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Man plans to flood kitchen in time for Henley Royal Regatta 3
Scroat 4 years

More total bollocks soon...

Isle of Wight Festival. Residents worried Mr Hendrix may set fire to something 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years
Fans in safety worries ahead of England - USA game 0
Mrblacker 4 years

Extra safety netting is being installed behind each goal at the Rustenburg stadium in South Africa, ahead of England's opening game of the 2010 World Cup against the United States. It's not because...

'Football is a game of 2 hemispheres joined together' says David Coleman. 0
Ostsee 4 years
Rentokil called in to deal with 'swarms of buzzing things' in South Africa. 0
Mrblacker 4 years
Woman who threw Melton Mowbrays at husband leaves him pie-eyed. 1
PluckyMunky 4 years
Stephen Hawking fails late fitness test so Heskey starts for England 0
edward hack 4 years

Ashley Cole plays in the hole...

Asylum seekers not accounted for in mental health community care plan 0
PluckyMunky 4 years

'Since the demise of the large mental hospitals, those seeking an asylum have been disadvantaged' says Buffy-Marie Token, of The Prince's Trust to Help the Barmy...

Families living on the breadline will be allowed 'to take small bites of it' 4
dicky37 4 years

Under new government proposals to tackle UK poverty, the nation's poorest are being advised to stave off hunger by consuming parts of a notional line made from flour, water and yeast, representing...

Asylum seekers take advantage of new Asylum Search Engine 0
dicky37 4 years

Google last night unveiled a new site designed 'for victims fleeing torture, persecution or civil unrest in their own countries, as well as being handy for people trying to track these victims down'...

BP oil slick now larger than Jeremy Clarkson’s carbon footprint. 1
MADJEZ 4 years
Text enthusiast to blame for NHS iPad blunder 0
hero2zero 4 years

Clerical officer, Tracey Wills spoke to the Press today of her mistake, “I’m so used to texting my mates throughout the day, it was just so easy a mistake, anybody could have done it and we were...

Fat mathemtician shamed into diet after taunts of "who ate all the Pi" 4
brownpaperreporter 4 years
Police organisation warn of Ops threat posed by acronym shortage 1
hero2zero 4 years

Avon & Somerset Chief Constable, Colin Port highlights the acronym shortage. He said, "The public needs to realise the importance of acronyms in our work, often used to both engage and confuse...

Wimbledon just creates a racket, say locals. 0
PluckyMunky 4 years
Rapunzel in hair cut shock 0
PluckyMunky 4 years
BBC moves on mass to South Africa 0
Dun Dunkin 4 years

'Its really great. The hotel, the excursions and food are fabulous. Apparently there is some football on as well.'...

Obama to kick Capello’s ass 1
Des Custard 4 years

In an announcement on the White House lawn this morning, President Obama said he would ‘do whatever it takes to prevent those English soccer hooligans beating the good old US of A in Saturday’s...

Ruth Badger reprieved 0
Scroat 4 years

Cull postponed. More soon...

Man stumped about what to do for forthcoming Test Match 0
Scroat 4 years
Threat to porn site visitors 0
MrChigleysAunt 4 years

Mainly from wives and girlfriends...

Chiles joins GMTV - everybody leaves 0
Scroat 4 years

Must have been something he said...

Badger cull in Wales 'on hold' till Government can make a decent fist of it 0
virtuallywill 4 years

"Culling in the name of Love" by Rage against the Welsh Assembly out next week...

London Monocle Falls from London Eye as London Lady Expresses Risqué Opinion 0
thisisall1word 4 years
Hooray Bloody Sunday 0
edward hack 4 years

Bloody Sunday: 'anybody who wasn't shot has died anyway, so leave it. Let's go home' say inquest panel...

Man who grassed front room in turf war with people in the flat downstairs 0
Scroat 4 years
Kent man lays tarmac in front room, in time for Wimbledon 2
PluckyMunky 4 years
Ordnance Survey employee sacked for proving Faith really can move mountains 0
dicky37 4 years

Faith Tulley, Senior Cartographer with the national mapping agency was dismissed yesterday after admitting changing the position of the UK's highest peaks during a 'childish prank'...

New contents directive from EU means contents of cars must be clearly labelled 1
brownpaperreporter 4 years

The fact that a packet of crisps is now twice as big as it should be, environmentalists note, is due to this ever expanding EU directive. Cars, likewise must now fall in line. The directive reads,...

Zuma crime reassurance message for world cup fans delayed after script is stolen 0
Basil_B 4 years