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John Cameron admits the economy is shit,but is about to turn the corner where a

fan is waiting...

doggone 16.07.11 10:50pm
Ed Miliband continues to call for Rebekah Brooks to resign...

., (in response to Vertically Challenged Giant)...

deskpilot3 16.07.11 9:04pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
China Demands Dalai Lama Wear Mickey Mouse Ears For Obama Meeting 0
mugwump 16.07.11 8:07pm
New movie based on Investi-gate scandal will star Tom Cruise as Nick Davies

The story of the dogged investigation into corruption in high places is to get the Hollywood treatment. The movie will be set in Washington, with The Guardian's Nick Davies being played by Tom...

ronseal 16.07.11 6:45pm
Foot fetishists to be banned from yoga classes

The coalition government is planning a crackdown on foot fetishists who attend yoga classes seeking sexual gratification. The move comes only days after Conservative MP Louise Mensch, criticised a...

Christopher Frost 16.07.11 6:15pm
Christopher Frost
68% of men only watching Women's World Cup to see jersey swap

A shock survey on the eve of the FIFA Women's World Cup Final has revealed that over two-thirds of male viewers actually don't give a toss about women's soccer and are only watching in the hope of...

GrahamB 16.07.11 5:57pm
US Military Introduces 'Don't Even Try To guess If He's a You Know What' Policy 0
mugwump 16.07.11 4:16pm
Pamplona attacks: Bull charged 0
beau-jolly 16.07.11 3:50pm
At the age of 94, Googie finally, Withers 1
brownpaperreporter 16.07.11 3:29pm
To compete with free social networks, Google+ pays you to join 0
Dumbnews 16.07.11 3:24pm
Rumour Mill Set to Close

Britain's oldest industry will close its doors next month, citing among recent financial constraints, the publics' "Dwindling appetite for scandal". The Mill, whose vast foundries have forged...

f0zz 16.07.11 2:56pm
West to give Gaddafi’s billions to rebels...

to buy weapons from the West...

be reasonable 16.07.11 2:15pm
be reasonable
Hack scandal worsens. Were journalists guilty of fiddling expenses too? 0
ronseal 16.07.11 2:00pm
Communist dies after brutal hammer and sickle attack 0
Christopher Frost 16.07.11 1:12pm
Christopher Frost
Buffy the vampire slayer’s parents don’t like her first boyfiend.

“He’s up all night, he smells, talks gibberish and flies into inexplicable rages,” they said. “Why can’t she date a normal teenager oh”...

be reasonable 16.07.11 1:02pm
be reasonable
Young Cow Suffers Calf Strain in Milk Cup Final

More moosbiscuit headlines later...

mugwump 16.07.11 12:56pm
Army to be replaced by friendless, paintball-obsessed bores 2
SpankyMonkey 16.07.11 12:14pm
Obama reality check required after he asks for Captain Kirk on space call 0
Basil_B 16.07.11 12:12pm
Drinker reveals “cider-fects”

In a frank interview on Radio West, folk singer James “stinky” Trewyln explained the unfortunate domino effect caused by habitual cider consumption., With disarming honesty, he explained that...

beau-jolly 16.07.11 11:49am
Theories swirl over absences of ‘useless pillock’ salesman

Scholars at market-tracking software firm eMarket Systems in Basingstoke are engaged in a lengthy, often rancorous debate about the repeated absences of sales executive Jason Bradshaw. Several are...

Oxbridge 16.07.11 11:37am
Hertz Van Rental named as new Austro-Hungarian heir 0
beau-jolly 16.07.11 10:05am
Festival goer comits chemi khazi

(Just jealous 'cos I'm at work)...

beau-jolly 16.07.11 9:51am
female cyclist dares to venture into middle of road

After decades of female cyclists habitually hugging the kerb as if they were magnatically glued to it, the first sighting in Britain of one cycling in the middle of the road has been brought to our...

a bloke nothing funny to say 16.07.11 9:39am
Rebekah Brooks unresigns

In yet another twist to the phone hacking scandal, former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks has announced her unresignation from the company. ‘It is totally inconceivable that I...

Ludicity 16.07.11 9:12am
Man thrown out of Judo club. More soon. 2
Al OPecia 16.07.11 8:51am
be reasonable
Kids surprised to see a 'we are sorry' message in this weeks copy of the Dandy 0
Basil_B 16.07.11 8:49am
Gov Creates Anti Swearing Regulator, Office for Undermining Cursing , OFUC 2
mugwump 16.07.11 8:37am
Missing person finds himself on the Internet.

A 43-year-old man who disappeared 381 days ago found himself today. John Smith, a welder from Bolton, declared, "I feel like a new man. I thought it was never going to happen!" Mr. Smith explained...

Frott Spank 16.07.11 8:22am
Stewart Lee conquers his phobia of telling jokes 3
Christopher Frost 16.07.11 8:18am
Liverpool Shell Out Again for Mediocre Talent by Signing Rebekah Brooks

In another daring move to sign mediocre British talent, Liverpool Football Club today signed free agent Rebekah Brooks for a fee thought to have broken the British transfer record. A spokesman at the...

scrumper 16.07.11 6:37am