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Ennis TV coverage relegates Pippa Middleton into silver medal position 2
charlies_hat 05.08.12 1:40pm
Olympic running track closed as cracks appear in surface: diversion via M25 0
Nails UK 05.08.12 1:39pm
Nails UK
"Ginger Bloke On A Stamp? Over My Dead Body!" Says Queen

.. nuff said...

Nowherefast 05.08.12 1:35pm
Triumph for disabled athletes as amputee fitted with giant spring wins high jump

In a shock result likely to change the face of athletics forever, the disabled South African Zebedee Rundebaart shocked the Olympic crowd this morning after easily winning the high jump event. ...

Midnight Dreary 05.08.12 1:32pm
Midnight Dreary
Olympic Golds For Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah and.. A Ginger Bloke?

BBC sports commentators were left non-plussed last night and news researchers were sent into overdrive as a little known ginger bloke came from nowhere to take the Long Jump Gold for Team GB in the...

Nowherefast 05.08.12 12:56pm
London 2012 demonstration events revealed

Andy Taylor, Head of Development at LOCOG confirmed the following demonstration events will be on show at London 2012: Mobililty scooter 100m. With the exponential increase in mobility aids over...

custard cream 05.08.12 12:47pm
custard cream
Olympic gold winner Farah signs sponsorship deal with Flymo 0
custard cream 05.08.12 12:32pm
custard cream
McDonald's to 'sponsor NHS' says Lansley

Following the success of the sponsorship deals that saw McDonald's open their largest restaurant in the Olympic village, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced that the fast food giant had agreed...

newsfelch 05.08.12 12:09pm
Late night giant screen row: hundreds fight over channel choice

Hundreds of viewers of the big screen on Clapham Common were involved in public disorder as yesterday night’s coverage of the Olympics due to a close, after a late night row over the crowd’s ...

nickb 05.08.12 12:08pm
Shock confession: Blues music actually a long-running practical joke

Blues singer Blind Joe Arlington has shocked the music press with his death-bed confession that blues is actually a long running gag played on gullible souls who like to consider themselves...

Chris Hitchcock 05.08.12 12:08pm
Superlatives shortage - commentators resort to expletives

Come on someone...

Scroat 05.08.12 12:03pm
Frantic typing as 'The Joke' is prepared for an historic 2nd outing of the year 5
dvo4fun 05.08.12 10:22am
Canada runs out of commas on chaotic day in punctuation markets

While most countries reported "enough inverted commas" for the "foreseeable future" Canada was plunged into another day of chaos after running low on full stops, and running out of commas altogether....

nickb 05.08.12 10:10am
Mo Farah's daughter to be McDonalds' Olympic mascot 1
Haywood Manley 05.08.12 8:31am
Haywood Manley
Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy caught at local gay club, comes out of closet

Three weeks after stating that he and his establishment Chick-fil-A was “guilty as charged” of supporting the biblically based marriage of one man and one woman, Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy...

thesilverflute 05.08.12 6:28am
FA Relief As Mo Farah Accepts Penalty Taking Offer 0
04.08.12 11:12pm
Concern as Cash4Gold revealed as late Olympic sponsor 0
quango 04.08.12 9:08pm
Foreigners "have to apologize" for beating GB

It's been revealed that foreigners who make the mistake of beating team GB athletes are obliged to apologize after each medal ceremony. "It's only seems appropriate", explained Lord Coe. "Obviously,...

apepper 04.08.12 9:04pm
Meet the Pound Shop's biggest fan; "If I'd a pound for everything I'd bought&quo

More follows...

apepper 04.08.12 8:13pm
We meet the Pound Shop's biggest fan; "If I'd a pound for everything I'd bought&

More follows...

apepper 04.08.12 8:12pm
GB trampoline team demand to compete in a back garden 0
Perks 04.08.12 3:10pm
Russian PM reveals his favourite childhood dance is 'The Hoky Coky'

"You Putin your left foot in, your left foot out" (Absolutely bloody dreadful, I know, and I'm not even drunk.)...

The All New Jeni B 04.08.12 2:20pm
Keirin cycling event thrown into confusion by motorcyclist on track

Victoria Pendleton's dad confessed to the practical joke when he was revealed as the motor cyclist riding ahead of the cyclists. "I just thought it would help Victoria deal with the pressure, if...

custard cream 04.08.12 12:20pm
Man defrosting his freezer discovers 'Pre-History Channel' peas

A man from Oxford has made a discovery that has been described as having ‘significant importance’. After defrosting his freezer he has dug up a small packet of peas out of the ice that it’s...

Perks 04.08.12 12:12pm
U.S.A Condemns Chinese Use Of Onomatopoeia As Dong Dong Wins Trampoline Gold 3
Nowherefast 04.08.12 10:48am
Zaphod Beeblebrox takes gold in the men's double skulls. 1
wallster 04.08.12 8:19am
The All New Jeni B
"Vertigo" elevated to the dizzying heights of World's Best Film. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 04.08.12 8:11am
All you need to know about cat insurance

Insurance costs for cats are rising, with the modern feline being both faster and more powerful than its predecessors. Particularly if it’s a turbo cat and the previous owner had it ‘chipped’....

dvo4fun 04.08.12 8:11am
Olympic athlete overcomes physical abuse to win Gold 0
Dumbnews 04.08.12 1:42am
Map makers thank athletes, musicians for putting towns on the map

In 2008 Rebecca Adlington put Mansfield on the map with her heroics at the Beijing Olympics, filling a slightly embarrassing gap south of Sheffield. Since then there has been enough success from...

Vertically Challenged Giant 03.08.12 10:29pm