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Kepler 22-b scientists use super telescope to observe the battle of Agincourt 4
charlies_hat 06.12.11 12:38pm
Duke of Edinburgh dies. Jeremy Clarkson applies for the job.

More soon....

Son of Barnabas 06.12.11 12:34pm
Son of Barnabas
Insurance Company launches "Compare the Messiah" campaign for Christmas "He'll save the world! Simples!"...

Son of Barnabas 06.12.11 12:23pm
Son of Barnabas
Pandas at Duke of Edinburgh zoo told to fuck off back to China. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 06.12.11 12:06pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
"Black Mirror" pig now a humanality sex addict, Charlie Brooker slammed

The pig used at the denoument of Sunday's "Black Mirror" has today claimed that they have become addicted to sex with human beings, and that since filming the scene has had not support from the...

simonjmr 06.12.11 11:33am
Bankrupt landscape gardener blames NIMBYism 1
wallster 06.12.11 11:31am
Shock as news emerges of rich middle aged white men running politics

Recent news has emerged that groups of privately educated, well off, white individuals are exerting influence on politics behind the scenes. Until now, the general public were blissfully happy in...

Shandy 06.12.11 11:23am
SETI researchers give up as ET signal is decoded as 'The only way is Kepler 22b' 0
wallster 06.12.11 11:21am
Pandas will comfort the visiting homeless, claims Edinburgh Zoo finance director 0
medici2471 06.12.11 10:45am
Male giant pandas attempt image change

Male pandas today launched a PR offensive to try to reverse their ‘Bad Boy, Love them and leave them image’. Employing the services of a top Public Relations Company, today is the start of a...

fernandomando 06.12.11 10:25am
Standard & Poor's threaten to downgrade Kepler 22-b credit rating

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's has today warned newly discovered planet Kepler 22-b that it may downgrade its AAA credit rating to AA if it fails to put appropriate measures in place to...

ianslat 06.12.11 10:21am
Appointment of Tintin as Foreign Minister breaks Belgian cabinet deadlock 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.12.11 8:44am
Duncan Biscuit
Border control concerns re-surface after two men in panda suits claim asylum 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.12.11 8:44am
Duncan Biscuit
Poets’ Corner memorial gives Ted Hughes fans something to crow about 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.12.11 8:43am
Duncan Biscuit
Edinburgh Zoo takes 2 pandas on a 10 year loan after Tevez fails to agree terms 0
Duncan Biscuit 06.12.11 8:42am
Duncan Biscuit
Teens concerned about "faxting epidemic" among parents

Dumbnews 05.12.11 10:55pm
Teenagers to face spot checks 7
nickb 05.12.11 10:50pm
Ex-Man Utd player's friend's mum's cousin sent to prison

in an otherwise uninteresting 'news' report...

kga6 05.12.11 10:37pm
Knock-off Drugs to Save NHS

David Cameron has announced that untested drugs will be used to save the NHS by reducing costs. It is proposed that patients will be given access to the drugs up to one year earlier than the present...

MT Bucket 05.12.11 10:37pm
Smokers "spoil" Clarkson's bicycle tour of Chinese vegetarian eco-sanctuaries 1
Username 05.12.11 10:31pm
Tescos 'dead bird' campaign launches well- "everyone will want one" by Christmas 0
Username 05.12.11 7:58pm
Chinese disappointed by Clarkson-Panda swap

The arrivals of the Pandas Sweetie and Sunshine delighted the Scots. But the Chinese are said to be puzzled and a little saddened by the reciprocal arrival of a rare and temperamental British...

nickb 05.12.11 7:45pm
Survey finds most Facebook users think most stuff friends share is crap 0
Dumbnews 05.12.11 6:47pm
NHS being sold on Ebay is not a 'sick' joke

In a last gasp bid to fund the NHS, the nations most loved institution is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder on Ebay. It is hoped that the reserve price of £12.5 million will cover the cost...

Perks 05.12.11 6:39pm
Confusion as World of Warcraft Pandaren’s arrive at Edinburgh Zoo

Officials at Edinburgh Zoo have admitted that they have been hoodwinked by an online gaming firm when the two Pandas they were expecting turned out to be a pair of World of Warcraft characters. It...

Immunis 05.12.11 6:06pm
Osborne attack on Clarkson: “he’s not done enough to earn his unpopularity”

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, appeared genuinely angry in a TV interview at the weekend when asked about the unpopularity of Jeremy Clarkson. Mr Osborne was asked whether the...

Aberdeen Correspondent 05.12.11 5:24pm
Aberdeen Correspondent
BBC announce crackdown on annoying use of the annoying word 'crackdown' 2
dvo4fun 05.12.11 5:22pm
Ferrari sponsor 2012 UK Crash Map 0
medici2471 05.12.11 4:42pm
Nissan delighted by foreign car safety demonstration 0
medici2471 05.12.11 4:38pm
Premier Inn executive room mini-bars to feature mini lap-dancers 0
pinxit 05.12.11 4:22pm