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Susan Boyle sex tape rumoured to be weeks away 0
simonjmr 23.03.12 10:42am
Dignitas to offer "the Whitney" More later...

bring your own nose candy...

ianrbland 23.03.12 10:37am
Osborne: cut in highest rate tax "double-plus-good" 0
ianrbland 23.03.12 10:30am
Survey latest: Marmite proves to be a "bit of a marmite food" More later... 0
ianrbland 23.03.12 10:25am
Study shows union members 'have same energy levels as Vegans' 0
Perks 23.03.12 10:13am
Insiders say next president of World Bank probably won’t be Fred Goodwin 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.03.12 9:31am
Duncan Biscuit
No end in sight to hose-pipe ban on Saturn’s moon 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.03.12 9:29am
Duncan Biscuit
Homeless have to beg until 68 to afford cheap alcohol in retirement say Labour 0
charlies_hat 23.03.12 9:21am
Tesco expands online delivery service to International Space Station

Tesco today delivered their first online grocery package to the international space station today. ATV-Edoardo Amaldi launched from French Guiana on an Ariane 5 rocket this morning with plentiful...

Matthuselah 23.03.12 9:19am
Pin down your pensioners with Osborne's New Granny Tacks

Ever wondered how you can keep your old folk from wandering off with your inheritance? Does seeing the aged enjoy what little life remains to them spending the pittance they've scraped together over...

wallster 23.03.12 8:19am
Gardening pensioner delighted with his new Strimmer Frame 0
Smart Alex 23.03.12 6:12am
Smart Alex
New Brazilian airport designed to have wide runway...

but ended up with only a thin strip down the middle...

Smart Alex 23.03.12 6:08am
Smart Alex
Dinosaurs Protest At Prejudiced Manual Handling Advise.

Matthuselah 23.03.12 12:27am
God and Mary trying for new baby

Recent interviews reported from various modern prophets have suggested that the Almighty would like to try for another baby with a virgin. The news has been met with delight by many fans all over...

Matthuselah 23.03.12 12:22am
Now British athletes told they will have to run and jump as well. 0
Boutros 23.03.12 12:00am
Welfare to work firm that had "absolute power", found to be corrupt

"shock, horror, possibly probe"...

virtuallywill 22.03.12 11:51pm
Eyes, nose and mouth tattooed on back of Vince Cable's head

can now face both ways on budget...

JustSomeBloke 22.03.12 11:32pm
Team GB clothing 'as worn by Jessica Ennis' proving popular with middle-age men 1
Mandy Lifeboat 22.03.12 11:22pm
Daily Mail: Toulouse gunman safe and well

More follows...

apepper 22.03.12 10:59pm
Beer garden quite obviously at rear of premises. 0
Haywood Manley 22.03.12 10:23pm
Haywood Manley
Invite to inspect Iraqi WMD facilities found “stuck in USA’s junk mail folder"

A spokesman for the US military today confirmed that a “routine clearout” of email folders had turned up a number of interesting documents, including a full and unconditional invitation to...

grumblechops 22.03.12 8:45pm
Toulouse apartment for sale. Bathroom needs work. 9
Boutros 22.03.12 8:41pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Rare footage leaked of Freddie Mercury in Queen.

Duke of Edinburgh "furious"...

AledW 22.03.12 8:32pm
Stephen Hawking to feature in first episode of The Voice 0
Mandy Lifeboat 22.03.12 8:31pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Osborne: 'Rise in stranded out-of-fuel drivers shows new confidence in economy'

The AA has reported a 20% increase in call-outs from motorists who have run out of fuel, a figure hailed by keen motorist George Osborne as 'a real sign of growing confidence in Britain.' With...

22.03.12 8:30pm
Roman stash found in Bath - shows ancient tax evasion say experts

Our history correspondent reports. Archaeologists were not surprised when about £350K in Roman coins from about 270AD were found in Bath. Around that time, in what we now call England, there was a...

weematt 22.03.12 8:22pm
Professional Wrestling To Drop The Pretense And Embrace Sodomy

After years and years of rumour and innuendo, professional wrestling league WWF finally decided to drop the act and change the rule books to allow for hardcore man on man sex in the ring. Harris...

Textbook 22.03.12 6:01pm
No-show by caber thrower – Didn't appear to give a toss

caber n. A long heavy wooden pole tossed end over end as a demonstration of strength in Scottish highland games. Read more:...

weematt 22.03.12 6:01pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Police hunt mischievous Rabbi after anonymous tip-off. 4
John Ffitch-Rucker 22.03.12 5:59pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Cash-strapped Beeb forced to show reruns of The News

BBC News chiefs today revealed that budget constraints had left them with no alternative but to fill some of its airtime with repeats of classic episodes from days gone by. Director General Mark...

grumblechops 22.03.12 5:36pm