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Harry turns down another big top job

Harry Redknapp has turned down another job offer. He refuses to be part of a circus...

GillsImp 01.04.12 7:27pm
Mali Tuareg separatist rebels declare "The Sun Has Got His Hat On" 0
Iscariot 01.04.12 7:20pm
Lapsang Souchong wins landmark by-election seat for the tea party. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 01.04.12 7:13pm
Suu Kyi wins seat but told she'll have to pay the post & packing.

'Oh did she think she was running for office' says government official (smirking). More electoral irregularities soon...

MADJEZ 01.04.12 6:14pm
Renowned Country and Western Singer rumoured to top the charts this weekend

Pasty Cline...

GillsImp 01.04.12 6:07pm
Horse finally finds hay on Isle of Wight

It's owner commented that it was like looking for needles in a haystack...

GillsImp 01.04.12 5:51pm
Website use to be monit..hold on..who's kicked my front door in........ 2
Al OPecia 01.04.12 4:51pm
Footballers to be given "hazardous work" bonus..More soon. 0
Al OPecia 01.04.12 4:15pm
Al OPecia
police still have no clue in mysterious drug addict barn death...

When quizzed by local media on why the investigation team still hadn't found any evidence the chief forensic officer replied 'it's like looking for a needle in a haystack'...

Theodore Sprangshaft 01.04.12 12:59pm
George Galloway Tweets, "Shattered but happy after by-election victory in Burma" 0
HenroPlod 01.04.12 12:13pm
Scientist discovers ‘being a dog’ is key to reducing stress

An expert in making people worry about dying believes they’ve found a new weapon to combat one of Britain’s most popular killers. By concentrating a bit harder on becoming a member of the canine...

01.04.12 11:16am
Midfield Diamond
Investment firm got Game

more later...

virtuallywill 01.04.12 11:14am
Tories admit to spread betting on opinion polls to raise party funds.

Following an investigation by The Telegraph, Eric Pickles has admitted that the Conservative party has been spread betting on the state of the parties in the opinion polls to raise party funds....

Ian 01.04.12 11:11am
Pete Tong tells journalists: "It's all going really well, actually" 0
Nails UK 01.04.12 11:05am
Nails UK
Shark attack victim "enriched lives of family and friends". And shark. 0
Nails UK 01.04.12 11:01am
Nails UK
Muamba baffles female nurses by successfully explaining offside rule

I'll get my coat...

Underconstruction 01.04.12 9:39am
Government to appoint Storage Tzar

David Cameron has announced that the government is to 'take stock' of recent criticisms and appoint a senior official to oversee all national storage-related issues. The role will address 'the safe...

Underconstruction 01.04.12 9:38am
Journalist fury at government "April Fools"

Journalists have reacted with anger at the government's April Fool jokes over the last few days. "We expect government statements at least to have a basis in reality, but now they're taking the...

apepper 01.04.12 9:02am
MPs fail to ease sperm shortage.

Since progeny of donated sperm have been able to trace their fathers, donations have dried up. MPs decided to address the shortage by donating in a special mastabatorium in Westminster. The husband...

alanthetortoise 01.04.12 8:50am
Police demand more relaxation time...

A spokesperson reclined to comment...

Theodore Sprangshaft 01.04.12 8:36am
Theodore Sprangshaft
PM refused to be drawn on stalking artist claim 2
Theodore Sprangshaft 01.04.12 7:29am
Theodore Sprangshaft
George Galloway "Abu Qatada is misunerstood! and wants to be a scout leader" ! 1
wilkieone 01.04.12 7:13am
Mr Target
What is the point of 'The Midlands'?

So annoying when you are trying to get from Manchester to London or vice versa? Can't we move it closer to Norfolk so that we have all the really boring places in one spot?...

Theodore Sprangshaft 01.04.12 7:02am
Mr Target
Marylebone take down statue of it's most famous son..

Norman Wisdom after it fell over for the 5th time...

Theodore Sprangshaft 01.04.12 4:43am
Theodore Sprangshaft
I have never understood why they test cosmetics

and perfumes on rabbits as they can't afford to buy it no matter how good they smell or look after...

Theodore Sprangshaft 01.04.12 4:30am
Theodore Sprangshaft
Arab Spring most likely caused by ‘accident with a jerry can’ , claim experts

The popular uprisings that swept the Arab world in the spring of 2011 were most likely the result of Mohamed Bouazizi’s amateurish efforts to decant petrol from a jerry can in the kitchen of his...

Gary Stanton 31.03.12 11:03pm
Gary Stanton
Queue to 'panic charge' electric cars enters third week

A queue outside an on-street car charger has been cordoned off by Kensington council, as it extended to an 'unbelievable' third car. Following advice to keep their cars 'topped up' if they happen to...

31.03.12 10:17pm
North of England switched off during Earth Hour 0
Mandy Lifeboat 31.03.12 8:49pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Blackberry announce $125mil loss. Apple under investigation for "Working Practices" in China. Government worried that panic buying of custard will cause havoc in Tescos...

anhodika 31.03.12 8:29pm
Armed Forces strike: Government advice blamed for ‘panic’ Falklands Invasion.

The UK government has changed its advice for Argentina to, “top up your tanks”, after a panic invasion of the Falkland Islands. On Thursday, Prime Minister David Cameron advised...

HenroPlod 31.03.12 8:10pm