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Channel 4 to screen 'Celebrity Embarrassing Bodies'

Channel 4 is to screen a celebrity edition of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’., In emotional scenes, premiership star Wayne Rooney tells the show’s resident experts Dr Pixie and Dr Christian how having...

FraserWords 31.07.11 9:39pm
Short man who claimed to be tall ‘tired of living a lie’

24 year old Dave McFadden from Glasgow had always been short, as a schoolboy he was bullied and called names such as ‘shortarse’, ‘wee-man’ and ‘oi you, you little twat’. He hoped that...

Vertically Challenged Giant 31.07.11 9:33pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Glasgow Kiss wins Appellation D’Origine listing. 0
the coarse whisperer 31.07.11 7:53pm
the coarse whisperer
Carol Vorderman flies in to Washington to resolve finance crisis. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 31.07.11 7:07pm
Al OPecia
Ban on selling second-hand toilet books announced

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced plans to ban toilet books from being resold second-hand. Explaining the motivation behind the decision, Lansley stated: ‘Each year, the millions of...

Christopher Frost 31.07.11 6:09pm
Christopher Frost
Oddball, Nazi, pervert wins libel damages

Feelin' lucky, NB?...

beau-jolly 31.07.11 5:48pm
Knot up your back, now but Brian! 0
beau-jolly 31.07.11 5:46pm
Geoffrey Boycott's mother to open batting for England with stick of rhubarb. 0
dominic_mcg 31.07.11 3:51pm
Retired Gurkha settlement area in UK "surprisingly crime-free". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 31.07.11 3:26pm
Al OPecia
Shock as wealthy professional sportsman weds 'ordinary looking' woman

More later...

dvo4fun 31.07.11 3:21pm
'I thought she said 'Set Fire to Lorraine', explains Adele fan arrested at GMTV 0
Oxbridge 31.07.11 1:01pm
John Barrowman quietens down following successful ear-wax op

Scottish-American singer, actor, dancer, musical theatre performer and media personality John Barrowman is recovering from an operation to remove 2 kilograms of earwax. The breakthrough operation...

Dick Everyman 31.07.11 12:28pm
Inspector Gadget arrested outside childs play area for showing kids his gadgets

In the midst of a heatwave gripping the USA, Inspector Gadget was seen outside a children's play area in LA wearing a long trench coat and showing a group of female teens his gadgets. One concerned...

thackaray 31.07.11 12:28pm
Highly Decorated Soldier, Adventurer And Ork-Slayer... Falls Victim To DVT

charlieworth 31.07.11 12:27pm
News of the World

News has arrived by carrier pigeon from Pongolia of a monster called the Moloch who has been devouring people on the streets of the capital. This has been happening for some years, but since the...

Awkward Facts 31.07.11 12:20pm
Awkward Facts
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra announces withdrawal of 'mosh pit'. 0
writinginbsl 31.07.11 12:10pm
BBC and Sky share broadcasting rights to F1 style Fun Fair rides

thackaray 31.07.11 11:35am
Libyan rebels ask Cameron to talks after "dry run" assassination success 0
thackaray 31.07.11 11:20am
'Jihadis to learn lessons of Norway'

Western jihadi groups admit they have been put to shame over the Norway 'operation'. 'We have thousands of members in the west but all they do is credit card fraud, smoke bong play computer games...

Dun Dunkin 31.07.11 10:21am
Dun Dunkin
Caveman who stole 1.5 sticks says "I couldnt destroy the evidence". More Soon.

Caveman who stole 1.5 sticks says "I couldnt destroy the evidence". More Soon...

jut1972 31.07.11 8:04am
Summer fashion news. M & S supports the right to bare arms. No more soon

No more soon...

dvo4fun 31.07.11 7:55am
Back up Your brain but not now! 1
bonjonelson 31.07.11 7:53am
Rail Company announces new night time suicide train to reduce daytime delays

Plagued by disruptive delays caused by frequent suicides, Southern Railway has announced plans to run an after-hours night train service dedicated to the needs of those who wish to take their own...

Des and Stan 31.07.11 7:46am
Des and Stan
Vatican recalls Papal Nonce from Ireland...

"What a See!" More soon. Really...

dvo4fun 31.07.11 7:12am
Al OPecia
Brixton to host first Chaka Khanival

A street party to celebrate the work of the American funk diva is planned for the autumn, following on from the success of the Otis Redding & Leeds Festivals, and Randy Crawfields...

dicky37 31.07.11 7:00am
'Recognising Lybian Islamist militia not an error', Say Foreign Office.

'In the big scheme of things like Iraq and Afghanistan recognising a lybian Islamist militia as the official govt is small beer. We are optimistic because basically we have no other choice but to be...

Dun Dunkin 30.07.11 8:39pm
Dun Dunkin
Cameron Attacks Multiculturalism: Wight is not an Island

Cameron Attacks Multiculturalism: Wight is not an Island In a stunning u-turn on previous policies, David Cameron stood up to say that Britain was a single nation, with no room for ghettoes, and...

steve_l 30.07.11 8:26pm
Salmon migrate 'because they are thick'

For years, it was one of the great mysteries of the natural world. Why do salmon of all kinds travel over such great distances and brave so many dangers to spawn in the exact place of their birth?...

Oxbridge 30.07.11 8:18pm
Obama Threatens Boehner With "Righteous Pimp-Slapping" 0
Textbook 30.07.11 7:54pm
Old rockers 'sitting pretty' as they pile on hemorrhoid cream bandwagon

At a one-off gig in Oxford Street's Boots pharmacy, perennial rockers Aerosmith announced the release of an eponymous first hemorrhoid cream. The product, tag-lined 'Sittin' on the Edge', is the...

30.07.11 7:20pm