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Andy Murray personally thanks fan for their timely “Come on Andy” commentary.

In a surprising move, Andy Murray personally sought out a fan from the crowd to thank her for her cry of “Come on Andy” during the recent final at Queens Club this week. Andy explained to...

spur of the moment 14.06.11 9:30pm
spur of the moment
Apple in DFS takeover bid

Apple is preparing to enter the UK sofa market with an ambitious bid to acquire DFS.,  , 'It makes complete sense,' says market analyst Rodney Wiles. 'Steve Jobs has long been an admirer of DFS...

roybland 14.06.11 8:17pm
Experience shows the less we talk to people the more we know about them 0
Dumbnews 14.06.11 8:05pm
US Forces credit Facebook's facial recognition feature for finding Bin Laden 0
Dumbnews 14.06.11 8:01pm
Women of the World Unite!

How would a silent sexual matriarchal cabal provide the necessary workable solutions which also may save Mankind in one fell swoop?, By Johnny Harrelson - Tuesday 14 Jun 2011 ...

Johnny Jeremy Harrelson 15.06.11 8:40pm
Inflation Rate at 4%: heroin cost increase offset by fall in prostitution fees

The latest "urban" inflation rate, designed to accurately reflect the costs of day to living in British cities was announced -the rate is unchanged at four percent. An increase in the cost of heroin...

steve_l 14.06.11 7:36pm
Man admitted to A&E said to be a health minister

A man treated last night at a London hospital is believed to be a government health minister.,  , 'A 54 year old man arrived last night at our A&E in a state of some distress,' a hospital...

roybland 14.06.11 6:56pm
Facebook contempt trial collapses after juror unfriends judge 0
Ludicity 14.06.11 6:31pm
Island of Lesbos admits to being male peninsula called Terry 4
15.06.11 10:10am
pere floza
NHS reforms to be allowed to ‘die with dignity’

David Cameron has confirmed that the government’s NHS bill will have its life ended by physician-assisted suicide. ‘We tried everything to save it,’ said Mr Cameron, ‘but the condition is...

Ludicity 15.06.11 6:53am
Al OPecia
Charlotte Church gets own back at Gavin Henson, stars in "The Mistress"

More behind-his-back news later...

JohnA 14.06.11 5:44pm
Shock as people prefer reading fake lesbian blogs by men to real lesbians

"Unless there are two lesbians in the same blog then it gets interesting, especially late at night"...

JohnA 14.06.11 5:32pm
2012 seats for troops: wounded soldiers to be given tickets for Paraplegic Games 1
Dickens or Shakespeare 29.11.11 6:55pm
greg various
Judge Eady serves "Megainjunction" on entire Internet

The world's Internet users were thrown into near panic as the Hon. Justice Eady imposed a 12-month "Mega-injunction" forbidding all of them, regardless of their country of origin, from speaking...

JohnA 14.06.11 10:24pm
King of Lilliput blames Big Society for all social ills

In a shock statement targeted at the coalition the citizens of Lilliput have joined in with the row started by the Archbishop of Canterbury to voice their misgivings with David Cameron’s Big...

Dick Everyman 14.06.11 3:10pm
Dick Everyman
Leicester City Council 'unprepared for many unlikely apocalyptic scenarios'

There was consternation in the East Midlands as people woke to the news that Leicester City Council was entirely unprepared for an invasion of zombies. "We're very sorry that we haven't prepared for...

JohnA 14.06.11 3:11pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Ministers agree major NHS rewrite : voting between SHN and HNS 4
charlies_hat 14.06.11 3:07pm
New transparent plane allows passengers to see bits falling off the fuselage

Airbus today announced a new transparent plane, which should be ready by 2050, or ten to nine this evening. A spokesman for Airbus, Jeremy Thomsett, said : 'Making the plane transparent will give...

John Wiltshire 14.06.11 9:55pm
DfT hopes for success with new ‘Think! Bikers, don’t ride like a twat!’ campaign

The Department for Transport is hoping that their ongoing attempts to make Britain’s roads a safer place for motorcyclists may finally pay off thanks to their latest adverts. Prompted by...

Vertically Challenged Giant 18.06.11 9:23pm
Germaine Greer devastated to find that lesbians are just men in disguise.

Many teen boys and men devastated also. 'Next thing you know they'll be telling us that there's no such thing as the tooth fairy or Father Christmas.' said one limp wristed observer...

Mr Payne 14.06.11 6:00pm
Mr Payne
Greek sovereign debt crisis: the Bubble bursts

Just getting my headline in early. Won't be long now...

Des Custard 14.06.11 11:50am
Des Custard
Cameron's new NHS plan shock - 'Doctors and nurses will help make people better'

Under radical new plans unveiled by David Cameron, medical staff in the NHS are to be allowed to make people better. 'We've stopped and listened,' said Mr Cameron. 'Mostly to our spin doctors who...

John Wiltshire 14.06.11 11:42am
John Wiltshire
Gavin Henson to star in "The Muppet," a biopic of his late father Jim 0
Iamthestig 14.06.11 11:35am
Management Merry-Go-Round replaced with Waltzer

Sacked football managers will no longer climb aboard the proverbial Management Merry-Go-Round under new proposals by the League Managers Association. Chief Executive of the LMA Richard Bevan...

Midfield Diamond 14.06.11 5:21pm
Media shock at revelation that not everyone posting on blogs is entireley honest

Did I mention that I'm actually a millionaire playboy nobel prize winning ex model? I am not, however, a lesbian...

button 14.06.11 11:19am
14-year old Boy 'Wendy Licious' expresses outrage at fake lesbian blogs

A 14-year old male from Gloucester has expressed his outrage at the exposure of a string of 'fake' lesbian blogs. The blogs, perportedly written by lesbians in Damascus and Washington, were actually...

14.06.11 10:52pm
Lesbian website content revealed to be created by straight men 1
charlies_hat 14.06.11 11:16am
Pippa moves to France - 'I'm putting the past behind me'

Pippa Middleton has announced that she is moving to France. In an interview with The Sun, she said: 'I'm putting the past behind me, or derriere moi as they say there. The bottom line is, people are...

John Wiltshire 14.06.11 4:23pm
Gavin Henson in TV row about dignity in dating

Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson has stirred up a storm by taking part in the live portrayal of dating during a controversial TV show. He said that putting himself in the shoes of ‘The Bachelor’...

Wicked Lady 14.06.11 10:11am
Wicked Lady
Cash strapped Londoners shun the Dordogne for hop picking

The Dordogne is no longer the destination of choice as cash-strapped Londoners head for the hop-fields of Kent. Land Rover Vogues are also no longer de rigueur with JCB and John Deere fast becoming...

Dick Everyman 14.06.11 10:05am
Dick Everyman