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Premier league clubs outraged that new FA chair is a Dyke. 1
deskpilot3 22.03.13 12:12am
Branson claims curriculum in a right old pickle 0
irreverendJ 22.03.13 12:09am
Tesco's 'What burgers have taught us' leaflet - first draft

The problem we’ve had with some of our meat lately, is about more than burgers and Bolognese., It’s about you finding out the ways we get meat to your dinner table., It’s about the whole...

Perks 21.03.13 11:53pm
Obama settles the settlements

President Obama today unsettled the Palestinians and Israelis by settling for a settlement calling for no settlements by the Israelis while the Palestinians should settle for settlements. Israel...

Not Amused 21.03.13 11:51pm
Not Amused
Some Thin Fishy

Today, 83 year old deep sea fisherman Stan Hargreaves berated the state of our seas, saying that regardless of the EU laws on catch size and water quality the waters are clearly continuing to be over...

Big Ben 21.03.13 11:51pm
Not Amused
Deep Throat star Harry Reems dead...

It came as quite a blow said his wife...

misterjingles 21.03.13 11:50pm
Girls (not) Allowed to sing again 2
irreverendJ 21.03.13 11:36pm
Big Ben
Scotland’s mass suicide attempt will be in October 2014

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has revealed that Scotland will go to the polls in October next year to vote upon whether they should commit collective suicide. ‘Autumn is the season for...

Dickens or Shakespeare 21.03.13 11:28pm
Sir Ranulph Fiennes to explore IKEA.

While recovering from frostbite, hapless explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes plans to create the first accurate map of IKEA, for which no useful chart exists. The explorer hopes to complete this challenging...

Boutros 21.03.13 11:19pm
Big Ben
Oldest light in the universe found to contain botox 0
custard cream 21.03.13 10:36pm
custard cream
Early phlebotomy training 'key to my success' says Osborne 0
Dick Everyman 21.03.13 10:02pm
Dick Everyman
A Poo-hD[colon] The smell of success

RCA student Winnie Miller, funded by Kingston upon Hull based Armitage Shanks, to investigate ‘the propellant effects of flatulence during defecation’, was informed yesterday, after her rather...

Big Ben 21.03.13 9:20pm
Big Ben
Date Fixed For English Independence Vote

However the resultant remaining united Celtic nation is still debating its proposed new official name. The Scots dislike the name Scwareland, claiming that it is far too unhip and sounds like...

Titus 21.03.13 8:38pm
Joss Stone "unaware" that she had murdered classic soul numbers 1
charlies_hat 21.03.13 8:10pm
Jim Davidson is ‘a very funny man’, say police...

Jim Davidson, a very funny man with his most productive comedy years ahead of him, has been commended by Scotland Yard for ‘not screwing many underage girls‘ and ‘it was an awfully long time...

Tripod 21.03.13 8:00pm
Online retailers in Wales to be closed on Sundays and Wednesday Afternoons

Following George Osborne's 'Britain's open for business' budget speech, the Welsh Assembly has instead decided to tell online retailers in Wales to close on Sundays and Wednesday afternoons because...

Slante Dangle 21.03.13 7:44pm
Scripture reading mistake at Archbishop enthronement due to clerical error 0
custard cream 21.03.13 7:40pm
custard cream
Angela Merkel "steering clear of honey and nut pastries and stuffed vine leaves" 0
CulchaVulcha 21.03.13 7:37pm
HMRC insist they have still got what it takes to take what we've got 0
andhrimnir 21.03.13 6:51pm
Chancellor picks up Wrong Suitcase and Unveils Cheese Sandwich to the Nation. 14
OliverMcPhee 21.03.13 6:43pm
sponge finger
Planck satellite shows evidence of exhausted pre-historic moth 1
charlies_hat 21.03.13 6:34pm
The All New Jeni B
ITV's "The Big Reunion" to reform the now Middle-aged Mutant Ninja Turtles

Just watched an episode of TMNT on youtube. A middle-aged version could be amusing, I'm imagining a lot more pizza and Rafael would likely have a Harley...

OliverMcPhee 21.03.13 6:05pm
Sir David Nicholson: "I will not resign!"

Embattled NHS Chief Sir David Nicholson remained defiant today, insisting he was still “the best man for the job” despite recent video evidence which shows him personally ejecting patients whose...

blacklesbianandproudofit 21.03.13 5:52pm
Anger as AA faces being downgraded to 'A'

British motoring organisation the AA risks being downgraded to A-status, it was revealed today. For years the organisation - the 'Automobile Association' - has come to the rescue of Britain's...

Bravenewmalden 21.03.13 5:35pm
Poor Christian nations – Vatican can’t put off supporting them any longer 0
Midfield Diamond 21.03.13 4:12pm
Midfield Diamond
English government declares 19th September 2014: Thank f*&k they've gone day 0
irreverendJ 21.03.13 3:30pm
Japanese Quotation Marks Finally Given The All-Clear By Writers' Guild......

and Noise Abatement Society. "Chong-Chong."...

Jesse Bigg 21.03.13 3:06pm
Schools exempt homeopaths from need to concentrate 0
cinquecento 21.03.13 2:56pm
Benedict admits resignation was to give hint to Rolling Stones 0
sydalg 21.03.13 2:46pm
George Michael's new release straight in the number 2 slot 5
charlie_shat 21.03.13 1:46pm