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All Other News To Stop While FA Search For England Manager

Following the resignation of Fabio Capello all other news will take a hiatus according to experts. The wars in the middle east will take a break, President Obama has canceled all public appearances...

Hooch 09.02.12 12:52pm
Mitt Romney is favourite to win Republican's "Silly name" contest

Newt Gingrich outraged...

Quaz 09.02.12 12:43pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Labour Party chiefs enlist FA to engineer Miliband’s resignation 0
Midfield Diamond 09.02.12 12:33pm
Midfield Diamond
As spotlight falls on new suspect Redknapp's dog receives summons 1
ronseal 09.02.12 12:03pm
Liverpool dad threatens son with, "Do you want some smack? Erm I mean 'a smack'" 0
Smart Alex 09.02.12 11:46am
Smart Alex
The 2012 Mountain Dews Reviewed

It was a rough year for Pepsi, who sullied an otherwise impeccable reputation with the 2011 release Mountain Dew which was possessed of overeager battery acid tones and was generally reminiscent of...

Textbook 09.02.12 11:38am
New opening for manager to be filled using bung

as opposed to the gap in defence being filled by a stopper...

Midfield Diamond 09.02.12 11:23am
Midfield Diamond
Slain Teen Student Was "Entirely Forgettable"

After 16 year old Gregory Hanson's tragic death last Friday, reporters went to the area hoping to let the suffering community know that the outside world cared. However, journalists were shocked to...

Textbook 09.02.12 11:10am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Redknapp to be offered England job "Provided he takes English lessons", says FA. 2
Al McHogan 09.02.12 11:02am
Midfield Diamond
Alan Hansen shocked by 'Not Guilty' verdict: "Redknapp's defence was appalling.&


Al McHogan 09.02.12 10:58am
Midfield Diamond
Shearer Surprised By Capello Resignation, Ending To Sixth Sense, Own Reflection 4
thisisall1word 09.02.12 10:33am
UK Considers Argentinian Complaint to UN requires "Swift Military Response"

The UK government has said that Argentina flagrant and unjustified complaint to the UN about one or two British boats helping out our chums in the South Atlantic should rightly be considered an act...

thisisall1word 09.02.12 10:18am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Jeremy Clarkson is “carrying the seeds of his own destruction” He is a man more associated with horsepower than horticulture. But in a tersely worded statement, Jeremy Clarkson...

nickb 09.02.12 10:08am
Cameron comments on Capello 'resignation'. Oh hang on... he really did, you say?

More bollocks soon...

dvo4fun 09.02.12 10:03am
Redknapp appointed England Manager after friendlies arranged in Monaco and BVI

More tax haven friendlies soon...

grottymonty 09.02.12 10:02am
Rosie the Dog to stand in as England manager till May 0
Drylaw 09.02.12 9:55am
Buy a cage or we'll take the canary - RSPCA warns Auntie Mary. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 09.02.12 8:57am
Girl on the platform supports proposed law against stalking 0
pere floza 09.02.12 8:39am
pere floza
"South of the river" found gulty of taxi evasion

The area of London south of the river was today found guilty of evading taxis. Previously, many people thought that taxi drivers were to blame, but in a landmark judgement, it was confirmed the the...

apepper 09.02.12 8:22am
Trevor Philips is appointed as Manager of England football team.

Trevor Philips is appointed as Manager of England football team...

Ian 09.02.12 6:32am
Facebook implements new privacy setting, "My gender only" 0
Dumbnews 09.02.12 5:41am
America's got talent features man using slow computer without swearing 0
Dumbnews 09.02.12 2:36am
Police seek ukelele player over train station rapes

More to come when I have the energy...

hughesroland 09.02.12 12:13am
CERN staff prove you can't get better than a Kwik-Fit fitter 0
hughesroland 08.02.12 11:55pm
Fabio Capello Speaks To Italian Media

To criticise his own resignation...

mr blue 08.02.12 11:35pm
mr blue
‘God looks like Bagpuss’ says Archangel Dave

We are proud to present the world’s exclusive first interview with the Archangel Dave since his descent from Heaven last week. Immunis: So Dave why are you on Earth?, Dave: It’s a bit of market...

Immunis 08.02.12 11:18pm
Major Clanger
King Kong bemoans lack of ‘giant ape friendly’ public buildings

Hollywood legend King Kong has angrily hit out at the lack of provisions being made for giant apes in modern society. The 25 foot-tall movie icon believes that the continued failure to cater for...

08.02.12 11:10pm
Major Clanger
New social network just submits your profile to every other social network 0
Dumbnews 08.02.12 11:04pm
Store robber threatens owner with a negative online review 0
Dumbnews 08.02.12 11:01pm
Released Killer Whale sues for loss of earnings

Clyde the killer whale released by the Florida Marine Park after 2 years of campaigning by protesters, is now suing Greenpeace for loss of earnings and undue stress. Clyde was wistful when we spoke...

Immunis 08.02.12 10:30pm