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Dinosaurs vote for extinction... 0
Queen of Tarts 21.11.12 8:03am
Queen of Tarts
'Satire in crisis' warns CBeebies producer

Children as young as 5-6 years old are turning their back on satirical humour and going off in search of something more challenging warned Kay Benbow, Head of Control at CBeebies, Regular viewers of...

Gerontius 21.11.12 7:55am
Midfield Diamond
Sales of Bishops Finger plummet within lesbian community 0
Underconstruction 20.11.12 10:58pm
Israeli FA promise robust response after goalkeeper is hit by missile 0
Underconstruction 20.11.12 10:42pm
Mass confusion as John Bishop admits to being a woman

Comedian John Bishop inadvertently sparked a riot after letting slip that he is actually as SHE, during a charity stand-up gig in an Oxfordshire church hall. A bit more to follow...

Underconstruction 20.11.12 10:35pm
Man accused of 'pining for a good view'

quango 20.11.12 10:35pm
Dick Everyman
Scientists discover that caterpillars also have mid-life crisis... 0
deskpilot3 20.11.12 10:32pm
Asterix diagnosed with Gaul stones 0
Smart Alex 20.11.12 10:30pm
Smart Alex
Eton makeovers for State-run schools

In a welcome move by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, all State-run schools are to receive Eton style make-overs in a bid to highlight the Government’s pledge that “we are all in...

Dick Everyman 20.11.12 10:21pm
NATO updates phonetic alphabet

The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) released its updated phonetic alphabet tonight to refresh the existing words that have been used for over 40 years. The updated phonetic alphabet is: A -...

custard cream 20.11.12 8:51pm
Mrs Vera Hardcastle says she'll still be buying her Ferrero Rocher for Christmas

Despite benefit cuts and caps, despite double dip recessions and a mountain of national debt; apparently indifferent to soaring unemployment, evictions and repossessions; scornful of Moody's, Iain...

roybland 20.11.12 8:46pm
Opponents of women bishops: "They'll look ridiculous in a dress"

Members of the church of England opposed to women bishops have claimed that the traditional Bishop's garb of floor length dress with a big hat will simply make women look silly. A spokesman...

apepper 20.11.12 8:11pm
Bishop's move check mates women priests 1
custard cream 20.11.12 7:57pm
Beckham retirement was 'because Posh wanted to be a bishop' claim 0
custard cream 20.11.12 7:54pm
custard cream
Justice secretary announces prisoners to be allocated tormentors 0
custard cream 20.11.12 7:50pm
custard cream
Fury at the 3D printer tray as dozens of printed statues remain uncollected

Telly Phonica's office manager Gill E Coston was hopping mad last night as dozens of statues remained unclaimed at her company's prestigious state of the art 3D printer. "Why on earth do people...

ronseal 20.11.12 7:32pm
Universe implodes as Elmo now arrested for sex crime 1
Midnight Dreary 20.11.12 7:03pm
Church fears home baking moratorium after synod rejects women Bishops 0
Nowherefast 20.11.12 6:38pm
Anglican hardliners prepare to bash the bishop vote 0
ginty 20.11.12 6:09pm
"Lord McAlpine murdered Barry Chuckle" - Twitter latest 2
bonjonelson 20.11.12 5:21pm
“David Beckham was cloned in 2003”, says agent...

Over the last ten years David Beckham seemed to be everywhere, and now we know why. The iconic clothes horse and sometimes footballer was cloned almost ten years ago. “There was just too much for...

Tripod 20.11.12 3:00pm
Next year's G8 summit will be held in Nicki Minaj

Prime Minister David Cameron confirms that next year's G8 summit will be held in Nicki Minaj. More soon...

simonjmr 20.11.12 2:56pm
“Apes get mid-life crises too”, says chimpanzee Graham...

“This may be news to you people”, said Graham, as he swung to and fro from a tyre, suspended from the branch of a tree in his bare enclosure, “but not to us. Apes get mid-life crises too,...

Tripod 20.11.12 2:54pm
The Queen to Hire Out Buckingham Palace as London’s Premier Night Spot

The Royal House of Windsor has announced that the Buckingham Palace State Rooms will be opening as a night club every Saturday evening to raise funds for the strapped for cash estate. Complaints...

Harris-Jackson69 20.11.12 2:39pm
Clergy expected to back women, choirboys relieved 0
medici2471 20.11.12 1:57pm
Celebrities held hostage in jungle terror

According to reports from Austrailia a number of TV personalities are being held against their will by a pair of North Eastern rebels. One celebrity, Mr Conley 51, from London told reporters of sick...

Sheepback 20.11.12 1:23pm
Bungle from Rainbow to sue BBC over abuse allegations.

Bungle, star of eighties kids TV show ‘Rainbow’ is to take legal action against the BBC after a Newsnight report led to him being wrongly implicated in child abuse allegations. The bear, who now...

TheNewsWalrus 20.11.12 1:00pm
Phillip Schofield to present Barry Chuckle tribute show 2
charlies_hat 20.11.12 12:57pm
London Kebab Shop Destroyed In Israeli Air Strike On Hummus

There were fresh calls for an immediate ceasefire in the war torn Middle East last night after an Israeli F16 jet fighter targeted and destroyed a kebab shop in Upton Park East London leaving the...

Jonny Shlep 20.11.12 12:50pm
Jonny Shlep
Prison Gangs to start Prisoner Mentoring Service

Apprenticeships to follow...

Mark66 20.11.12 12:48pm