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'Unique and fastinating creatures' cause film crew to flee jungle

A film crew abandoned their expedition into the rain forests of Borneo this week, after being disturbed by unique and unsettling creatures. Three members of the group had to be evacuated by...

27.05.11 12:49pm
Robert Mugabe wins latest round of Evil Bastards endurance race 1
jp1885 27.05.11 9:49am
‘Beans are neither musical, nor a fruit’ claims concert nutritionist 0
jp1885 27.05.11 8:29am
Mladic extradition delay as The Hague’s spell checker keeps suggesting 'Blair' 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.05.11 8:23am
Duncan Biscuit
Imogen Thomas says it was Ryan Air who took her for a ride and treated her badly 5
Duncan Biscuit 27.05.11 11:22am
Intelligence suggests Gaddafi 'on the run' after an ill-advised late-night kebab 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.05.11 8:21am
Duncan Biscuit
Pakistan government says it is unaware Hilary Clinton is in the country 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.05.11 8:21am
Duncan Biscuit
Saddam, bin Laden and Mladic found. Just Wally to go! 4
DiY 27.05.11 10:37pm
Lady Gaga to return to the mothership.

It was bound to happen; we mere earthlings could only gaze in wonder at the scantily clad front bottomed tomfoolery that has been the mainstay of Lady Gaga’s career to date and hope that it would...

OliverTracey 27.05.11 8:07am
Fire service under fire for attempting to rescue Clegg's career 0
dannyboy206 27.05.11 5:53am
UK Defence Secretary Apologises for the Soundtrack to the Afghan War

UK Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has been forced into an apology for the poor soundtrack to the current Afghan and Libyan conflicts. “People look back on the Vietnam war and remember the great...

Quaz 28.05.11 9:50pm
9 out of 10 college professors don't know what irony means either

Academia was in uproar following the publication of a peer-reviewed study, which claims to show that 90% of college professors don't understand irony any better than the average Joe. We are waiting...

pthr 30.05.11 5:09pm
Man dies of bite from radioactive spider

Comic book fans all over the globe have been stunned by the death of Life Sciences major Simon Simpson, aged 21, who succumbed to a lingering illness after being bitten by a radioactive spider three...

pthr 27.05.11 1:21pm
Alan Sundry
Obama pays Cameron the highest honour in US diplomacy: an 'I like your accent'

News is emerging that President Obama honoured David Cameron with an 'I Like Your Accent', the highest honour an American dignitary can bestow on a foreigner, when meeting aliens. The honour is...

ronseal 27.05.11 10:27am
Government asks NICE to change guidelines to stop doctors prescribing water.

Big pharma making millions from selling prescription water to hospitals at £57 per 100ml...

deskpilot3 26.05.11 8:30pm
Serbians suddenly discover that they know where Mladic is....

and take action themselves before the Yanks turn up in helicopter gunships to turn him into Emmental and embarrass the authorities...

deskpilot3 27.05.11 10:10pm
US security officer prevents DofE from making Al Jolson quip

Sinnick 27.05.11 2:19pm
John Wiltshire
Chimpanzees “shocked” to discover they share 95% of DNA with humans

The chimpanzee world was rocked yesterday by research lab chimp Bonzo’s discovery that 95% of chimp DNA is the same as humans. Bonzo, who has worked for the last five years as an experimental...

mongeese 27.05.11 5:15pm
Harold Camping Born July 19, 1921 - didn't Die May 21, 2011 4
Steve Wilson 27.05.11 1:14pm
Elmer Thud Tracks Down Bambi's Mother Killer.

Incompetent hunter Elmer Thud claims to have tracked down the killer of Bambi's mother in a small unpronounceable town in central Europe. The Cartoon icon from Looney Tunes, who has spent the past...

Steve Wilson 27.05.11 6:00am
Steve Wilson
Cheryl Cole upset and confused about sacking - keeps asking "Why I?" 2
bonjonelson 26.05.11 7:20pm
As Alex Salmond attacks culture of ‘booze and bigotry’,

critics ask for proof of his Scottish birth certificate...

Qoxiivi 26.05.11 7:35pm
The World will end in October, no wait maybe I mean January…..

Half baked US octogenarian time waster and all round attention seeking God botherer, Harold Camping, has now concluded, without apparently any shadow of a doubt this time, when the world will end and...

OliverTracey 26.05.11 3:12pm
Oprah Winfrey unveils plan to to lead the workers in communist revolution

Speaking to the audience after her spectacular farewell show, Oprah Winfrey, possibly the world's most influential woman, unexpectedly announced her sudden and firm intention to devote her life from...

rickwestwell 26.05.11 2:59pm
Old rockers 'sitting pretty' as they pile on hemorrhoid cream bandwagon

At a one-off gig in Oxford Street's Boots pharmacy, perennial rockers Aerosmith announced the release of an eponymous first hemorrhoid cream. The product, tag-lined 'Sittin' on the Edge', is the...

30.07.11 7:20pm
Strauss-Khan has second double hand transplant in a bid to fool forensics 0
acwanaut 26.05.11 1:00pm
Cheryl Cole axed from US X-Factor for being 'too thick'.

Correction .. accent too thick. More soon...

MADJEZ 26.05.11 12:53pm
Serbians go back to calling Mladic 'crabs' 0
acwanaut 26.05.11 12:49pm
Biggest advance for disabled since Genghis Khan's Mongol hordes took Peking..

says 2012 Paralympics chief...

pere floza 26.05.11 7:44pm
Boy-gIrl-Boy-Girl seating arrangement causes chaos at BNP annual dinner & dance

. Could also easily apply to, Al Qaeda shin dig, Morris Dancer's AGM, Or (I hate to say this) NewsBiscuit booze up...

ronseal 28.05.11 5:51pm