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Autistic Statisticians Remember 81% 3
thisisall1word 12.09.11 6:53am
Germany set to abandon Grease according to BBC report

EXECUTIVES at Deutche Bank are urging Chancellor Angela Merkel to sever ties with the 1970's hit musical Grease claiming that it's upbeat tunes no longer reflect the spirit of the nation., Right...

tedweasel 12.09.11 5:45am
Budget Time-Travel Operator Opens Timeport in 2011

Budget time-travel operator EasyTime has opened a new timeport in 2011. But while it may be good news for local businesses, the tourists from the future are frequently disappointed with its lack of...

TokyoTomato 12.09.11 3:20am
Ten years on, we now know what celebrities were doing on the day of 9/11

After three days of tireless interviewing the British media can now reveal the whereabouts of every single celebrity in London when they heard about the events in the New York. Celebrity policeman...

ronseal 12.09.11 3:09am
Insufferable UK Pedants' Mark 11/9 0
thisisall1word 12.09.11 1:27am
Ricky Gervais Bombs At 9/11 Memorial Service

Controversial comedian Ricky Gervais was a surprise choice to MC proceedings in New York for the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks, but it is safe to say that he won't be asked back...

Textbook 11.09.11 11:37pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
911 minutes silence deemed excessive, replaced with 60 seconds

Except for Piers Morgan, who is actively encouraged to shut the fuck up for just over 15 hours...

Vertically Challenged Giant 11.09.11 9:50pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
10 yr anniversary of 9/11 marked with decimal rename of 0.81818181 0
charlies_hat 11.09.11 7:09pm
Pre-decimal pedant complains, "9/11, that was nearly 50p when I was a kid" 1
Ian Searle 11.09.11 7:03pm
Wallace Simpson and Gromit movie opens to mixed reaction at Venice Festival

Could a film successfully combine the hilarious animated antics of Britain's troubled royal family, and the poignant story of a lovesick cheese obsessed inventor and his dog? Directed by Dame...

nickb 11.09.11 7:00pm
UK perplexed as US remembers 9/11 two months & two day early. 0
Steve Wilson 11.09.11 6:50pm
Steve Wilson
Chanel 5 spice things up as incestuous gay enters big brother 5
spoole2112 11.09.11 6:15pm
Obama deeply concerned millions with Alzheimers have forgotten 9/11 0
Dumbnews 11.09.11 4:20pm
Unexpected twist in Fred West drama when he changes his name to John

and opens a fish canning factory...

Ian Searle 11.09.11 4:19pm
Ian Searle
Romanians freed from campsite finally able to return to lay-by 0
Runestone Cowboy 11.09.11 2:47pm
Runestone Cowboy
Romanians rescued from 'inhuman' holiday in Bedfordshire 0
Runestone Cowboy 11.09.11 2:37pm
Runestone Cowboy
Will Ferell “Feral” 0
nickb 11.09.11 2:36pm
Walliams to attempt new record swim around Matt Lucas.

In his never ending quest to remain in the public eye, smug semi-aquatic failed TV funnyman David Walliams is planning his most ambitious swimathon yet. Walliams is to attempt to circumnavigate his...

spoole2112 11.09.11 2:34pm
Arthur Daley's wife develops Claustrophobia. Now nicknamed "Er Outdoors". 2
seymour totti 11.09.11 2:30pm
Due to number of ex-con contestants, ITV rename show "Red or Black and Blue?" 2
dominic_mcg 11.09.11 2:25pm
Minute’s silence ruined by Minute Waltz.

What was meant as a solemn tribute ended in musical chaos, when the minute’s silence honouring the dead of 9/11 was marred by sound engineers playing a tape of the Minute Waltz. Instead of the...

nickb 11.09.11 1:51pm
Rugby Refs New Scrumdown Orders:"Crouch,Hold,Engage,Collapse." 0
Drylaw 11.09.11 1:45pm
Paranormal Games will happen “ in people’s dreams” say organisers

This year’s paranormal games will avoid the nightmares of terrorist threat, expensive building projects and traffic gridlock by taking place in spectators’ dreams, according to a statement made...

nickb 11.09.11 1:39pm
Apple to replace entire product range with new smugness voucher.

Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, today a radical new direction for the innovative technology company by replacing their electronic products with a voucher granting the bearer one unit of unbearable...

the coarse whisperer 11.09.11 1:20pm
the coarse whisperer
911 minute silence replaced with seconds copy & paste a glib message on Facebook

Rememberance day considering following suit so as not to interfere with peoples shopping. More soon...

MADJEZ 11.09.11 12:46pm
WWII Buffs Excited As Hitler's Mixtapes Discovered

Every historian longs for the discovery of journals or letters from the hand of a key historical figure and today the historical community was buzzing with news of the discovery of Hitler's mixtapes,...

Textbook 11.09.11 11:11am
Greenwich admits 'stilling using Essex man's bowel movements'

Greenwich meantime have today admitted it has never actually been unable to understand sub atomic time keeping technology and has, for the last thirty years, be taking it's timing from the regular...

Steve Wilson 11.09.11 10:46am
Obama Insists He Is Not Out Of Touch, Urges Scientists To Invent Power Rings

(headline continued) Like Green Lantern's. During his national address last night, Barack Obama was expected to unveil details of his much-demanded scheme to bring job growth back to America. But it...

Textbook 11.09.11 10:44am
Actually pleasure just makes you fat, Perle de Lait manufacturers admit 0
Oxbridge 11.09.11 9:17am
NASA Accused of Faking Moon

While NASA have been celebrating the successful launch of its twin Grail probes to map the Moon, Tea Party spokesman Al Hillman has accused the agency of perpetuating “damaging lies and conceit”...

Tourmaline 11.09.11 7:57am