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‘Joy of Death Festival’ to end with Coldplay concert

Organisers of the ‘Joy of Death Festival’ to be held in Bournemouth over the weekend say they can think of no better way to end the gathering than to sign off with a Coldplay concert., Over 150...

Gerontius 08.09.12 8:49pm
Team GB Paralympics medal hope is banned after testing positive for Thalidomide - 2 41
dvo4fun 08.09.12 8:06pm
London Nearly Finished Claims Mayor - On Time and Within Budget.

With the anticipated completion of the crossrail project somewhere around 2018, mayor Boris Johnson has empathically declared the long-running London construction project that was started many...

smalley_smalls 08.09.12 5:22pm
Jeremy Hunt
Small brown Richard the third found in car park 4
charlies_hat 08.09.12 2:20pm
Troops Find MOD Ban on 'Prince Harry Knob Gags' Hard to Swallow 0
kjo36 08.09.12 1:43pm
Vatican 'Suppressed Cure for Tourettes'

It has been revealed that Italian scientists discovered a cure for Tourette's Syndrome in 1973, but were persuaded by the Vatican to suppress the research. "It's an ethical dilemma", said Monsignor...

deceangli 08.09.12 1:32pm
Wikipedia censured for implying that Philip Roth is an interesting author. 0
Quercus Bundle 08.09.12 9:33am
Quercus Bundle
Moldova vows revenge at European Song Contest 1
antharrison 08.09.12 8:52am
Cwis Pwackham to wead euwagy at Tewwy Nutkins fwunerwal.

More swoon...

MADJEZ 08.09.12 8:17am
Harry : AFGHANISTAN - Shit ! It was just a few naked hookers in Vegas... 2
MADJEZ 08.09.12 8:14am
End Nye as Jesus seeks Fathers blessing for civil ceremony

In a rare interview with Gay Times, Jesus proclaimed his undying love for former captor & executioner Pontius Piolt. "I accept we had our differences in the early days, and of course there were...

kjo36 08.09.12 8:14am
World famous clairvoyants killed as falling elephant lands on mini-bus.

Seven of the world’s top clairvoyants and astrologers were killed yesterday as their tour-bus was struck by a falling elephant. Kaiser, a 3.5 ton Indian bull elephant belonging to the Moscow State...

sigmund 08.09.12 7:37am
God denies accusations of 'dumbing down'

God has reacted angrily to accusations of dumbing down after he abandoned supervising the situation in Syria to answer egocentric tosser Simon Cowell's prayer., Interviewed last night, Cowell was...

Queen of Tarts 08.09.12 7:25am
Queen of Tarts
Archaeologists unearth Richard III in East End toilet bowl 0
pinxit 08.09.12 6:23am
Bad taste - sub removed 0
Gerontius 08.09.12 6:04am
Pyramids Were a Bodge Job, Say Archaeologists

Newly translated clay tablets found in Egypt seem to suggest that, far from being a wonder of the world, the Great Pyramid in Egypt was plagued by bad design decisions and cowboy builders. The...

Quaz 07.09.12 10:16pm
The All New Jeni B
Thawing of icy wasteland proves far reaching impact of mummy porn 0
kjo36 07.09.12 9:22pm
Death of naturalist Nutkins supported by 70% of sun readers

70% of sun readers support the death of naturalist Terry Nutkins as they feel 66 is too old to play naked vollyball...

kjo36 07.09.12 9:21pm
Government plans multimillion pound PR campaign to promote austerity...

with our money...

deskpilot3 07.09.12 8:57pm
Robot fails to beat Pickles

A robot called Fatso has failed in its attempt to beat the world record for eating chocolate covered donuts., The neckless machine - funded by the Pentagon - was tested at a fast food restaurant in...

Gerontius 07.09.12 8:50pm
Arctic rolls melting at alarming rate, warns Kerry Katona 0
cinquecento 07.09.12 7:47pm
Deja vu as Romain Grosjean marmalade trumpet wildebeest 0
Salmon of Knowledge 07.09.12 3:43pm
Salmon of Knowledge
Deja vu as Romain Grosjean crashes the pace car at the first corner

Holy crap that guy is a maniac

JohnA 07.09.12 3:42pm
Salmon of Knowledge
Burglar commends bravery of judges

Serial offender and drug addict Jo Nutjob stunned court attendees when he praised the "courage shown by judges" in sentencing plebs on a daily basis. After receiving his fourteenth community service...

gregle 07.09.12 2:16pm
Bugs still causing trouble for Yosemite

Haywood Manley 07.09.12 2:15pm
Haywood Manley
New reality show launches called "Things you never see on TV" 0
Dumbnews 07.09.12 1:57pm
Dyslexic Yorkshireman accidentally buys a cat flap 11
Smart Alex 07.09.12 1:33pm
Prince Harry 'Can't Wait to Fuck Up the Taliban'

Fun-loving Prince Harry has started an amusing war of words with the Taleban after his deployment to Afghanistan as an Apache Chopper Pilot., Harry turned to Twitter to taunt the Taleban, promising...

daneade 07.09.12 12:03pm
Heir Hunters to be called in to find the Olympic Legacy. 0
Ian Searle 07.09.12 11:52am
Ian Searle
Con men 'a complete con' 0
Oxbridge 07.09.12 11:41am