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Removing caps easier than putting them on says ex-BP chief 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
Sugar and Brady to take charge of BBC redundancies 0
Duncan Biscuit 4 years
New report: Government plans to restrict University access... 0
be reasonable 4 years

to the intelligent. It helps if you're rich as well. Clever but poor people will just have to go into organised crime, like they used to...

Progressive society to release concept album. 2
wallster 4 years
Scientists agree, it 'probably is' Maybelline. 5
John Roughty 4 years

After 2 years of extensive research, a team of Psychologists have concluded that it really may be Maybelline after all. Dr Ian Flinch, lecturer in the growing field of Dermatological Psychology at...

Rugby Referees to Officiate Weddings 0
Fishmilk 4 years

The New Zealand government announced plans today to have rugby referees officiate at marriage ceremonies at next year’s Rugby World Cup., “It’s a big event for us,” the Minister of Rugby...

Iceland top for gender equality. Both sexes equally bankrupt. 0
Griffin 4 years
Demented Ian Sets New Back to Work Test for Sick 1
Kazytc 4 years

UK Government's, Work and Pensions Secretary, Ian Dementia-Smith, has announced that 500,000 people, are 'fit to work', despite claiming sick pay, he moves to get these people back to work, in a bid...

New student Fees reveal coalition cracks, Cameron warns everyone to panty up. 0
arrghgarry 4 years
Woman discovers she has no social life to speak of 0
Nick McCarr 4 years

after spending her days on Facebook updating her status...

Chilean miners refuse to hand over copies of videos from their "diary room" 0
Nick McCarr 4 years
So many things are not fair, say brunettes. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 4 years
Government to scrap Trident and instead buy Hungarian toxic sludge. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 4 years
Right Move latest property search reveals Government buildings for sale 0
Basil_B 4 years

in the Whitehall area of Central London. Sale forced due to financial reasons for the purpose of settling vendors 126 billion debt., No chain., Viewings by appointment only, Contacts: Mr D...

Missing origami expert turns himself in. More soon. 4
deskpilot3 4 years
Cameron and Hague urged US forces rescue of Chilean miners 1
roybland 4 years
Osborne denies plan to upstage Halloween 0
roybland 4 years
Max Clifford still waiting for a call from Chilean miners 0
roybland 4 years
Chilean miners told to send the coal up first. 6
MADJEZ 4 years

An accountant for the Chilean mining company said ‘33 miners at 12 hrs a shift for 67 days, we’re expecting a bumper load of coal. It’ll take at least a week to get it all up here. If the shaft...

US in contact with key insurgents: Timpsons request temporary ceasefire 0
therustler 4 years

Mortice soon. Yale, 'nother couple of hours...

Liverpool owners want highest bidder so place club on eBay 0
brownpaperreporter 4 years

1 team only, no reserves...

Academy school, EasyGirls, has regrets over franchise deal. 1
the coarse whisperer 4 years
French speaking dog posts in internet chat room... 5
be reasonable 4 years
"' Elf and safety Bans the Queen and Prince Charles" 0
Kazytc 4 years

Amidst the ever increasing political correctness, of the United Kingdom, a pensioner by the name of Jean Taffy-Thomas, living in council run, sheltered accommodation, in Scatty Park, Swansea, has...

Man no longer sees motorway commute as symbol of human futility, destructiveness 0
la maga 4 years

After seven and a half years of the same daily commute along the M11 between London and Bishops Stortford, and of seeing it as symbolic of the destructiveness and crushing futility of human...

Commonwealth Games Headlines 0
whickerman 4 years

Commonwealth Games Headlines Tortoise come last in 100m final, admits tactics backfired. Existential crisis for weightlifter. “I lift the weight up, I then put it down. I then lift a slightly...

World’s Strongest Man Competition to be Drug tested. 0
whickerman 4 years

Organisers have bowed to pressure and have announced that from now there will be stringent drug tests during strong man competitions., Competitors will be tested and if for example their...

Firthbook launched for people who wish to follow the careers of Peter and Colin 0
simonjmr 4 years
Liverpool FC receive another top offer 0
custard cream 4 years

The bidding war for Liverpool FC took another unexpected turn today, when chairman Martin Broughton announced a rival bid from a new consortium. "I am pleased to say that a three man consortium...

Chilean miners may be disappointed by reunion with their WAGs 0
simonjmr 4 years

"Being confined for over 60 days, psychologically they will have romanticised their relationships and images of their loved ones - unfortunately they will have a rude awakening when the come out -...