the Americans for a More American America Tea Party rally yesterday for drawing what organizers called a "flattering" mustache on...

Tom Sarvay 20.04.11 8:24am