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Artistes trade union Equity launches Equipaed

Equity, the UK trade union that represents performers and other artistes working across the live and recorded entertainment industry, has opened its doors for people who perform exclusively with...

Dick Everyman 15.11.12 11:24pm
Dick Everyman
Dave Nice & Mike Smash taken in by paedo cops.

More poptastic allegations soon...

MADJEZ 15.11.12 10:39pm
New erotic trend fails to catch on, masturbexting 1
Dumbnews 15.11.12 9:38pm
“BP and BBC to be renamed”, says spokesmen for P and BC... 0
Tripod 15.11.12 6:10pm
"Junior Choice" wasn't a lifestyle declaration, says Ed "Stewpot" Stewart..

More soon....

misterjingles 15.11.12 5:49pm
Sex abuse latest: children to be warned about "manger danger" at nativity plays 0
Nails UK 15.11.12 4:58pm
Nails UK
DLT with mayo to go!!

The Department of Health have performed a u-turn on their advice to boycott Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato based sandwiches after a mix up this morning. Sources close to the department suggest an...

Sheepback 15.11.12 4:57pm
The All New Jeni B
Train operator denies third-class plan

First Group have waved away claims that they are planning to introduce a third-class service on their Transpennine Express trains, despite information revealed in the House of Lords last week. It...

johnnydobbo 15.11.12 4:35pm
Dettori accused of using performance enhancing whips on horses 0
simonjmr 15.11.12 4:33pm
BMA In "Witch Hunt" Claim As Dr Watson Is Posthumously Struck Off

The British Medical Association are claiming that their members are being unfairly targeted following the recent furore surrounding the posthumous striking off of Sherlock Holmes loyal companion Dr...

Jonny Shlep 15.11.12 4:17pm
Jonny Shlep
Hairy cornflake denies cereal offences 2
medici2471 15.11.12 4:05pm
DLT vows revenge following Noel Edmonds' latest GOTCHA effort. 1
wallster 15.11.12 4:03pm
Police probe George Osborne lunchbox snatch

Westminster police in liaison with Parliament's sergeant-at-arms today launched an urgent inquiry to capture the person responsible for snatching George Osborne's lunchbox. The chancellor's lunchbox...

15.11.12 3:58pm
Aung San Suu Kyi “only joking” about liking Dave Lee Travis... 0
Tripod 15.11.12 2:20pm
Max Mosely offers to discipline Phillip Schofield 0
antharrison 15.11.12 1:42pm
The Seven Aggressively Aspirational Lists You Must Write - Before You Die

You are at risk of dying a miserable unfulfilled and worthless life unless you carry out some activities being advertised alongside this article, according to research. The shocking study, carried...

ronseal 15.11.12 1:36pm
Essex launch of Jimmy Choo's 'sensible winter shoe range'

Fashion designer Jimmy Choo is set to launch a range of sensible women’s shoes for the 2013 winter season. In response to a spate of broken ankles and bruised egos suffered by glamour models last...

Dick Everyman 15.11.12 12:30pm
Dick Everyman
Six backbench MPs punished over video game : Call of Duty: Three Line Whip

Six backebnch MPS have been disciplined for revealing secrets during work as paid consultants on a video game, officials say. They received reprimand letters and had half of their pay docked for two...

simonjmr 15.11.12 12:01pm
Rediscovering my glasses helped put everything in perspective, says new book 0
ronseal 15.11.12 11:55am
Xi names Xii as successor in China 0
Nick McCarr 15.11.12 11:36am
Nick McCarr
China turns to XI for new Marshal

Does Spinal Tap translate well in Chinese ?...

charlies_hat 15.11.12 11:28am
IDS to unveil new ways of measuring child poverty

Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, is set to unveil a new method in measuring child poverty, saying the current method of comparing relative incomes is outmoded and unhelpful. He...

johnnydobbo 15.11.12 10:23am
Public eagerly awaits Prince Harry's book on organising parties

Following the luke warm reception of Pippa Middleton's book on how to organise a celebration the publishers have switched their focus to the failed author's more regal and notorious in-law. Some...

gregle 15.11.12 10:04am
"Orphan Planet" spotted floating in space, Angelina Jolie to adopt.

..More soon...

moanygit 15.11.12 10:01am
Top US generals forced to pull out 5
Dick Everyman 15.11.12 9:12am
Dick Everyman
Revealed: Not all top MPs are child sex offenders

Newsbiscuit is in possession of a list naming top Tory, Liberal and Labour MPs who have never been involved in illegal sexual practices with children in care. The list is long and some of those...

Boutros 15.11.12 8:57am
Jordan refuses to extradite suspect to UK due to 'trial by Twitter' concerns 0
cinquecento 15.11.12 8:57am
EU calls for a month to be set aside for no charitable clauses - NOvember 0
simonjmr 15.11.12 8:52am
"Fees high? Ho hum." Says energy giant 2
Dick Everyman 15.11.12 8:31am
Ancient Mayan text finally translated as 'Great Practical Jokes Annual 2013' 0
wallster 15.11.12 8:22am