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Dyslexic farmer haunted by dead goat 0
FraserWords 28.06.11 9:06am
Kerry Katona enters race for US Presidency

Kerry Katona has entered the race for the US Presidency., The star told a convention in New Hampshire last night: “Announcing my candidacy here is as much a surprise to me as it is to you - I...

FraserWords 28.06.11 9:05am
Gove warns teachers "It's your own time you're wasting...." 3
charlies_hat 28.06.11 9:01am
Flawed Amstrad smartphone 'drops Apps every week'

Lord Sugar, curmudgeonly entrepreneur and star of The Apprentice, has leapt to the defence of his company's new smartphone. The Amstrad 'Oi!' Phone, available exclusively from an oiBarrow in East...

28.06.11 9:00am
Confusion for satirists after Andy Murray reveals Welsh ancestry 3
jp1885 28.06.11 8:59am
Parent's brave bid to keep her child's school open

Mother of three Angela Lewis (27) thinks she's almost ready to keep her child's school open during Thursday's teachers' strike. Ms Lewis admits that arithmetic wasn't her strongest subject at...

roybland 28.06.11 8:54am
Centre court crowd have whip round to by Nadal new pants

Following 3 matches where Rafa spent more time tugging at his gusset than serving aces the centre court crowd have whip round to by Nadal new pants.Crowd spokesperson Toby Barners said after the...

ermintrude 28.06.11 8:42am
Johnny Depp named as world’s most pirated film star 0
Duncan Biscuit 28.06.11 8:19am
Duncan Biscuit
Witness insists Amanda Knox is guilty of being young, female and very pretty 0
Duncan Biscuit 28.06.11 8:18am
Duncan Biscuit
Blue Peter to relocate to a studio in Salford it made earlier 0
Duncan Biscuit 28.06.11 8:15am
Duncan Biscuit
Nadal to switch his racket for a crutch to play quarter final tie 0
Basil_B 28.06.11 8:08am
FDA warns adding spinach on pizza does not make it balanced 1
Dumbnews 28.06.11 7:58am
Worldwide call to always ‘unplug charger when not in use’ ...

Worldwide call to always ‘unplug charger when not in use’ causes embarrassment and consternation to Knight in Shining Armour...

writinginbsl 28.06.11 6:24am
Local man's dreams of greatness replaced with making sure fridge is stocked 0
Dumbnews 28.06.11 5:23am
Tech support manager instructs staff, "Monkey see Monkey do" 0
Dumbnews 28.06.11 5:22am
Study finds 90% of married couples fail online dating compatibility tests 0
Dumbnews 28.06.11 2:38am
Social network privacy concerns raised by people with no lives 0
Dumbnews 28.06.11 1:57am
Bad Company update 70's hit to "Feel like attempting love" 0
Dumbnews 28.06.11 1:55am
Andy Murray added to tomorrow's BBC commentary team ahead of today's game 5
John Wiltshire 27.06.11 10:41pm
David Bowie agrees to sell the a man.

"It pains me, but we all have to do our bit however, no time wasters. Its a fucking great album, and Kurt did a great job"...

PamChristianAnderson 27.06.11 9:34pm
Austerity measures hit greeks

Greek govt orders all restaurants to switch to plastic plates , "it a total outrage said costas mikopopois it's a slippery sloop before you know it they ll be wanting ustonpay taxes!...

27.06.11 9:20pm
Cameron Admits That Lib-Dem MP's Are Cardboard Cut-Outs.....

..and that Nick Clegg and his MP's have been locked up in a remote jail since last year's election, along with their families. "You didn't really expect me to share power with Cleggy, did you?, said...

Jesse Bigg 27.06.11 7:36pm
be reasonable
Bananarama confirm Robert De Niro's given up waiting and gone home 0
Mrblacker 27.06.11 7:10pm
Controversy as foreigners allowed to compete in 2012 Olympic events

More vaguely ticket related news soon...

borednow 27.06.11 7:03pm
Northerners fume as hot weather means it's salad for tea 4
Leeboy007 27.06.11 6:55pm
Hornby wins contract for High Speed Rail Link

Hornby has emerged as the winner of a £33bn contract for 'HS2', a high speed rail link between London and the North. The project, which will be built in 1:1 Gauge, has been described as...

27.06.11 5:32pm
British scientists discover why "Mums go to Iceland"

"They can't cook to save their lives" said the scientists, adding "without a microwave, their kids would starve to death"...

JohnA 27.06.11 4:54pm
Doomsday Cults Rage at Short Notice of Comet 2011 MD

Spokespersons responded to the 4-day warning of the bus-sized comet's with anger. "With the end of the world nigh we need a lot more than four days to organize ceremonies on mountaintops, catering...

Tom55 27.06.11 4:50pm
Murray Blows Gasquet 1
Iscariot 27.06.11 4:48pm
Scientists prove George Osborne is a tosser 1
Christopher Frost 27.06.11 4:32pm