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Latest must-have publication: 'How to Write a How to Book'

Blindingly Obvious Publications is delighted to announce the launch of a new title: ‘How to Write a How to Book’. Here, author Denise Worthington shares with us her top ten tips for making it in...

Clarky 12.01.12 5:04pm
Taliban commander incandescent over urination video

Anwat al-Kemini has condemned the alleged 'desecration' depicted in a video clip that apparently shows US troops urinating on dead Taliban fighters. "You wouldn't catch us doing a wee on a coalition...

MrQ 12.01.12 5:01pm
10th anniversary of man detained in Brantano draws near 0
simonjmr 12.01.12 4:52pm
'Spirit of the Blitz helped me', says woman who watched Celebrity Big Brother

A 93 year old woman who inadvertently watched a whole episode of Celebrity Big Brother has claimed that it was 'the spirit of the blitz' that got her through her horrific ordeal. Doris Riley is...

Vertically Challenged Giant 12.01.12 4:48pm
British Gas announce price increase cuts 3
medici2471 12.01.12 4:39pm
AA operative admits he is 'close to breakdown'. 1
dammit 12.01.12 4:37pm
Rik Mayall invents comedy philosopher: Alain de Bottom 0
nickb 12.01.12 4:23pm
Fans of watching football in 3D urged to “go to a match”

A survey commissioned by the Football Association has revealed that 73% of Sky Sports 1 HD in 3D viewers had not realised that attending a match in person required neither the purchase of an...

Downerpitt 12.01.12 4:06pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
One in five photos taken in UK feature Pippa Middleton’s Bottom

A survey by Nottingham University has looked at all 76.4 billion digital photographs taken in the United Kingdom in 2011. It found that 15.5 billion of those included the future Queen sister’s...

oblongscone 12.01.12 3:45pm
Worral Thompson rates Tesco shares 'a steal' after 14% fall 0
Des Custard 12.01.12 3:23pm
Des Custard
Scout group's alien encounter

“On the first night of our annual scout camp, we saw lights in the sky, but I reassured the boys that they were just Chinese lanterns,” reported scout leader Duncan Roberts of the 43rd Todmorden...

Major Clanger 12.01.12 2:10pm
Major Clanger
Miliband slams typical Tory condemnation of Marines urination video 0
cinquecento 12.01.12 2:08pm
MPs attack whiplash claims; "She's charging far too much"

More to follow...

apepper 12.01.12 1:22pm
George Lucas fears for his investment in "Black and White Minstrel Show" revival 0
medici2471 12.01.12 1:21pm
Jewelery fan Alex Salmond regrets asking for 'Indian Pendants' 0
Perks 12.01.12 1:12pm
Eight Killed By Rolling News. 1
sredni vashta 12.01.12 1:10pm
Teachers' spot betting, a sick game claim parents of teenage boys 0
medici2471 12.01.12 1:01pm
Nuclear bad image blamed on Bond, not Chernobyl, Fukushima or 3 Mile Island

More of the same later...

virtuallywill 12.01.12 12:53pm
Ministry of Transport admits Motorway Crawler Lanes are "on the rise". 0
seymour totti 12.01.12 12:52pm
seymour totti
IOC Admit London Didn’t Win Olympics Bid Afterall

London planners of the Olympic games awoke to the shock revelation that it wouldn’t be hosting the 2012 games as, it had for many years, believed it would. It seems that during the bidding process,...

brieosh1 12.01.12 12:49pm
Spot Fixing scandal hits 'Aunt Sally'

The Kings Arms in Wantage, Oxfordshire, has become the centre of the latest spot fixing accusation. It is alleged that a player agreed to miss the dolly in the third leg in a game of Aunt Sally in...

Perks 12.01.12 12:49pm
Anti-Higgs boson discovered. 'Not what we were looking for' claims sad physicist 1
Griffin 12.01.12 12:33pm
Virgin money

"Just show us your tits, Sheila!" ?...

Jesse Bigg 12.01.12 12:32pm
Jesse Bigg
RBS to cut 3,500 jobs in England and Wales 0
medici2471 12.01.12 12:23pm
Wales upset as Mummy and Daddy are arguing again 6
Immunis 12.01.12 12:21pm
The All New Jeni B
John Terry tells mortgage lender he prefers not to be in the black 1
charlies_hat 12.01.12 12:19pm
Internal Daily Express review finds no evidence its staff try to find the truth 0
Duncan Biscuit 12.01.12 12:16pm
Duncan Biscuit
RBS employee told to report to Job Centre booth number one please 0
Duncan Biscuit 12.01.12 12:15pm
Duncan Biscuit
Videos emerge of President Assad pissing on his people’s hopes for democracy 0
Duncan Biscuit 12.01.12 12:14pm
Duncan Biscuit
Cricketer in spot fixing case admits to using Clearasil 0
JETFAB 12.01.12 11:51am